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Tate Modern, the Millennium Bridge
and St. Paul’s

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3.   The President Writes                  6. Mutual Recognition Agreement with the   9. Urban Trees Can...
     The Editor Writes
     News from Council
     £60,000 House Build
                                              Society of Diagnostic Engineers
                                           6. Vice Chancellor Appointed
                                           7. The Enduring Legacy of Brunel
                                                                                      9. Wake Up Call
                                                                                      10. Countryside Agency Being Replaced
                                                                                      11. Elizabethan Showpiece
                                                                                                                                                                     P    Eng
4.   Old Bailey, New Public Space          7. A Study In Steel Efficiency             11. The Career Ladder                                The Society of
5.   Continuing Professional Development   8. Sierra Leone                            12. Bourne Hill House, Salisbury, Wiltshire      Professional Engineers
                                                                                                                                          was founded in 1969.
     Minimum Procedure for Pro Engineers   9. Responsibilities in Churchyards         12. Catherine’s Palace to be Finished
                                                                                                             The President Writes
                        Planning is bringing        requiring the undoing of unlawful                  considerations indicate otherwise.
                        the future into the         development through the enforcement
                        present so that you         mechanism; it can only prevent undesired           6. Planning decisions are judgemental, not
                        can do something.           activities or changes                              absolute.
                                                    (c) Development control cannot lead to             The law, for example, has (or at least claims
                        I do hope you find          positive change which is wanted by the             to have) an answer to every issue and can
                        this information of         planning authority but not by the                  say that it is either in accordance with, or
                        interest.                   landowners.                                        contrary to, the law.
                                                    For example, zoning for recreational use           Planning does not claim to have or to give
                                                    does not mean that there will be recreational      the same unvarying answer to every similar
                        1. Planning            is
                                                    use; an owner may decide to wait until he          situation.
concerned        with     the     control     of
                                                    can get the permission he wants, such as           Planning is an assessment of what is correct
                                                    for housing.                                       at the time in the light of all the relevant
This is defined in section 55 of the Town and
                                                    This is very important, because the normal         factors. Accordingly, one planning authority
Country Planning Act 1990 as "the carrying
                                                    general meaning of "to plan" implies that the      will judge a balanced case differently from
out of building, engineering, mining or other
                                                    result sought by the "planner" will be             another whereas any lawyer (in theory) will
operations in, on, over or under land, or the
                                                    achieved.                                          give the same answer to a legal problem.
making any material change in the use of
                                                                                                       A common example of how this works out
any buildings or other land".
                                                    4. (a) The law presumes that any owner has         is that -
The basic rule is that permission is required
                                                    a right to do anything he wishes with his          (a) A legal case, once finally decided, cannot
before development, as defined above, can
                                                    land (subject to not causing direct injury to      be re-opened, but a person who is refused
lawfully take place.
                                                    the similar rights of others).                     planning permission can try again (although
However, a large number of operations and
                                                    Planning control is a restriction of that right    there are some statutory controls over
uses are taken outside the statutory
                                                    in the interests of the general public (not of     repeated identical, or largely identical,
definition or are given deemed permission
                                                    individual neighbours).                            applications), and
by or under statutory powers.
                                                    Since the interest of a neighbour may also         (b) an application, turned down by the
No permission is required for the
                                                    be the interest of the general public, there       Secretary of State on appeal after an inquiry,
continuation of a lawful use because no
                                                    are sometimes problems in planning                 can legitimately be granted permission later
change of use is involved. It is for this reason
                                                    matters about the extent to which                  by the local planning authority if the
that the primary use of land for agriculture is
                                                    neighbours should be consulted or listened         application is in accord with the
not in principle subject to planning control.
                                                    to.                                                development plan.
                                                    These problems have been reduced in
2. Planning is not concerned with persons
                                                    recent years by requiring planning                 7.The planning system is expressed through
or personal behaviour. If a person misuses
                                                    authorities to advertise planning applications     (a) Basic statute law in the Town and
his property, his actions can be controlled
                                                    widely and to notify adjoining landowners in       Country Planning Act 1990, as amended,
by the application of the laws of nuisance.
                                                    many cases.                                        and the Planning and Compulsory Purchase
It is not a valid planning reason to object to
                                                    (b) Planning is an interference with private       Act 2004.
a proposal that the applicant has a bad
                                                    rights in the public interest, and that interest   (b) Detailed law made by the Secretary of
record in dealing with property (e.g. carrying
                                                    is entrusted to local planning authorities,        State under the authority of the 1990 Act in
out building work without obtaining planning
                                                    overseen by the Secretary of State                 the Permitted General Development Order;
                                                    It is for this reason that there is no appeal      the Use Classes Order, etc.
It is even less relevant that the applicant is in
                                                    against the grant of planning permission; in       (c) Areas of special control where additional
some other way objectionable (e.g. that his
                                                    theory, the "public" cannot object because it      restrictions apply (e.g. areas of outstanding
private life is immoral).
                                                    is the "public" which has given approval.          natural beauty, conservation areas, National
In consequence, planning permissions
                                                    However, in rare circumstances, it may be          Parks).
cannot normally be made conditional upon
                                                    possible to get the courts to overturn the         (d) Circulars and Planning Policy Statements
being exercised only by identified persons,
                                                    grant of planning permission (e.g. where           issued by the Secretary of State setting out
although this can be done in exceptional
                                                    there has been a serious breach of                 the policy he will adopt on matters which, if
                                                    procedure).                                        not followed by local planning authorities,
                                                                                                       may lead to their decisions being overruled
3. (a) "Planning" as a word has meanings
                                                    5. From the principles set out above there         on appeal or in the courts.
both positive:
                                                    flow the following propositions -                  (e) Intervention by the Secretary of State to
Charting and guiding the future, e.g.
                                                    (a) Only planning considerations are relevant      correct proposals (very rarely by "calling in"
regional spatial strategies and local
                                                    in making planning decisions.                      an application for decision by him),
development schemes, and negative:
                                                    (b) There is a presumption that permission         commonly by giving appeal decisions
restricting change through development
                                                    should be given for development unless this        against planning authorities.
                                                    would cause demonstrable harm to                   (f) Decisions by the courts interpreting or
Most local councils are mainly concerned
                                                    interests of acknowledged importance.              explaining the statute law.
with the latter or "negative" aspect.
                                                    However, this presumption has been
(b) Town and country planning as a total
                                                    somewhat weakened by the enactment of              Finally, may I mention how delighted I am
concept is essentially negative, even when
                                                    section 54A of the Town and Country                that the Earl of Yarborough has agreed to
using "positive" tools like spatial strategies
                                                    Planning Act 1990, which requires local            become a Vice Chancellor of the Society.
and development schemes.
                                                    planning authorities to determine planning
This is because town and country planning
                                                    applications in accordance with the                Brian R Dixon, BA, PEng
cannot compel anyone to do anything
                                                    development plan, unless material                  President
desirable, save in the limited sense of

