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									   Fifteen         athletes       who      have     ex-           Best academic     mark    among   the                 the sharpshooting              Gray. Fontanella           in the classroom      enroute    to becom-
celled both in the classroom                   and on          15 winners  is that of John Fontanel-                    averaged          22.3 points        per game in          ing a Rhodes Scholar.         An All-Col-
the court have been selected to rc-                            la of Westminster     (Pa.) who boasts                   1966-67        and recorded             51 in one         lege    Athletic     Conference      choice,
ceive      1967 NCAA              postgraduate                 a 3.86 average.     The 5-10 guard     is                game.                                                     Ward started every one of his team’         s
scholarships          for basketball.         The re-          the shortest of the group in height,                         Close behind            Fontanella        in the      games over a four year span.
cipients       of the $1,000 awards were                       but his scoring average      and single                  classroom          were Don Hansard,               St.        The average       height    of the 15
                                                               game output      is exceeded    only by                  Thomas          (Minn.),       who compiled           a   students     is 6-4 with      Hansard     the
picked       by the NCAA’          s     Postgradu-
                                                                                                                        3.83 mark;            James       Sutherland        of    tallest   at 6-9. The group averaged
ate Scholarship               Committee          under
                                                                                                                        Clemson,         top officer in the school’         s     more than 15 points per game dur-
the chairmanship                 of Laurence          C.                                                                ROTC program              with a 3.79 average;            ing 1966-67       per man and has a
Woodruff,          Dean of Students             at the                                                                  and Kurt           Hollasch        of Rensselaer          grade point average of better than
University          of Kansas.                                                                                          with 3.76.                                                3.5.
   Included         in the group are the na-                                                                                Willie     Wolters       of Boston College                Winners       of the     1967 NCAA
tion’s seventh             leading      scorer, two                                                                     and       Bruce        Parsons           of Pacific       scholarship      awards    for basketball
players         from        NCAA        tournament                                                                       (Calif.)       each were           important        in   are:
teams,        two       athletes       who      scored                                                                  their      respective        team’  s success in
                                                                                                                                                                                            University      Division
more       than       50 points        in a single                                                                      the NCAA tournament.                  Wolters,    6-8
                                                                                                                        center       for the Eagles, helped                his       Edward    Alvin     Frcdenburg,        Orc-
game and a Rhodes Scholar.                                                                                                                                                        gon State University;           Richard    Al-
                                                                                                                        team gain the finals of the East
   Gary        Gray        of Oklahoma            City,                                                                                                                           bert Johnson,        Yale     University;
                                                                                                                        Regional          before       losing      63-62    to
part      Delaware           Indian,      part    Irish                                                                 North        Carolina.        He averaged           in    James Lawrence        Sutherland,       Clem-
and all basketball               player,     tops the                                                                   double        figures      and maintained             a   son University;            Michael      David
group in scoring with a 27.5 aver-                                                                                      3.35 mark           in the classroom.            Par-     Wicks, University       of Idaho; William
age, which placed him seventh na-                                                                                       sons captained           the Tigers to a 24-4             Francis Wolters,      Boston College.
tionally,       less than three points per                                                                              record        including            their      second                  College Division
game behind              the champion.           Gray,                                                                  straight         West      Coast        Conference
                                                                                                                                                                                     Michael Edward Bratman,           Haver-
an economics              major      who plans to                                                                       title. Pacific went to the finals of
                                                                                                                                                                                  ford College;      John Joseph       Fonta-
pursue a law degree, was the spark-                                                                                     the West Regional               before losing to          nella,   Westminster        (Pa.)  College;
plug of the Chieftains                 who topped                                                                       UCLA 80-64.                                               Kurt    Dale Hollasch,        Rensselaer
the major          colleges in scoring with                                                                                 Tom Ward,            6-6 center         for the       Polytechnic      Institute;     James    Ed-
a 96.0 average. A 6-l guard, Gray’                    s                                                                 University         of the South, scored at a
55-point        performance           against West                              s
                                                                     Westminster’        John   Fontanella              19.3 clip and managed                 a 3.62 mark                                 Continued       on page 5
Texas State was bettered only twice
all season.

1.6 Compliance
At New High                                                    THE       NATIONAL                      COLLEGIATE                   ATHLETIC                  ASSOCIATION

Of 93 Per Cent                                                 VOLUME       4       l    NUMBER         1                                                                          JANUARY-FEBRUARY-MARCH,                        1967

   At NCAA News deadline                           547 of
the Association’       s        589 active mem-
ber colleges            and universities             - 93
per cenGhad               confirmed         that their
                                                                                                                                                                                          Plant Picked
policies,       procedures
satisfy the requirements
                                      and practices
                                             of NCAA
                                                                                                                                                                                          Prexy; Teams
Bylaw       4-6-(b),
Some of these are classified
                             the 1.6 legislation.
                                                                                                                                                                                           With McCoy
sional, subject to the submission                         of                                                                                                                         The first act of Marcus L. Plant,
additional        information,           but the larg-                                                                                                                            newly-elected         President       of the Na-
est number of NCAA members were                                                                                                                                                   tional     Collegiate       Athletic      Associa-
eligible       for recent            winter        cham-                                                                                                                          tion,    was to express             to outgoing
pionship        events than at any time                                                                                                                                           President      Everett D. (Eppy)             Barnes
since the legislation                became effec-                                                                                                                                and Secretary-Treasurer               Francis E.
tive.                                                                                                                                                                             Smiley, “the deep gratitude                that the
   Among           those       in a provisional                                                                                                                                   Association        feels for the service
category        is the Ivy Group.                 An in-                                                                                                                          they have rendered            over the years.”
terim agreement                 clearing       the way                                                                                                                               Next, the mild-mannered                Univer-
for eligibility           of those eight insti-                                                                                                                                   sity of Michigan            professor        of law
tutions for winter              and spring cham-                                                                                                                                  who will        lead the NCAA               for the
pionships        this year was announced                                                                                                                                          next     two years demonstrated                     his
February          20, by NCAA                President                                                                                                                            logical,     practical       approach         to his
Marcus L. Plant after both personal                                                                                                                                               new office:
conversations            and exchange             of cor-                                                                                                                             “ . . To the new members                   of the
respondence            with Kingman                Brew-                                                                                                                          Council      and those whose terms are
ster, Jr., President              of Yale Univer-                                                                                                                                 continued,       I would say that Article
sity and chairman                of the Ivy Group                                                                                                                                 Five of the Constitution                  commits
this year.                                                                                                                                                                        the business of this Association                     to
   Following          Houston convention               ac-                                                                                                                        the Council,        and these affairs will
tion which           left the legislation              un-                                                                                                                        start operating         at nine o’      clock       to-
changed,        the NCAA              Council       ruled                                                                                                                         morrow       morning       in this hotel.”
that if a member                 institutions’        pro-                                                                                                                            Thirdly     Professor      Plant indicated
cedures since January                    1, 1866, have                                                                                                                            his personal         feelings       about       being
met the requirements                    of the bylaw,                                                                                                                             NCAA President:
even though              they did not submit                                                                                                                                          “I realize that the selection                 of a
the necessary              information           to con-                                                                                                                          president      does not have as its pri-
firm this fact, they are eligible                       for                                                                                                                       mary purpose the conferring                     of an
NCAA         events         once the necessary                                                                                                                                    honor, and yet this is an honor, and
declaration           has been received.                 If,                                                                                                                      I do so regard it, and feel it deeply
however,           an institution’       s         proce-                                                                                                                         and appreciate          profoundly         the im-
dures       contradicted               the      require-                                                                                                                          plicit confidence        that is suggested. I
ments of the 1.600 rule subsequent                                                                                                                                                will make every effort to see that
to January            1, 1966, then the two-                                                                                                                                      you do not feel this decision was ill-
year      ineligibility           provisions          con-                      Marcus     L. Plant,    NCAA   President,    University     of Michiaon                           advised.”
tained in the rule apply.                                                                                                                                                                                Continued        on page 3
               THE EDITOR’ VIEW
                                                                                                                  Columnary                                              Craft
   The “plague      on both your houses” approach             to the Federation-AAU
dispute    is not without    some justification.     And both public         temper    and             Reprinted below are excerpts from news columnists           commenting  perti-
media attitude     which   deplore   a conflict between        mature, intelligent    men           nently about the collegiute     position   on various matters. They are selected,
waged to the apparent      detriment   of the innocent      competitor   in a particular            not merely   because they ore fnvornble,           but because they make points
sport (track     and field is the current      focal point)     are completely     under-           about undergraduate     uthletics     which the NCAA News feels need to be
standable.                                                                                          emphasized.
   Plaguing  and deploring       are not enough,    however.    To let the case rest
                                                                                                                          Frank       Boggs,         Daily      Oklahoman
there is not only an over        simplification, but an injustice   as well.
                                                                                                       The AAU      had summoned         Ryun to Chicago       to receive   the James E.
                                                                                                    Sullivan   Award.    It is presented    annually    to the “amateur   athlete who, by
                           Issues More           Vital    Now                                       performance,      example    and good influence        did the most to advance     the
                                                                                                    cause of good sportsmanship           during    the year.” By the way. The AAU
   The public may have forgotten,             never have known,     or not care about               never has received       this award.
the issues which begot and perpetuate              the warfare. The press may be sick
to death of writing        or telling    about them. (It’ diffhxlt
                                                            s           enough,  heaven
                                                                                                           Dan Hardesty,                Baton        Rouge        Morning           Advocate
knows.)     The fact remains,       though,    that the issues which set the school-                   All of us who were close to Jim Corbett      have known,     deep in our hearts
                                                                                                    that some day he would face this situation        (sudden death),    ever since his
college community         and the AAU against           each other in those sports in
                                                                                                    near-fatal   heart attack in New York in 1958. Many of us tried time and
which the U.S. educational            system makes the major       developmental     and
                                                                                                    again to get him to slow down his working           pace       but to no avail. He
competitive    contribution     are even more important         and valid now than in               knew only one way to do his job and that was full-speed,             often 18 to 20
1962, in 1920, 1911 or in 1897.                                                                     hours a day        . He had in fact been doing just that (working         round the
   They’re     more important      and valid because each year the gap between                      clock) for four consecutive      days immediately      prior to his death . . . He
schoolIcollege     contribution     on the one hand and representation   in policy                                                                               s
                                                                                                    always kept on his office wall a sign which read: “It’ nice to be impor-
and administrative        decision   at the national level on the ot:?er becomes                                s
                                                                                                    tant, but it’ more important       to be nice.” And that was the guiding       prin-
wider.                                                                                              ciple under which      he operated    . . .

                            Gap Must Be Reduced                                                                             Jack Gallagher,                  Houston         Post
                                                                                                        01’ Duffy      (Daugherty)        wasn’ just whistlin’
                                                                                                                                                t                       the Notre Dame Fight Song
   Until    this gap is substantially        reduced      no permanent     solution   to the        when he suggested              a collegiate        elimination      tournament        (National      Col-
                                                                                                    legiate Football         Championship).           His proposal       has genuine       merit          For
conflict    is possible.      To say that both parties        to a dispute  are equally    to
                                                                                                    the first time (Dallas,              December         3lst-January        1) a major       post-season
blame because           one adamantly      refuses     to make a single concession          is
                                                                                                    game and NFL playoff occurred                    in the same city and only 24 hours apart.
ridiculous.     To say that the other party             should withdraw     from the fray
                                                                                                    From a scheduling            standpoint       it was such a rarity that it may never take
and demonstrate            its cooperative    attitude     and willingness     to reach an
                                                                                                    place again.
equitable      solution     by so doing makes no sense at all.                                          Still one wonders          what impact the pro game might have had at Dallas
   A human condition    in 20th-century     America   which permits a governing                     if it had been competing               with, say, Texas A & M vs. Notre Dame in the
body NOT TO REPRESENT            those it governs is bound to be the source of                      semifinals     of the national         championship.         No doubt which contest would be
a problem.    Because the governing      body has no intention        of reducing     its           uppermost       in the minds of Texans in spite of the fact that they like the rest
own authority    and because the governed      cannot reduce it without         resort-             of the nation have been swept up in the pro football                           boom.
ing to combative   means, the federal government        has intervened    and has as-                   An overriding         reason for the way in which the pro game caught on in
                                                                                                    Dallas was its import.              This was for the NFL championship.                    The winner
sumed what it considers     a necessary responsibility.
                                                                                                    would go on to the Super Bowl. It was a playoff,                          an elimination,      a mean-
   It is hoped this responsibility    includes   a solution            which    gets    at the      ingful    contest rather         than an exhibition.
basic problem-representative       government.    To paint             both parties      black          Matched       against    it, the SMU-Georgia               contest    was a drab affair         with
(though   neither may be all white)    will not be sufficient           answer.                      scant appeal . . . the colleges are fighting                    the pros for public         attention.
                                                                                                     In order to promote its product,               college football        must be receptive       to ideas
                                      *      *      *
                                                                                                     that will add interest           to the game.
                                                                                                        What better        way than a series of eliminations                     leading    to a national
                                                                                                     champion?       If such a development             took place would the Cowboys vs. Green
                            Athlete       Not Forgotten                                             Bay take precedence             in Dallas over Arkansas            vs. Michigan      State in sudden
   Responsible     athletic    administrators    are as concerned        about the athletes         death overtime         for the national         championship?          Hardly.
in their programs         as conscientious    doctors are about        their patients.      It is
                                                                                                                         Abe      Chanin,          Collegiate           Baseball
an exaggeration        to say that the track athlete        is “the     forgotten     man” in
                                                                                                        (A refutation by Mr. Chanin of the claim of Jim Russo, Baltimore       Ori-
the Federation-AAU           conflict,  but it is true there can       be no excuse for a
                                                                                                    oles, that “the calibre    of major league play will begin to suffer in four
legitimate    world     mark being denied         a Jim Ryun, a         foreign    collegian’ s     years if this rule (four-year   rule protecting collegiate players) remains in
eligibility  being used as a weapon            in the dispute,    or    suspension      threats     effect.“)
being hung over the heads of bona fide amateurs                who     adhere to the rules
of those responsible         for their training     and competitive        opportunity.                Russo claims that “the most successful        big leaguers are those who came
                                                                                                    right out of high school.” And he cites statistics          to prove his point. The
                                                                                                    Orioles surveyed    American    and National        League   rosters and found     that
                             Conflict       Not All Bad                                             “two high school graduates      succeeded     in reaching     the major leagues for
                                                                                                    every one college player.”
   Despite   these obvious    wrongs,   however,    there’s    been too much made                      This survey is just as effective    as the one that reveals that girls make
over many of the athlete’   s    supposed sufferings     and the harm being done                    the best mothers.    The Orioles    survey     fails to take into consideration         a
U.S. track as a result. The conflict has heightened         developmental  activities               rather important   point: The best high school talent is lured every summer
by both Federation     and AAU interests.    There have never been more meets                       by the big bonuses of professional    baseball and not by college scholarships.
at every level of participation,     or more interest    in the sport or more good                     Just suppose this high school talent was allowed to flow into the colleges,
athletes   or greater   U.S. track and field strength        than now.                              a survey then would show 10 to 1 or 100 to 1 in favor of college players
                                                                                                    making the grade in the major leagues . .
                                                                                                       This is a day of utmost importance      for the backing       of higher education.
                          Ultimately         Worth       While                                              t
                                                                                                    Or didn’ the Orioles lly high enough to see the Sputnik?

