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					                                             RVM Windows POS Software
                                             Product feature list

                                             Retailer Improves Customer Service and
                                             Business Control with RVM POS & Back-Office
       RVM - POS                             Mobile Office Solution

Overview                                     “RVM puts us up front with customer service giving
Country/Region: New Zealand
Industry: Retail & Service station
                                             us excellent control over the critical aspects of our
                                             business and at an affordable price”
Customer Profile
                                             Kris Bower, Owner Manager, McClintock Motors, – Havelock North
Small to medium sized retailers and
Service stations.                            McClintocks is a successful Havelock-North service station. Their
Business Situation                           existing POS system was outdated and expensive to maintain.
Management seeks a way to help               Management wanted to improve customer service and internal
improve productivity, customer service and
improve control over stock, staff and        control of stock, customers and cash with a computing solution
cashflow.                                    to speed customer service and improve control of key business
Solution                                     functions. McClintock’s selected Datawests RVM solution, which
RVM POS and Back-office running on           includes POS PC’s running the Microsoft® Windows® XP operating
Microsoft Windows XP.
                                             system and the Enabler pump controller.
Benefits                                     The RVM Software adds up to a control solution helping them to
  Improved customer service
  Improved stock control                     provide better customer service and keep tighter control over the
  Improved cash control                      business.
  Increased productivity
  Reduced system maintenance
  Immediate customer service                 Datawest are an established service station POS system supplier,
                                             and have been in the market place for over 12 years. Our flagship
                                             product RVM is both reliable and robust, reducing your service
                                             costs and raising your profits.
                                        Overview                                      when they reoccur (example: auto-
                                        RVM offers you secure and dependable          payments) they effortlessly link to the same
                                        computing. With increasing competition,       cashbook account. Deposits automatically
                                        businesses need tight control more than       post to Debtors accounts - eliminating
                                        ever. RVM increases your operational          keying errors and double entry. Payments
                                        efficiency with its fully integrated system   post to the Creditors ledger. Automatic
                                        that manages: Cash, Stock, Suppliers          creation of creditor invoices saves time.
                                        Customers, Fuel-Pumps, Point of Sale and      Reports show where cash has been used in
                                        Security.                                     the business, giving greater control over
                                                                                      cash flow.
                                        RVM - POS provides tight control over cash    Security
                                        and sales, minimising losses and boosting     RVM - Security keeps confidential business
                                        productivity. Integrated barcodes and fuel    information secure. Access to critical
                                        pumps, speed sales at POS for faster          modules is restricted to authorised staff.
                                        customer service. POS charge-cards
                                        simplify customer billing. Advanced
"With RVM, The sales                    auditing for simple resolution of POS
                                        queries. Gnome CCTV option captures
team offers better                      customer images to reduce fraud.
customer service for my
clients.”                               The RVM - Stock module controls sales
                                        items with ease and accuracy. Wetstock
                                        compliance requirements are met with
Kris Bower, Owner Manager, McClintock   ease and precision, promptly pinpointing
Motors, – Havelock North                fuel losses. Fast powerful searches save
                                        time maintaining stock items.

                                        Debtors simplifies management of
                                        invoicing, quotes, workshop jobs and
                                        regular invoices, increasing operational
                                        efficiency. Automatic posting of account
                                        booking fees and interest recovers costs
                                        and speeds slow payers. Debt classification
                                        system identifies potential cash flow
                                        problems. Plain paper Statements and
                                        Invoices save stationary costs

                                        Simplify accounting, control charges from
                                        suppliers and update stock. Desktop-
                                        banking payments, increase accuracy and
                                        save time. Clearly identify supplier

                                        The RVM cashbook easily categorises bank
                                        transactions downloaded from Internet
                                        banking. Transactions are memorised, and
POS Features at a glance                                      •     Aged trial balance report
•     Easy to use screens                                     •     Debtor transaction reports
•     Barcode Scanning                                        •     Customer statements & listings
•     Customer Charge cards
•     Credit limits at POS                                    Creditors Features a glance
•     ROA account payments                                    •     Desktop banking export
•     Tender halos                                            •     Integration with Stock module
•     Detailed shift reporting                                •     Held invoices
•     Exceptions report for refunds                           •     Cheque remittance advices
•     Receipt printing and re-printing                        •     Invoice enquiry
•     Held-sales & No-sales                                   •     Invoice reprint
•     POS-log tracks keystrokes                               •     Buyer generated tax invoice
•     ITL Enabler pump control                                •     Cashbook links
•     Individual POS clerk permissions                        •     Unpaid invoice reports
•     Clerk security logon                                    •     Creditor listings
•     Powerful stock searches                                 •     Creditor transactions

