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Music and Meaning: Studies in Music History and the Neighbouring Disciplines - PDF by ProQuest


A madrigal "a diversi linguaggi" (for five voices by Luca Marenzio, plus another four by Orazio Vecchi) is the subject of a lengthy study (by W.K., no. 4) that traces its individual characters (drawn mainly from the commedia dell'arte), makes sense of their "diverse languages" (Bergamasque, Venetian, Tuscan, etc.), identifies the more than 150 musical and literary sources for the two folksongs behind the music (La franceschina and La girometta), and concludes with a discursus on the situation of the "pedantic" teacher and his student-two of the characters-in contemporary literature. Other writings of lesser weight (the interview, the unpublished letter) or of different facture (that is, without the customarily substantial documentary apparatus) and origins-a lecture to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of Cavalieri (no. 5; later incorporated in W.K.'s book on the composer); a lecture on the singer Francesco Rasi, "the first Orfeo of Monteverdi" (no. 6, by W.K.), delivered on the occasion of receiving an honorary doctorate-could well have formed a separate section of the book as Miscellanea.

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