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					                             ACTA GEOTECHNICA
                          Volume 4, Issue 1 (March 2009)

A double hardening thermo-mechanical constitutive model for overconsolidated
E. L. Liu and H. L. Xing

Finite-element modeling of a complex deep excavation in Shanghai
Y. M. Hou, J. H. Wang and L. L. Zhang

Liquefaction potential of coastal slopes induced by solitary waves
Yin L. Young, Joshua A. White, Heng Xiao and Ronaldo I. Borja

Computational validation of static and dynamic plate load testing
Christoph Adam, Dietmar Adam, Fritz Kopf and Ivan Paulmichl

Estimating the impact force generated by granular flow on a rigid obstruction
Shuji Moriguchi, Ronaldo I. Borja, Atsushi Yashima and Kazuhide Sawada

Life-time prediction for rocks under static compressive and tensile loads: a new
simulation approach
H. Konietzky, A. Heftenberger and M. Feige
                        Volume 32, Issue 2 (March 2009)

A Framework Interpreting Bender Element Tests, Combining Time-Domain and
Frequency-Domain Methods
Viana da Fonseca A., Ferreira C., Fahey M.

Analysis of Radial Consolidation Test Data Using a log-log Method
Robinson R.

Interpreting Slug Tests with Large Data Sets
Chapuis R.

An Instrumented Flume to Investigate the Mechanics of Rainfall-Induced
Landslides in Unsaturated Granular Soils
Olivares L., Damiano E., Greco R., Zeni L., Picarelli L., Minardo A., Guida A., Bernini

Residual Fluid as a Source of Error in Bubble Point Testing
Elton D., Hayes D.

Characterizing Bond Breakages in Cemented Sands Using a MEMS Accelerometer
Wang Y., Ma C., Yan W.

Using High Speed Video Imaging in the Study of Cracking Processes in Rock
Wong L., Einstein H.

Pile Settlement and Uplift in Liquefying Sand Deposit
Charlie W., Allard D., Doehring D.

Development of a Direct Simple Shear Apparatus for Peat Soils
Boylan N., Long M.

A Simple Method for Estimating Poisson’s Ratio of Geosynthetics at Zero Strain
Shukla S., Sivakugan N., Mahto S.
                      Volume 46, Number 2, February 2009

Pre- and post-cyclic behavior of mixed clayey soils
Abbas Soroush and Hossein Soltani-Jigheh

Characterization of dual-structure pore-size distribution of soil
X. Li and L. M. Zhang

Case study of a piled raft foundation constructed using a reverse construction
method and its post-analysis
Ryuuichi Sonoda, Tatsunori Matsumoto, Pastsakorn Kitiyodom, Hideo Moritaka, and
Toshihiro Ono

Effect of flow rules and elastic strains on pressuremeter test results in dense sand
Vincenzo Silvestri, Ghassan Abou-Samra, and Christian Bravo-Jonard

Reliability-based design of deep foundations based on differential settlement
Lance A. Roberts and Anil Misra

Swelling characteristics of bentonites in artificial seawater
Hideo Komine, Kazuya Yasuhara, and Satoshi Murakami

Physical modelling of the push-over capacity of a jack-up structure on sand in a
geotechnical centrifuge
B. Bienen, M. J. Cassidy, and C. Gaudin

Three-dimensional numerical analysis of centrifuge experiments on a model jack-up
drilling rig on sand
B. Bienen and M. J. Cassidy

Long rockfall runout, Pascua Lama, Chile
Kris Holm and Matthias Jakob

Miniature cone tip resistance of sand with fly ash using triaxial setup
Jyant Kumar and K. V.S.B. Raju

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                           ENGINEERING GEOLOGY
                              Vol. 104 , Issues 1-2
                               February 24th, 2009

Evaluation of CAMEL — comprehensive areal model of earthquake-induced
Scott B. Miles, David K. Keefer

Geomorphic development of White Island Volcano based on slope stability modeling
Vicki Moon, Jennifer Bradshaw, Willem de Lange