 The Editor Writes                                                                                                                       PEng

                     Welcome to the Summer 2006 publication of the                Development" and a note about our new Vice
                     Bulletin, in this issue you will find some interesting       Chancellor.
                     articles on "Brunel 200" , "Sierra Leone",
                     "Responsibilities in Churchyards", "Catherine’s              I do hope you continue to enjoy the Bulletin, and
                     Palace to be finished", "Vanishing Jerusalem",               should you have any interesting articles for inclusion
                     Bourne Hill House , Salisbury" and Elizabethan               in future issues, I shall be pleased to receive them;
                     showpiece reveals its rare ‘jigsaw’ floor".                  Finally my very best wishes to you all.
                                                                                                                            Brian R Dixon
                     There is also a statement on "Continuing Professional                                          President and Editor.

 News from Council                                                                                                                       PEng

Council met on Tuesday 11th April 2006 at       Diagnostic Engineers be invited to be a         it would be placed on the website, and put
Northampton, the President took       the       non-director member of Council of the           in the next bulletin.
Chair and a quorum was     confirmed as         Society, later this year.
present. Minutes of the last Council                                                            The "Code of Professional Ethics" on page
meeting were approved and signed.               Council formally approved the Accounts for      6 of the current bulletin would be placed on
                                                the year ending 31st December 2005,             the website for those who wish to access it.
The President reported he had attended a        which were then signed by the President
Council meeting of the Society of               and Immediate Past President.                   Arrangements for the A.G.M would be
Diagnostic Engineers at which they signed                                                       discussed fully at the next meeting, it will be
the Mutual Recognition Agreement which          The President told Council that he would        held on 6/7th October 2006 and include
was then handed to our Chief Executive,         now formally invite the Earl of Yarborough to   the Presidents Lunch.
the agreement would be reviewed at              become a Vice Chancellor of the Society.
intervals not exceeding five years.                                                             Council would next meet on Thursday 20th
                                                Hugh Wynne reported that he had                 July 2006 at Northampton, commencing
It was suggested and agreed that Terry          prepared a Draft on "Continuing                 at 11.00am. There being no further
Luckhurst, MBE, F.I Diag E, C.Eng, MI           Professional Development ", it was agreed       business the President formally closed the
MechE, Chairman of the Society of               to accept the draft as a minimum standard,      meeting

 60,000                                                                                                                                  PEng

THE COST OF THIS HOUSE,                  The aim of the competition was
which Crest Nicholson is building        to encourage housebuilders to
outside the Building Centre in           produce more affordable homes.
Store Street, Central London.
Crest Nicholson is part of the           The winners will build around
SixtyK consortium with Sheppard          1,000 homes on 10 sites, each of
Robson, Kingspan, Arup, Davis            which will have a minimum of
Langdon and MacFarlane Wilder,           30% costing £60,000. More than
one of six winners of Deputy             300 of these have received
Prime Minister John Prescott’s           planning      permission.   The
Design       for   Manufacture           £60,000 does not include the
competition.                             cost of the land.

