Reply to "A New Form of Air Warfare" by ProQuest


READING THE IDEAS that the enthusiastic and creative French Air Force lieutenant Tim Larribau develops in his article "A New Form of Air Warfare" (Fall 2007) prompted me to outline some thoughts derived from my own vision of airpower and air superiority and the meaning of those terms in the air and space environment.1 Lieutenant Larribau contends that the tragic events of 11 September 2001 (9/11) in the United States led to a truly new way to conquer a fleeting and unexpected degree of air superiority that allowed a small group of terrorists to launch a horrifying attack against American targets in the homeland. Looking dispassionately at the outcome, one must assess the attack as a coordinated act that enjoyed only partial success (one aircraft did not reach its target) due to two factors not always taken into account: initiative and surprise.

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