The second Budget Meeting for 2001 was called to

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					                                           City of Shawnee
                                         Budget Session No. 2
                                            June 13, 2001
                                              7:00 p.m.

Chairperson Segale called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

     Councilmembers Present                        Staff Present
     Councilmember Boettcher                       City Manager Montague
     Councilmember Thomas                          Assistant City Manager Gonzales
     Councilmember Goode                           Finance Director Meyer
     Councilmember Roche                           Parks and Recreation Director Holman
     Councilmember Segale                          Fire Chief Hudson
     Councilmember Carlson                         Police Chief Clark
                                                   Accounting Manager Kelly
     Councilmembers Absent                         Accountant II Oldham
     Councilmember McGuff
     Councilmember Meyers


         City Manager Montague opened the meeting with a discussion pertaining to the proposed
         2002 budget including space issues the City will be facing pertaining to City Hall, the Public
         Safety Center, and the Fire Station. One item to consider is the possibility of developing a
         new Public Safety Center by relocating the Police Department to another City facility
         allowing space for another department such as Engineering to relocate to the existing Police
         Station. He indicated they need more space and there is no way they can be accommodated
         at City Hall. It was noted that expansion of the current City Hall building was not feasible
         and other options should be considered since this is still a functional building. City Manager
         Montague stated moving the entire facility to another location would raise much opposition.
         He stated that another was to have the current station serve as an idea of a satellite police
         station but if the department was to be moved to a location near I-435, this would not be
         necessary because the station would be geographically located in the center of the City.

         Tracy Thomas questioned whether they would also move the Fire Department.

         City Manager Montague responded that the current Fire Department location is situated to
         serve the eastern area of the City and it would not be feasible to move it to the west because
         it would increase response times. In addition, these ideas are very preliminary and if the
         Council feels this is worth pursuing, he recommended not expending a lot of funds on
         remodeling or expansions of existing facilities in the 2001 or 2002 budget.

         Councilmember Segale noted that there were several items in the “decision packages”
         pertaining to space and questioned whether the facilities expansion should be reviewed
         before reaching conclusions.
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       City Manager Montague responded this would take some consideration to determine the
       City’s future requirements and growth potential.

       Councilmember Tracy Thomas inquired whether the police response time would be altered.

       City Manager Montague responded that the police do not respond from the station because
       they are generally in the field.

       Further discussion between the City Manager and council members followed with questions
       being raised about previous expenditures, planned projects, and the status of their


       Fire Chief Hudson presented the 2001 budget for the Fire Department which includes the
       addition of three firefighter positions and a Fire Prevention Officer position which would
       bring the staff to 49 employees. This is reflected in the 2002 budget figures.

       Fire Chief Hudson commented on various expenses in the budget package pertaining to
       standard salary raises and increased overtime expenses due to the additional coverage of
       special events such as Old Shawnee Days and the fourth of July celebration. He commented
       minimal changes to on line items for liability insurance and buildings operations.

       Fire   Chief     Hudson      stated   under   Contractual    Services,   “Buildings     –
       Operations/Maintenance”, the budget is down from $239,000 to $67,630. In 2001, money
       was budgeted to repair and replace the rear parking lot and driveway, which is not in the
       2002 budget. The “Uniforms & Wearing Apparel” budget is down from $76,208 to
       $32,900. During 2001, the “turn-out” gear for the firefighters was replaced and this
       expenditure will not have to be made in 2002.

       Councilmember Tracy Thomas questioned the projected cost of gasoline.

       Fire Chief Hudson responded that a standard percentage was used for the entire budget to
       project increases.

       Councilmember Goode commented that prices have already been decreasing.

       Fire Chief Hudson indicated that the total for the “Operations Equipment” budget reflects a
       rescue/extrication tool system, three replacement PC’s, a hose, hose tester and a vehicle for a
       new Fire Prevention Officer.