 Old Bailey, New Public Space                                                                                                            PEng

A new public space has been opened by           stone and wood seating, lighting
the Lord Mayor of London at Old Bailey,         and the planting of London plane
reclaimed from traffic as part of the City of   trees. The Street Scene Challenge
London’s ongoing Street Scene                   initiative was set up in 2003 to
Challenge initiative.                           manage the appearance of streets,
                                                enhance the public realm and street
Road works at Old Bailey have resulted in       level environment and facilitate the
a reduction in carriageway width. The           flow of both pedestrian and motor
redundant road space has been                   traffic around the City of London.
redesigned by landscape architects              Traffic has been reduced in the City
Burns +Nice to create a pleasant and            by 25% overall, with a 40% reduction in         City of London is continually working to
welcoming public space which includes           the central City area as a result of the        improve the appearance, function and
an oval water feature as the central focal      City’s     management     of    vehicular       safety of the City’s streets, to provide a
point, three raised granite terrace areas,      movement. Through Street Scene, the             high quality environment.

S                                          Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Eng                                     Minimum Procedure for Professional Engineers

                 (Excludes periods of full-time education & retirement)
    1.   Outline a development action plan for your whole intended professional career,
         split into practicable stage segments each lasting for a period ranging from a few
         months to a few years.
    2.   Choose, probably from the suggested topic range listed, a selection of relevant
         professional CPD study activities that may practicably be undertaken on an
         ongoing basis throughout your working career.
    3.   Review your choices with a fellow professional mentor, colleague, or friend.
    4.   Prepare a blank tabular record, possibly using the pro-forma suggested, &
         partitioned into years, to record details of stages of your plan & your
    5.   Populate your tabular record with your plan proposals, with your achievements
         against these, & with your assessments of quality, relevance, & outcome.
    6.   Collect & retain, for possible inspection & submission, suitable documentary
         evidence of your CPD activity undertaken.
    7.   Print your tabular CPD record as & when required ( at least annually ), & sign your
         printed copies.
    8.   Submit your signed copies of your printed tabular CPD record annually, or as
         required, to the Society of Professional Engineers for review & retention on your
         personal professional file.
    9.   Request & receive periodically confirmation from the Society of Professional
         Engineers that your Professional Registration has been duly maintained.
    10. Reflect, with satisfaction & pride, on your professional standards & the style with
        which your career is managed & conducted.
                For the promotion of the qualification and status of the
                           Professional Engineer Worldwide.

Mutual Recognition Agreement                                                                                                       PEng
With the Society of Diagnostic Engineers
                                                                       On Friday 10th March 2006 the President, Brian R.Dixon, BA,
                                                                       P.Eng, attended a meeting of the Society of Diagnostic
                                                                       Engineers at their offices in Kibworth, Leicester, for the formal
                                                                       signing of the agreement.

                                                                       Now that the agreement has been signed, members of             the
                                                                       Society of Diagnostic Engineers are able to apply to           the
                                                                       S.P.Eng, for membership, and members of our Society            are
                                                                       able to apply to the Society of Diagnostic Engineers            for

                                                                       They can be contacted at the address or telephone number
                                                                       that is set out on page 10.

                                  (above) The President, Brian R.
                                  Dixon, BA., P.Eng, with Council
                                  members of the Society of
                                  Diagnostic Engineers.

                                  (left) Brian R. Dixon, BA., P.Eng,
                                  President, left., with Terry
                                  Luckhurst, MBE, F.I.Diag.E.,
                                  C.Eng., M.I.Mech.E., Chairman
                                  of the Society of Diagnostic

                                  (right) Terry Luckhurst, MBE,
                                  F.I.Diag.E., C.Eng., M.I.Mech.E.,
                                  signs the “Mutual Recognition

Vice Chancellor Appointed
                      We are delighted to advise the membership that the Earl of
                      Yarborough has accepted an invitation from the President to
                      become a Vice Chancellor of the Society.

                      He says that he is honoured that Council have appointed him
                      a Vice Chancellor, and wishes his thanks to be passed on to

    Do you have non-member colleagues? Encourage them to join the Register
                       A membership information pack is available on request from
 The Society of Professional Engineers, Lutyens House, Billing Brook Road, Weston Favell, Northampton NN3 8NW
                   Tel: 01604 415729 • Fax: 01604 415729 • Email:

                                               Society Ties
We are pleased to advise members that we now have good quality ties in stock of polyester satin in Silver Grey, Navy and
Maroon with the Society Logo picked out in gold, They are very striking and will certainly provoke discussion when worn
in the office and at business meetings and training. Support the Society by ordering one now at the modest price of
£11.50 (including postage and packing).

