Document Sample

I/We have received a copy of, have read and understand the contents and
importance of the brochure "Protect Your Family From Lead in Your

Resident                                 Date

Resident                                 Date

Resident                                 Date

In accordance with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development
regulations and the State of Texas Property Code, each apartment unit in the
______________ Housing Authority has been provided smoke detector(s).

Removal of or disabling of the smoke detector (for example, removing batteries) by
Resident, Resident's household or guest, is considered a Lease violation. If any
inspection of, or visit to Resident's apartment discloses that the detector has been
removed or damaged, the Housing Authority will immediately install another one and
charge Resident a replacement cost, plus labor for installation.

If Resident, Resident's household or guest removes a battery or knowingly disconnects
a smoke detector or intentionally damages a smoke detector causing it to malfunction,
the Resident, not the Housing Authority, is liable for any fire or smoke damage suffered
by the Resident, household or guest as a result of the smoke detector not functioning

If, during testing of the detector, Resident finds that the smoke detector is not working
properly, he/she must notify this office immediately to request it be inspected and/or
repaired. If Resident notifies the Housing Authority in writing, then the Housing
Authority must inspect and repair or replace the smoke detector within seven (7) days
of the request, according to State Law. If any damage is suffered because the Housing
Authority failed to respond within this time, the Housing Authority will be liable.

I/We certify that I/we have read the above and understand my/our responsibility to keep
the smoke detector(s) provided in my/our apartment in working condition.

Resident                                           Date

Resident                                              Date

Resident                                              Date
                         LAWN CARE AGREEMENT

o   I agree to pay the Housing Authority $          per month, due the first day
    of each month, for the next twelve (12) months beginning on                and
    ending                   , for the mowing and care of my lawn. I understand
    that if I decide to mow my yard before the twelve (12) months are up, I will
    not be refunded any of the money I have paid for this purpose.

o   I agree to mow and care for my own yard. I understand that if I do not mow
    and maintain my yard as agreed and the Housing Authority has to mow it
    for me I will be charged $        each time it is mowed.

o   Because of age or disability, I am physically unable to perform this activity and
    therefore, according to federal statute, am eligible to receive lawn care from
    the Housing Authority free of charge.


                                       Executive Director

                             LAWN MOWING POLICY

A.   The "Lawn Care Agreement" as set forth in Exhibit A will be executed by
     each Resident at the time of move-in and at each annual re-examination.

B.   Residents may choose to mow their own lawn or have the Housing
     Authority mow it for a charge of $          per month, payable each month
     with the rent, according to the "Lawn Care Agreement."

C.   In accordance with 24 CFR 966.4 (g), Housing Authority residents who are
     unable to perform lawn care due to age or disability will be exempt from this
     duty and will not be charged for the service.

D.   The charge herein will be included on the Housing Authority's Schedule of
     Other Charges.

E.   The "Lawn Care Agreement" may not be changed except at annual re-
     examination, unless, during the period of the agreement, resident becomes
     physically unable to perform the task (see C. above).