Stock Features a glance                                       Cashbook Features at a glance
•     Stock groups and brands                                 •     Internet bank transaction import
•     Multiple barcodes per item                              •     Post customer payments to
•     Profit analysis                                               Debtor accounts
•     Auto markup %                                           •     Memorises repetitive bank transactions for speedy
•     Detailed stock transactions                                   import
•     Shelf & stock labels                                    •     Detailed chart of accounts
•     Stock valuation reporting                               •     Profit and loss reports
•     Supplier invoice creation                               •     Detailed transaction report
•     Numerous stock sales reports                            •     Accountants codes on reports
•     Retail price lists                                      •     Chart of accounts report
•     Detailed tank & pump reconciliation and reporting       •     Split transaction handling
•     Stock take module                                       •     Budgets & budget variances
•     Handheld PDA support                                          (Completion Oct 2004)

Debtors Features a glance                                     Security Features at a glance
•     Account terms                                           •     Controls access to modules by
•     Credit limits                                                 User permissions. (Full access,
•     Debtor fees and interest posting                              Restricted and no-access)
•     Debtor classifications to identify problem accounts     •     Logs record logon times and functions used
•     Multiple swipe cards per customer
      Card number prints on statement                         System Features at a glance
•     Held statements                                         •     Built in backup system, supports
•     Debtor notes                                                  Removable media up to 95GB+
•     Detailed debtor transactions                            •     Archiving, compression of old
•     Jobs, Quotes & Invoices with conversion from one              POS, Debtor and Stock transactions.
      type to another                                         •     Optional PDF generation of invoices and statements
•     Account deposits                                              for archiving and emailing
•     Deposit bank reports                                    •     CCTV interface to Gnome intelligent POS and
•     Invoice enquiry screen with:                                  forecourt
      Invoice reprint                                               Data-capture systems.
      Invoice edit for current month                          •     Contact-less smartcard option
•     Auto invoicing module for repetitive invoices, daily,
      weekly, 2-weekly, monthly and annual auto invoices.
                                     RVM Features & Support

RVM Key Feature Comparison

Take a closer look at how RVM stacks up against your current station software:

         •   Mechanic Time Sheets
         •   Workshop open jobs and quotes
         •   Integrated POS and workshop
         •   Internet banking cashbook transactions
         •   Wetstock tanks reconciliation
         •   Standard PC components
         •   Repeating Invoices
         •   Windows XP Based Software
         •   Latest Software Development Platform
         •   EFTPOS integration
         •   Fees and Interest Posting to debtor accounts
         •   Creditors and payments
         •   Manager can remotely use BOS and POS
         •   POS Keypress log files to track clerk errors
         •   Fraud prevention systems
         •   International pump support

Ease Of Use

A key feature commonly overlooked when purchasing station management packages is the level of ease of use, training and
support. RVM provides various levels of support in all of its modules; application support from within RVM allows the user to
press “F1” at any time to view the help documentation. For further support, our website ( contains animated
training videos with step-by-step tutorials on selected RVM modules, if you really get stuck, with our 24/7 support option you
can call us day or night on our 0800 free phone and a technician can walk you through your problem step-by-step, on the
                                    RVM Pricing

RVM - Sample Package Pricing
Pricing based on 1 POS and 1 Back office system, features included are as follows:

      •      RVM Station software and licensing
      •      Enabler pump control kit
      •      RVM POS Keyboard
      •      POS PC (Use Existing)
      •      Back office BOS PC (HP-Compaq)
      •      1 LCD Monitor
      •      Antivirus Server
      •      Laser Scanner
      •      Receipt Printer (Use Existing)
      •      Laser printer (BOS)
      •      Cash Drawer
      •      Customer cards (30)
      •      Installation training and cabling

Total RRP: $15,982

Lease Price Per Month: $374.00 (60 Months)


Prices are subject to change without notice - Leases must have hardware included and are estimates based on a 60 month
term and a purchase total exceeding $10k - This pricing allows re-using the existing POS PC, receipt printer and Scanner if

For more information
For more information about Datawest’s products and services please call one of the following numbers:

Sales in New Zealand - 0800-311-777 /
Sales outside New Zealand - +64 (06) 952 0670 /
                            RVM Preview

More information on Datawest:
More Information on RVM:

                                                   Debtors Key Features
                                                         Automatic interest
                                                         Automatic booking fees
                                                         Invoices, Jobs or Quotes
                                                         Numerous reports
                                                         Automatic regular invoicing
                                                         Invoice reprinting
                                                         Head office module for data collection
                                                         Hold at POS
                                                         Customer Cards

                                                   POS Key Features
                                                          Cash and fraud control
                                                          Barcode scanning
                                                          Local customer accounts
                                                          Customer cards & RF devices
                                                          Clerk & attendant control
                                                          International pump support
                                                          Multilingual support
                                                          Receipt printing
                                                          Held sales
                                                          End shift reporting

                                                   Wetstock Key Features
                                                          Detailed tank & pump reconciliation and
                                                          Wetstock levels
                                                          Wetstock Delivery reporting

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