Modelling damping ratio and shear modulus of sand–mica mixtures using neural
Ali Firat Cabalar, Abdulkadir Cevik

Geometry and kinematics of a landslide surface in tertiary clays from the Duero
Basin (Spain)
M. Yenes, S. Monterrubio, J. Nespereira, G. Santos

Modification and statistical analysis of the Colorado Rockfall Hazard Rating System
Paul M. Santi, Christopher P. Russell, Jerry D. Higgins, Jessica I. Spriet

The largest landslide dam in Turkey: Tortum landslide
Tamer Y. Duman

Modeling of SH- and P-SV-wave fields and seismic microzonation based on response
spectra for Talchir Basin, India
William K. Mohanty, M. Yanger Walling, Franco Vaccari, Tamanna Tripathy, Giuliano
F. Panza

Evaluation of the streaming potential effect of piping phenomena using a finite
cylinder model
A. Rozycki

Long-term land subsidence and strata compression in Changzhou, China
G.Y. Wang, G. You, B. Shi, J. Yu, M. Tuck

Effect of cement treatment on geotechnical properties of some Washington State
Farid Sariosseiri, Balasingam Muhunthan

Slope failure prediction using a decision tree: A case of engineered slopes in South
SangGi Hwang, Ivy F. Guevarra, ByongOk Yu
The decrease in the shear strength of volcanic materials with argillic hydrothermal
alteration, insights from the summit region of Teide stratovolcano, Tenerife
Rodrigo del Potro, Marcel Hürlimann

An investigation on the Su–NSPT correlation using GMDH type neural networks
and genetic algorithms
F. Kalantary, H. Ardalan, N. Nariman-Zadeh
                            ENGINEERING GEOLOGY
                               Vol. 104 , Issues 3-4
                                March 23rd, 2009

Structure transitions of clay fills in North-Western Bohemia
V. Herbstová, I. Herle

Engineering geological parameters affecting the response of Τhessaloniki's urban
fill to a major seismic event
Thomas Makedon, Nikolaos P. Chatzigogos, Sotirios Spandos

Simulation of Tsaoling landslide, Taiwan, based on Saint Venant equations over
general topography
C.Y. Kuo, Y.C. Tai, F. Bouchut, A. Mangeney, M. Pelanti, R.F. Chen, K.J. Chang

Geotechnical and geological properties of Mokattam limestones: Implications for
conservation strategies for ancient Egyptian stone monuments
H.D. Park, G.H. Shin

On the swelling potential of compacted high plasticity clays
Valéry Ferber, Jean-Claude Auriol, Yu-Jun Cui, Jean-Pierre Magnan

Assessment of direct CPT and CPTU methods for predicting the ultimate bearing
capacity of single piles
Guojun Cai, Songyu Liu, Liyuan Tong, Guangyin Du

Assessing probability of surface manifestation of liquefaction at a given site in a
given exposure time using CPTU
C. Hsein Juang, Chih-Chieh Lu, Jin-Hung Hwang

NEHRP soil classification and estimation of 1-D site effect of Dehradun fan deposits
using shear wave velocity
A.K. Mahajan

Effects of strong ground motion on the susceptibility of gully type debris flows
Chia-Nan Liu, Jia-Jyun Dong, Yih-Ferng Peng, Hsiao-Fung Huang

A method for assessment of excavation damaged zone (EDZ) of a rock mass and its
application to a dam foundation case
Faquan Wu, Jianyou Liu, Tong Liu, Huaze Zhuang, Changgen Yan

Cyclic variability in microstructure and physio-mechanical properties of the Xiashu
Loess–palaeosol sequence in Nanjing, China
Jia Xia, Ai-Min Han
Large scale failure of the external waste dump at the “South Field” lignite mine,
Northern Greece
E. Steiakakis, K. Kavouridis, D. Monopolis

Neural network-based model for assessing failure potential of highway slopes in the
Alishan, Taiwan Area: Pre- and post-earthquake investigation
Hung-Ming Lin, Shun-Kung Chang, Jian-Hong Wu, C. Hsein Juang