                                       The Enduring Legacy of Brunel - The Bicentenary of His Birth
This year his legacy is playing a pivotal role in   Along with a handful of other industrialists he    eight piers, three famous and innovative
the region’s economy and tourism, with              transformed the country from a traditional         ships and numerous train stations. He also
exhibitions, arts projects, plays, guided           rural, agrarian economy to a modern, urban,        designed a prefabricated army field hospital.
walks, conference, and special lessons in           industrial one. By the time of his death, it
schools. Andrew Kelly, the director of Brunel       was the industrial superpower of the world.        In addition Brunel was responsible for the
200, hopes that the events will inspire “the                                                           redesign and construction of many major
young Brunels of tomorrow”. He said                 The son of a French engineer, Kingdom’s            docks, including Bristol, Monkwearmouth,
“Although Brunel was born 200 years ago,            first notable achievement was the part he          Cardiff and Milford Haven. While many of his
his influence remains with us in Britain today.     played with his father in planning the             achievements remain landmarks today, they
                                                    Thames Tunnel from Rotherhithe to                  were often financial failures.
“We hope that by showcasing his huge                Wapping, completed in 1843. He was born
breadth of mind, and how he excelled as an          in Portsmouth, educated at Hove and                “By his death the greatest of England’s
engineer, ship designer, architect, surveyor        studied for two years at the College Henri         engineers was lost, the man with the
and artist, we will encourage the Brunels of        Quatre, Paris, after which, in 1823, he            greatest originality of thought and power of
the future to adopt his ‘can do’ attitude and       rejoined his father in England.                    execution, bold in his plans, but right,” wrote
determination to achieve.”                                                                             Daniel Gooch, a contemporary. The
                                                    His energy and versatility were unparalleled.      commercial world thought him extravagant;
Isambard Kingdom Brunel was one of the              He designed and built more than 1,000              but although he was so, great things are not
most volatile, audacious and inspirational          miles of railway lines, more than 100              done by those who sit down and count the
engineers Britain has produced.                     bridges, including five suspension bridges,        cost of every thought and act.”

                                                                                                      A Study In Steel Efficiency
A new landmark taking shape in double               retailer Next. As part of the project UNITE is     road. Here fairly hefty double glazing, with a
quick time on the skyline of Leeds will             providing Next with a new multi-story car          10mm external pane, was specified to keep
provide high quality accommodation for              park on a smaller site nearby. The tightly         traffic noise out. The project’s current status
almost 1000 students. David Fowler brings           constrained site meant there was little room       is that the frame and roof are complete, and
back the lessons from site.                         for storing materials. Mast climbing hoists        internal fitout – internal partitions, doors,
                                                    have been used extensively for lifting             and bathrooms – is over halfway through.
The 14-storey Leeds Plaza is being                  materials to the floor where needed.               Dry lining on metal studwork is being used
developed by The UNITE Group plc                                                                       throughout internally. Apart from some
(UNITE), the UK’s leading accommodation             The frame is fairly straightforward with a         blockwork on the ground floor, no wet
and hospitality company, which specialises          layout which repeats from floor to floor. It is    trades are being used inside the building.
in developing and managing affordable               based on a 6m grid except for a central 8m         Brickwork and masonry is however, being
accommodation for students and key                  spine area. Floor to ceiling height is 2.4m        used to clad the outside of the building.
workers such as NHS staff. The first phase,         everywhere except the ground floor, which
due for completion this July, will provide flats    houses a management suite, common                  Each study/bedroom will have a smaller en-
for 963 students from the city’s two                rooms, a gym and a laundry and has                 suite bathroom containing a shower, WC
universities, with study/bedrooms grouped           ceilings 0.5m higher than elsewhere. For a         and washbasin. These are being supplied
in clusters of three, four or five around a         student dwelling, providing a high standard        as prefabricated pods complete with
common kitchen/dining room. The project             of sound insulation between flats was              plumbing, at the rate of 80 on each floor.
was designed by Carey Jones Architects              arguably even more important than in most          "They were lifted into place very easily by
and structural engineer WSP. Steelwork              residential buildings. Carey Jones built on        tower crane," says Mr Carr. Each room will
contractor was Mifflin Construction. WSP            the experience it had gained on an earlier         also have a computer desk and broadband
provided a scheme design in both steel and          project, "As a practice we’d done a similar        internet connection, vital equipment for
concrete. The client went for the steel frame       scheme in Leeds around two years ago and           today’s student. Progress is currently on
with composite metal deck floors, because           we’d done quite a lot of research," says Mr        track to allow a phased, floor-by-floor
of speed of construction, says Project              Carr. WSP’s own acoustic expert also               handover to start this May, 13 weeks before
Architect Brian Carr. "You can get the frame        provided assistance.                               the final completion date of July, ready for
up very quickly and the floors in, and then                                                            the first occupants to arrive for the new
work on several floors at once, whereas             "We had a very strict regime on site with          academic year in September. With a
with concrete you have to build sequentially        details checked regularly," he adds. "While        second phase to provide homes for another
from the bottom," says Mr Carr. Mifflin             we can design details to work, they have to        350-400 students on the drawing board,
erected the steel frame, under a tight              be built properly to be effective." Two series     the Plaza is set to become a landmark. "It
programme, in 30 weeks from last February.          of tests on finished flats since November          will be a major focal point on the way into
                                                    have confirmed that the Building                   Leeds from the north," says Mr Carr.
The inner city site, on Clay Pitt Lane              Regulations requirements have been                 Perhaps more importantly for its new
adjacent to Leeds Metropolitan University, is       complied with. Another consideration was           residents, Leeds Plaza promises to be a
bounded on one side by the inner ring road.         external noise, at least on the elevation of       world away from the terraced housing of
It was formerly a car park serving offices of       the building which fronts on to the inner ring     student accommodation folklore.

