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									                          Five Oaks Adult Programs
                              Winter/Spring 2008

Spiritual Practices Certificate Series
A series of programs created in response to the General Council’s Call to Purpose which
states ‘we want to learn & lean into spiritual practices…’ To obtain the certificate
participants must attend all six programs in the series. They are marked in our program
listing below & include practices of Meditation, Movement, Community, Discernment,
Food & the Labyrinth. Register by January 28 for the series. The programs can be taken
individually. Cost: $115 for series or $20 per program - except Labyrinth event is $45.

Day Away
First Wednesday of each month, 9am-4pm.
Jan. 2, Feb. 6, Mar. 5, Apr. 2, May 7, June 4.
Come away for a day of spiritual nourishment led by Five Oaks Spiritual Guides. Cost:
$35 (includes light lunch); $50 includes Spiritual Guide for one session

Guided Silent Retreats
Be led in conversation with the Holy Spirit facilitated by Five Oaks Spiritual Guides.
Jan. 13-18, Sun. 7pm-Fri. 3pm Cost: $795
Jan. 18-20, Fri. 7pm-Sun. 3pm Cost: $325
Apr. 25-27, Fri. 7pm-Sun. 3pm Cost: $325

Discernment: Finding God’s Way
Jan. 14-16, Mon. 9:30am-Wed. 4pm
A conversation led by Mardi Tindal & others with interest in personal or group
discernment to deepen skills & further exploration. Cost: $245 ($270 after Dec. 21)

Ministry with the Whole Youth: From White-bread Programs to Whole Grain
Ministry (Neos)
Jan. 18-20, Fri. 7pm – Sun. with lunch
Jessie Negropontes & Chris Giffen seek to empower participants to imagine, risk &
create ways of engaging & transforming our church through holistic ministry with youth.
Cost: $250 ($275 after Dec. 21)

Mindfulness in Daily Matters (Spiritual Practices Series)
 Jan. 28, Mon. 7-9:30pm
Experience meditation practices that bring mindfulness to daily activities & express Spirit
in the world with Dr. Parmjit Singh & Rosalind Grant. Cost: $20 for event, $115 for

Winter Family Camp
Feb. 1-3, Fri. 7 pm – Sun. after lunch
A winter escape with something for everyone! Cost: $195 (adults), $165 (12-15 yrs),
$135 (4-11 yrs), $80 (under 4) Register by Jan. 18

Male Spirituality: Strength in Weakness
Feb. 11-14, Mon. 1pm – Thurs. after lunch
Grow in spirit, wisdom & understanding as we explore times of transition in our lives led
by Colin Snyder, Monty Gray & David Reid. Cost: $300 ($330 after Jan. 14)

Male Spirituality Weekend
Feb. 15-17, Fri. 7pm – Sun. after lunch
Come & be yourself in a beautiful place with other men of spirit. Cost: $210 ($235 after
Jan. 18)

Lenten Dialogue: Word & Image
Feb. 20, Wed. 9:30am-4pm
Explore the Lenten story through works of art that inspire, evoke meaning & take us to
places of discovery. Learn how to ‘read’ & interpret an image as scripture with Robin
McGauley. Cost: $80 ($90 after Feb. 6)

Movement as Spiritual Practice (Spiritual Practices Series)
Feb. 25, Mon. 7-9:30pm
An evening with Karen Dale to encounter movement as a way of expressing & exploring
our spiritual selves. Cost: $20 for event, $115 for Series

Faith Formation: Moving From Welcoming to Belonging
Feb. 29-Mar. 1, Fri. 4pm registration (5:30 supper) – Sat. 4:30pm
Be equipped & empowered to deepen discipleship & broaden community in your
congregation. Cost: $105

Work Camp
March 3-5, Mon. 10am – Wed. 3pm
Join Tom Hunt, Richard Yake & Five Oaks staff for one or a few days of service &
fellowship. Donations appreciated for lunch.