       Councilmember Segale inquired if this was an increase over the 2001 budget that Council
       initially approved, not under the adjusted figure.

       Fire Chief Hudson explained it was an increase over the original 2001.

       Fire Chief Hudson stated the first “Decision Packages” item was a 4-Wheel Drive Multi-
       Purpose Response Vehicle would be used primarily to respond to medical calls in the Fire
JUNE 13, 2001                    BUDGET SESSION NO. 2                             PAGE 3

       Station I district. This vehicle would reduce the number of calls the pumper runs thus
       reducing wear on the pumper and making it more available for more serious calls. The total
       cost for this vehicle would be $38,000.

       Fire Chief Hudson stated the second item is a Battalion Chief/Incident Command Vehicle to
       replace a 1996 vehicle with 71,000 miles. It is used in day-to-day operations and for
       response to emergencies requiring the Battalion Chief. The cost of this package is $39,000.

       Councilmember Segale asked if the City had a rotation policy covering these vehicles.

       City Manager Montague responded the vehicle could be traded but the officer could drive it
       about a year at which time it probably would not have 100,000 miles.

       Fire Chief Hudson stated the next item in the package is an addition to Fire Station II to
       include connecting the facility to sanitary sewers. Consideration of this package would
       necessitate exploring of other facilities and expansion requirements. The cost of this
       package is $225,000.

       Fire Chief Hudson stated the fourth item in the package is for a heavy rescue/support vehicle
       to replace a 1972 GMC with 135,307 miles, donated to the City in 1987. The new vehicle
       would allow a more versatile response by consolidating other equipment scattered on other
       apparatus. This includes high angle rescue equipment, confined space equipment and cold
       water rescue equipment. The current vehicle ran 520 calls during 2000.

       Councilman Boettcher asked about the possibility of leasing this type vehicle.

       Finance Director Meyer stated the City would have to pay sales tax, property tax and unless
       they lease-purchase it, they will not do well. Purchasing the vehicles is financially most
       attractive. He stated the cash is available in the fire-fighting equipment fund.

       Chief Hudson commented that this piece of equipment would help the department provide a
       better service to the community. The cost of this package is $396,000.

       Councilmember Goode congratulated Chief Hudson with having the foresight to look ahead
       and keep the fire-fighting equipment up-to-date.

       Fire Chief Hudson stated that the last item requested was an automatic vehicle locator which
       is a program to allow dispatchers at the Johnson County Emergency Communications
       Center to see at all times where any emergency vehicle is located. The advantage would be
       to dispatch the closest unit to that location.

       Fire Chief Hudson reported Shawnee is one of the few cities remaining that have not begun
       this program.

       Councilmember Goode inquired what the procedure is at this time.
JUNE 13, 2001                    BUDGET SESSION NO. 2                               PAGE 4

       Fire Chief Hudson indicated the department used a computer aided dispatch system. As the
       citizen calls in, the address is given or it shows up on the 911 identification equipment. The
       address is then entered into the computer and the closest unit is dispatched.

       Councilmember Roche maintained if the County is pushing this program, they should fund
       it. He indicated the firemen are diligent in listening to the scanner and responding if they
       are nearby.

       Councilmember Segale stated he did not oppose it just because the County offered it. The
       cities have a unified effort in dispatching which the City supports because it’s more efficient
       and it may be more of a public safety service improvement.

       Councilmember Roche asked Fire Chief Hudson to explain the difference between a Fire
       Prevention Officer and a Fire Marshall.

       Fire Chief Hudson related that a Fire Prevention Officer is an entry-level inspection
       firefighter. Their primary objective is do inspections in the business community. A Fire
       Marshall reviews building plans including fire alarm sprinkler systems for fire hydrant
       locations and is responsible for most of the fire education program, teaching fire safety in
       the community, doing fire investigations, and determining origin and cause of the fires.


