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									                         Pluckemin Inn Private Dining
                         Menu Planner

Hot & Cold
__ Maine lobster salad with black truffle and micro herbs
__ Creamy-spicy tuna tartar with dashi scented wontons
__ House-cured Scottish salmon with king crab and beets
__ Pan roasted Hudson Valley foie, seasonal preparation, ($10 supplement)
__ Kobe carpaccio with two hour egg yolk and brioche
__ Steamed Shrimp with lemongrass and coconut

Soups & Salads
__ Chefs seasonal soup with appropriate garnishes
__ Valley Fall Farm heirloom garlic soup, truffle & parsley
__ Pluckemin salad, Chef’s selection of freshest seasonal ingredients
__ Butter lettuce with Asian pears, Maytag blue and sesame honey dressing
__ Hearts of palm, grapefruit, avocado, peanuts, mache & fresh coriander

__ Barnegat Light diver scallops, grapes, cauliflower, capers & lobster essence
__ Broiled miso black cod, organic mushrooms, snow peas & crispy potatoes
__ Sumac rubbed salmon, abalone mushrooms, savoy cabbage & pumpernickel
__ Roasted local chicken, foraged mushroom cup, banyuls & bitter chocolate
__ Corn-Fed Angus Sirloin, peanut potatoes, broccoli rabe and merlot reduction
__ Durock pork tenderloin, cheese dumplings, stewed plums & brussels sprouts

__ Almond shortcake with mixed berry sage sorbet
__ Manjari chocolate bombe with raspberry sorbet
__ Cinnamon panko - crusted apple strudel, warm caramel & cinnamon honey ice cream
__ Tasting of seasonal ice creams or sorbets, orange flower tuile (Available for parties of up to 20 guests)

Level 1: Three courses $65 - appetizer, entree & dessert
Level 2: Four courses $75 - appetizer, soup/salad, entree & dessert
Chef’s Tasting: Nine courses $105 - raw, vegetable, shellfish, poultry, meat, cheese, pre-dessert, dessert,
       plus a take-home gift
                            Pluckemin Inn Private Dining
                            Menu Planner

Hors d’oeuvres
1/2 hour (with dinner) - $10 per person or 1 hour (with dinner) - $15 per person
Select three Hors d’oeuvres for parties of 15 or less or Five Hors d’oeuvres for parties of 16 or more

__ Gruyere cheese puffs
__ Mushroom spring rolls with black vinegar dip
__ Tiny toasts, roasted vegetables, bean spreads, and olive purees
__ Blue cheese and caramelized onion empanada

__ Tataki of Kobe on garlic baguette, white anchovy butter
__ Foie Gras Tourchon with raisin pecan toast and brandied cherries
__ Smoked Chicken Strudel with house made ranch
__ Serrano ham & manchego cheese croquets

__ Shrimp satay with red pepper chili
__ Tuna tartare with sesame crisp
__ Tiny crab cakes with spicy mustard and chives
__ Chef’s oyster with Osetra caviar & Kumamoto with cucumber & lychee ($2 supplement)
__ Lobster on brioche with sauce Louis and micro celery ($2 supplement)

Cocktail Receptions
1 hour $30 Per Person or 2 hour $50 Per Person
Includes choice of 5 Hors d’oeurves along with crudite, bread, house marinated
olives and seasonal bean spread.

Additions for Your Reception
__ Selection of Artisanal Cheeses - $15 per person
__ Cookies - $6 per person
__ Petit Fours - $15 per person
__ Chocolates to take home - $15
__ Plat de mer - $95 (serves 6)
__ Shrimp Cocktail - $20 per pound (21-25 shrimp per pound)
__ Carved Dry Aged NY Strip - $20 per person plus $100 chef’s fee
__ Carved Roasted Veal Loin - $20 per person plus $100 chef’s fee
                                          David C. Felton, Executive Chef
                                           Joseph Gabriel, Pastry Chef

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