   You say it would be even better in every way                 without   the fussin’       and                      Paul Zimmerman,                     Los Angeles             Times
feudin’  We would say, Amen, to that. And further,               it should be said:                       (Quoting     track    authority,   Dick Bank, following                       s
                                                                                                                                                                              the latter’      return
    The long-range     benefit to the individual        athlete   inherent in a solution                                              to the Il. S. from Prague)
which will balance developmental             and competitive     programs   with admin-                Bank said he . . learned        that the AAU did not properly         submit    Jim
istratively    sound, representative        authority   and policy will far outweigh                      s
                                                                                                    Ryun’ half-mile      record to the IAAF.
any temporary       anxiety,   feeling    of insecurity    or actual trauma     caused an              “I was told that if either president        Dave Matlin   or executive    director
athlete     by the conflicting    groups.                                                           Don Hull had signed the application         like they did for the mile which was
                                                                                                    approved,    it would have been accepted.”
                                                                                                       At the AAU meeting        in Chicago recently     it was stated the IAAF        had
                                                                                                    turned    down the record,      made under supervision      of AAU officials      in a
                                                                                                    USTFF meet, because the event had been held without                      s
                                                                                                                                                                    the AAU’ sanction.
                                Published      four times yearly      by the National
NCAA               News         Collegiate     Athletic  Association,   executive   and                “Of course it did,” said Bank, “but only because neither Matlin          nor Hull
editorial offices, Midland  Building,     Kansas City, MO. 64105. Phone: BAlti-                     signed the record application        like they did for Ryun’   s mark. The thing
more l-7127     (A.C. 816). Executive      Director,    Walter  Byers. Editor,    Wiles             that makes it more absurd is that the AAU turned             right around    and ap-
Hallock;  Assistant,  Lou Spry.                                                                                   s
                                                                                                    proved Jim’ half-mile       performance     as an American    record.”

                                                                                                                 Convention                                                                   Actions
                                                                                                                      If the actions taken by the mem-                                  B7-A-l-(a),         (f),      (i), (j), series
                                                                                                                 bership         were not revolutionary                        or   of four amcndmcnts                 adopted to sc
                                                                                                                 spectacular,           the 61st Convention                    of   cure improved           supervision          of post-
                                                                                                                 the National            Collegiate           Athletic      As-     season football         games, establish eli-
                                                                                                                 sociation         showed at the very least                         gibility    procedures          for such compe-
                                                                                                                 that those engaged in the adminis-                                 tition    similar     to those applying                 to
                                                                                                                 tration        of intercollegiate                  athletics       NCAA       events, establish             official ra-
                                                                                                                 recognize          both the values of tradi-                       dio and television            sponsorship         poli-
                                                                                                                 tion and the dynamics                      of new ideas.           cies and require selections for post-
                                                                                                                      The Houston              sessions in January                  season football games to bc delayed
                                                                                                                 saw the NCAA’               s       honors         program         until most of the season has been
                                                                                                                 continued           in the form of a second                        completed.
                                                                                                                 successful          yearly luncheon                 and the            B7-A-2- (c), authorize               the Coun-
                                                                                                                 pattern        set for its permanent                   estab-      cil to limit the number of approved
                                                                                                                 lishment.         It resulted           in a significant           post-season        football       games.
                                                                                                                 decision to stay with its 1.600 aca-                                   Additional        actions          were      taken
                                                                                                                 demic legislation,                unchanged,           pend-       which      (1) made eligible              an NCAA
                                                                                                                 ing a full practical              trial under “game                committee         member         for a full term
                                                                                                                 conditions”            so to speak. The atten-                     on the committee               if he has served
                                                                                                                 dant members voted to tighten their                                one-half        of a term             or less, (2)
                                                                                                                 committee            procedures,            clarify     extra      placed the regional College Division
                                                                                                                 events and enforcement                        regulations.         football      contests under the requirc-
                                                                                                                 And in rejecting                 by a narrow             mar-      ments of the Executive                 Regulations,
                                                                                                                 gin varsity            eligibility           of freshmen            (3) authorized            the Extra            Events
                                                                                                                   (in sports other than football                           and     Committee         to administer           additional
                                                                                                                 basketball)           demonstrated              an aware-          regulations        and policies            as deter-
                                                                                                                 ness that the rapid changes occur-                                 mined by the annual Convention                          or
                                                                                                                 ring in higher                education           generally        NCAA        Council       and (4) amended
                                                                                                                  could very well alter a hitherto                          un-     Bylaw       4 (effective             September            1,
                                                                                                                 shakable            premise           of most major                1968) to require               member          institu
                                                                                                                  university          athletic       pro,:rams.                     tions to be exclusively                  University
                                                                                                                      While       the merger              of the profes-            Division        or College            Division         for
                                                                                                                  sional       football         leagues          eliminated         purposes        of NCAA            competition           in
Everett D. (Eppy) Barnes, NCAA immediate      past president    (left) and John
                                                                                                                  the chief conflict                 between           college      sports      in which            the Association
Eisenhower  display    NCAA’s first Theodore Roosevelt award.       The “Teddy”                                   and pro gridiron                interests         and pro-        sponsors national            events in each di-
went to General    Dwight D. Eisenhower and was accepted     at the Association                                   fessional baseball agreed not to sign                             vision.      [Concerning            (4), this new
Houston Convention     by son, John.                                                                              collegians           during         their       four-year         policy will not change the present
                                                                                                                  eligibility,         relationships             with      pro-     procedure         whereby           College       Divi-

FirstTeddy    Goes                                                                                                fessional
                                                                                                                  an      important
                                                                                                                                    sports were nevertheless

                                                                                                                  major issue in NCAA affairs.
                                                                                                                                                       and continuing


                                                                                                                                                                                     their performance

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   in the equivalent


To Dwight Eisenhower
    General     Dwight        D. Eisenhower,            vclop latent qualities            of Icadership
                                                                                                                       And though,
                                                                                                                  tion, conflict between

                                                                                                                  ations and the AAU lay dormant,
                                                                                                                  subsequent              developments
                                                                                                                                                              the conven-
                                                                                                                                                            sports Feder-

                                                                                                                                                                      in the
                                                                                                                                                                                     meets the requirements
                                                                                                                                                                                     tive Regulation

                                                                                                                                                                                      Seven official interpretations

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              of Execu-

                                                        and promote         the essentials of team-               long-standing              battle        pointed       to an      also dealt with     and members    are
34th President        of the United         States,
                                                        work. Because of these advantages,                        early summer                showdown.                             urged to refer to their NCAA Man-
could not be there in person to re-
ceive the NCAA’      s first annual Theo-               our students         normally       become bet-                Colgate’  s      distinguished             and ener-         uals with respect to 0.1. 2- (c) and
dore Roosevelt        award. But his pres-              ter citizens of our country               and are         getic Director               of Athletics,             Ever-      (d), 0.1. 11, 0.1. 42, 0.1. 101, 0.1.
ence was felt keenly              by the more           better prepared          to carry out the re-             ett D. (Eppy)              Barnes stepped down                    108 and 0.1. 186.
than 500 attendees            at the Conven-            sponsibilities        and enjoy the privi-                as NCAA president                     after two years                 Members are asked to be particu
tion’s    Honors       Luncheon,         both      by   leges of freedom.”                                        of tumultuous              activity        during which
                                                                                                                                                                                    larly careful     in any application             of
the words he sent the delegates and                        Three       days later,         Barnes      pre-        time he exercised                    firm and inde-
                                                                                                                                                                                    0.1. Z- (c) - (2) which relates, for ex-
because the man who accepted                      for   sented      the “Teddy”           in person       to       fatigable       leadership,            to be succced-            ample, to a student-athlete’     s         deci-
him was his son, John.                                  General        Eisenhower,          recuperating           ed by the University                     of Michigan’     s
                                                                                                                                                                                    sion to voluntarily        sever his con-
                                                        from gall-bladder             surgery    in Palm           Marcus        L. Plant,           thoughtful,           logii                                s
                                                                                                                                                                                    nection with a season’ sport activ-
    The “Teddy” was given by NCAA
                                                        Springs,       Calif.     and the ceremony                 tally-minded             professor          of law. (See         ity at some point after he had origi-
President      Everett D. (Eppy) Barnes.
                                                        was recorded          for posterity      by ABC            separate election               story.)                          nally reported      for practice with ev-
Tribute     to General Eisenhower               was
eloquently        paid by Earl            Rudder,       TV and carried              the next day on                    The Convention’         s         only resolution            ery intention        to participate.         The
President      of Texas A & M Univer-                   Wide World of Sports.                                      passed provides               for a new national                 language     in the application,         letter-
sity, decorated         commander           of the                                                                 championship              event-College                Divi-     of-intent    or tender     is very impor-
Second       Ranger       Battalion       at Nor-                                                                  sion Baseball             -      to begin in 1968.               tant in any decision regarding               gra-
                                                        Plant       and       McCoy
                                                                                                                   Referendum              vote of the member-
mandy.                                                                                                                                                                              dation     or cancellation        of institu-
                                                        New        NCAA           OfFicers                         ship to establish              same passed over-                 tional aid. Just as important             would
    John Eisenhower             was obviously
                                                                 Continued        from    page 1                   whelmingly.                                                      be the circumstances          leading      up to
touched by President             Rudder’  s trib-
ute.                                                                                                                   The following             are specific legisla-              the student-athlete’  s        decision.      0.1.
                                                            A final word to the delegates                  by      tive actions taken by the 61st Con-                               2-(c)-(l)     is not applicable          under
    “I thought       I was coming            as an      the     Association’  s        18th      President         vention :                                                        these circumstances.
aide,” he said, “and wound up com-                      commended           their    industry:
ing as a family representative.                Per-                                                                    Constitution-CB-4-                   (b), payments
                                                            “This has been a very hard-work-                       under the G.I. Bill of Rights                            may
haps, speaking         from the third per-              ing convention,           perhaps       the hard-
son I can tell you a little                  better                                                                be excluded             from the financial                 aid
                                                        est-working         convention       I have ever           computation             otherwise           required        by
than my father could himself,                   how     attended,      both with respect to the
much      athletics      has meant         to him                                                                  this constitutional                provision.
                                                        meetings attended and the measures
 throughout       his entire       life. He has         considered        and the diligence             with      Bylaws-
 had an eventful           career . . . but I           which the delegates             have exercised               B3-2-(a),       amended       to formalize
 can assure you that the fact that he                   their function.”                                          legislative     procedures      of rules com-
 was able to win his varsity                  letter                              s
                                                            Chosen as Plant’ running                mate as       mittees.
 as a yearling-a           sophomore         at the     Secretary-Treasurer             was one of the
 Military     Academy-is          certainly      one                                                                 B3-2-(k),       two more high school
                                                        NCAA’   s    most respected,            best-liked        representatives        added to Wrestling
 of the events of his life he regards                   and easily among the nation’               s most
 with the utmost pride.”                                                                                          Rules Committee.
                                                        competent        directors     of athletics,     Er-
    Col. Eisenhower         then read a por-                                                                         B3-3- (b),       University      Basketball
                                                        nest B. McCoy, Pennsylvania                    State
 tion of a letter his father             had sent                                                                 Tournament         Committee       enlarged      to
                                                        University.        He moves           directly      to
 to the Convention:                                                                                               seven       members       to accommodate
                                                        his new post of service                  from     the
                                                                                                                  Collegiate       Commissioners         Associa-
    “In a very long lifetime,             much of        Council.     He has served with great
                                                                                                                  tion’ representative.
 it spent in contact with young peo-                    distinction       as Chairman         of the for-
 ple, I have always been an enthus-                     mer       Sports      Injuries      and      Safety          B4-I-(e)-(Z),         enrollment        figure
 iastic supporter        of college athletics,           committee       and as a member              of thr      for freshman         exception     in National
 which     of course, help in the de-                   University        Basketball        Tournament            Collegiate        Championship          events
 velopment       of physical       fitness. More         committee.        Election       to sccretary-           conformed        to figure     used for Na-
 than this, they foster               among       the    treasurer      gives the astute boss of                  tional College Division            events.
 student     body the beginning             of lay-     Penn State athletics            his first oppor-             B5-l- (a), NCAA College Division
 alty for the institution            and a spirit        tunity to be a member of the NCAA                        Gymnastics        Championships         author-                                      Ernest  B. McCoy,
 of healthy        competition.         They      de-    Executive      Committee.                                ized.                                                                       NCAA’
                                                                                                                                                                                                  s       Secretory-Treasurer

 NCAA        NEWS        / J anuary-February-March,                    1967                                                                                                                                                          3
                                                                                                                          New                   Tit/e
     NCAA     MembershipIs                                                                                           1       NCAA       institutional         membership                  Lacrosse      is played        at 90 member
                                                                                                                         is almost       split on whether             or not         institutions         at least.       (Response       to
     AtRecordHigh670                                                                                                     any more sports should be added to
                                                                                                                         the national          collegiate       champion-
                                                                                                                                                                                     the questionnaire
                                                                                                                                                                                     the NCAA’      s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     was just 358 of
                                                                                                                                                                                                           589 institutional        mem-
                                                                                                                         ship schedule           with    those favoring              bers.) Volleyball            is played at 73 and
    Like the cost of living.             but with          Bentley        College,       Boston.         Mass.           additional       events carrying          the day,          in third place is water polo which
happier       results,      NCAA.        member-           Bryant       College,        Providence,          R. I.       162 to 132, in a recent survey.                             was listed by 49 of the colleges and
ships keep rising.                                                                                                           Voting     on the above plus a va-                      universities        answering.        Other sports
    The total      has now reached                670     California,         University           of,    Irvine,                                                                    with which           the survey         dealt were
                                                                                                                         riety of other questions              relating      to
with the addition           of 10 institutions          Calif.                                                                                                                       Rugby, played by 48 colleges which
                                                                                                                         competitive        sports not now carried
this past winter.            Included         in the       Central Washington                State       College,        on the 13-sport,            al-event      national          answered         and handball,         37 colleges.
record figure are 589 active institu-                   Ellensburg,  Wash.                                               title    schedule        in University           and        Judo is an intercollegiate                  sport at
tions,     20 associate        institutions,       21                                                                    College      divisions       were the Associ-               52 colleges,         but at Only fOUr iS it
affiliated    organizations        and 40 allied           Farmington           State      College,        Farm-                                                                     administered            by the athletic            de-
                                                        ington,   Maine                                                  ation’s directors          of athletics       in an-
conferences.                                                                                                             swer to an NCAA               events question-              partment         and at 13 others              given
    The present        figure represents           an     Monmouth     College,                 West        Long         naire which went out at year’ end.          s               some financial              assistance       by the
increase of more than 110 per cent                      Branch,  N. J.                                                       Lacrosse,     by a considerable             mar-        athletic      department.
since 1950 when              the membership                                                                              gin, is the most popular                collegiate              Ninety-seven         institutions     said they
                                                          New       Haven       College,      West        Haven,
totaled     317 and is over 10 times as                                                                                  sport in which            there is no NCAA                  would      participate         in national      com-
many schools as were present when                                                                                        title competition,          but volleyball        got       prtition      in one of the above listed
the organization            was founded            in       Southhampton             College   of Long                   the nod by the narrowest              of margins            sports,      227 said they             would      not.
1906.                                                   Island     University,          Southhampton,
                                                                                                                         over     lacrosse       as the event            most        Sports      other      than      those listed        in
    The new active members                   are:       N. Y.                                                                                                                        which      some interest           was expressed
                                                                                                                         wanted       among       those who thought
  Albuquerque,       University           of,   Al-       Winona          Stale      College,            Winona,         the     national        championship            slate       were      bowling,         crew, rifle,       weight
buquerque,     N. M.                                    Minn.                                                            should      be expanded.                                    lifting,     rowing,        and sailing.