       Parks and Recreation Director Holman presented the 2002 budget for the Parks and
       Recreation Department. Before the presentation he reviewed the Recreation program
       revenues and the increases generated from the past years. He stated the Civic Centre
       revenues have increased each year and this year they are estimating over $450,000.
       Currently, 167 classes are offered at the Civic Centre during all four seasons. Prices have
       been dropped to be more competitive with neighboring cities and revenues are still up. Old
       Shawnee Town revenues are up and only one Saturday is available for rental for the
       remainder of the year. However, revenues will be somewhat off because of the remodeling

       Councilmember Boettcher inquired as to whether a cost benefit analysis had been done on
       programs offered.

       Director Holman indicated that profits are reviewed for all classes and if they are not
       financially beneficial, the class is dropped.

       Councilmember Segale recounted the direction has been, on all programs, the City wanted to
       break even on operational costs and he believed we were doing that.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman indicated they do try to cover costs such as salaries,
       insurance and utilities. The Parks Department has five divisions and the Parks budget
       includes one promotion to a Park Technician II. An additional Park Technician I has been
       included in the budget. He indicated 2000E salaries decreased because some seasonal
       workers were placed under the Professional Services category which is where the Labor
JUNE 13, 2001                    BUDGET SESSION NO. 2                             PAGE 5

       Source workers are charged. Under the line item “Telecommunications”, the increase is due
       to the addition of telephone lines and the transfer to Nextel phones.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated that for 2002, most items remained constant
       with a few exceptions. Under “Buildings-Operations/Maintenance” the budget was reduced
       since the 2001 figures included painting the Civic Centre. In the “Land Improvement
       Maintenance”, the Herman Laird playground was budgeted and the Optimists have given the
       Parks Department $20,000.

       Councilmember Boettcher questioned the budget figure of $310,000 and felt the $20,000
       was like an income and we don’t show a net figure.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman indicated we always budget for it first.

       City Manager Montague indicated the proceeds were treated as revenue.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman then discussed the Capital Outlay, line item “Motor
       Vehicles”. The figure shown includes the replacement of a 1976 truck and a mower.

       Councilmember Boettcher began a discussion regarding repair of vehicles and equipment.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated that they repair their own equipment in-house
       and thus he is asking for the addition of a mechanic.

       Councilmember Boettcher asked why the Public Works Department was not used for this

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman responded the need is usually immediate and most
       equipment experiencing trouble was actually at a job site making the turn-around inefficient.
       Additionally he stated, during the winter months the staff used any extra time to completely
       rebuild or condition all equipment.

       City Manager Montague stated that we currently have four mechanics to maintain Police and
       Public Works vehicles and it would not be possible for Parks to drive to Public Works to
       have a vehicle repaired.

       Councilmember Thomas asked who maintained the Fire Department vehicles.

       City Manager Montague answered the Fire Department performs their own maintenance but
       use outside sources for major repairs.

       Councilmember Boettcher indicated this might be duplication of effort and asked whether it
       would be more efficient to have a Shawnee Repair Department.

       City Manager Montague indicated studies have been done and indications are that the down
       time involved in getting the vehicles and equipment to the Public Works facility would be a
JUNE 13, 2001                    BUDGET SESSION NO. 2                              PAGE 6

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman advised that Lenexa used this type of operation and it
       was unsuccessful. The equipment used needs to be in working condition at all times. Parks
       and Recreation Director Holman commented there were no salary increases scheduled for
       the Pools because of the high turnover this year. There were no significant changes in the
       expenses with the exception of “Professional Services” which include the design for the
       West pool in the 2001E estimate.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman reported the addition of a Recreation Specialist is to
       assist with the pools and classes. The line item “Transportation/Reception” is increased for
       the newly added father/daughter dance and sock hop which were very successful events.
       The brochures are sent to every resident in Shawnee and the schools, both public and private
       in Shawnee and DeSoto and the response has been positive.

       Councilmember Boettcher questioned the expense of mailing Park information and believed
       it might be redundant since the City has a web page.