 Articles for the Bulletin - We are always looking for news of members and project articles for publication
 in the bulletin, do you have something of interest, lets hear from you. Please supply articles up to 1500 words.

 Sierra Leone                                                                 P

Saving architectural treasures is not a      destruction in the country’s
priority for the agencies and charities      recent civil war are now
struggling to alleviate suffering and        facing clearance.
improve life in Africa. Whenever war,
famine or disease hold sway, it’s hard to    Now,     thanks     to     the
argue that resources should be diverted      acclaimed              British
to protecting historic buildings. And so,    documentary photographer
with a few exceptions, much of the           Tim Hetherington, who is
continent’s built heritage has vanished,     based in west Africa, these
unremarked and unmourned, over the           buildings are at least being
past 40 or so years, or is likely to         recorded.
disappear in the near future. Making a
case for conservation is even harder         The images on these pages
when much of that architecture derives       are taken from a project,
from the colonial period.                    backed by the British
                                             Council, that has seen
The example of Sierra Leone is unusual,      Hetherington     photograph
and extraordinary. Freetown, capital of      most of these historic
the small west African state,                survivals. Battered, patched
sandwiched between the Atlantic and          and propped, the houses – in
mountain ranges, is rich in fascinating      Freetown’s Krio (Creole)
historic architecture built not by a         quarter – were built from
governing class, but by Africans, for        around 1787, when the
Africans. Incredibly, here are to be found   settlement was established
exceptionally rare examples of Georgian      by British philanthropists to
domestic buildings, from two-bedroom         house freed slaves.
cottages to four or five-story houses.
Needless to say, those that escaped          Building carried on into the
                                             mid-19th century, by which
                                             time Freetown, and a series
                                             of similar settlements, had
                                             become home to freed
                                             slaves from around the
                                             world. It prospered, and
                                             once boasted a wealthy
                                             professional class.

                                             The destruction of the last of
                                             these Georgian relics may be
                                             part of the price for
                                             establishing a new country.
                                             Unless, of course, anyone is
                                             willing to fight for their

                                                                                            Responsibilities in Churchyards
Exactly who is responsible for safety of the        after it has been closed for further burials       duty towards its employees in the
public in a closed churchyard is a vexed            by an Order of the Privy Council are               churchyard under the Health and Safety at
issue. It is not necessarily the local              regulated by Section 215 of the Local              Work Acts.     It has to ensure their
authority. Some authorities, under                  Government Act 1972. It imposes a                  equipment and the workplace and the
pressure from the Health and Safety                 specific duty on the PCC to maintain the           system of work are safe.
inspectorate to make memorials in their             churchyard by "keeping it in decent order
cemeteries safe, undertook also to inspect          and its walls and fences in good repair".          If employees are required to work close to
and repair those in the closed churchyards          This Act also enables the PCC to transfer          dangerous memorials, the authority has a
that they maintain.          Others have            that specific duty, but nothing more, to the       duty to protect them from the danger. This
sheepishly followed their lead. Still others,       local authority.                                   might involve checking the safety of the
lacking resources, closed the unsafe                                                                   memorials and making them safe but such
churchyards to the public.                          Dealing with dangerous memorials is not            work should not be undertaken without
                                                    in our view covered by the phrase                  first obtaining a faculty from the Diocese.
Responsibility for safety in churchyards,           "keeping in decent order". There is a real
including those closed by Order of the              distance between what that implies and             Alternatively, the dangerous condition of
Privy Council, lies with the Church                 the possibly substantial work of                   the memorials should be identified,
authorities. The stability of memorials in all      safeguarding a dangerous monument.                 employees warned, and the church
burial grounds is legally the responsibility                                                           authorities requested to make them safe.
of their owners and their heirs. Often they         The Church, continuing as occupier after           Meanwhile, employees should be
cannot be traced, and the landowners                the churchyard is closed, remains under            instructed not to work in their proximity.
then fall under the occupier's liability to         the general duty of care to make the
keep the place which is open to the public          churchyard safe for any visitors, and this         The contractor or employee will be held
safe.                                               includes inspecting memorials and taking           responsible for any damage caused to a
                                                    appropriate measures to make safe any              memorial during routine maintenance
Even after the duty of maintenance has              found to be unsafe.                                work, and expected to make good the
been passed to a local authority, the                                                                  damage caused. If the repair work is
incumbent remains the owner and                     A local authority maintaining a churchyard         significant, a faculty will be required before
occupier of the churchyard. The Parochial           is not the occupier, but it does owe to            the work is undertaken. A faculty should
Church Council (PCC) will also be an                visitors the general duty of care under the        also be obtained before an authority
occupier where they have been                       law of negligence. It should neither cause         commences any inspection or push
associated in the management of the                 dangers by the work it undertakes, nor             testing of memorials. This should set out
churchyard.                                         leave dangers by failing to do the                 what testing procedures are to be used
                                                    maintenance. Because a churchyard can              and what measures will be used to remedy
The obligations to maintain a churchyard            be a workplace, the local authority has a          faults discovered.

