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									                    Real-Time Simulator
                     Railway Network
                       Train Driving
Designed & developed by:
                                                 SCIROIDEA SPA
                                     Via Fieschi 25/6a, 16128 Genova - Italy
                                    Tel +39 010 291271 Fax +39 010 2912740
Transforming ideas into new tools
Train Simulator – functional architecture
    Train drivers
                                          Voice messages

                                              System log

                        Signalling data                                Commands & controls
     Rail path and infrastructural data

    Tools                                                    Disturbances/faults
                                                               System status
    •Timetable Editor
    •Editor of train driver
    3D-view                                   Network
    •Editor of Railway
3D View of SCIROIDEA’s Train Simulator
Train Simulator – The driver console
Train Simulator – what it performs

The Train Simulator is an integrated simulation
  environment for professional use only
  it reproduces the physical behaviour of the train
  (kinematics + dynamics) with high fidelity
  it models the complete functioning of the existing
  signalling systems
  it implements a virtual reality interface to the
  train driver, based on the real time 3D rendering
  it implements the real human interfaces located
  in the railway traffic control centre
What you can do with Train Simulator

  Preliminary design of standard/innovative signalling
  systems on existing/new railway lines
  Training of train drivers along real railway lines for:
     Normal operation
     Emergency manoeuvring
     Critical events
     Accident avoidance
  Training of Traffic Control Managers under all conditions
  Upgrading of existing operating regulation
  Design & regulation definition for new signalling systems
  Simulation of criticalities and accidents (already used in
  Italy within a judicial trial)
Train Simulator – actual stage of development

Train Simulator is an advanced working prototype that:
  already integrates the complete model of the Italian
  signalling system named SCMT+BACC (Train Run
  Control System with up to 9 coded cab signalling to the
  train driver)
  already includes a thorough function (Train Describer)
  for the complete management of rail traffic along
  National Railway Infrastructure
  it is fully customisable with other National/International
  Signalling systems such as ERTMS or Portuguese-
  Spanish systems
Train Simulator – main technical features
  Train Simulator is able to model an existing line, extracting geometric and
  environmental track data from different kind of GIS (Geographic Information
  System, like for example the ESRI standard)
  Train Simulator runs in real time up to 25 frame-per-second (25 fps) – same
  video quality as TV channels (Important note: the video provided has low
  quality, just 8 fps at 1024 x 768 resolution. Indeed it is under sampled because
  it was produced using a commercial screen capture tool, which does not use
  any dedicated hardware but it has limited performance on high resolution
  At the moment, the graphic engine already handles:
      Railway objects (rails, railway devices, bridges, tunnels, overhead crossing bridges,
      station platforms, etc.) = FULLY DEVELOPED with high level details, overhead
      contact line with simplified level of details
      Landscape and surroundings = developed just at level of basic details (actually
      under improvement by SCIROIDEA staff)
  The environmental light is limited to some standard conditions (day, night, fog).
  Other light conditions will soon be added (work is in progress)

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