       Assistant City Manager Gonzales responded Overland Park has a list-serve program which
       enables the public to add and remove their name from the mailing list if they have access to
       the internet.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated that many individuals spend an entire day
       working on a computer and would prefer not to look at a computer screen all evening as

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman indicated that money has been included in the line
       item “Buildings-Operations/Maintenance” for the purpose of painting and repairing the
       parking lot and other maintenance necessities. The barbecue contest, Tour de Shawnee, and
       swim team are included in the Recreation section of the Park’s budget explained Parks and
       Recreation Director Holman. There are no significant changes in the budget for this portion.
       The line item “Printing” includes brochures for the barbecue contest and posters. Old
       Shawnee Town was the next to be reviewed by Parks and Recreation Director Holman. He
       stated there was only one addition, a Curator of Collections, to maintain over 7,000 artifacts
       since Old Shawnee Town is no longer an amusement park, but a museum. He mentioned we
       do have a storage area and the artifacts are rotated often to offer a new look. Currently they
       are doing an exhibit for the Fire Station. The phone line and credit card machine was not
       previously budgeted and thus the actual expense is higher than budget for 2001. There was
       such a good response to the Young Pioneer program they are offering two programs rather
       than one which accounts for the increase in the Education line item. “Land Improvements”
       include the renovation of Town Hall which was primarily done during the winter. In the
       “Sports & Playground Equipment” item tables were purchased to accommodate the increase
       in people.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman further stated they would like to organize a gift shop
       at the Trading Post and would like to do a history book of Shawnee. From the exhibit, 90%
       of the history is already complete.

       Councilmember Segale asked if the Historical Society might contribute to this project.
JUNE 13, 2001                    BUDGET SESSION NO. 2                              PAGE 7

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman indicated that might be a distinct possibility but we
       cannot rely on that money. Last year, for the permanent exhibit they contributed $15,000.

       Councilmember Boettcher inquired where the Society obtained their money.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman responded that a major portion is obtained through
       their craft fair in the fall.

       Councilmember Segale indicated his approval on the progress made by the Parks
       Department since they took it over and cited it had gone from something that was of
       questionable value to something that is a historical asset to the community.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman voiced his agreement. On the decision packages, the
       Park Mechanic addition was again discussed.

       Councilmember Segale inquired about the possibility of having a company to do on-site

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman answered that the Toro Company does come out for
       repairs but they are the only company who does.

       City Manager Montague likened the situation of that of a person with his own business.
       They need that equipment immediately and can’t afford to wait for repairs.

       Councilmember Roche suggested the Parks Department has a unique fleet and many regular
       mechanics don’t have the ability to work on the small engines.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman added the next request was for a Horticulturist to
       assist the staff with landscaping, technical needs and generally assist the Department.

       Councilmember Goode inquired who is doing it now.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman answered he was doing the landscaping, selecting
       flowers and generally does the layout for the flowers.

       Councilmember Boettcher asked whether a consultant could perform this job.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman replied the employee would also be performing the
       tasks. The next item in the decision package was a Needs Assessment. Parks and
       Recreation Director Holman believes this is required every five years in order to receive
       input from the citizens to determine if the right programs are being offered and we have the
       facilities they want to see.

       It was suggested this might be done after the new pool is finished.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman addressed the next request, the Old Shawnee Town
       Parking lot. He indicated a larger and improved parking lot was a necessity for the many
       functions held at this site. The parking is not adequate for the weddings held there since the
JUNE 13, 2001                   BUDGET SESSION NO. 2                            PAGE 8

       bridal party has to walk across the entire park to get to the site for the wedding.
       Additionally, it is inadequate for Old Shawnee Days, the barbecue contest and other events
       being held there. Also, a strategic plan was necessary to determine where the park is going
       and whether we are on the right track. Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated the
       Cook Shack needs repair and he would like to see the Historical Society perhaps come up
       with ideas as to how to use this building.

