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                                                             Self Checkout

VISION BeanStore for Self Checkout allows
retailers to install a self checkout solution
without modifying their existing PoS software,
let alone move to an entirely new system.

ABOUT US                                             Overview
PCMS Group are the UK’s leading independent          The VISION BeanStore PoS application is a highly configurable Point of Sale and Service
retail software vendors, with extensive specialist   solution that’s designed to meet the exacting needs of a multi-format PoS solution as
knowledge of the unique needs of retailers and       well as other touch point’s in-store such as Kiosks, Weighing devices and Self Service
a proven track record of delivering best of breed    Checkout devices.
software solutions. With offices in Coventry,
                                                     Self Checkout solutions come complete with specialised software that manages the ‘lane’
Huntingdon and Cincinnati and a global network
                                                     hardware, the customer user interface and the customer transaction flow.
of approved partners PCMS deliver solutions to
retailers across the globe.                          What the ‘lane’ software typically doesn’t handle though is the normal PoS type of
PCMS has developed a suite of retail software        transaction calculations such as Discounts, Voids and Promotions.
solutions to address the full spectrum of needs      To do this, Self Checkout solutions still require the more typical PoS
in retail, providing total end to end solutions or   processing functionality.
supplying part of the chain as required.
                                                     The problem here through is that most PoS applications are designed to be driven by a
                                                     ‘hard wired’ user interface that’s completely tied into the application logic. This presents
                                                     a big problem when those type of applications get used in a Self Checkout environment
                                                     because the Self Checkout solutions have to ‘mimic’ a human pressing the buttons to
                                                     drive the PoS application.

                                                     This approach is very complicated,
                                                     cumbersome and slow in operation
                                                     as two applications exchange data
                                                     and routines in a non optimised way
                                                     between each other.
Making the
VISION BEANSTORE POS                                     Service Orientation
Our VISION product portfolio offers a comprehensive      BeanStore works differently. BeanStore is designed to integrate easily with Self Checkout
range of fully integrated, next generation retail        solutions as the ‘Business Logic’ found in the PoS application can be invoked by two
software solutions.                                      routes:

At its core is VISION BeanStore, our point-of-sale       1. Via a human driven graphical user interface in the traditional way
solution, based on a single architecture, delivering
                                                         2. Via a service layer called the ‘PoS Service Interface’ enabling other applications to
an unrivalled level of openness, portability and
                                                            invoke PoS logic
flexibility, which is unique in the marketplace.

This provides considerable cost-of-ownership savings
                                                                  BOUNDARY OF BEANSTORE SYSTEM
to customers, whilst spanning diverse segments such
                                                                    BOUNDARY OF BEANSTORE CLIENT APPLICATION SCOPE
as grocery, specialty, hospitality, fuel forecourt and
convenience - all from one product.                                                 POS GUI
                                                                                                                      RETAILER AND GENERIC BUSINESS LOGIC                     BEANSTORE SERVICES API
                                                                                                                        Encodes retailer specific retail functions.      Encodes majority of ‘core’ retail functions.
                                                                        Presentation to User Interface only                                                                 Implemented as ‘Support Objects’
                                                                                                                      Implemented as PPIs etc and with state table
                                                                                                                                                                              not via state-table and PoS UI


                                                                                                                                 REMOTE INTERFACE
                                                                                                                             Message Exchange Interface only

                                                                    Adaptor for ARTS RTI
                                                                                                  Adaptor for                Adaptor for NCR       Adaptor for Wincor-      Adaptor for                 Adaptor for
                                                                     Retail Transaction
                                                                                              Web-Service Interface        FastLane SCO device    Nixdorf TPiSCAN SCO     IBM SCO device             handheld terminal

                                                                         ARTS RTI          Other interface specification     FastLane TB5 AI            TPiSCAN               POSBC

                                                                         ARTS RTI                  Web-Service
                                                                          system                     system

                                                         The ‘PoS Service Interface’ is a module within Beanstore that allows the business logic
                                                         in the PoS application to be invoked by another application. So in the case of a Self
                                                         Checkout solution, the ‘lane’ software produced by the Self Checkout manufacturer
                                                         managers the ‘flow’ and invokes functions and events in the PoS application through an
                                                         ‘adapter’ such as Scan, Cancel Item, Discount, Promotions etc.

                                                         When BeanStore is configured for Self Checkout, the application runs in ‘PoS Service
                                                         Interface’ mode and is driven by the Self Checkout ‘lane’ software. It’s exactly the same
                                                         version of BeanStore running on a Self Checkout that’s found on the regular PoS device
                                                         in the store.
For further information
                                                         This means that the item and price file are the same, so no data integrity issues. The
Contact Alan Kenyon:                                     software is the same, but just configured differently so the discounts, promotions and
T: 024 7669 4455                                         loyalty rewards scheme implemented is the same on all tills whether std devices manned                                by sales operators or Self Service Checkouts where the customer services themselves.

                                                         Card Payment & Security
                                                         With the advent of tighter security around payment applications in store, BeanStore uses
                                                         a separate secure card payment module for the handling of all card transactions and
                                                         links to acquirers and banks.

                                                         Card security is also a concern with Self Checkout solutions, but because BeanStore uses
                                                         the same application for regular tills and Self Checkout device, the same secure card
                                                         payment module is also used.

The PCMS Group plc                                       This means that as requirements for PCI continue to become more stringent, ongoing
PCMS House, Torwood Close                                changes made to the BeanStore card payment module will continue to keep both regular
Westwood Business Park                                   tills and Self Checkout devices secure.
Coventry CV4 8HX
T: +44 (0)24 7669 4455                                   By using the same software for both regular tills and other touch points such as Self
F: +44 (0)24 7642 1390                                   Checkout devices means that only one version of software is used or maintained.

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