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									              Improving Reading Skills Reading Comprehension

                                        John Kay
                                  Reading Comprehension

Purpose Statement

       Students often have special difficulty "separating the wheat from the
       chaff" when it comes to reading assignments. The first class assignment
       attempts to get students to recognize core arguments in their reading; the
       second seeks to get them to use a dictionary as a way of improving their
       political science vocabulary

Description of Activity

       Students are given "op-ed" pieces written by prominent political writers of
       various ideological persuasions (William Kristol, George Will, Robert
       Kuttner, Anthony Lewis, William Buckley, etc.) Students are asked to
       read the articles carefully and to point out the core arguments which reveal
       the authors' ideological biases. Like other assignments, the main
       pedagogical reading strategy is to get students to read he material with
       specific questions in mind--based on their notes and class handouts which
       assist them in their understanding of the reading material. Students are
       asked to compare their findings with those of their peers. Class discussion
       follows and the reading/analysis exercise is repeated with a different
       2) Students are encouraged to underline in their personal dictionary
       political words that they have looked up. If they look up a word for the
       second time, they are asked to repeat the process, making a personal
       commitment that they will never have to repeat the process. Reading and
       vocabulary go hand in hand.

Materials Needed

       1. Class handouts on a variety of editorial page articles written by
       prominent political writers who represent a variety of political ideologies

       2. A personal dictionary

1. The first activity is done in class and should be limited to approximately
10 minutes for each reading.
2. the second activity is encouraged to be a life long habit

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