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					                                                                     [EMPLOYER] is a member of The
                                                                     Leapfrog Group, a non-profit
                                                                     organization committed to reducing
                                                                     preventable medical mistakes. We want
                                                                     you to have information to make good
                                                                     health care choices. You’ll find more
                                                                     information and resources at
   Hospital Quality and Safety:
   Protecting Your Health
Learn how evidence-based hospital referral (EHR)
protects your health
                                                    You can use these numbers to compare
   Rookies are great in football. Not so great      hospitals. Experts have also recommended
   in the operating room. When you need an          certain steps hospitals should take to make
   operation wouldn’t you feel better knowing       sure you get the right care. In some cases,
   that the hospital where it is taking place is    we can even find out the real results
   good at it? And maybe not just good, but         patients experience at different hospitals for
   has excellent success rates?                     certain types of care, like high-risk heart
                                                    surgeries for example.
   What is evidence-based hospital
   referral (EHR)?                                  You can go to The Leapfrog Group Website
                                                    (, look up your
   Except for emergency surgery, you usually
                                                    hospital and view its results for some
   know ahead of time that you need a surgical
                                                    specific types of care. You'll learn how
   procedure. A little research will tell you
                                                    many procedures the hospital does per
   which hospital is a rookie and which is a
                                                    year, and whether it meets The Leapfrog
   seasoned professional.
                                                    Group's other quality criteria. Use the
                                                    information to choose the safest hospital for
   Evidence-based hospital referral means           your needs.
   going to a hospital that is the best at taking
   care of patients with your needs. In other
   words, it’s where the statistics show you’ll     What if my hospital isn’t listed?
   get the best quality care for what you need.     Hospitals keep their own statistics. Call the
                                                    hospital’s administration department and
                                                    ask for them. If hospitals are unwilling to
   How do I find these statistics?                  provide you the information, they may be
   The Leapfrog Group is collecting hospital        telling you something by their actions!
   statistics on high-risk procedures like
   coronary artery bypass - a common heart
   surgery. To reach “excellent” status a
   hospital needs to perform a certain amount
   of these surgeries. Hospital quality experts
   have determined specific numbers.