       Councilmember Boettcher addressed the drainage and asked if there was a way to obtain
       funds for further projects.

       City Manager Montague stated that no funds would be available since no one resides there.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated the sod house is still in jeopardy even though
       the former project was successful in its scope.

       Councilmember Thomas inquired if the $350,000 was a high estimate for the parking lot.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman responded this was packaged together quickly and
       needed to be refined.

       Councilmember Segale objected to taking too much green space from the park and indicated
       he would not support a massive parking lot.

       Councilmember Boettcher referred back to the Needs Assessment and suggested the
       numbers indicate that programs and operations are meeting market acceptance and are
       popular which would indicate the Department is on the right track. He stated it would be
       cheaper to have a suggestion box on our web page or have a survey available at the pools
       and our recreational facilities.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated this type of survey is necessary for

       Councilmember Boettcher further inquired about last year’s decision package stating that a
       person was requested to help change light bulbs, but was not approved. He asked why it is
       now shown in the budget.

       Parks and Recreation Director Holman stated that the person was working enough hours to
       be full time already so City Manager Montague had approved converting her position to full


       Police Chief Clark presented the 2002 budget for the Police Department. He stated the only
       increase in manpower is to add three officers to provide additional coverage in the western
       part of Shawnee. Additional funds have been added to the budget for overtime required for
       special events, manpower shortage, and selective enforcement. Also 24- hour coverage for
       the holidays adds to the expense. The increase in employee life insurance is for additional
       funding for new employees. Postage reflects the projected increase in rates. Education,
JUNE 13, 2001                     BUDGET SESSION NO. 2                               PAGE 9

       which is training, was identified by our employee committees as a number one priority or
       concern in the Department and significant efforts are being made to improve the quality and
       quantity of the training we give to our officers.

       Police Chief Clark stated that the figure for utilities is adjusted up to reflect the increase in
       cost. “Buildings – Operations/Maintenance” shows an increase due to a year 2000
       encumbrance for an architectural remodeling contract. Repair Motor Vehicles shows an
       increase for new light bars for the new police vehicles being purchased this year. “Repair
       Operations and Equipment” needed to be increased based on actual figures for 2001. Under
       the Commodities section “Office Supplies” the 2001 was under-budgeted and the 2001E
       more accurately reflects the actual need.

       Councilmember Thomas requested further discussion of “Repair Operations Equipment”
       and questioned the increase from $11,398 in the 2000 budget to the actual $17,326 on the

       Police Chief Clark responded that 2000 was under-budgeted and the amount for 2002
       needed to be increased.

       Police Chief Clark continued with “Books and Films”, stating the increase was due to
       promotional testing books and selection process books. Under the “Police Operating
       Supplies”, a review of the current expenses shows an increase and also there is a year 2000
       encumbrance for DUI grant equipment in the amount of $1,200, an unexpected radar
       purchase to replace a piece of malfunctioning equipment. “Uniforms and Wearing Apparel”
       was increased for uniforms for nine new officers. The “Crime Prevention” increase was due
       to a 2000 encumbrance for D.A.R.E. shirts in the amount $3,700, which are given to
       children and teachers. Under the Capital Outlay, “Operations Equipment”, they had an
       unexpected purchase of a new treadmill in the exercise facility. In “Communications
       Equipment”, the additional cost was for a decibel meter for the purpose of enforcing the
       noise ordinance.

       Councilmember Boettcher questioned the “Utilities” section and asked if the newly
       remodeled basement space was being used. Further he stated that a 23% increase in utilities
       was unusually high.

       Police Chief Clark responded they have a new training room and D.A.R.E. and crime
       prevention officers’ offices.

       City Manager Montague stated these were actual expenses and the utilities were under-

       Finance Director Meyer added the increase in utility costs were reflected in this figure.