A study on the limit void ratio characteristics of medium to fine mixed graded sands
Y. Yilmaz

Mapping of hazard from rainfall-triggered landslides in developing countries:
Examples from Honduras and Micronesia
Edwin L. Harp, Mark E. Reid, Jonathan P. McKenna, John A. Michael

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                             Vol. 16, No. 1
                              March 2009

External Stability of Waterfront Reinforced Soil Structures Under Seismic
Conditions Using a Pseudo-Static Approach
By Choudhury and Ahmad

Diffusion of Metals in Geosynthetic Clay Liners
By Lange, Rowe, and Jamieson

Durability of Polyolefin Geosynthetic Drains
By Muller, Jakob, Li, and Tatzky-Gerth

Influence of Reinforced Stiffness and Compaction on the Performance of Four
Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Walls
By Bathurst, Nernheim, Walters, Allen, Burgess, and Saunders

Rate of Leachate Migration Through a Defect in Geomembrane Underlain by a
Saturated Permeable Medium
By Giroud, Khire, and McKelvey
                           Vol. 27, No. 2
                            April 2009

End Bearing Capacity of Drilled Shafts in Sand: A Numerical Approach
M. M. Ahmadi and M. Khabbazian

Economic Sampling and Extraction of Undisturbed, High Quality Samples in
Normally Consolidated Lacustrine Clays Using a Large Diameter Tube
S. Messerklinger and S. M. Springman

Shear Modulus and Damping Ratio of Organic Soils
P. Kallioglou, Th. Tika, G. Koninis, St. Papadopoulos and K. Pitilakis

Elasto-plastic Behavior of Raghadan Tunnel Based on RMR and Hoek–Brown
Faisal I. Shalabi, Husam A. Al-Qablan and Omar H. Al-Hattamleh

Effect of Shear Deformation on Microfabric of Clay Using XRD Technique
Ajanta Sachan and Dayakar Penumadu

Collapse of a Model Strip Footing on Dense Sand Under Vertical Eccentric Loads
Antonino Musso and Settimio Ferlisi

Residual and Fully Softened Strength Evaluation of Soils using Artificial Neural
Abidin Kaya
                                  Volume: 59, Issue: 1

Response of caisson breakwater subjected to repeated impulsive loading
X. Y. Zhang, F. H. Lee and C. F. Leung

Tilt displacement of caisson breakwater due to wave loading
X. Y. Zhang, F. H. Lee and C. F. Leung

Numerical modelling of extraction of spudcans
X. X. Zhou, Y. K. Chow and C. F. Leung

Rate effects on penetrometer resistance in kaolin
B. M. Lehane, C. D. O'Loughlin, C. Gaudin and M. F. Randolph

Service limit state resistance factors for drilled shafts
A. Misra and L. A. Roberts

Technical Notes: Field study of construction effects in jacked and driven steel H-
L. M. Zhang and H. Wang

Technical Notes: Hydraulic conductivity of biopolymer-treated silty sand
A. Bouazza, W. P. Gates and P. G. Ranjith

Discussion: Variation of suction pressure during caisson installation in sand (M. N.
Tran and M. F. Randolph (2008). Géotechnique 58, No. 1, 1–11)
F. A. Villalobos

Discussion: Compaction behaviour of clay (A. Tarantino and E. De Col (2008).
Géotechnique 58, No, 3, 199–213)
P. Delage
                                 Volume: 59, Issue: 2

Resistance of full-flow penetrometers in rate-dependent and strain-softening clay
H. Zhou and M. F. Randolph

A multilaminate framework for modelling induced and inherent anisotropy of soils
H. F. Schweiger, C. Wiltafsky, F. Scharinger and V. Galavi

The influence of grouting pressure on the pullout resistance of soil nails in
compacted completely decomposed granite fill
J.-H. Yin, L.-J. Su, R. W. M. Cheung, Y.-K. Shiu and C. Tang

The undrained capacity of skirted strip foundations under combined loading
M. F. Bransby and G.-J. Yun