I      New
Elections   and
                                                        Winkin     of Colby will
                                                        seph Justice of Rollins;
                                                                                    replace   Jo-
                                                                                     both effec-
                                                                                                                         sota, effective     January     11, 1967.
                                                                                                                         Amo Bcssone will replace R. Victor
                                                                                                                                                                                     Marshall      S. Turner,
                                                                                                                                                                                                               (Tenn.)        replaced
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Jr. of Johns
                                                        t,ive September    1, 1967.                                      Stout of Boston University;        Herbert                  Hopkins,       effective        February          24,
Appointments                                                                                                             W. Gallagher      of Northeastern        will                1967. Wilford      Ketz of Union            (N.Y)
                                                            Basketball           Rules-Norvall            Neve
   More than 50 new members              have           of the Missouri              Valley       Conference             become    chairman;      both     effective                 became      chairman;        Lew      Comer        of
been elected or appointed           to NCAA             became chairman,                effective     January            September     1, 1967.                                      Hayward       State replaced          Don Adee
committees     effective     in 1967. The               11, 1967. John Kundla                  of Minnesota                Lacrosse     Rules-Glenn                 Thiel    of      of Chico State; both effective               Janu-
majority    of these-on         23 different            will replace George Ireland                    of Loy-           Penn State was reelected,                  elective         ary 11, 1967.
committees-were           elected     by the            ola     (Ill.);       Edward          S. Steitz        of        January    11, 1967.                                           Competitive        Safeguards-J.            Wil-
61st annual Convention         after having             Springfield          will replace John Bunn                                                                                  liam Orwig of Indiana             was reelect-
been nominated        by the Committee                                                                                        Skiing       Rules      and     Meet-Sven
                                                        of Colorado           State College as secre-                                                                                ed; Walter      C. Schwank          of Montana
on Committees.       The NCAA         Council                                                                            Wiik of Western             Colorado        will re-
                                                        tary and rules editor; both effective                                                                                        replaced       James        Long        of     New
is responsible     for the appointment                                                                                   place Alan J. Bovard                 of Michigan
                                                        January          1, 1968. Walt Shublom                 of                                                                    Hampshire;        both effective         January
of 20 committees         and acts for the                                                                                Teck, effective           September         1, 1967.
                                                        Wyandotte             High        School,       Kansas                                                                       11, 1967.
membership      in filling vacancies be-                City,     Kansas,         replaced         Harlan      F.            Soccer Rules and Tournament-
                                                                                                                                                                                        Extra Events-Roy             Seils of Deni-
tween conventions.                                      Carter of Rcdding,                California;      Jack          Robert Baptista           of Wheaton        will bc-
                                                                                                                                                                                     son replaced          Kenneth          Knox        of
   The   responsibility    for    recom-                Kraft       of Villanova            replaced       Jack          come chairman;              Tom Treasure             of
                                                                                                                                                                                     Southeast      Missouri,      effective      Janu-
                                                        Ramsey of St. Joseph’              s      (Pa.); both             Colorado        State University           will re-
mending     men to fill vacancies       on                                                                                                                                           ary 11, 1967.
                                                        effective        January       1, 1967.                          place Stuver Parry of Akron;                   Alden
the Council and Executive      Commit-                                                                                                                                                  Public     Relations-Edgar              Barrett
                                                                                                                         H. Burnham           of Dartmouth           will re-
tee rests with the Nominating       Com-                    College Basketball              TournamenL                                                                               of West Virginia       replaced       Bob Hart-
                                                                                                                         place Charles           R. Scott of Pennsyl-
mittee    which       must submit      its              Donald        C. Perkins         of Chapman         will                                                                     ley of Mississippi        State; Les Unger
                                                                                                                         vania;       all effective        September            1,
choices to the annual       Convention                  become          chairman;         Walter      Hass of                                                                        of Rutgers      replaced      James Tarman
                                                                                                                          1967. Harry          Rodgers       of Philadel-
for approval.                                           Chicago         will replace         Richard      Koc                                                                        of Penn State; both effective                Janu-
                                                                                                                         phia, Pa., was appointed                 Rules in-
    Two athletic       directors      and two           nig of Valparaiso;                 Mox Weber           of        terpreter.                                                  ary 1, 1967.
faculty representatives          were elected           Hamilton           will    replace        Edward       S.                                                                       Television-Thomas              J. Hamilton
                                                        Steitz      of Springfield;             all effective                Swimming          Rules and MeetMel-
to the Council         at Houston.        Frank                                                                                                                                      of the AAWU           was reelected;          H. J.
                                                        September           1, 1967.                                     vin R. Patterson             of Arkansas          will
Carver of Pittsburgh           was named to                                                                                                                                          Dorricott     of Western        Colorado        was
                                                                                                                         replace       James       McNally        of Texas
replace    Ernest     B. McCoy         of Penn             University           Basketball            Tourna-            Tech; Fred Stetson of Montana                     will      reelected;      Walter        Byers        of the
State as vice-president            of District          ment-Fred               Taylor      of Ohio State                                                                            NCAA       was reelected;          Cecil Cole-
                                                                                                                         replace        James       Schultz        of Long
Two and Marshall           Turner     of Johns          will replace Waldo Fisher of North-                                                                                          man of Fresno State replaced                   Ross
                                                                                                                         Beach State; both effective                Septem-
Hopkins      was selected to replace Je-                western.        Paul Brechler           of the West-             ber 1, 1967.                                                Smith of MIT; all effective              January
rome Holland        of Hampton        Institute         ern Athletic             Conference          will   be-                                                                      1, 1967. Jefferson           J. Coleman            of
as a member-at-large.           Faculty      rep-       come a new mcmbcr;                   both effective                  Tennis TournamenCDavid                      Sny-
                                                                                                                                                                                     Alabama      replaced      James J. Corbett
resentatives      elected     to vice-presi-            September           1, 1967.                                     der became chairman;                 George       To-       (deceased)       of Louisiana         State, ef-
dencies     were J. William           Davis of                                                                           ley of Southern           California       replaced         fectivc February         24, 1967.
                                                           Fencing         Rules and Meet-Robert
Texas     Tech     in District        Six and                                                                            Robert      Renker;       both effective         Jan-
                                                        Kaplan        of Ohio State will replacr                                                                                        Accelerated        Academic      Programs
James McCoy of Ohio State in Dis-                                                                                        uary 11, 1967. Dale Lewis                    of Mi-
                                                        Maxwell          R. Garrett         of Illinois,     ef-                                                                     ~ Dean Trevor             of Knox      became
trict   Four.    Davis     and McCoy           re-                                                                       ami (Fla.) will replace Clarence                     C.
                                                        fective September               1, 1967.                                                                                     chairman;        Frank     Carver    of Pitts-
placed     Chris    Groneman         of Texas                                                                            Chaffee       of Williams,        effective      Sep-
                                                           College         FootballpErnest               Casale          tember 1, 1967.                                             burgh      replaced     Marcus L. Plant of
A&M and Marcus L. Plant of Michi-
                                                        of Temple           will replace         Ross Smith                                                                          Michigan;        both effective     February
gan, respectively.                                                                                                           Track and Field Rules and Meet
                                                        of MIT;          Cecil Coleman             of Fresno                                                                         3, 1967.
   Outgoing        officers    Everett       D.                                                                          -Hugh        Hackett      of New Mexico will
                                                        State will become                 chairman;        both                                                                         Infractions-Harry            M. Cross of
Barnes and Francis          Smiley of Col-                                                                               hecome chairman;              J. Elmer Swan-
                                                        effective       September          1, 1967.                                                                                  Washington          replaced      J. William
gate and Colorado           Mines,     respec-                                                                           son of Wesleyan            will replace Elliot
                                                           Football    Rules-Ellwood          Geiges                     Noyes of Dartmouth;              Forrest Towns              Davis of Texas Tech, cffcctivc            Jan-
tively,    were elected      to the Execu-              of the      Eastern     College     Athletic                                                                                 uary 1, 1967.
tive    Committee        and    William       J.                                                                         of Georgia         will replace        Weems 0.
                                                        Conference      will replace      Abh Cur-                       Baskin, Jr. of South Carolina;                    Bill         Joint Committee          on Physical    Ed-
Flynn of Boston College replaced              R.
                                                        tis of the Southwest      Conference,       ef-                  McClure         of Abilene        Christian       will      ucation      and Athletics-Edward             L.
Victor     Stout   of crosstown         Boston
                                                        fective January      1, 1968.                                    replace       Jack Patterson            of Texas;           Jackson        of    Tuskegee        replaced
University      on the same body.
                                                           Golf Tournament-Dick            McGuire                       Dwight       Reed of Lincoln           (MO.) will           Thomas       McDonough        of Emory,     ef-
   The members       of the Committee                   of New Mexico        will become chair-                          replace Jack W. Rose of Long Beach                          fective March 10, 1967.
on Committees     will be appointed    by               man; Vie Kelley        of UCLA      will re-                     State;      all eflective         September            1,
the Council    at its spring    meeting                                                                                                                                                 Professional     Relations-John           Ei-
                                                        place Stan Wood of Southern             Cali-                    1967.                                                       ler of East Stroudsburg            was added
and vacancies     to be filled    at the                fornia;   both effective      September       1,                    Wrestling        Rules and Tournament                    to the committee,          effective    March
62nd annual      Convention     will   be               1967.                                                            -Douglas           Parker       of Springfield              10, 1967. John D. Bridgers           of Baylor
published   in a later edition     of the
                                                           Gymnastics   Rules and MeetOtto                               will     replace      Frank      Kapral       of the        replaced     James       J. Corbett        (dc-
                                                        Ryser of Indiana     will replace Nor-                           Coast Guard; Kenneth                E. Turner        of     cesed) of Louisiana         State, effective
   Changes   in the NCAA’  s   commit-                  man Holzaepfel     of Iowa; Carl Pat-                            Emory will replace Arnold                   W. Um-          February     24, 1967.
tee membership      during   1967 have                  terson   of Temple       was rcelectcd;                          bath      of Auburn;          Marvin        Hess of            National    Football    Foundation       and
been as follows:                                        both effective   September     1, 1967.                          Utah will replace Everett                 D. Lantz          Hall of Fame-William             M. Edwards
  Baseball Rules and Tou,rnament                           Ice Hockey     Rules    and Tourna-                           of Wyoming;            all effective       Septem-          of Wittenberg        replaced       Ray Eliot
Jack Baer of Oklahoma   will replace                    menCAllen       Renfrew     of Michigan                          ber 1, 1967.                                                of Illinois,    effective      February      24,
Tony   Sharpe   of Nebraska;     John                   replaced    John Mariucci     of Minne-                             College-William               R.    Maybry        of     1967.