       Police Chief Clark addressed the “Motor Vehicles Lic.” He indicated this figure shows a
       replacement of 10 full-size vehicles and four mid-size vehicles and nothing is shown in the
       previous year because they were purchased out of the firefighter’s equipment budget last
       year. Police Chief Clark moved then to the Animal Control budget and indicated the
       Community Service Officers had been given additional duties. This budget reflects the
JUNE 13, 2001                    BUDGET SESSION NO. 2                              PAGE 10

       addition of one officer to assist with the additional responsibilities. Currently they are being
       required to follow up on ordinance violations which previously were handled by the police
       officers, but this gives them time for their primary duties.

       City Manager Montague added it is difficult to man the 24-hour shift with only two animal
       control officers and that in turn requires a police officer to answer some of their calls.

       A further discussion was focused on the staffing of the Police Department and the money
       provided by the “Fast Cops” grant. The four officers were hired but we are still down by

       Police Chief Clark brought up the decision packages and reported they were brought up and
       discussed by an employee committee in the Police Department and he endorsed the

       Police Chief Clark then discussed the need for a Crime Analyst/Computer Technician to
       collect and organize the crime statistics. This information would be useful to determine
       crime patterns and trends and to generate reports for the officers. This helps to allocating
       people where problems are predicted and provides meaningful crime data to the officers.
       Also this person could assist in solving the minor computer problems as they occur rather
       than having the IT staff making trips to the Police Department. This position would be
       considered support staff and in comparing Shawnee with other departments in the area, the
       Shawnee Police Department ranks last with support staff. He further stated we are the only
       Department of our size in Johnson County that does not have a crime analyst.

       Councilmember Boettcher questioned whether the term support staff is defined the same in
       all of these cities.

       Police Chief Clark answered that staff did the best they could to make sure it was defined
       the same.

       Councilmember Thomas stated she supported this idea but questioned having a Crime
       Analyst repairing computers.

       Police Chief Clark replied that the primary function would be as a Crime Analyst and the
       computer part would be a secondary function. If there were ever a conflict, crime analysis
       would come first.

       Councilmember Boettcher inquired if this was meaningful information to the officers and
       could we possibly contract once a year to have a study done.

       Councilmember Carlson gave examples of the assistance this person could provide. He
       stated patterns could be detected or in cases such as serial killings possibly predictions could
       be made.

       Police Chief Clark then gave an example from the Overland Park Police Department. He
       indicated they gather data by small geographic areas and place that information on a small
       map for the officers to review. Many times the similar activity occurs in a certain
JUNE 13, 2001                    BUDGET SESSION NO. 2                              PAGE 11

       geographical area. Decision Package number two, a request for a Warrant Officer, was then
       reviewed. Police Chief Clark stated we are the only city in Johnson County that does not
       have an officer dedicated to serving warrants. He explained the different kinds of warrants,
       the Municipal Court warrants and those issued by the Johnson County District Court. Police
       Chief Clark stated that the Municipal Court warrants are ones that are issued when people
       fail to appear in court and until those people are located or decide to turn themselves in, the
       warrant is outstanding and the bond amount is not collected. The District Court is much the
       same, some for misdemeanors, others for felony warrants. As of April 2001, there was over
       $720,000 in Municipal Court bonds outstanding. Currently, we don’t have anyone looking
       for these individuals other than in circumstances where someone is picked up and a
       computer check shows the warrant.

       Councilmember Segale stated that even if we broke even this would be great. He expressed
       concern that people could escape without paying their fine.

       Councilmember Carlson stated he felt it was just lost money currently. He commented that
       500 files were recently purged from the files and this is just lost money.

       Councilmember Boettcher questioned if we knew the percentage of collection in other cities
       who have a warrant officer.

       Police Chief Clark indicated he did not have that information.

       City Manager Montague commented that we do on occasion go after these people. He
       mentioned we had the amnesty program, which had limited success, and many of the people
       are difficult to locate. He stated he felt that we would be doing a better job by approving
       this position.

