Analytical Chemistry Literature Review by fdl51604


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                  Analytical Chemistry Literature Review
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Answer or respond to the following questions about your literature article.

1. Explain, in your own words, the objective of the work described in the paper.

2. Are any of the analytes acids or bases? If so, select one compound. Show the acidic/basic
   functional group(s) and estimate its pKa value(s).

3. What type(s) of sample preparation work was performed? What purpose did it serve?

4. Comment on the peak shapes and efficiencies shown in the chromatograms. Would you
   recommend this analysis method based on the chromatographic performance?

5. What was the type of column used for this analysis? Provide a rationale for the use of a column
   of this type and dimension in this experiment.

6. What is one aspect you would improve about this paper or experiment?

7. If you were to perform the “next” experiment based on this work, what would it be?
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8. Other comments…..

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