Where Two or Three are Gathered: Nurturing Community as Spiritual Practice
(Spiritual Practices Series)
March 31, Mon. 7-9:30pm
Join Robin McGauley for an experiential evening of learning ways to foster life-giving
community in your context. Cost: $20 for event, $115 for Series

Things They Never Told Me About Jesus
April 1-3, Tues. 12:30 with lunch – Thurs. after lunch
Be led by John Bell in an exploration of essential aspects of Jesus’ life which are lacking
in the witness of the Church. Cost: $325 ($360 after March 4)

Meditative Retreat with Sharon Moon
April 9, Wed. 9:30am-4:30pm
Five Oaks is pleased to accept this invitation of the Francis Sandy Theological Centre to
join with their learning circle & Sharon on this day of guided meditation. Cost: $80 ($90
after March 26)

Gospel of Matthew: Story, History & Tradition
April 11-13, Fri. 6pm with supper-Sun. after lunch
Learn about the Gospel in its original context & interpretations through the centuries with
Jewish New Testament Scholar Amy-Jill Levine. Cost: $365 ($400 after Mar. 14)

Discernment as Prayerful Decision-Making (Spiritual Practices Series)
April 14, Mon. 7-9:30pm
Explore ways to include God in decision making processes with Miriam Frey. Cost: $20
for event, $115 for Series

Licensed Lay Leaders/Lay Preachers Program
April 18-20, Fri. 5:30pm with supper-Sun. after lunch
One of several units led by Peter & Olga McKellar to train as a Licensed Lay Worship
Leader. Focus of weekend is Christian Spirituality. Cost: $275 ($305 after Mar. 21)

Culture Shock: Discerning Youth Culture (Neos)
April 18-20, Fri. 7:30pm – Sun. after lunch
Join Donna Ellis, Diane Matheson, Monique Goold & others to explore youth culture
today & how it informs our ministry. Cost: $250 ($275 after Mar. 21)

Young Adult Mini-Retreat (Ages 18-30)
May 4, Sun. 3-8 pm
Take time away for activities, worship & friends. Cost: $20

Eating As Spiritual Practice (Spiritual Practices Series)
May 5, Mon. 7-9:30pm
Join Mardi & Doug Tindal to explore spiritual practices related to food. Cost: $20 for
event, $115 for Series

The Greening of our Faith
May 9-11, Fri. 7pm – Sun. after lunch
Join keynote speaker Rosemary Radford Ruether & leaders Elizabeth May, Tony
Maas, Stephen Dixon & First Nations elders for a discussion of the environmental
issues affecting us locally & globally. Explore what faithful & practical responses we can
embrace & implement in our lives & communities. Cost: $325 ($360 after Apr. 11).
Adults who pay full price bring a youth/young adult under 30 for reduced rate of $200.

Delighting in God: Discerning what Matters Most in our Faith
June 13-15, Fri. 7pm – Sun. after lunch
A retreat with Nancy Cocks to reflect on God’s invitation to take delight in times of rest
& renewal. Cost: $275 ($305 after May 16)
Common Life Community Discernment Evening
June 16, Mon. 7-9:30pm
Come to consider how Common Life could help you participate in God’s healing work.
Cost: $20

Labyrinth Events with Lauren Artress
Labyrinth Retreat: Rediscovering the Divine from Within
June 20-21, Fri. 7pm – Sat. 4pm
Walking the labyrinth, journaling & discussion to help us find our sacred path. Cost:
$265 ($295 after May 23)

Labyrinth Solstice Walk: The Four Directions (Spiritual Practices Series)
June 21, Sat. 5:30 with supper-9:30pm
Mark the summer solstice with a meditative walk. Cost: $45 for event, $115 for Spiritual
Practices Series

Labyrinth Retreat for Spiritual Guides & Directors
June 22, Sun. 9am-5pm
Explore the importance of being present & asking the questions that open us to
inspiration & truth. Cost: $125 ($140 after May 24)

Labyrinth Facilitator’s Training
June 23-24, Mon. 9am-Tues. 5pm
Be equipped & empowered to introduce the labyrinth to others. Interested participants
will fill out an application with Veriditas www.veriditas.net.

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