Milk Moustache Photo Brochure

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					                        Michigan Agriscience Education
                           For Elementary Students
                                  Grades 3-4

Milk Moustache Photo Brochure
  • Calcium, vitamins A & D, riboflavin, protein, phosphorus, magnesium,
  carbohydrates and potassium are all nutrients found in milk.
  • Milk helps build strong teeth and bones.

  • The learner will create a milk moustache photo brochure.
  • The learner will examine numerous brochures for examples of expository
  • The learner will add expository writing to their milk brochure.

  • 1 gallon vanilla ice cream
  • 1 half gallon milk
  • Dixie cups
  • Polaroid camera with film
  • paper tri-folded for brochures

Have students write a story about how milk gets from the farm to the store.

  • Make the milk mustache mixture by mixing 3 parts ice cream with 1 part milk.

   • Give each child some of the mixture in a Dixie cup.
   • Have them hold the cup up to their mouth and tip their cup back while keeping
   their head still.

   • Make sure they keep their mouths closed as they “drink on their moustaches.”

   • Take a Polaroid picture of each child. Allow them to finish their moustache
   mixture after the photos are taken.

   • Have each child glue their picture on the front on a blank brochure.

Milk is an important component of daily nutrition. Milk provides many nutrients and
is one of the safest foods you can eat. In the dairy plant, human hands never touch
it. That is why milk stays very pure and fresh tasting. Humans need at least 3
servings of milk each day.

(Contact your local Dairy Council for an information packet about milk.)

Remember that expository writing is nonfiction. Locate five facts about milk. Copy
these facts on to your milk moustache brochure. Remember to use your best
handwriting! Then add a caption underneath your milk moustache picture. The
caption should tell why you drink milk.

* Original can be found at Kansas Ag in the Classroom,