More College Bull                                                                                                                                               Pro BusebulPs
Thun Pro Gumes                                                                                                                                                  Rule Interpreted
    Pirhaps    the most significant     item                                                                                                                         Professional         baseball’    s     new Rule
revealed in the recent baseball sur-                                                                                                                             3(K)      governing          signing        of college
vey conducted       by the NCAA execu-                                                                                                                           players is subject               to the following
tive office is that there were more                                                                                                                              interpretations                  as noted by the
collegiate     games played       last year                                                                                                                      NCAA’   s     Committee            on Professional
than in 211 of professional        baseball.
    This, more than any other fact,
                                                                                                                                                                     1. The rule            is not retroactive.
substantiates      the   growth      of the
                                                                                                                                                                High       school       and college              players
game on the collegiate        level in re-
                                                                                                                                                                who have been drafted                       previously
cent years. Where once players               of
college age were in the low minors,                                                                                                                             fall under the old rule and are eligi-
today they are playing         college and                                                                                                                      ble to be drafted                 according        to its
amateur baseball.                                                                                                                                               provisions.        If a player has not been
    Among the more impressive            sta-                                                                                                                   drafted       previously,          he comes under
tistics in the survey of 553 members                                                                                                                            the new rule.
was the amount of money budgeted                                                                                                                                    2. Junior         colleges           are not in-
for rzllcgiate    baseball. Following        is                                                                                                                 cluded       in the new rule, but if a
a brief rundown:                                                                                                                                                player transfers             from a junior           col-
   Coaches’ Salaries              $&862,800                                                                                                                     lege to a four-year                 college, he im-
   Student Financial                                                                                                                                            mediately          comes under                the new
      Aid                          1,963,700                                                                                                                    rule.
   Equipment                       1,110,000                                                                                                                        3. The new rule protects the play-
   Travel                          1,105,000                                                                                                                    er who          becomes            21 during          the
   Field Maintenance                 832,000                                                                                                                    school       year      since        he cannot          be
   Miscellaneous                     545,400                                                                                                                    drafted       until the summer                 meeting.
   Total                          $8,419,600-                                                                                                                       4. Under the new rule a collegian
    Nearly 22,000 athletes participated                                                                                                                         may not be drafted                  because he be-
 in collegiate      baseball      programs      in                                                                                                              comes temporarily                ineligible      for ac-
 1966. Of this number,               more than                                                                                                                  ademic reasons. He must not only
 two-thirds      competed in an intercol-                                                                                                                       be out of college                  more than          120
legiate     varsity     contest.      In the 12                                                                                                                 days, but have been dropped                            by
years since the last survey, partici-                                                                                                                           that college in order to be taken.
 pation within        the NCAA          member-                                                                                                                     5. The 120-day clause likewise                       is
ship has increased           133 per cent.                                                                                                                      not applicable             to the player             who
    Of the more than 900 coaches em-                                                                                                                            enlists or is drafted into the Armed
                                                     Alan 8. Shepard,    Jr., America’s first astronaut,    (right) accepts congratula-                         Forces since he is not considered                       as
ployed by NCAA             institutions,     over
                                                     tions and NCAA’  s special plaque from past president          Robert F. Ray. Ap-                          having been separated from college
one-third      (357) have played profes-
sional baseball         and approximately            plauding  in the foreground    is Fred Russell, Nashville Banner, toastmaster      of                      during        such enlistment                 or draft
two-thirds       (607) are employed          on a             s
                                                     the NCAA’ Honors Luncheon.                                                                                period.
full-time     basis.                                                                                                                                                6. While a collegian,                 in order to
    Not all schools indicated
their own diamond,             however,
400 have at least one field and the
                                        they had
                                             over    CollegiateCompetition                                                                                     be protected
                                                                                                                                                                must participate
                                                                                                                                                                baseball       program
                                                                                                                                                                                      under          the new rule,
                                                                                                                                                                                               in the collegiate
                                                                                                                                                                                                at his college or
estimated      real estate value of these                                                                                                                      university,         he does not have to par-
fields is over $70 million.                          Important to Space Effort                                                                                 ticipatc
                                                                                                                                                               as a freshman
                                                                                                                                                                             against outside
                                                                                                                                                                                         ta be protected.
                                                        “There are two characteristics             that     were present to receive the special                rule gives protection                  to those at all
                                                     I feel are important        to me and to the           plaques including        Lt. Col. Edward           four-year          colleges          which       have      a
                                                     colleagues with whom I associate in                   H. White,      II, graduate      of the U. S.       baseball program                of any type.
                                                     that space program.          They are phys-           Military     Academy,         a few      short           7. Freshman          football        players who
                                                     ical fitness and a fine sense of self-                weeks later one of three astronauts                 take part in spring football                    practice
                                                     discipline.     There is no question             in   to be fatally      burned on the launch-            are protected           if they practice             with
                                                                                                           ing pad in an Apollo           project   drill.     and/or       play in freshman                   baseball
                                                     my mind, and I am sure there is no
                                                                                                           The others         honored     and present          games either before, during or after
                                                     question      in the minds of those of                                                                    spring football            practice.
                                                                                                           were,    in addition        to White       and
                                                     ~GU who are gathered                here today,       Shepard,      Capt.     Jack    R. Lousma,               8. If an eligible             player      is not a
                                                     that these two characteristics             are in     USMC; Dr. Edward             G. Gibson, Jr.;        member           of the varsity                 baseball
                                                     fact developed        during      undergradu-         Dr. Harrison       H. Schmitt,     LCDR Jo-         squad as a sophomore,                       he can be
                                                     ate days on the athletic field.”                      seph P. Kerwin,           M.D., USN, and            drafted       at the summer                meeting      or
                                                         So said Capt. Alan B. Shepard,                    Maj Edwin E. Aldrin,          Jr., USAF.            be signed during               the summer vaca-
                                                     Jr., USN, America’      s      first astronaut            The five whose duties elsewhere                 tion period whether                  drafted      or not.
                                                     and the spokesman           for the 12 space          prevented     their attending      the lunch-       However,         if he starts college in the
                                                     pioneers     honored      by the NCAA            at    eon were         Maj.   David      R. Scott,       fall of his junior                 year, he comes
                                                     the     Association’s        second       annual      USAF;      Capt. William          A. Anders,        under the new rule. This also ap-
                                                     Honors      Luncheon       during       the 61st      USAF; Maj. Edward            G. Givens, Jr.,        plies to his junior and senior years.
                                                     convention      in Houston.                           USAF; John L. Swigert,              and Capt.
                                                         Seven of the 12 men of space sin-                 Alfred M. Worden, USAF.
             PHILIP    B. BROWN                      gled out by the NCAA for their col-                       Capt. Shepard        is the officer        in
       The   gentleman            pictured           legiate     varsity    sports       competition       charge of America’     s astronaut     group.       NCAA    Cage Scholarship
   above is the National              Colle-                                                                                                                   Winners   Able Group
   giate Athletic    Association’   s      of-                                                                                                                           Continued from page 1
   ficial legal counsel in Wash-
                                                                                                                                                               ward Pearson,           California      Institute
   ington, D. C. A partner            in the
                                                                                                                                                               of Technology;         Thomas Reid Ward,
   Washington       law     firm,       Cox,
                                                                                                                                                               Jr., University       of the South.
   Langford        and      Brown,        the
   NCAA’   s  representative          in the                                                                                                                                At-Large       Division
   nation’ s  Capital      has worked                                                                                                                              Gary     Michael       Gray,      Oklahoma
   with the Association         since Au-                                                                                                                      City University;         John Russell Ham-
   gust, 1965 when           the Senate                                                                                                                        ilton, Ohio University;            Daniel Boyd
   Commerce       Committee            hear-                                                                                                                   Hansard,        College      of St. Thomas
   ings on the track and field dis-                                                                                                                             (Minn.);      Robert        Miller      Hardt,
   pute were        called.       He was                                                                                                                       Massachusetts        Institute      of Technol-
   named to represent          the Asso-                                                                                                                       ogy; Bruce Victor Parsons, Jr., Uni-
   ciation in all Washington            mat-                                                                                                                   versity of the Pacific (Calif.).
   ters this past October. Brown,                                                                                                                                                Alternates
   42, a Middletown,           Connecti-                                                                                                                           William      Victor     Backensto,        Uni-
   cut native,     received        his BA                                                                                                                      versity of Toledo; David Lee Crow,
   from Wesleyan         University         in                                                                                                                 Cornell      (Iowa)     College;      Archibald
   1944 where he was Phi Beta                                                                                                                                  Currie Johnston,          Southwestern         Col-
   Kappa and Olin Scholar                and                                                                                                                   lege at Memphis;              John     Anthony
   received his Bachelor          of Laws                                                                                                                      Kilo, St. Louis University.             NOTE-
   degree from Yale University                                                                                                                                 Alternates      are listed in the order in
   in 1946. He is a trustee                 at                                                                                                                 which      they will       replace     any stu-
   Wesleyan.                                                    President Earl Rudder                           Scholar Honoree   Charles Kirby                dent-athletes       who do not accept a
                                                               Texas A A M University                              Colorado  School of Mines                   scholarship.

NCAA       NEWS       / January-February-March,                   1967                                                                                                                                        5

11 NCAA                                                              Titlists                                                    from                                     All                               Sections
    Every    section    of the country              is                  Michigan      State    pulled    a major                         just one goal in the two games, a                                           four years of the event, no team ti-
represented      in the winner’    s     circle at                   surprise    by winning        the wrestling                         record, and recorded             only the sec-                              tle had been won by more than five.
least once as 11 national            champions                       meet for the first time. Cross-state                                ond shutout       in the tournament’     s      20                             Records fell rather freely during
were crowned         in NCAA title events                            rival Michigan       took runnerup        hon-                      years.                                                                      the month.        The indoor       tracksters
during    March.                                                     ors marking        the first time         since                        Winston-Salem          overcame a three-                                 set or tied nine marks including            the
    The West Coast walked                off with                    1950 that both Oklahoma           and Okla-                         point deficit       in the last four min-                                   world     record     by Dave Patrick          of
the most laurels         having       five team                      homa State had finished lower than                                  utes to edge Southwest                Missouri,                             Villanova      in the 880. Patrick bested
champions.       To the surprise             of no                   second.     Richard      Sanders,     a 155-                        77-74, in the finals of the College                                         fabled Jim Ryun with a 1:48.9 per-
one, UCLA           won      the      basketball                     pounder     from Portland         State, was                        Division      Basketball        Championship                                formance.
title, Southern        California       took the                     named the outstanding            wrestler     in                    at Evansville,        Ind. Earl Monroe          of                             NCAA swimmers            set 11 American
indoor     track     championship,           Stan-                   both the University        and College Di-                          the winners        scored 40 points in the                                  records     and tied two others. Greg
ford recorded       an upset win in swim-                            vision tournaments.                                                 championship          game and 176 in five                                  Buckingham           and     Dick    Roth     of
ming, UC Santa Barbara               copped the                         NYU probably     traveled  farthest    to                         games enroute         to winning      the Most                             champion       Stanford     and Ken Merten
College      Division       swimming           title                 win a title by going to San Fernan-                                 Outstanding        Player accolade.                                         cf Southern       Methodist     each cracked
and Portland       State was first in Col-                           do Valley State at Northridge,        Cali-                             Certainly    the most decisive cham-                                    the record book twice, Buckingham
lege Division      wrestling.                                        fornia,   for the fencing     meet. The                             pions      were     UCLA        and Portland                                at the expense          of Yale Olympian
    Denver     nipped    Wyoming           by less                   Violets won for the second year in                                   State.    The Bruins          won     all four                             Don Schollander.
than one point to take its seventh                                   a row and seventh time in history.                                   games in the basketball             classic by                                 Record crowds totaling          30,956 at-
straight    skiing title and 11th crown                                 Cornell brought     more glory to the                             at least 15 points and never trailed                                       tended       the     three-day      wrestling
in 14 years. Southern          Illinois     hosted                   East by winning         the Ice Hockey                               in the second half of any contest.                                         finals at Kent State. A total of 345
 and won the gymnastics              meet mak-                       tournament,    the first such title to go                            Portland     State won the College Di-                                     matmen         representing       91 schools
ing it three championships                in four                    to an Eastern school since 1954. Big                                 vision    wrestling       tournament       by a                            participated,       both totals being all-
 years for the Salukis.                                              Red goalie      Ken    Dryden     allowed                            29-point     margin.        In the previous                                time highs.