                                    Urban Trees Can...                                                                     Wake Up Call
                                                 Clean the air and fight           DID YOU KNOW THAT REGULATIONS NOW REQUIRE A
                                                 pollution by trapping             COMPETENT ENGINEER TO DESIGN YOUR SCAFFOLDING?
                                                 dust and tiny particles           IF NOT, THEN READ ON,
                                                 and absorbing other
                                                 pollutants.                       The work at Height Regulations add a new requirement for all
                                                 Absorb the carbon                 scaffolding to be designed by a competent engineer unless it
                                                 dioxide that we breathe           conforms to a "generally recognised standard configuration".
                                                 out and convert it into           Previously, scaffold design was agreed between the scaffolder
                                                 oxygen for the daily              and the main contractor, says Hughes.
                                                 requirements of 10
                                                 Reduce utility bills –
                                                 heating in winter and air-
                                                 conditioning in summer.
                                                 Screen unsightly views
                                                 and soften harsh
                                                 outlines of buildings
                                                 Act as sound buffers
                                                 Provide shade and
                                                 shelter from extremes of
                                                 Prevent soil erosion
                                                 Boost biodiversity in
                                                 towns and cities by
                                                 providing wildlife habitats

 Countryside Agency Being Replaced
It has been officially confirmed that                      been doing will continue through                  Mr Burgess says that over the past six
changes are afoot at the Countryside                       Natural England and the Commission                years the Countryside Agency has been
Agency and that it will be replaced.                       for    Rural    Communities,     two              working to champion the rural agenda
                                                           organisations he says who are                     from government level right down to the
Mr Stuart Burgess, chairman of the                         focussed on achieving the best                    grass roots community level. "In that
organisation, says they will be closing                    possible countryside with a common                time, through research and through
their doors towards the end of the                         view and objectives and, he trusts,               working with numerous organisations,
year but he is heartened by the fact                       with an understanding of each other’s             we have strived to understand as many
that all the good work they have                           point of view.                                    issues as possible," he said.

 One in Three Households Now Face an Inheritance Bill
New research underscores the urgency                       However, the research claims that nearly          stands at about £258,000 – not far
to plan for inheritance….                                  three quarters of them have done nothing          below IHT threshold. Anne Young, a tax
                                                           whatsoever to mitigate a potential IHT bill.      expert at Scottish Widows, said
According to research from Scottish                                                                          "Currently IHT is paid by just 6 per cent
Widows, more than 8.2 million people in                    The results, from a survey of Britain’s           of estates. However, the rapid rise in
the UK now have an estate valued at                        wealth which looked at property prices            house prices has pushed millions more
more than the 2005/06 Inheritance Tax                      and assets after debt, revealed the               above the IHT threshold without them
(IHT) threshold of £275,000.                               average UK household wealth now                   even knowing it.”

Other Professional Bodies
Reciprocal Membership Arrangement                                                   Societe Nationale des Ingenieurs Professionnels de France (IPF)
                                                                                    6 bd de la libération, Bat Perinord, 93284 Saint Denis cedex, France
   with other Professional Bodies
                                                                                                  Tel: 01 41 95 25 50 • Fax: 01 41 95 25 51
Reciprocal membership arrangements are in force with the bodies
                                                                                          Hong Kong Institution of Construction Engineers Ltd
mentioned below. In every case Members wishing to apply should
                                                                                            HO, David K. M., B.Eng, P.Eng., M.Eng., FASI, FCIOB,
first contact the Society for an Application Form and/or a letter of
                                                                                               FHKIConstE, MASCE, MIMgt, MHKMA, MHKIM.
                                                                                        Management & Executive Development Centre, QR 702, 7/F,
                                                                                        Shirley Chan Building, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
                                                                                                       Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong
                                                                                         (Hong Kong Institution of Construction Engineers Ltd)
            National Society of Professional Engineers®                                       Tel: 00 852 3400 2762 • Fax: 00 852 2764 5287
      1420 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia, 22314 - 2794, USA                                  Website:
    Tel: (703) 684 2800 • Fax: (703) 836 4875 •
                                                                                                  The Association of Building Engineers
    Bundersverband der Berufsingenieure Deutschlands (BID)                              The Membership Secretary Association of Building Engineers
                 Ing.P.Eur.H.G.Schäpers, P.Eng(UK)                                           Lutyens House, Billing Brook Road, Weston Favell,
       Bundersverband der Berufsing enieure Deutschlands                                                 Northampton NN3 8NW
       Friedrich Ebert Strasse 22, D-42781 Haan GERMANY                                        Tel: (01604) 404121 • Fax: (01604) 784220
        Tel: 00 49 211 328490 • Fax: 00 49 2129 341747
                                                                                                     The Society of Diagnostic Engineers
          Self Inking Personal Stamps                                                             7 Weir Road, Kibworth, Leicester LE8 0LQ
 As Members will be aware the Society has for many years had on                                  Tel: 0116 279 6772 • Fax: 0116 279 6884
 offer a Stamp for use on notepaper and drawings containing the
 name of the Society and the name and Registration Number of the
                                                                                                                The Professional Engineer is Published by
 Member. The Firm that supplies the Stamps can now offer a self-
 inking Stamp which produces an even more finished appearance
 and is enclosed in an impressive case that will sit well
 on the office desk. These are now available from the
                                                                                                                    The Society of Professional Engineers
                                                                                                       Editor: Brian R. Dixon, P.Eng.
 Society at the modest price of £30.00 each which
 includes VAT, postage and packing.                                                   All correspondence should be sent to the following address:
                                                                                                   Lutyens House, Billing Brook Road,
                 Lapel Badges                                                                     Weston Favell, Northampton NN3 8NW
Lapel Badges are now available from the Society at a cost of £2.00                       Designed and printed by: Spingold Graphics Tel: 01206 262751
each inclusive of postage. All paid up members are encouraged to
purchase a lapel badge to indicate their membership of the Society,                   The Society of Professional Engineers, as a body, is not responsible for
and to be proud to wear it among their professional colleagues.                               the statements or opinions expressed in this bulletin.