A continuum-based model for analysis of laterally loaded piles in layered soils
D. Basu, R. Salgado and M. Prezzi

Technical Note: The miniature wireless data-logger for pressure measurements in
geotechnical applications
J. L. Brown, V. Sivakumar, J. D. McKinley, N. Harmon and K. Mcdonald

Technical Note: Graphical representation of constitutive equations
G. Gudehus and D. Mašín

Discussion: Physical characteristics of subglacial tills (B. G. Clarke, D. B. Hughes
and S. Hashemi (2008). Géotechnique 58, No. 1, pp. 67–76)
A. D. W. Sparks

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                    in GEOMECHANICS

                                    Vol. 33, No. 2

A depth-integrated, coupled SPH model for flow-like landslides and related
M. Pastor, B. Haddad, G. Sorbino, S. Cuomo, V. Drempetic

Lateral load distributions on grouped piles from dynamic pile-to-pile interaction
Der-Wen Chang, Bor-Shiun Lin, Shih-Hao Cheng

An elastoplastic evaluation of the stress state around cylindrical openings based on a
closed multiaxial yield surface

Li Li, Michel Aubertin
On a multilaminate model for soil incorporating small strain stiffness
Florian Scharinger, Helmut F. Schweiger, Gyan N. Pande

A non-linear coupled finite element-boundary element model for the prediction of
vibrations due to vibratory and impact pile driving
Hamid Reza Masoumi, Stijn François, Geert Degrande

                             Short Communications
The variation of N with footing roughness using the method of characteristics
Jyant Kumar
                    in GEOMECHANICS

                                    Vol. 33, No. 3

Uniform asymptotic Green's functions for efficient modeling of cracks in elastic
layers with relative shear deformation controlled by linear springs
Anthony P. Peirce, Hongren Gu, Eduard Siebrits

An assessment of the domain reduction method as an advanced boundary condition
and some pitfalls in the use of conventional absorbing boundaries
Stavroula Kontoe, Lidija Zdravkovic, David M. Potts

Free vibrations of simply supported double plate on two models of elastic soils
M. A. De Rosa, M. Lippiello

A generalized procedure to identify three-dimensional rock blocks around complex
Q. Yu, Y. Ohnishi, G. Xue, D. Chen

Parallel generation of initial element assemblies for two-dimensional discrete
element simulations
A. M. Zsaki

Mechanical properties of granular materials: A variational approach to grain-scale
R. Holtzman, D. B. Silin, T. W. Patzek

The role of preconditioning in the solution to FE coupled consolidation equations by
Krylov subspace methods
Massimiliano Ferronato, Giorgio Pini, Giuseppe Gambolati
                    in GEOMECHANICS

                                   Vol. 33, No. 4

Bending of fluid-saturated linear poroelastic beams with compressible constituents
Zhi-Hua Wang, Jean H. Prévost, Olivier Coussy

Thermal reservoir modeling in petroleum geomechanics
Shunde Yin, Maurice B. Dusseault, Leo Rothenburg

Wave propagation in nonlinear one-dimensional soil model
J. Ahn, G. Biscontin, J. M. Roesset

Particle shape effect on macro- and micro-behaviors of monodisperse ellipsoids
Tang-Tat Ng

Three-dimensional steady-state response of a railway system on layered half-space
soil medium subjected to a moving train
Honglei Sun, Yuanqiang Cai, Changjie Xu

Analytical solution of general axisymmetric active earth pressure
F. Q. Liu, J. H. Wang, L. L. Zhang
                         Vol.135, No. 3
                   Month: February, Year: 2009

Technical Papers

On Global Equilibrium in Design of Geosynthetic Reinforced Walls
Dov Leshchinsky

Case Study of a Full-Scale Evapotranspiration Cover
Patrick E. McGuire, Brian J. Andraski, and Ryan E. Archibald

Field Data and Water-Balance Predictions for a Monolithic Cover in a Semiarid
G. L. Bohnhoff, A. S. Ogorzalek, C. H. Benson, C. D. Shackelford, and P.

