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Title: Atlas Electrica: International Strategy

Author: Michael E. Porter, Arturo Condo


Description: Atlas must decide whether to acquire La Indeca, increasing its Central American
presence, or to focus on larger Latin American markets where higher growth is possible. In the
year 2000, Jorge Rodriguez was in charge of Atlas Electrica, the largest home appliance firm in
Central America. Although it had almost doubled its sales in the 1990s, by the end of the decade
Atlas was experiencing a declining market share in its home region and facing increasing
competition from outside the region, especially from Mexican and Korean multinationals. At the
time, Atlas' main competitor in Central America, El Salvador-based Indeca, was up for sale. Atlas
Electrica, based in Costa Rica, served more than a dozen Latin American countries. Since its
establishment in 1961, it had served Central American markets with different types of home
appliances, later focusing on white-goods for middle-income segments of Central American
consumers. In the mid-1990s, through a strategic alliance with Sweden's AG Electrolux, Atlas had
expanded to Latin American markets beyond Central America.

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