V.S.O.P. Cognacs

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					V.S.O.P. Cognacs                                                                    Desserts:
Hennessy V.S.O.P. 10.25
Has a rich character, smooth and distinctive taste.
                                                                    Classic Crème Brulee 6.95
                                                                    Silky, smooth vanilla Crème Brulée, with
Martell V.S.O.P. 10.25                                              a warm brown sugar crust.
A fine cognac with a delicate balance.
                                                                    Chocolate Raspberry Terrine 6.50
Courvoisier V.S.O.P. 13.95                                          Belgium chocolate blended with raspberries and cream,
Golden amber with an oak and                                        formed and sliced, served with vanilla sauce.
caramel bouquet.
                                                                    Chocolate Suicide Sundae 5.50
Remy Martin V.S.O.P. 11.95                                          A slice of chocolate suicide cake with three scoops of
A blend of grande and petite champagne grapes.                      chocolate ice cream covered with chocolate hazelnut sauce
Delamain, Pale & Dry 25 years old 25.00                             & fresh whipped cream.

 X.O. Cognacs                                                       Mud Pie 4.95
                                                                    Coffee ice cream with a fudge center over oreo cookie crust,
 Martell Cordon Bleu 17.00                                          served with chocolate sauce, whipped cream & almonds.
 The most popular cognac in the word.
 The blend is lush, rich and flavorful.                             Key Lime Pie 4.95
 Martell X.O. 29.00                                                 Fresh Strawberries 4.95
 A taste, which is smooth, full of flavor,                          With whipped cream.
 Creamy in texture. Warm and lasting.
                                                                    Coconut Flan 4.50
 Hennessy X.O. 29.00
 The average blended age is 35 to 50 years. Hennessy X.O. is        Apple Walnut Upside Down Pie 6.50
 of great distinction and finesse with a full nose and subtle and   Served warm with cinnamon ice cream.
 mellow taste.
                                                                    Lorna Dona Cheesecake 5.50
 Remy Martin X.O. 31.00                                             With fresh strawberries – Add 1.50
 Blended from the two best cognac regions, Grande and Petite
 Champagne. Smooth and Fine.
                                                                    Tiramisu 5.50
                                                                    Mascarpone cheese layered with sambuca & espresso
 Courvoisier XO Imperial 25.00                                      Marinated ladyfingers.

 Cognac Frapin, Grand Champagne XO 34.00                                International Coffee Drinks
 Cognacs Grande Marque                                                                     $7.50
 Remy Martin, Louis XIII 145.00                                                      Pelican Coffee
 One of the rarest and oldest cognacs in                                Sugar Lime Glazed Mug With Amaretto And
 The world. Average age Is 40 to 100 years old                          Bailey’s Topped With Whipped Cream And
                                                                                   Chocolate Sprinkles.
 Hennessy Paradis 41.00                                                             Jamaican Coffee
 The average age is over 50 years.                                          Myers’s Dark Jamaican Rum And
 A taste subtlety, that comes from grapes grown only in the          Tia Maria Teamed With Coffee And Topped With
 first growth of Grande Champagne.                                                  Whipped Cream.
 Martell Extra 48.00                                                                 Café de France
 One of Martell’s oldest and specially blended Cognacs.                Coffee Laced With Hennessy V.S.O.P. Cognac
 Possessing a Tremendous Bouquet                                               Topped with Whipped Cream.
                                                                                       Irish Coffee
 Delamain 60.00                                                     Jameson Irish Whiskey & Fresh Coffee Topped with
 Reserve De La Familia, 55 Years Old                                                Whipped Cream.
                                                                                      Keoke Coffee
 Spanish Brandy                                                              Brandy, Kahlua Coffee Liqueur,
 Cardinal Mendoza 9.95                                              Cream de Cocoa & Coffee, Garnished with Whipped
                                                                              Cream, Chocolate Sprinkles.
 Carlos I 9.95
                                                                                    Mexican Coffee
 Conde de Osborne 9.95                                              Kahlua Liqueur & Coffee, Garnished With Whipped
 Gonzalez Lepanto 10.95                                                         Cream, Lime & Stir Stick.

 Porto Wines                                                                         Italian Coffee
                                                                        Sambuca Romano & Coffee Garnished With
 Fonseca Bin 27, Finest Reserve 8.95                                          Whipped Cream & Stir Stick.
 Quinta De Noval .8.95
 Sandeman, Founders Reserve 8.95                                                          Cordials:
 Sandeman, Tawny Porto, 20years old 13.00                                      Sambuca Romana 7.50
                                                                            Sambuca Romana Black 7.75
 Single Malt Scotches                                                         Cristal Aguardiente 7.50
                 Glenlivet 10.95                                                 Jagermeister 7.95
               Glenfiddich 10.95                                                  Frangelico 8.50
                Lagavulin 10.95
              Glenmorgangie 10.95
         Chivas 18-Year Rare Old 13.00                                         Grand Marnier 8.95
           Johnnie Walker Gold 23.00                                       Grand Marnier 100Y.old 28.00
          Johnnie Walker Green 29.00                                       Grand Marnier 150Y.Old 39.00
           Johnnie Walker Blue 39.00
            Chivas Royal Salute 45.00