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					How To Build A Website - Step By Step Instructions

Today I’m going to show you the step by step process of building a website.
We will be building the website on the Wordpress publishing platform. This
will allow you to build a professional looking website in only minutes.

Step 1.) You absolutely have to have hosting, there is no way around it if
you want a professional looking website. I am recommending Bluehost as I
have been using them for quite some time now.

During the sign up process at Bluehost you will be asked to pick out your
domain name which is Of course, the “yourdoamin”
part being the name you pick for your website. Try to always get the .com
version of the domain you would like as this is easier for your visitors to

Step 2.) After you have completed the sign up process at Bluehost you will
have your sign in information to log in to your cPanel. From the Bluehost
home page you will see a link in the top right corner that says “Control
Panel Log in”, simply click the link and log in using the log in credentials
given at time of sign up.
After logging in you will be redirected to your cPanel area. Simply scroll
down and find the button that says “Simple Scripts”.

After clicking on Simple Scripts you will be taken to another screen full of
icons. On this screen you need to find the icon that says Wordpress which
will be under blogs.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, your thinking, I don’t want a blog, I want
a website. Wordpress is meant to be used for blogs or websites and is just
as effective to use either way. Let’s carry on.
After clicking on the Wordpress icon you will be taken to another screen.
Simply find the big green button on that screen that says “Install” and click

At the top of the next screen you will see a drop down box under “Step 1:”,
use the drop down box to pick the latest stable version. DO NOT install any
beta versions or you could run into problems later on. There will be a drop
down box below that drop down box. In this drop down box you will pick
whether you want your domain installed with the prefix www or without
the www. Either way is fine, it’s mostly preference.

You can then skip “step 2:” on this screen. Now on “step 3:” you just need
to click that you agree to the legal information and then click the big green
button that says “Complete”. After that you will get a status bar, wait
patiently while it installs Wordpress. After the installation is complete you
will be given a link to your actual website and another link to the admin
panel of your website (Note: this link is different from your Bluehost

Step 3.) Now you need to get your sign in info that was e-mailed to the
e-mail address Bluehost has on file. After retrieving your sign in information
you can now click on the link that goes to your admin panel which will look
like this Simply enter your sign in
information and you will be in the admin panel of your actual website.

If you visit your website you will see you have a very plain looking website
template. This can be changed very quickly. In your left column inside your
admin panel you will see a link that says “Appearance”.
After clicking on the Appearance link you will be taken to another screen
where you can add new themes. Simply click the “Add New” button at the
top of this page and and you can start search through thousands of website
templates. Take your time and pick out something you really like. After you
find something you like you will simply click the “Install” link under the
theme you like. Then click “Install Now” on the pop up screen, then simply
click “Activate” on the very next screen you are taken to. Your done! You
now have professional looking website to start filling with content. Visit for more tips on customizing your website.

Enjoy your new website!

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