                                                                                              SKIING                                     Horrrtrn X.7. Southern Methodist             15                             2. Don Buzzard, Iowa State; 3. Jack Zindel.
               INDOOR              TRACK                                                                                                 UCLA X0, Pacific 64                                                           Michigan  State: 4. Jerry Crenahaw. Stan-
                                                                                                                                                                SemifulalE                                            ford: 6. Willie William% Illinois State: 6.
  (Renulta of third annual meet; Cob0 Hall,                             (Resulta of 14th annual meet; Sugarloaf                          Dayton 76. North Carolina 62                                                 Don Parker. St. Col. Iowa. Schlendorf def.
      Detroit. Michigan : March 10-11.)                                       Mountain, Maine: March Z-4.)                               UCLA 78. Houston 68                                                          Nuzznrd, 6-O.
                                                                                                                                                          Third Place
   IO-Yard D-h--l.     Charlie Greene, Nehma-                             Slalom-l.         Rick Chaffee. Denver,             81.96:     Houston 84, North Carolina 62                                                  Heavyweight ~ 1. Gurlcv         Culp, Arizona
ka. 6.0 (tiea NCAA record) ; 2. Glenn ~XIK.                          2. Tcrje Overland, Denver: 3. James Paul.                                                                                                       State : 2. Dom Carollo. Adams State. 3. Dave
Oklahnma;     3. Kent Lnwrenee.        Car&:      4.                 We.stern Colorado: 4. Ladd Christensen. Utah :                                           Championship                                           Porter. Michigan:     4. Jeff Richardson, Michi-
Lennox Miller, Southern California;        6. 0. J.                  6. Thor Mjoen.            Washington;         6. Bill McCol-                                                                                    iran State; 6. Tom Beeson. Western Colorado:
Simpson,    Southern California.                                     lam. Middlebury;             I. Wayne Berg, Montana                 Dayton                   FG                       R       PF                6. Granville Ligginn, Oklahoma. Culp pinned
   Q&Yard High Hurdle-I.         Earl McCullouch.                    State: 8. Dennis McCoy. Denver:                        9. Ron       M&Y                       9-23       E4          11        4                Cnrwllo, 0 :61.
Southern   California. 7.0 (art8 NCAA wrd)         :                 Sargent.          Wyoming ; 10. Jim Toftey,                Fort     Sndlier                  2-6         l-2          1        6                   Team Scoring-Michigan        State. 74 : Michi-
2. Erv Hall. Villanova;    3. Mike Butler, Win-                      Lwvis.                                                              ObtXV&C                  o-2         o-o          2                         gan 63 ; Iowa State. 61; Oklnhoma. 48 : Port-
eonsin;    4. Leon Coleman,         Winston-Salem                         Downhill      ~ 1.     Den&          McCoy.       Denver,      Klaus                    4-7         o-o          5”       :                land State, 41 : Oklahoma State, 40; Lehigh,
Stute ; 6. Gene Washington, Michigan State.                          2 :11.20 ; 2. Terje Overland, Denver: 8. Ladd                       HoODer                   2-7         2-4                   2                                        7
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     36 : Arizona State. 2’ : Navy, 20 ; Air Force.
                                                                     Chrhtensen.          Utah; 4. James Paul. Western                   Torain                   3-14        o-o          4        3                18.
    440-Y&         DMh-1.        Bill Calhoun, Oklahoma.             Colorado;          6, Hana Mehren, Dartmouth ; 6.                   waterman                 4-11        2-3          i        3
4R.o ; 2. George Crosby. Loyola : 8. Doug With-                      Jim HoeachIer,             Colorado:        I. Mike Kirol.          Sharpenter               2-6         4-G                                       Syracuse and Wyoming. 1’ East Strouda-
er?, Air Force: 4. Don Crawford.                       Michigan      Wyoming:            8. John Lobitz.           Dartmouth : 9.        Samanich                 o-2         o-o          2           A             hum     and Stanford,     16: Adams State and
State; 6. Ben Olison, Kansas.                                        Norm Zachary, Washington;                     10. Dan Craig.        Beckman                  o-o         o-o          0                         Colorndo. 16: Minnesota, Oregon State and
                                                                     Utah.                                                               Inderrieden              o-o         o-o                      i             UCLA. 14; Freano State and Wisconsin. 13.
    600-Yard Run-l.             Steve Carean. Iowa State,                                                                                Wannemacher              o-o         o-o          i           0             Penn State, 12 : Brigham Young. 11 : Army.
1 :10.2 : 2. Clark Mitchell.                 New Mexico: 8.               Alpine      Comhincd-1.         Terjc Overland. Den-           TC¶lTl                                            8                         Cornell fN. Y.). Toledo and Winona State. 8 ;
T. J. Alhright,              Cob&e:        4. Bob O’    Connor,      ver.      266.88:     2. James Paul. Western              Colo-                             -            -~                   -                 Mnnkato     State. Northwestern.      Ohio State.
Loyola ; ‘ Pat Wilson, Michigan State.                               rado : a. Dennis McCoy, Denver;                       4. Ladd       Totals                  26-76       12-16        61
                                                                                                                                                                                          ‘        20                Southern Illinois and Washington        State, I.
    880-Yard        Run-l.       Dave Patrick. Villanova,            Christensen, Utah : 6. Rick Chaffee. Denver :
1:48.8 : (sets world board track remrd) : 2.                         6. Jim Hoesrhler. Colorado: 7. Bill McCol-                          UCLA                                                                           Colorado State College, Illinois State, Indi-
Jim Ryun. Kanass:                  a. Pete Farrell. Notre            lam. Middlebum:              8. Frank Emery. Western                Hietz                     2-l        o-o          6           2        4    ana and Moorhead State. 6; Cortland State.
 Dame; 4. Rickey Poole, Wisconsin ; 6. Ken                            Colorado : 9. Thor Mjoen. Washington;                       10.    Shackleford               6-10       o-2          3                         Indiana State. Lock Haven. Ohio University.
 Imtigo-Olal. Wisconsin ; 6. Joe Kearney. Man-                       John Lobitz. Dartmouth.                                             Aleindor                  8-12       4-11        18           i    8:       State College of Iowa. Weatern Colorado and
 hattan.                                                                                                                                 Allen                     l-16       6-U                      2    19       Wilkes. 4.
                                                                          Cram Cuantry-1.             Ned Gillette, Dartmouth,           Warren                    8-16       1-l          ;           1    17
    IOOO-Yard        Run-l.       Ray Arrfnpton,        Wiwon-        1 :04.07 ; 2. Clark Matis, Colorado: and Lewis                     Nielsen                   o-1        o-1          1           3                Albany (N. Y.) State. Bloomsburg. Coast
ain, 2:07.8           (sets     NCAA        record)   : 2. Bob       Matis, Fort Lewis; 4. Nils Sjohcrg.                      Wwh-       Saoek                     1-I        O-0          0                    2”   Cnnrd. Kent State, Kinrrs Point. Mnrauette.
 Zieminaki. Georgetown;               3. Byron DYC~. New              ington     : ‘ Danny
                                                                                     5.             New.     Western Colorado:           SLlffer                   2-K        O-0          0           :        4    Maryland. Miami (Ohio). Princeton. Virginia
York University : 4. Tom Yergovich. Kansan ;                          13. Ole Bergset, Idaho: I. Terry Morse. Mid-                       srrner                    l-l        o-o                      2        2    Tech and Washington           (Mo.). 2.
 6. Jim Metcalf, Oklahoma                 State; 6. Jonathan          dlebury:         R. Sandy Cameron. Dartmouth:                 9.   Chrisman                  o-o        l-2          :           2        1        Arizona,   Colorado Mines, Colorado State
 Iwnw.        Lafayette.                                              Helge Bjanland, MIT; 10. Jack Lufkin. Fort                         Sutherland                                                                   University,     Franklin      and Marshall. Fair-
                                                                      Lewis and John Morton, Middlehory.                                 Lynn                      o-o
                                                                                                                                                                   O-l        o-o          0           0        :    lcinh-Dickinson,     Illinois, Mhouri,  MIT, Man-
    Mile Run-l,              Jim Ryun. Karmaa.             9 :68.6                                                                       T&3Ill                                            7
 (sets     NCAA         mcord)     : 2. Sam Bair.            Kent         Jumping-l.          Bjorn Loken. Utnb, 218.6: 2.                                        _          --                    -        -         tana State. Seton Hall, Utah. Wexleyan and
State: 3. marry Wieczorek.                     Iowa;     4. Web       George Krog. Denver: 3. Randy Garretson.                                                                                                        Y&k. 1.
                                                                      Denver: 4. Jay Martin. Wyoming : 6. David                          TLtala                   84-69      11-26        64       16       19
IKmdat.         New Mexico:              6. Mike Williams.
Nurth       Cnrolinri;         6. Terry        Smith, Oregon          Jennings. Wyoming:                6. Mate Jenssen. Utah:                 Dayton                         20     44        -       64
state.                                                               7 F. Kalfoss. Montana State; 8. Bruce Jen-                                UCLA                      88 41 ~     79                                                  GYMNASTICS
                                                                      I;ings. Wyoming:              9. Per Coucheron. Dart-                 Official.-Wirtz      and DiTomaaao. Attendance
    Tao-Mila         Run-l.       Gerry Lindgren,          Wash-     mooth; IO, Chin La. Caaae. Colorado.
 inpton     State.      8 :34.7 (sets NCAA record) : 2.                                                                                  - -18,892.                                                                    (Reaulta of 26th annual meet; Carbondale,
 horue        Scott. New Mexico; 9. Oscar Moore.                          Nordic Combined-l.               Matz Jenssen, Utah,                                                                                                 Illinois : March 3l-April     1.)
 Southern IllinoL : 4. Glenn Ogden, Missouri:                         480.6 ; 2. David Jennings, Wyoming                 ; 3. James                                                                                     Floor Exercisbl.      Dave J-ohs.      Michigan,
6. John Celms, Washington : 6. Tom Donnellu.                          Speck, Dartmouth;               4. Per Coucheron, Dart-                         UNIVERSITY  DIVISION                                           9.460: 2. Sid Freudenstein.         California;     3.
 Villanova.                                                            mouth:       6. Dave Rikert,            Williams:     6. Bill                                                                                 Kanati Allen, UCLA;        4. Makoto Sakamoto,
                                                                       Kendall. Dartmooth:                7. M. Devecke. Fort                              WRESTLING                                                 Southern California ; 6. Sandy Bassfat. UCLA ;
    Mile R&y             -1. Oklahoma (James Shields,                 Lewis : 8. Bjorn Loken. Utah ; 9. Larry Gillin.
Jim Hardwick.               Tom Melton. Bill Calhoun).                                                                                                                                                               6. Jim Barber. Iown State; I. Steve Cohen,
                                                                      Dartmouth : 10. Chris Guttormaen, Waahing-                                  (Xe*ulta of 87th annual tournament;                                Penn State: 8. Bob Emery, Penn State.
 3 ~16.6 (eeta NCAA record) ; 2. Abilene Chris-                       ton.                                                                              Kent, Ohio; March 23-26.)
 tian : 8. Iowa : 4. New Mexico, 6. Villanova.                                                                                                115 Pnr,ndel.         Richard Sanders. Portland
                                                                          Skimeister-1.         Matz Jensaen. Utah, 865.2 ;                                                                                              Side     Horstl.            Keith     McCanlew..           Iowa.
    Two-Mile          Relay-l.        Southern        California!     2. Dave Rikert, Williams;                3. Chris Guttorm-          State: 2. Jim Andemon, Minnexota:                 3. ROY                    9.600:    2.  Dave Doty, Arizona; 8. Ken Gordon,
  (Richard        Joyce, Dave Buck. Dennis Carr.                      aen. Washington : 4. Erik Pierre. Wyoming :                         MrMinn.         Arizona     State:   4. Ray Sanchez,                        Iowa;     4.  Fred S&bum, Long Beach State; 6.
 Carl Trentndue), ‘ :30.1; 2. Michigan : 3. Man-                     6. Knut Olherg. Wsahirwton;                   6. Peter Karna.       Wyoming;          6. Bob Rhodes, Colorado : 6. Ron                           Tom Auchterlonie.                 Springfield:         6. Frank
 hnttan : 4. Fordham ; 6. Villanova.                                 IJtah: 7. Chnrle Wolcott, Williama: 8. Norm                          Iwvasaki, Oregon State. Sandws def. Ander-                                  Scardina.      Denver and J. Herter, Wisconsin:
                                                                       Znchary,         Washington;         9. Dave Durmnce.             SO”, 19-2.                                                                   8. Blniae Blankn. New Mexim:                       9. Dave Bo-
     Dietancs        Medley      R&y--l.          Kansas State                                                                                12.1 Poun&~-1.         Mike Caruso. Lehigh:          2.                 land. Colorado State University.
  (Charles Harper. Terry Holbrook. We, Dot                            Denver.
 ton. Conrad Nightingale).                9 :44.6 (a& NCAA                                                                                Bob Fehra. Michigan: 8. Gary Burner. NRVY ;                                    Trampoline ~ 1. Dave Jacobs, Michigan,
                                                                          Team Scoring-Denver,                  3’76.1; Wyomina.          4. Gary Walman.           Iowa State; ,5. Ed Parker.
record) ; 2. Villanova ; 3. Southern California :                      3iG.9 : Dartmouth.           al4.0 : Utah, 366.5 : We&                                                                                         9.600 : 2. Wayne Miller. Michigan : 2. Homer
 4. Miami;         6. Southern Illinois.                                                                                                 Indiena State: 6. Bill DeSario. Cortland State.                              Srardina. Iowa State: 4. Tim Clarke. Iowa
                                                                      em Colorado. 362.2. Middlebury. 366.1 : Wash-                       Caruso def. Fehrs. l-6.
                                                                       inptan,       3,64.6 : ~illiame,          842.6 : Harvard.                                                                                     State; 6. Gary Halveck,                  Illinois;       6. Steve
     Rmad Jump1.                 Aaron Hopkiw.            Toledo,                                                                             I30 Poundbl.         Harold McGuire. Oklahoma ;                         Chapplr. Illinois.          I. ClilP Carcthier, Denver ;
 24-79; : 2. Gary Ard.              Kansan: 3. Gary Rain-              336.4 ; Colby,         320.0 : St. Lawrence,           292.0:
                                                                                                                                          2. Don Brhm, Michigan; 3. Joe Peritore. L+
                                                                       Maine. 291.2.                                                                                                                                  8. Cooke Rollo. Illinois.
 water. Missouri ; 4. JRmes Helton. Utah State:                                                                                           high ; 4. Jim Hanaon. Colorado: 6. Tim MC-
  5. Gary Groff, Tulane.                                                                                                                 c-11. Indiann:         6 John Hansen. Iown State.                               Horizontal       Bar-l.        Rich Grigsby, San Fer-
                                                                                                                                          Me&ire        def. Behm, 9-6.                                               nando Valley State. 9.600; 2. Nell Schmitt,
    High    Jump--.l.       Ted    Downing,       Miami,      7-O                                                                                                                                                     Iowa;      3. Jerry Fontana.               Iowa State rrnd
 (ties NCAA        record)   : 2. Steve Herndnn.           Mia-                   UNIVERSITY  DIVISION                                        137 Paundsl.           Dale Anderson.       Michigan                    Dave Neimnnd.              Sacramento State: 6. Rick
 souri : 3. Ron Toll          Oklahoma:      4. Cornelius                              BASKETBALL                                         Slate; 2. Mannru Yatnhe, Portland State: 2.                                 Tucker. Southern Illinois : 6. E?d Gunny. Mieh-
 Lindsey, Cincinnati;           6. Ed Mulvihull.          Man-                                                                            Gene Davis. Oklahoma State: 4. Runs Mc-                                     ignn : 7. Fred Dennis, Southern Illinois;                          R.
 hattan.                                                                    (Results       of 29th annual tournament.                    Adama. Brinhum Young: 6. Don Ncu. Cor-                                       Uuh Cargill, Springfield : 9. Al Luher. UCLA ;
     Pole Vaultl.         Bob Seanren. Southern Csli-                                         March 11-26.)                               m-11; 6. Rick Stuyvoaant.             Moorbead State.                       10. Sid Freudensteim                Cnlifornia:         11. Stew
 fornia, 17-O’ (eeta NCAA record) : 2. Paul
                  /                                                                                                                       Anderson def. Yntahe. 10-8 fOT).                                            Cohen, Penn State.
 Wilson, SoutRrrn California;           3. Fred Burton.                                 Flrd  Round                                           145 Pound-l.          Don Hendemon. Air Force;
  Wichita     State: 4. marry Cur&               Oklahoma                                                                                  2. Glock, Wiaconeiin:           3. Dale Bahr. Iowa                             Long Honbl.               I’nrll Mnuer.        Southern II-
 State; 6. Bill Fradick, Southern California.                         Princeton 68. West Virvinia   67                                     State: 4. Jim Rogers, Oklahoma State: 6.                                   linois. 9.Gl2; 2. Paul Vexler. Penn State: 3.
                                                                      R-ton    Col. 48. Connecticut 42                                     Pete Vnndelofske, Navy: 6. Dale Cnrr, Mich-                                Makoto S.k.moto,                 Southern California ; 4.
     Shot Put-l.       Ken Patera, Brigham Young.                     St. John’ ‘ Temple 6S
                                                                               s 67.                                                      igan State. Henderson def. Gluck. 8-1.                                      Bob Cargill. Springfield:              6. Homer Scardina.
 X9-6: 2. Jack Harvey.             Michigan:       a. John            Dayton 69, Western Kentucky 67 (OT)                                                                                                              Jown State and Sid Freudenstein. California :
  Morton.     Florida:      4. Martin      Eisner,         Kent       Virginia TRh 82, Toledo 76                                               I62 Pounds .I. Jim Kammnn. Michigan; 2.                                1. Bob Dickson, Iowa; 6. Dun EnylLr. Syra-
  State: 6. Rob Wrrwke, Wisconsin.                                    HoosLrm 69. New Mexico State 58                                    Wayne Wella, Oklahum*:                 :X. Charles Seal,                     CURB: 8. Fred Rodney. Michigan : 10. Tom
     35-Pound       Weight     Tb?owp1.      Andy Yuerr,              Texas Western 62, Seattle 64                                         Portland State; 4. Len Borcher, Stanford : 6.                              Aochterlonie.        Springfield.
  Connecticut. Sl-Sy* (set8 NCAA               record); 2.                                                                                Jim Tanniehill,          Winona State: 6. Phil MC-
 Jim Kavanagh. Boston College; 3. Bob Bird-                                                  Second     Round                              Curtney. Toledo. Kamman drf. Wella. 6-G.                                       Parallel Bancl.            Makoto Saknmoto. South-
         Connecticut;       4. Richard Sherman. St.                                                                                            160 Pounds .l. Vie Mrrrcucei. Iowa:                 2.                  ern California. 9.626 : 2. Jerry Crowder. Iown
 :;:n’.    ; 6. Bruce Weberhauer. Manhattan.                          North Carolina 1% Princeton 70 (OT)                                  clew MrC!ory.          Oklahoma:       a. Lee Ehrler.                       State: 3. Steve Cohen. Penn State; 4. Fred
                                                                      ~uaton Col. 63, St. John’ 62
                                                                                              s                                            UCLA: 4. Fred Stehman. Michigan:                 6. John                    Seihum. Long Beach State; 6. Ron Hamtad.
     Team Scoring-Southern           California 26 ; Ok-              Dayton 63. Tennessee 62                                                                                                                         Southern Illinois : 6. Tom Goldaborough. Iowa ;
  lnhrma I,: Kansna 16: Villanova                 1’ New
                                                     6;                                                                                    Kwt. Navy; 6. Jerry Stone. Oklnhomn State.
                                                                      Virginia Tech ‘ Indiena ‘  70                                        Itlarcuui     def. MeGlory. 2-1.                                            I. Bob Emery. Penn State; 8. Paul Maucr.
  Mexico end Wisconsin, 12 : Missouri 9 ; Yichi-                      Suuthern Methodist 63, Louisville RI                                                                                                             Southern Illinois : 9. Ike Heller, Iowa.
  yan and Connecticut 8: Miami (Ohio) 7.                              Houston 66. Kansas 63                                                        1
                                                                                                                                               16’ Pounds        1. George Radman, Michigan
                                                                      TJCLA 109. Wyomina 60                                                State: 2. Mike GdeKo,           Fr~lno State; 3. Pete                          Still Ringbl.             Josh Robison, California.
     Iowa, Kent State and Loyola                  (Ill.),     6:                                                                           Cornell, Michigan : 4. Jeff Smith. Oregon                                   9.600; 2. Steve Cohen. Penn State: 3. Mike
  Rrivham Young, Iowa State, Manhattan.                     NC        P~ciRr      (Cal.)    72. Texas    Western       63
                                                                                                                                          State; 5. Fred Fnirhankx. Washington                State;                   Jacki. Iows State; 4. Ed Gunny. Michigan
  braakn. Kansas State, To140 and Waahing-                                                                                                 6. Don Miller, Wyoming.             Radman clef. Gal-                       State : 6. Don Kinsw, Michigan State ; 6. Don
  ton state. 6.                                                                                                                            km, 17-R.                                                                   Hatch. Iowa; 7. Del Strange. Colorado State
     Boston College, Michigan             State. George-              Princeton             s
                                                                                78. St. John’ 68                                               17, Pound-l.           Fred Fozzard. Oklahoma                           IJnivemity;      8. Pat Arnold, Arizona.
  town CD. C.), Abilrne Christian nnd South-                          Indiana 61, Tennessee 44                                             State; 2. Mike Bradley. Michigan State: 3.
  ern Illinois, 4 ; Colorado, Georgia. New York                       Kansas 70. Louisville 68                                                                                                                            Team      ScorIngSouthern                Illinois,      189.66 ;
                                                                                                                                           Gary Conk. East Stroodaburg:             4. Jim Harter.                     Mirhigan.      187.40: lowa, 186.90: Penn State.
  University.       Notre Dame. Oklahoma                  Stati.      ~exnn Wratern 69. Wyoming                   67                       Army: 6. Allen Bulow. Southern Illinois;                6.
  Florida, Wichita State and Air Force. 3.                                                                                                                                                                             1x6.16 ; Iowa State. 1886.6S: UCLA,                        182.30;
                                                                                            Regional     Finals                            Dave Mucka, Moravian. Fozxard dof. Brndlry.                                 Springfield,.       177.66 : Southern                 California.
     Cincinnati. St. John’ Utah State. Winston-                                                                                            1 o-a.
  Salem Stete and Fordham. 2 : North Carolina,                        North Carolina 96. Boston Cal. 80                                                                                                                116.16 : Arrrona.          116.50 ; California,            llG.96 :
   Wuhington        and Tulane, 1.                                    Dayton 71, Virginia Tech 66 (OT)                                         191 Pouncb~l.        Tom Schlendurf, Syracuse:                          Colorado State University.                166.90.

