6th Grade Technology Lab Safety Contract

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					             6th Grade Technology Lab Safety Contract
                  Montgomery Lower Middle School 2009 - 2010

Student Name: ____________________________________

Class Period: ___________________

This year in Technology class you will be utilizing various tools such as scissors,
paper cutters, Exacto knives, soldering irons, and hot glue guns. There are also
many additional tools and machines in the lab that we will not be using this year,
but will still be present. The following is a list of rules that must be followed in
order to maintain a safe Technology lab environment for everyone.

   1.  I will follow instructions at all times.
   2.  I will not run in the lab.
   3.  I will not throw objects in the lab.
   4.  I will not use a tool unless authorized to by my teacher (this may require
       passing a safety quiz).
   5. If I do not pass a safety quiz, I will not use that particular tool.
   6. I will concentrate while using all tools.
   7. I will not interrupt other students while they are using tools.
   8. I will inform the teacher immediately if something is broken or breaks during
   9. I will report all accidents immediately to the teacher.
   10. I will perform proper clean up.

Please read all rules, sign the agreement below, and return this document to
Mrs. Staab.

By signing this contract, I fully understand the safety rules of the Technology lab and
I will follow all of these rules at all times. I also understand that failure to adhere to
these rules could result in injury.

Student Signature: ________________________________ Date: ______________

Parent Signature: ________________________________              Date: ______________