       Police Chief Clark added that the best opportunity for warrant service is when the
       department first gets notice of a new Municipal Court warrant having been issued. A phone
       call could be made immediately and it gives the public the impression that we are not going
       to just drop it. He indicated the annual estimate for bond money was a little over $52,000,
       and it increases a little each year.

       Police Chief Clark outlined the need for a Sergeant to serve as Accreditation Manager. Law
       enforcement accreditation is done by an organization called CALEA created in 1979 to
       develop nationwide law enforcement standards to improve the quality of law enforcement.
       One of the primary benefits is improvement of policies and procedures. The claim is that
       they deter lawsuits. By following national standard policies, it is more difficult to pursue
       lawsuits. It also gives a better-managed department and can bring community confidence
       and respect.

       Councilmember Carlson questioned if we were going to take one of our Sergeants out of
       their present role to fill this position

       Police Chief Clark stated this was the case. Someone would be promoted to Sergeant and
       another person would be hired.
JUNE 13, 2001                    BUDGET SESSION NO. 2                             PAGE 12

       Police Chief Clark stated that the next decision package involved the privatization of the
       school crossing guards. The Police Department currently manages the crossing guard
       program and, when fully staffed, there are 18 guards. The main problem is maintaining a
       full staff and Community Service Officers and Police Officers must be used in those
       emergencies. The Olathe Police Department has recently switched to an agency which
       provides guards and they have been very pleased with this service. The difference in cost
       would be approximately $69,000 additional for this service.

       Councilmember Goode suggested that currently the guards do not make much money and
       possibly raising the pay would attract more people.

       Councilmember Segale commented that he felt we would be able to alleviate management
       headaches and the money would be well spent.

       Police Chief Clark stated that the next decision package was a request for a Sally-Port.
       Police Chief Clark indicated other departments in this area have Sally-Ports. It would
       provide convenience as well as be a safety factor for officers and prisoners. He outlined the
       safety features this would provide. Police Chief Clark stated that the next was a decision
       package to finish the remodeling in the basement and also to remodel the vacated spaces
       upstairs. This would have to be considered based on the possible move. A decision package
       was included for a ten-year facilities study for the Police Department. This would evaluate
       and predict the needs in the future. The next decision package was for 85 Motorola portable
       radios. Some of the radios currently in use are over 10 years old and are in need of frequent
       repair. The Motorola radios are $130 less than the current ones. One advantage is the
       Motorola has an emergency switch to summon help without the officer saying anything into
       the radio.

       Councilmember Segale asked if there were any reports of problems with them as other cities
       have experienced with their phones and it was reported none had been mentioned.

       Police Chief Clark stated the next decision package was for a digital camera and hardware
       for photo storage. Police Chief Clark stated that the Department wants to move toward
       digital photography because physical storage is significantly reduced and film costs are

       Police Chief Clark stated that the final decision package was for a remodel of the Records
       Division. Throughout the years the workload has changed and the receptionist is working at
       a counter which was not designed to be a workstation. Police Chief Clark stated if a move is
       going to happen soon only inexpensive office furniture would be required.

       City Manager Montague commented that the funding for office furniture would come from
       the regular budget.

       Councilmember Segale asked about an item not included in the budget that he would like to
       see investigated at a future Public Works and Safety Committee meeting. He would like to
       start discussions about the possibility of centralization of the police dispatching operation.
       He has spoken with other individuals from MARC in their public safety department about
       the implementation of 911 and they felt there could be potential savings there. It would take
JUNE 13, 2001                   BUDGET SESSION NO. 2                           PAGE 13

       the cooperation of the other big cities. It was reported around the country many cities are
       going to centralized dispatching. It might be cost saving and worth discussing.

       Councilmember Thomas stated it sounds like something the county would like to take over
       and would allocate costs disproportionately.


Councilmember Segale adjourned the meeting at 9:50 p.m.

Mary Lou Elkins, Recording Secretary