IVATIONAL                                                   COLLEGIATE                                                       CliAMPlONSHIP                                                                       SUMMARIES
                                                                    State. 37 : Springfield,    33% : American.     29 ;                 ton 43. Army 41; Chic&go 36 ; Ohio Shte 34 ;                         UCLA, 16:ll.G          (sets American, NCAA and
                       ICE HOCKEY                                   Indiana State, 24; Los Angeles State. 21.                            Yale al.                                                             meet records) ; 2. Greg Buckmgham, Stsnford ;
      (ResultB of 20th annual tournament,                              Brockport      State. 1y: puget    Sound. 19;                        UCLA 31: Buff&lo 30; UC Riverside ;8!                             3. ike Wall. St&nford;            4. Carl Robie, Mich-
       Syracuse, New York, March 16-18)                             Id&ho State, 1X1/,: Trinity       (Corm.),   16’h:                   Long Berrch 26; San Francisco 2G: Miehigad                           igan ; 6. Steve Danielson. Southern Crrlifornia ;
                          SemiEn&                                   Eastern      Kentucky.   16; Santa Cl&r% I6 :                        State 26; San Franci.sco State 24; Sacra-                             6. Sandy Gilchrist.          Southern California;           1.
Cornell 1. North Dakota                0                            Cortlxnd State. 16 ; UC Davis. 14: Denisun,                          mrnto State 20: San Fern&m% Valley State                             Duna Curtis. Tex&s ; 8. Bob Windle. Indians ;
Hoston Univ. 4. Michigan                Stnte 2                     12; Long Beach State. 10.                                            20. Kansas 18.                                                       9. Ed Glick. Michigan State: 10. Mike Geri-
                         Condation                                     Mankato     State. 9; San Fernando       Vallcv                      Cleveland State 14; North Carolina State                           bsldi. Utih;       11. Ken Webb, Indiana;                12.
   Miehig&n       Stnte 6. North        Dakota     1                State, X; S&n Francisco       State, 6, Younzsm                      11: North C&rolin& 11; Cal Tech 9 : UC Santa                         Dave Heim. Maryland.
                        Championship                                town. 6i DePauw, 4, C&l Tech. 3 ; Southern                           Bazbara    9: Cal Polv (San Luis Obispo) 6;                              lOO-Y&rd B&ckstrok-1.               Charlie Hickcox,
   First   Period-l.Cornell, Kinasewich    (Death!                  Con”retleut,     3.                                                  Uiivham Ybung 4. -                                                    Indiana,      58.11: 2. G&ry Dilley, Michigan
Stanowski).    1 :26 : 2. Cornell,      Stanowskl                                                                                                                                                             State; S. Ruse Klngery, Michigan ; 4. James
(Dave Ferguson.       Orr).   18 :E.K. Penalties-                                                                                                                                                             O’ Malley, Colorado State Univ.;                 6. Charles
Coviello. 1 :G‘ : P&ttison,    11:0X and 17 :40.                                                                                                                                                               Ne”~lln,        Southern        Methodist;       6. Terry
Shots on Goal-Cornell       9, Boston Univ.. 12.                    COLLEGE             DIVISION             WRESTLING                   COLLEGE           DIVISION                BASKETBALL                 Craig, Utah; 7. Dennis Dale. Minnesota;                      8.
   Second    Period-X          Cornell,  Doug   Ferguaon            (Rerulb      of titth annual tournament;               Wilkes-              (Results   of 11th annurl tournament.                         Fred Dannemann,             North Carolin&:          9. Ron
 (Dave    Ferguson),         12 :41 : 4. Boston     Univ.,                        Bsrre, Pa.; March 10-11.)                                                   March 7-17.)                                    Wirth, North Carolinr State; 10. I’              ete Skog-
Sobeski (Quinn.      Bnesi). 12 :6X Penalties-                          115 Pounds-l.           Richsrd Ssndera. Portland                                      Fint     Round                                 lund. Northwestern          ; 11. Tim Birnie. South-
Krnasewieh, 2 :Ol : Orr, S :28 ; Sobeaki. 6 :SO ;                   State; 2. John Garcia, Cal Poly (SLO):                          3.   Assumption 87, American Int. 86 (30T)                                ern Methodist:         12. Dick Marshall.          Southern
Cooke, 12 :12 : Althouae. 14 :37 ; Doran. 16 :29 ;                  Davzd Eberhard. llllinois State; 4. Al Ogdie.                                     a
                                                                                                                                         St. .Michael’ 70. Northeastern    61                                 Methodist.
Bassi. 17 :32. Shota on Goal-Cornell     16, B@-                    M&ok&to State. 6. Ewrette Hill. Wheaton ; 6.                         Crntral Corm. YIJ. Buff&lo St. 12                                        200-Yard     Backstroke-1.          Charlie Hiekeox.
tm Univ. 16.                                                         Steve Tipton. Colorado Mine% Sanders pmned                          Long Island 86, Rochester 76                                         Indiana, 1 :G6.3 (sets American.                NCAA and
   Third    Periadd.        Cornell,     M&&inn        (Coviel-     Garcia, 7 :4X.                                                                                                                            meet records) : 2. Jim Malley. Colorado State
lo, Stanowski),     10 :12. Penalties-Orr,       five                                                                                                      Consol*tion9
                                                                        123 pound-1.            warren     Crow.     Albnny (N.          Northeastern   80, American Int. ‘   63                              Univ.:      3. Gary Dilley. Michigan              State; 4.
minutes, 3 :09 ; Baasi, 8 :lO ; Orr. 1’ :27 ; Riley.                                                                                     Rochester 76. Buffalo St. ‘  70                                      Russ Kingery.         Michigan;        6. Dick Marsh&ll.
17.02 ; Psrkrr,   1l:OZ: Doug Ferguson, g&me                        Y.) State: 2. Glen Younger, Western                        Colo-                                                                          Southern Methodist;           6. Dick Roth. Stanford;
misconduct, 17 :O2. Shots on Go&l-Cornell           6.              rado; 3. L.es Kcmpf. Kings Point; 4. James                                               Second     Round
                                                                     Burch. Ashland:              6. Mike Howe,          Mankato                     s
                                                                                                                                         St. Michael’ 77. Assumption 63                                        7. Uill Utlry.       Indrana:        8. Martin      Knight,
Borton Univ. 6.                                                                                                                                                                                               Minnesota : 9. Tim Birnie, Southern Meth-
     Cornell                  211-4                                 State;     6. Billy Paddock,              Color&do Minea.            Long Island 114. Central Corm. 66
                                                                    Crow def. Younger, 7-6.                                              Akron 98. Mt. St. Man’   s 72                                        odiat; 10. Pete Williams. Michigan State; 11.
     Boston Univ.             0 1 0 -         1                                                                                                                                                                Kerry     O’ Har&, Army;           12. Greg Westcott.
                                                                        130 Pound-l.          Bob Soulek. Mankato State;                 Winston-Salem 91, Baldwin-Wnllace     16                             Southern Celifornia.
                                                                    2. Dale Stryker, Western Colorado; 3. Gerry                          Phil&. Textile 90. Wagner 86 (OT)
                                                                    Smith, Sooth Dakota State; 4. Rich Green.                            Cheyney St. 76, Drexel Tech 63                                           lOO-Y&rd Bre&stitralrs           - 1. Ken Merten,
COLLEGE                DIVISION           SWIMMING                   f’ortland     State;        6. David Kling.          IndIana        KY. Wesleyan 611.Stetson 65                                          Southern        Methodist.       68.4 (rreb American.
                                                                     (I’&.) : 6. Ken Frus. Illinois               State. Soulek          So. Carolin& St. 66: Tennessee St. 69                                NCAA nnd meet records) : 2. Russ Webb,
(Results     of fourth annual meet: Commerce,                                                                                            Southwest Misaourl 83, Arkansas Al kl&N                        80    UCLA;        3. Wayne Anderson, Southern Celi-
              California: March 16-18.)                             def. Stryker, 13-6.                                                                                                                       foxnia; 4. Dave Perkowski. Indinna:                  6. Paul
                                                                        137 Poundel.              M&saru Yatabc, Portland                Lincoln (Mo.) 93, Arkansas St. 80
                                                                                                                                         Indian& St. 10~. Luther 88                                           Scheerer, Michigan;            6. Mike Buckley. Yale;
    SO-Yard Free&tyltl.              Chris Williamal San            State; 2. Jerry Uond. St. Col. 10~0.; 3. Gene                                                                                             7. Bill Charhonneau,            Southern Methodist:          X.
Diego State, 22.0 ; 2. Fred DeVolp, H&mtlto~~ ;                     Morrison. Colorado Mines; 4. Paul Stehman.                           Valparaiso 89. Southern Colo. 62
                                                                                                                                         San Diego St. 101. Portland St. 13                                   Gerald Pearson, Southern Illinois;                   9. Bob
y. Steve Farmer, UC Irvine;                   4. Phil Strick.       Northwest        Missouri;         6. Tom Sowlea, Man-                                                                                    Momsen,        Stanford ; 10. Alan             Richardson.
Pncific and John Black. UC Santa Barb&r&;                                                                                                Nevada Southern 1OU. UC Davis 88
                                                                     k&to St&t.e; 6. Dave Mentzer, Drcxel Tech.                          Louisiana Tech X6. North Dakota 17                                   Yale;      11. Tom Bryant.             Georgiu:     12. Kip
6. Ron David. Mankato State.                                        Yatabr def. Bond, 6-2.                                               Illinois St. 72. Parsons 68                                          l’ope, Illinois.
    loo-Yard Freentyltl.              Dave Belknap. UC                  145 Pounds        -~.. 1. Uob Wend+,             Mankato                               Consulation,s                                     ZOO-Yard      Breaststroke       -    1. Ken Merten,
Irvine. 48.9; 2. Larry Dalton. Indiana State:                       State; 2. Robert W&ligunda,                 Syrrnglirla;       3.    Baldwin-Wallace    106. Mt. St. Mary’ 82
                                                                                                                                                                             s                                Southern Methodist, 2 :07.Y (sets American.
:r. Mike Gerry. San Diego State and Jim                             Freeman Garrison, Portland State: 4. Dnvid                           Wagner 61, Drexel Tech G3                                            NCAA and meet records) ; 2. Bob Momsen.
Rants, UC Santa Barb&r& ; 6. Steve Williams.                        Lindhjem. Old Dominion;                6. Bill Rex. North-           Tennessee St. fiG. Stelson 63                                        Stcnford : 3. Wayne Anderson. Southern C&l-
s&n Jose State: 6. Chris Williams. San Diego                        west Mixsour,;            6. Kent Wyatt.           Cal Poly          Ark&or&s St. 106, Arkansas AM&N 93                                   ifornia;     4. Paul Scheerer. Michiuan:             6. Russ
state.                                                               (SLO). Wendel def. Waligunda,                  7-O.                 Luther 99. Southern Colorado 78                                      Webb. UCLA;           6. Dave Perkowaki. Indiana;
    ZOO-Yard      Freestyle-l.          Mike Gerry,         San         I52 Pounda-1.              Clerence Seal. I’      ortlnnd        UC Davis 81. Portland St. 61                                         7. Paul Jellera, Southern California:                8. Mike
Diego State. 1:47.4 ; 2. Jim Ranta. UC S&nt&                        State; 2. Frank Peraino. Springfield;                  3. Ron        North Dakota 107. Persona 66                                         Buckley. Yale: 9. Steve Seigler, Air Force;
Uarbara; 3. Dave Gray. UC Santa Barbara;                            James, NorthweRt Missouri; 4. Bryan Lamb%                                                Regional       Fin&
                                                                                                                                                                                                              10. Bill Charbonneau.              Southern      Methodist.
4. L&rry D&lton. Indians State; ‘ Bob Ned~,     6.                  Oneonta State:             6. John M,ller.          Cal Poly          Long Island 72. St. Michael’ 64
                                                                                                                                                                      s                                          loo-Yard       Buttertly-1.       Roan    Wales.       Prinee-
UC Irvine;         6. John Moztens~n. UC Sante                       (SLO) : 6. Gordy Frisch. Gust&vu Adolphus.                           Winston-Salem     88. Akron 80                                       ton, KU.2 (ties American.                 NCAA and meet
B&rbara.                                                            Seal pinned Peraino, 4 :68.                                           Cheyney St. 80, Phila. Textile 64                                   reconla) : 2. I.uis Nicnlso. Stanford;                   3. Phil
    SoO-Yard Freestyltl.                 Dave Gray, UC                  160 Pounds-l.              Don Morrison.         Colorado         KY. Wesley&n 8’ So. Carolina St. 70
                                                                                                                                                            7.                                                 liiker,      North      Carolina:         4. Bill Johnson?
Santa Barbara. 4 :s6.7 (meet record) ; 2. Jim                        Mines; 2. Joe Wiendl. Wilkes: 8. Curtis Sex-                         Southwest Missouri X7. Lincoln 77                                    Southern California:             6. John Russell, Miami
Rant&, UC Santa Barbara;                    3. Mike Gerry,          ton. lllinois St&te; 4. Jim Soulek. M&ok&to                           Valparaiso X0. Indiana St. 77                                         (Ohio) : 6. Steve Macri, Florida:                      7. Don
San Diego State; 4. Pat Glnsgow, UC Irvine:                          State; 6. Rick Evans. Gustavus Adolphus;                       6.    San Diego St. 88, Nevada Southern ‘ 71                               Spencer, Minnesota : 8. Lea Bisbeq, Michigan :
5. Bill Leach. UC Irvine; 6. Terry Finwane.                         Neal Sk&&r, Luther. Morrison pinned Wiendl,                          Illinois St. 89, Louleiane Tech 66                                    9. Stan Cole, UCLA:               10. John Lmdley, Wis-
UC Ssnta Barbara.                                                   4 :on.                                                                                                                                     wnsin ; 11. Morgan Alsup. Dartmouth:                           12.
    1650-Ysrd       Freestyle-l.          Dave Gray. UC                 167 Pounds.1.         Mike G&llsgo, Fresno State :               Winston-Salem     62. LOng Island 64                                  Gary Langendoen, Texas.
Snnta Barb&r&, 17 :27.8 (mrt record) : 2. Pat                       2. Jon MeNitt, South Dakotr State; 3. H&l                            KY. W~~leyan 66. Cheyney St. 63                                           200-Yard      Butt.er#l-1.          Carl Rohie. Michi-
Glrragow. UC Irvine:              S. Bill Leach, UC Ir-             Gritzmacher.        UW Milwaukee;             4. Dick Cook.          Southwest Missouri X6. Valparaiso 72                                  nan. 1:62.69; 2. Rosa Wales. Princeton:                         3.
vine; 4. Bob McMurray.                 CorCl&nd State; 6.            Wilkes:     6. Bob Way. Eastern Michigan;                      6.                                    76
                                                                                                                                         Illinois St. 77. San Diego St. ‘ (3 OT)                               Mike Burton,            UCLA;         4. Toomss Arusw,
(:wrye Tomlinson,              S&n Diego State: 6. Bob              William       Miller,       Hampden-Sydney.            Gallego                           seminn&l&                                         Miehigsn : 6. Kevin Berry, Indian&; 6. Lois
Smith. Chico Stnte.                                                 def. MeNitt. 6-Z.                                                    Winston-Salem    82, Ky. Wea1e~s.n 78                                Nicalao, Stanford ; I. Phil Rikef, North Caro-
    loo-Yard     Backstroke-l.              Steve      Olsen.                                                                            Southwest Miasourl 98, Illinois St. 76                                lina; 8. John Lindley, Wisconsm: 9. Vernon
                                                                        171 Pound-l.           Don Parker. St. Col. Iowa:                                                                                     Slovm. Southern Methodist;                   10, Barry Russo,
Sorinyficld      nnd Nelson Shibaaaki. We&tern                      2. Robert Flayter. UW Milwaukee:                    3. Robert                              Third      PIace
Colorado. 66.3: 3. Bill Burke, Catholic:                       4.                                                                                                                                             Florida;        11. Mike Siebert, Southern                   Cali-
                                                                    G~bmn, Deniaon: 4. Dnve Muck&, Moravian;                             KY. Wcsleuan       112. Illinois      St. 73                         fomia:       12. Gary L&.ngendoen. Texan.
Mike Tomberlin. East Camlina: 6. Bill Bnmn.                         6. Tony Cempbell. Portland Stz,te: 6. Denny
Trlnlty;     6. Ted Msthewson,              San Jose St-&t=.        Sager. Gustavus Adolphus. Pnrker def. Flau-                                                                                                    ZOO-Yard     Individual        Medley-l.       Dick Rath.