                                             Elizabethan Showpiece Reveals Its Rare ‘Jigsaw’ Floor
STANDING on a hill three miles west of           in exchange for coal from the pits of the        repairs to deathwatch beetle damage, will
Nottingham city centre, Wollaton Hall is a       Wollaton estate. Stone closely matching          return the beams to their original strength
flamboyant, 16th-century Robert Smythson         this has been found. Rooms at lower              and ensure the floor is secure and safe for
building set in 500 acres of grounds. It is      ground, ground and first floor levels will be    years to come. We’ll also put in place new
one of the finest Elizabethan houses in          renovated to allow the reconfiguration of the    stainless steel pleats and a plywood
England and is now home to Nottingham’s          museum facilities and interpretation of          diaphragm above the beams to further
natural history collection. When the house       exhibits within the mansion.                     strengthen the structure before a new floor,
was built in 1588 it cost £80,000 – a fortune                                                     made from high quality oak, is fitted."
for the time – and took eight years to           One of the most challenging elements of the
complete. Now a £9m conservation and             project is the Prospect Room floor,              A scaffolding crash-deck with a suspended
restoration project is underway that will run    constructed using an elaborate interlocking      ceiling will be installed above the main hall,
right through to spring 2007.                    beam system.                                     and beneath the Prospect Room floor, to
                                                                                                  allow repairs to continue while the hall is
This January the contractors, Linford-           This floor was built as part of the original     open to the public.
Bridgeman, began repair work in earnest on       building in the 16th Century and repaired by
the building, which is now owned by              Wyattville in the 19th century. However, in
Nottingham City Council. The first phase         the 1950’s Nottingham City Council put in
involves extensive stone repairs and             place a steel structure to support the floor.
sympathetic refurbishment of the main hall,      "The Chinese floor in the Prospect Room is
grounds and stable block. The contract also      built from a series of oak beams arranged in
includes extensive stone repairs to the          such a way that they create an unusual
exterior of the building, including repairs to   jigsaw pattern," says Dave Utting, Linford’s
the upper facades of the mansion house           site manager at Wollaton Hall. "Unlike most
walls, the corner turrets and the reformation    other flooring systems the beams are
of the Wyattville chimneys. In the 16th          actually shorter than the length of the room
century the original Ancaster stone used in      and, in fact, support, each other. Repair
the construction of the house was supplied       work to the original oak, including extensive

                                                                                                            The Career Ladder
Many people get to a point in their career       One of the first steps on your action plan       If you are invited to an interview then it is a
when they start to question what they are        should be to update your CV. If you are          sure sign that the company feels you have
doing on a day-to-day basis and dwell on         struggling to know where to start and what       the relevant skills and experience to
the negative aspects of the job. But before      employers are looking for, it is a good idea     contribute. Preparation is now vital to
you hand your notice in, take some time to       to read through the job pages and scan the       ensure that all your hard work updating your
reflect on the situation. Evaluate your life     internet to discover the specific skills that    CV does not go to waste. Use a number of
and work out exactly what you want from it.      organisations are looking for in your            different methods to research the company
Where do you want to be in 5 years' time?        particular role.                                 such as the internet, industry publications,
                                                                                                  the company website and discreet
Once you've evaluated your personal              Then tailor your CV to fit the role. All the     enquiries with associates. Also, practise
circumstances, weighed up the pros and           information on your CV should be relevant        speaking at length about any work
cons, and made the decision to resign from       and it must always include the basics, such      experience and skills you possess and, if
your job, it's important you keep up the         as name, location, contact details and           possible, take along a portfolio of your
momentum by devising an action plan.             notice period. Chartered memberships and         work. Be punctual for the interview and
                                                 industry qualifications are also extremely       focus on clearly demonstrating why you
Think about your current job and your            desirable to new employers. They provide         should get the job.
relevant skills - how can you translate these    tangible evidence not only that are you
to make yourself appear more desirable to        interested in the construction industry, but     If you are changing jobs for the wrong
a prospective employer? Develop an action        that you are actively contributing to it.        reasons the outcome can be a disaster. But
plan by setting long- and short-term goals,      Remember that first impressions are key.         if you follow a comprehensive action plan,
but remember why you're doing this and           Take the time to get your CV just right and      take your time and put in the effort with all
realise that achieving these goals will take     don't forget to check your spelling and          aspects of the recruitment process, the only
time, hard work and patience.                    grammar.                                         way is up!

