Sample ONE-YEAR BUDGET Template by icecube


									Figuring Unit Rates for Projects

The unit rate needs to consider all the expenses related to the project. It is fair to
estimate and try to recover organizations resources that were invested in the

The total cost of the project is divided by a conservative estimate of the number
of units (people, hours, days, or months) that will be provided.

Example: Provide Lawn Industry Employee Training - Project specifics
   Class size - 10 - 15 trainees (Figure costs on 10 participants)
   Length of training - 40 hours
   Professionals involved - 4 professionals will share the training
    responsibilities. Several will sometimes team-teach.
   Materials will cost $150 per person
   Some materials will be donated
   Teaching location will be rented
   Meals will be served

Estimated Budget Summary for $ 10,100

Breakdown:          $6500 personnel
                      500 support
                     1000 administrative
                     1300 meals
                      250 room
                      400 supplies
                      150 travel

How costs were figured:

Personnel: For this project consider (and these are probably conservative

60-70 hours - 40 hours of actual instruction but there are several different people
teaching and they will probably overlap some, so calculate total instructor time.
List employees or positions that are identified in the project’s Scope of Services.
Do not list personnel who have no identified function in the Scope of Services.

40 hours spent developing an original project, (1 hour development for every
hour taught is reasonable.) Less time is normally spent to modify or update an
existing project.

10 hours - 2 hours spent (1 hour before and 1 hour after class gathering and
organizing materials, traveling to and from, preparing teaching space, answering
questions, packing up, etc. ) for each day of teaching,
5 hours - 1 hour time spent traveling each day
Total: 125 hours X $50 = $6500 in instructor time

Support staff time with benefits - calculate at its own rate - between $20 -25
depending on who will actually do the work.
5 hours for the receptionist
5 hours copying
10 hours assisting with organizing materials
Total: 20 hours X $25 = $500

Anticipated administrative costs for the life of the project (such as progress
meetings, reporting, trouble shooting) should be included:
20 hours X $50 = $1000

Travel: Figure real travel costs based on how far each professional will drive
each day

460 miles @ 32.5 cents = $150

Food: Include lunches, coffee, and afternoon snacks for participants and
50 meals and snacks (10 participants X 5 meals)
12 meals and snacks (4 instructors X 3 meals)
72 meals & snacks X $18 = $1300

Supplies: $40 X 10 participants = $400

Room Rental: $50 X 5 days = $250

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