Relative Abundance of Monovalent and Divalent Cations and the Impact of
Desiccation on Geosynthetic Clay Liners
Craig H. Benson and Stephen R. Meer

Normal Fault Rupture Interaction with Strip Foundations
I. Anastasopoulos, G. Gazetas, M. F. Bransby, M. C. R. Davies, and A. El Nahas

Probabilistic Models for Cyclic Straining of Saturated Clean Sands
K. Onder Cetin, H. Tolga Bilge, Jiaer Wu, Annie M. Kammerer, and Raymond B. Seed

Probabilistic Model for the Assessment of Cyclically Induced Reconsolidation
(Volumetric) Settlements
K. Onder Cetin, H. Tolga Bilge, Jiaer Wu, Annie M. Kammerer, and Raymond B. Seed

Near-Field Effects on Array-Based Surface Wave Methods with Active Sources
Sungsoo Yoon and Glenn J. Rix

Contact Interface Model for Shallow Foundations Subjected to Combined Cyclic
Sivapalan Gajan and Bruce L. Kutter

Load-Settlement Response of Rectangular and Circular Piles in Multilayered Soil
H. Seo, D. Basu, M. Prezzi, and R. Salgado

Reliability Analysis of Laterally Loaded Piles Involving Nonlinear Soil and Pile
C. L. Chan and B. K. Low
Technical Notes

Critical Pool Level and Stability of Slopes in Granular Soils
Radoslaw L. Michalowski

Influence of Particle Properties and Initial Specimen State on One-Dimensional
Compression and Hydraulic Conductivity
Jason T. DeJong and G. Geoffrey Christoph

Two Approaches of Finite-Element Modeling of Ballasted Railway Track
Chen-Ming Kuo and Cheng-Hao Huang

Discussions and Closures

Discussion of “Support Mechanisms of Rammed Aggregate Piers. I: Experimental
Results” by David J. White, Ha T. V. Pham, and Kenneth K. Hoevelkamp
J. Tanner Blackburn

Discussion of “Support Mechanisms of Rammed Aggregate Piers. II: Numerical
Analyses” by Ha T. V. Pham and David J. White
J. Tanner Blackburn
                       SOILS AND FOUNDATIONS
                              Vol. 49, No. 1
                              February 2009

Measured and Predicted Loads in Multi-Anchor Reinforced Soil Walls in Japan
Yoshihisa Miyata, R.J. Bathurst and Takeharu Konami

Evaluation of Undrained Shear Strength of Soils from Field Penetration Tests
Yoshimichi Tsukamoto, Kenji Ishihara and Kenji Harada

Effects of Particle Characteristics on the Viscous Properties of Granular Materials
in Shear
Tadao Enomoto, Shohei Kawabe, Fumio Tatsuoka, H. di Benedetto, Toshiro Hayashi and
A. Duttine

Strength and Deformation of Soft Rocks under Cyclic Loading Considering
Loading Period Effects
D.C. Peckley and Taro Uchimura

The P2S Effect on the Accumulation of Residual Strains in Soft Rocks due to
Irregular Cyclic Loading
D.C. Peckley and Taro Uchimura

Large-scale Monotonic and Cyclic Tests of Interface between Geotextile and
Gravelly Soil
G. Zhang and J.-M. Zhang

Role of Fly Ash on Strength and Microstructure Development in Blended Cement
Stabilized Silty Clay
S. Horpibulsuk, R. Rachan and Y. Raksachon

Equations of State in Soil Compression Based on Statistical Mechanics
Masaharu Fukue and C.N. Mulligan

Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations in a Low Gravity EnvironmentTaizo
Kobayashi, Hidetoshi Ochiai, Yusuke Suyama, Shigeru Aoki, Noriyuki Yasufuku and
Kiyoshi Omine

Evaluating Model Uncertainty of an SPT-Based Simplified Method for Reliability
Analysis for Probability of Liquefaction
C.H. Juang, S.Y. Fang, W.H. Tang, E.H. Khor, G.T.-C. Kung and J. Zhang