                                                                                                              A Tower of Safety
HAVE YOU GOT MOBILE ACCESS towers                develop two new ways to erect access             The user accesses the next level up through
on site? And if so, have they been safely        towers safely.                                   a trapdoor and sits down while he attaches
erected?                                                                                          the guardrails. 3T towers can be hired from
                                                 The first involves using an advanced             Hewden, which claims to be the first hirer
The Work at Height Regulations 2005              guardrail, a temporary rail which is locked in   to provide 3T towers countrywide, having
prompted     access   suppliers   and            place from the level below. The second is        placed a £1m order with specialist supplier
manufacturers, along with the HSE, to            known as through-the–trap or 3T.                 Youngman.

 Bourne Hill House, Salisbury, Wiltshire                                                                                                            PEng

                                                         in the development of schemes. Where           this, it will repair the historic building, remove
                                                         this encourages useful discussion, and         modern insertions, and conserve the historic
                                                         sufficient information is available for some   garden. But to achieve the expansion, the
                                                         worthwhile comment to be made, it is to        council proposes to remove the Victorian
                                                         be welcomed.                                   school wing and add a large new extension.

                                                         Bourne Hill House has great interest. It       Proposals have been based on a thorough
                                                         lies close to the site of a medieval bastion   assessment of the old building’s interest and
                                                         of Salisbury’s city wall. The house dates      repair needs, following an appraisal by an
                                                         from the 16th century, with a good             experienced conservation and design team.
                                                         Georgian façade, and has an 1870’s             While the demolitions (and extension) would
                                                         wing built when the house was a school.        be controversial, the S.P.A.B.’s Committee
                                                         It also has a very good, though                (and the Victorian Society) have felt that the
                                                         somewhat run-down, historic garden.            wing has been so changed internally by
                                                         For some decades the site has been the         council works that it no longer has much
                                                         principle office of Salisbury District         interest.
English Heritage now welcomes discussion                 Council.
of proposals before a formal application is                                                             The proposed replacement extension, while
made. It is likely that, in future, the S.P.A.B      The Council now wishes to bring all its            large, has shown the potential to be an
too may be increasingly involved at this stage       departments on to this one site. As part of        imaginative and careful conceived addition.

 Catherine’s Palace to be ‘Finished’ - Clem Cecil – Moscow                                                                                          PEng

Tsaritsyno, one of Moscow’s most romantic            Since work abruptly stopped 221 years ago
and popular attractions – a huge, unfinished         it has become beloved of Muscovites.
18th-century palace- is being "finished" by          Tsaritsyno is formally listed as a ruin and,
Moscow’s Mayor, Yuri Luzhkov.                        according to the Vienna Convention, ought
                                                     to be preserved in the state in which it has
He aims to ‘complete’ the building, and              survived. "Restoration" of the walls is
make it Moscow’s equivalent of St                    underway, with concrete and metal being
Petersburg’s Hermitage museum.                       used, and a large glass dome is planned for
                                                     the building.
Despite having no formal consent for the
work – that will give the palace a roof,             Despite fury among conservators and
windows and an interior – Mr Luzhkov is              historians, Mr Luzhkov hopes that
keen to see the project through.                     conversion work will be complete by summer
The palace has stood unfinished since 1785,
when Catherine the Great decided she didn’t          (right) Tsaritsyno as it is now – for
like it. It is an especially picturesque ruin, set   generations a favourite destination of
in a large park.                                     Muscovites.

 Vanishing Jerusalem - Holy City, Busy Bulldozers                                                                                                   PEng

Strange as it may sound for a city that has          In a city faced with perpetual strife, short of    in Jerusalem, and is looking to British
become a byword for instability, Jerusalem’s         cash and choked by log-jammed traffic,             methods of building conservation as a role
property market is booming. This, as                 making a case for conserving the past is not       model. For more information, see
building conservators know, can spell                easy. So the developers tend to hold sway.
trouble. While much of the ancient city within
the massive medieval walls is kept in                Before demolition, the stones of some old          (below) Another of Jerusalem’s old
suspended animation (though even here                buildings are numbered and logged, though,         buildings bites the dust. Some, as this
there is new building), the historic districts       as one local historian mused, exactly where        one, are recorded before removal. But
beyond the walls – mainly 19th and early             and when they are to be rebuilt is open to         what then?
20th century – are under great pressure.             question.

In recent years much of this fascinating area        But       opposition     to
– street after street of grand mansions,             insensitive development is
imposing religious buildings, cultural               belatedly growing. The
institutes, a large proportion built by              Sustainable      Jerusalem
Russian, British and German imperial and             Coalition is demanding a
religious interests – has changed                    city plan that protects its
dramatically. Though Israel has a long history       past and enhances its
of recognising its historic buildings,               environment, a stance
recognition alone is only half the battle.           shared by the veteran
There is in place a formal building                  Society for the Protection
preservation system, of sorts. Protection for        of Nature in Israel. The
post-1700 buildings is far less stringent than       Coalition       represents
for ancient and medieval ones.                       several thousand members

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