With Six, You Get Aileron Roll by ProQuest


Here's Hart's simple mantra: "The number-one thing to do in a taildragger is fly the airplane from the minute you get in it until you tie it down." Or, as Hart tells airline pilots who are first learning to fly taildraggers, "Those things on the floor are rudder pedals, and you'll have to move them!" Dick Parsons, a retired airline captain himself, had a heart-valve operation and decided to go the LSA route instead of hassling to renew his medical. A.D.D.'s Skittle-fogged eyes twinkle at the prospect of visiting nearby Pensacola Naval Air Museum, so we all fly on over to Pensacola's Ferguson Airport, just beneath the gathering gloom for an afternoon in one of the better aviation museums in the country. Once & Future Cub Sailing 200 feet above the Florida Panhandle surf, following the sandy arc down to Lakeland, we rise and fall languidly, lazy butterflies joined by an invisible line.

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