    ZOO-Yard    Rackatmke-1.            Bruce Mohl. Ham-                                                                                 ;in;n;;-Salem        ch?$“M$                    ,”   P:        T;     Stanford.       1:66 (sets American.              NCAA and
                                                                    ter, 6-3.
ilton, 2:06.&z 2. Nelson Shib&saki. Western                                                                                                                                                                   meet records) ; 2. Bill Utley. Indian&; S. Pete
Colorado : 3. Mike Tomberlin.                East Camline;              191 Pounds-l.              Willie Williams.        lllinois      English                                l-6     10         4     1s    Siebert. Stanford;           4. Frrnk Bates, Southern
                                                                    Strrte: 2. Mike MeKeel. Portland                    State: S.        Reid                      66:;         o-1     12         3     12   Crrlifornia;       6. Bill Johnson, Southern Call-
4. Bill Burke, Cstholie : 6. Rill Suk. American ;                   Tom Kline, C&l Poly (SLO) : 4. Fred John-                            Monroe                   16-30         S-16     4         4     40
6. Rick L&Rose. Brnrkport                 State.                                                                                                                                                               fornia;      6. Pete Wiliama. Michigan               State: 7.
                                                                    son. Awustrna              (Ill.) : 6. Peter Middleton.              Smiley                    4-10         2-2                2     10   Martin Knight, Minnesot&i 8. Tony Gleneon.
    loo-Yard     Buttrrfly-1.          Doug Russell. Ar-            Morningside;         6. Rarry Gold. Wilkes. Wil-                     TeaIll                                          :                     Southern California:             9. Mike Siebert, South-
lington State. 61.8 : 2. Phil Striek. Pacific:                      liams def. McKee], S-4.                                                                       _            _~             ~          ~    ern California:          10. John Culvert. North Caro-
:x Bry&n R&thke. Evansville:                  4. Bob Sharp,,            Hewywdght-1.              Bob Kellogg, MacMorra~;                Tot&Is                   33-64        11-23    40    16         77   lina State; 11. Mike Fitsmaurice.                    Villanova.
IJC Irvine; ‘ Malcolm Bears, Oneonta State:                         2. Kent Osboe, St. Col. Iowa; 3. Tom Uewm,
6. Mike IIamilton.            East Csrolins.                                                                                             SW Missouri                                                               400-Ysrd Indirldurl            Medley-l.       Dick Roth.
                                                                    Western        coloeado ; 4. David                McDowell.                                                                                Stsnford.       4 :12 (sets NCAA              and meet rec-
    ZOO-Yard Butterfly -- 1. M&lcolm                     Bears.     Wheaton: 6. Storm Goranson. San Frnncisco                            Bolden                   11-21         6-6     12         4     21
Onroots St&te. 2 :02 ; 2. Mike Hamilton. E&at                                                                                            Carlaon                   l-9          l-2      7         1      3   ords) : 2. Bill Utley. Indiana : 3. John Calvert.
                                                                    State; 6. Don Huffer. 6. W. Post. Kellogg                                                                   4-Y     10         3     20    North Carolina State ; 4. Mike Siebert. South-
Cnwrlina:      3. Pat Glasgow. UC Irvine;                      4.   def. Osboe. 6-4.                                                     Shepherd                  8-14                                       ern Californi.;           6. Fete Siebeti, Stanford : 6.
Mnrk       Uruce. San Diego State;                   6. Steve                                                                            Gummersbach               6-14         o-o      1               10
111ubery. San J-e State; G. Tom Knopf. Santa                            Team     ScorinpPortland             State, 86; Man-             Shennxbhnn                4-6          o-o      2         :      8    John Porter,          Southern California;             7. Pete
Cl&r&.                                                              k&to State. 61 : St&te College of Iowa, 40:                          Bsncroft                  2-6          o-o      2                4    Williams,       Michigan        State; 8. Frank Bates,
                                                                     Co!orndo Mines. Illinois State and Western                          Jenkins                   l-2          O-O      6         ,”     2    Southern         California;         9. Dean Willeford,
    loo-Yerd Rreaststroke~            I. Dick Nesbit. Ar-           Colorado, 36; C&l Poly (San Luia Obiapo).                                                                                                  Southern Califarnie;               10. Ken Webb. Indi-
lington State, 1 :00.3 : 2. Greg Kalmbach. Ken-                                                                                          Team                                            9
                                                                    34; South Dakota                 State and Wilkes. 26;                                                                                    nna; 11. Dave Johnson, Yale; 12. Paul Jeffem,
,T,,,: 3. John Moore. Kenyon: 4. Cal Percy,                         Sprinufield. 23.                                                                                                                           Southern Californis.
la&ho State; 6. Terry Harper, Fresno State;                                                                                              Totals             32-71 lo-16 48                    17    74
                                                                        UW Milwrukee.               22: Northwest        Missouri.            Winston-Salem        37 40 -                     17                  One-Meter Diving-l.               Ken Sitzberger,         In-
fi. Bill Keller. Kenuon.                                            20 : MncMurray.          1’ : Fresno State. 15 ; Albany
                                                                                                7                                                                  34 40 -                     14              diana. 510.26 : 2. Chuck Knorr. Ohio Sbte; 3.
                                                                                                                                              SW Missouri                                                      Win Young, Indiana;                4. Kim Kirklin,          Ohio
    ZOO-Yard Breaststroke-l.               Dick Nesbit. Ar-          (N.Y.)     Stste. 13; Guatavus Adolyhus                    and
lington State. 2 :19.0 ; 2. Greg Kalmbnch, Ken-                     Wheatun. 12 ; August&n& (Ill.). 11: Denlson.                            Officisls-Wedge   and Strauthera.                  Atten-          State; 6. Fred Brown. Michigan:                      6. Julian
yun: 3. Mikr Honig, IJC Sant& Barbara;                         4.   f;;p       oint.
                                                                              9’          Old Dominion            and Oneonta            dance-6.041.                                                          Kruh. Wisconsin:             7. Luis Nino de Rivera,
Harry R&ugher. Catholic;                  6. Charlea Dean,                                                                                                                                                     Indiana:       8. Jay Me&den. Michig&n;                 9. Nick
Brockport      State; 6. Terry Harrier,                 Freano         Ashland. R : Luther asa Went Chester 7;                                                                                                 Carlton, Indiana:           10. Duane Green, Michigan
state.                                                              C. W. Post, Eastern         Michigan.    Mor&;ian.                             UNIVERSITY  DIVISION                                       Shte; 11. Fred Whiteford. Michigan State.
    ZOO-Ysrd Individual           Medley-l.        Doug Rus-        Morningside      and San Francisco        State, 6:                                                                                            Three-Meter         Diving-     -1.     Ken Sitsbergcr,
sell, Arlington       Stnte. 2:OO.g: 2. Bruce Mohl.                 Chico State and Drexel Tech. 4.                                                     SWIMMING                                               Indiana. 672.66: 2. Win Young, Indiena;                         3.
Hrrmilton:      3. Chuck Spink. UC Snots Bar-                          Allegheny.    August&n&    (SD.).    B&l1 State.                       (Results of the 44th annual meet: East                           Chuck Knox.            Ohio State; 4. Julian Krug.
b&r&: 4. Harry            Baugher. Cntholic ; 6. Bill               Brockport     State, Hampden-Sydney,         Inainna                          Lansing. Michigan ; M&reh 28-26.)                            Wisconsin;         6. John Meaden. Michigan:                    6.
Suk. American:            6. Mike Honig. UC Sant&                   (Pa.). Llnculn      (Pa.), Lycoming,     South Da-                       LO-Yard Fremtylbl.            Z&ck Zorn, 21.12; 2.               Harry Robbins. Southern Methodist:                        I. Bob
Barbnra.                                                            kota and Wooster, 2.                                                                                                                       Walmsley. Mirhigpn;               8. Fred Brown. Michi-
                                                                       Clarkann. Cleveland State. Eastern Illinois.                       Don Havens. Southern               California;      3. Bob           gan ; 9. Holt Manesa. Princeton;                     10. Nick
    400-Yard       Individual         Medley-l.          Harry      Eliznbethtuwn,      Fort   Lewis,    John Cerroll.                   Uoyer. uregon:           4. Ed Mossoti, Southern Il-                 Carlton. Inclmm:             11. Pete Rhodos. Indienn.
R&ugher, Catholic, 4 r26.1 (meet record) ; 2.                       I*,ng Beach Stnte. Maryville.        Oswego State.                   linoia;     6. Robin Waples, Yale:                6. Steve               400-Y&rd Fr-tyle            Relay-l.       Stanford (Lois
Rruce Mohl. IIamilton:               8. Mike Honig. UC              UC Davis and Western Marylsnd.            1.                         Retyeh. North Carolina State; 7. Pete Worth-                         Nicolao. Bill Meyer, Morgan Manning,                          Jim
Santa Bnrbars : 4. Mark Bruce. San Diego                                                                                                 en, North Carolina: 8. Doug Kennedy, Yale;                            Laney), 3 :04.9 (aem American.                    NCAA and
State: 6. Chuck Spink. UC Sante                     Barbara;                                                                              Y. Bill Graft. Michigsn;            10. James Burwell,              meet records) : 2. Y&l=; 3. Southern Cali-
6. Rick Hill. Esstem Kentucky.                                                                                                           Duke; 11. Phil Denkevitz, Maryland:                 12. Dan          fornia;       4. Michignn           SLate: 6. UCLA;              6.
    One-Meter       Diving-l.          Les Gerber. East                                    FENCING                                       M,lne, Purdue.                                                       North Carolins : 7. Michigan : 8. Indiana ; 9,
Cnrolina, 382.10: 2. Brian Robbin?. Arlington                                                                                                109-Yard Freestyle-l.            Ken Walsh. Micbi-               IJteh: 10. Oregon : 11. Southern Illinois;                      12.
State; 3. Gordon Brynnt. Evan~vrlle;                    4. Bob      (Results of the 23rd annual meet; Northridge,                        y&n State, 46.6 (ties Americrn                 record. sets
                                                                             California:       March 30-al-April     1.)                                                                                      NEW.
Wilhite. UC Irvine;             6. Jim Lilligan.        Evans-                                                                            NCAA and meet records) ; 2. Don Havens,                                  EOO-Yard Freeetyle Rel&y--1. Stanford (Dick
ville; 6. Dennis Spanek. San Diego State.                               S&br+l.        Todd Makler. Pennsylvania.        26-2 :          Southern California;            3. Znck Znm. UCLA:                    Roth, Pete Slebert. Mike W&11, Greg Buck-
    ThrebMetcr        Diving-l.          Bob Wilhite.       UC      2. P&u1 Apostol. New York Univ.:                  3. Paul             4. Don Schollnnder.             Yele; 6. Mike Fitz-                  ingham). 6 :64.6 (set& American. NCAA &nd
Irvine, 410.50; 2. Urian Rabbi+                     Arlington       Profeta.        ,Hsrvard:     4. John Swanson. Air                    mnurice. Villanova ; 6. Robm Waples. Yale:                           meet records: 2. Southern California:                      8. In-
State. 3. Greg DeCriatof.sro. Pacifre : 4. L&TTY                    Force : 5. Dimitri            Merdiunzen.    Temple:     6.           7. Bill Meyer. Stanford:              8. Steve Rerych.               diana: 4. Ynle: 6. Michigan;                     6. Southern
Hrmnnn,       Los Angeles State: 6. Greg Rose.                      Andy Haliw, Wayne State: I. Dave White,                               North Carolina State: Y. Jim Laney. Stsn-                            Methoaixt:        7. Michisnn           StRte: 8. Utsh;         9.
Los Angeles State: 6. Dick Tobin. East Csro-                        Illinois:      8. Joe Paaula. Princeton:         9. John              ford : 10. Bryan B&tern&n. Indian&; 11. Fred                         Minneanta:         10. Washington : 11. Texas ; 12.
lina.                                                               Holly. Navy;           10. Frank Emihovich,        Colum-             Irogan. Wisconsin ; 12. Dennis O’           Connor, Col-             UC Ssnta Barb&n.
    4oo-Yard      Freestyle        Relay-l.        UC Irvine        bia.                                                                  orado State Univ.                                                        POO-Yard Medley Relay-l.                    UCLA       (Mike
 ,Steve Farmer.           Bob Sharp. Robert Nraly,                      Epee 1. George Mssin, New York Univ.,                                ZOO-Yard Freeetylbl.              Greg Buckingham.                Bergcr. Russ Webb, Stan Cole. Zaek 7firn).
D&w Belknnp). 3~14.9; 2. San Diego State:                           24-S : 2. Frank Hewitt. Navy : 3. Dan Can-                            Stsnfora,     I :41.3 (sets Americsn, NCAA snd                      3 :29.6 (sets American, NCAA md meet ret-
3. UC Santn H&rbare ; 4. San Jose State: 6.                         tillon, Detroit: 4. Steve Donlnn. Notre Dnme;                        meet record) ; 2. Don Schollander. Yale: 3.                           orda) : 2. Southern Methodist:                   3. Indisna;
Kcnyon: 6. Ohio Wesleyan.                                           5. Don Siej&. Cornell: 6. Rick B&urn&n, Wia-                          Bill Johnson. Southern California:                 4. Mike           4. Stanford : 6. Yale: 6. not awarded due to
    X00-Yard Freestyle             Relay-l.        UC Santa         eonsin: ‘ Bert Pcarlman. Columbia: 8. John
                                                                                 I.                                                      Fitzmaurice.        Villanova;     6. Mike Wall. Stan-                di~qualifimtion        : 7. Southern California : 8.
Il;lrb&r& (Chuck Spink. Craig Tempey. Ken                           Houston, Buffalo; 9. Ron MeMahan. Pennsyl-                           fora : 6. Bob Baehman. Illinois ; I. Dean Wille-                      Michigan : 9. Minnesota;                10. North Carolin& ;
yezan, John Mortmam).                   7 :24 : 2. San Jose         vania; 10. Steve Knodle. Chic&go.                                     lord, Southern California;             R. Steve Rerych,              11. Army.
St&te: 3. UC Irvine;              4. Arlington       State: 6.                                                                            North Caroline           State; 9. Bob Windle, In-                       Team Scoring-Stanford                275 : Southern Cal-
                                                                        Foil-l.       Mike Gaylor, New York Univ..                        diana;      10. Jay Williams.          Army:      11. Ken            ifornia       260: Indian& 249: Michignn                     1R4 :
Chico Stste; 6. San Diego State.                                    Bfi-6 : 2. Gerard &pond&. San Frnnriaco:                 3.
    4UO-Yard Medley Relay-l.                Arlington     State                                                                           Walsh. Miehican State: 12. S&nay Gilchrist.                          IJCLA        148; Yale 136 ; Southern Methodist
                                                                    Art Uear, Columbia. 4. Don Motr. Air Force;                           Southern California.                                                 127 ; Michigan State 116 ; North Carolina 65 ;
 (Doug RushelI, Richard                Nesbit. Ed B&not,            6. Steve Bernard, CCNY: 6. Joe Cohen. Tem-
Emrat Siefert). 339.6 (meet record) : 2. San                                                                                                 500-Yard Freestylbl.              Greg Buckingham.                Minnesota 42.
                                                                    ple; 7. Steve Permut. Pennsylvanin:               8. John             Stanford.      4 :31 (sets American.           NCAA sod                  North Carolina State 38 : Ohio Stnte 36:
JOJ~ State: 3. San Diego State: 4. UC Irvine:                       Crikelair.       Notre Dame: 9. Armando Hereaia.
E.. Cptbolic;     6. UC Santa Barbara.                                                                                                    meet records) : 2. Mike Burton, UCLA:                     3.        Princeton 33 : Ut&h 32 ; Wisconsin 30: Colo-
                                                                    Nnvy: 10. Ch&rles Suritz. Illinois.                                  Carl Robie. Michignn;              4. Steve Dnnieleon.                rado State University                   25; Villsnova         23 ;
    Team Scoring-UC              Santa Rarbara, 266%;                             Scoring-New          York University     72:
UC Irvine. 246. Ssn Diego State, 203% : S&n                             Team                                                              Southern        California ; 6. Dean Willeford.                      Southern Illinois 20 : Oregon 18 ; Texas 13.
Jwe State. 160: Arlington                Stnte. 162’  h: East       Pennrylvania          64 : Columbia 63 ; Navy 62 : Air                Sobthern       California;      6. Mike W&II. Stan-                      Illinois and Florian 12 : Miami (Ohio) 10 :
Carolina. 96; Kenyon. 84: Catholic                      ID.C.),     Force 68: Notre Dame 66; Cornell (N. Y-)                              ford: 7. Ken Walsh. Michignn State; 8. Bob                           Army Y : W&shington 6 ; Air Force 4 : North-
81 : Chico State. 6R: Pacific (Calif.).                   60’ ,$.   66 ; Temple 65 ; CCNY 64 ; Harvard 62.                                WindIe. Indirmrr; 9. Sandy Gilchrist.                South-          western. Maryland.              Wyoming nnd Duke 3.
    Hemilton.       66 : Evansville,           49: Oneonte              Wisconsin         62 : Illinois    49 ; Detroit    41;           ern Cslifornia.         10. Erik Korazold, Wyoming.                       Navy, Dartmouth.            Georgia and UC Snnta
State. 42; Western Colorado. 38%; Fresno                            Wayne Stete (Mich.) 46; Rutgers 44: Prinee-                               1650-Yard       Freeetyls      - 1. Mike Burton.                 Bnrbara. 2: ruraue 1.

NCAA           NEWS           / January-February-March,                              1967                                                                                                                                                                           7
                                                                                                                                                 suo!+D+ardre+u~                     s1f-y
                                                                                                                                                                  li”q=s~9             OJd
                                                                                                                                                                JaMO~UaS!~                01

                                                                                                                                                                 PJDMV &al
                                                                                                                                                           pa+S!l         SJaqUIaW
                                                                                                                                                         aa++!UUO-J                  N

                                                                                                                                              s+psaa            d!ysuo!dumyD
                                                                                                                                                    weds          Ja+u!M L96 1
                                                                                                                                                                 pa+sg           suq+qf
                                                                                                                                                         uo!+uaAuo~                  +s 19

                                                                                                                                                sJ=‘                VV3N  M=N
                                                                                                                                                   ‘bDW                    JDld
                                                                                                                                                                      PUD +‘

                                                                                                                                               dnoJg             alqV        sJauu!M

                                                                                                                                      d!ysJnloW                     =f%             3N

                                                                                                                                                             i6!H M=N +V

                                                                                                                                         . . . anogG“G
                                                                                                                                                          axmlduro3   9-l

                                                                                                                        S()Lj79    !JnOSS!W     &
                                                                                                                                                ‘        SDSlJD>(     allll~A~
                                                                                                                                                                      ‘              JJOU!(lbfj           LZZ[

   t6Lt  ‘ON ~l”lJod
 OW ‘
 ‘      ND   SVSNVY
         ‘ -I-I

                                                                                               Event                                      Site or Host                                       Date

                                                                                           Atlantic   College Division               Long Island University                           June 9-10
       Event                                   Site or Host                       Date        Baseball Championship                  Brooklyn,  New York
                                                                                                                                                                                      -       -_---
                                                                                           Baseball      Rules Committee               Omaha, Nebraska                                June lo-11
  Sports      Arbitration      Board       New York,       New York            May l-2                                                     -....-         ~~-
                                                                                           National College Division                   Murray State College                           June        12-16
  Executive        Committee               Chicago,     Illinois               May 4-5       Golf Championships                        Paducah, Kentucky
                                                                                                                                 .._.-~~~.           - ~-~ . _
  Extra      Events    Committee           Chicago,     Illinois               May 5-6     National  Collegiate                        Creighton     University                       June        12-17
                                                                                             Baseball Championship                     Omaha, Nebraska
  Council                                  Chicago,   Illinois                 May 5-7                         -~~ -..              ~_ --          __.^_~_~~~
                                                        ---                                                                            Southern    Illinois University                June        12-17
                                                                                           National  Collegiate
  Pacific College Division                 California    State College         May 12-13     Tennis Championships                      Carbondale,      Illinois
    Tennis Championships                   Los Angeles, California
                                                                                           U. S. Track Coaches                       Provo,      Utah                                 June        13-15
  Pacific College Division                 To be determined                    May 19-20     Association
    Baseball Championships
                                       -                                                                                             Brigham Young               University           June        15-17
                                                                                           National   Collegiate
  Atlantic      College Division           Mt. St. Mary’ College
                                                        s                      May 19-20       Track Championships                   Provo, Utah
     Track      Championships              Baltimore,  Maryland                            -~-         -.-__-._~~
                                                                                           National   Collegiate                     University   of Pennsylvania                     June 19-24
  Pacific College Division                 California     State College        May 20          Golf Championships                    Shawnee-on-Delaware,         Pa.
    Track Championships                    Hayward,       California                                                                       ~“-
                                                                                           National    Association                   Learnington    Hotel                             June 20-21
   Television      Committee               Chicago,     Illinois               May 23-24     Collegiate    Directors       of        Minneapolis,    Minn.
  Midwest College Division                 State College of Iowa               May 27
     Golf, Tennis, Track                   Cedar Falls, Iowa                               USTFF        Governing      Council        Chicago,       Illinois                         June 27-28
                                                                                           Collegiate      Commissioners              To be determined                                July l-6
  Mideast College Division                 Illinois State University           June 2-3                                                                                                   ~I_~
    Baseball Championship                  Normal, Illinois                                Univ.Basketball      Committee     Colorado Springs, Colorado                              July 5-8
                                                                                                        -~-          _.-,_~-_~                                                            -.    -
  Mideast College Division                 Eastern Michigan    U.              June 2-3    Pan American                       University   of Minnesota                               July 7-10
    Track Championships                    Ypsilanti, Michigan                               Gymnastics     Trials            Minneapolis,    Minnesota

   Midwest College Division                Arkansas State University           June 2-3    Pan American                               University   of Minnesota                       July        8-15
     Baseball Championship                 Jonesboro, Arkansas                               Wrestling  Trials                        Minneapolis,    Minnesota

  Atlantic  College Division               Rider College                       June 5-7    Col. Basketball          Committee        To be determined                                 July        13-15
     Tennis Championships                  Trenton, New Jersey
                                                                                           Pan American    Track                     University   of Minnesota                        July        14-15
   National College Division               University   of Chicago             June 6-10     and Field Trials                        Minneapolis,     Minnesota
     Tennis Championships                  Chicago, Illinois                               Pan American           Games               Winnepeg,         Canada                        July        24-Aug.        5
                                                                          ~-      _- .-
   National     College Division           Weber State College                 June 9-10   Public     Relations      Committee        Chicago,       Illinois                         July        30-31
     Track      Championships              Ogden, Utah
                                                                                           CoSIDA        Convention                   Chicago,       Illinois                         Aug.        l-4
   U. S. Track Federation                  University   of New Mexico          June 9-10
     Championships                         Albuquerque,    New Mexico                      College      Committee                     San Francisco,            California            Aug. 8-9

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