Machinery, production plants and turnkey concepts for the precast

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					Shuttering robot

Turning equipment     Tilting equipment

                                             Machinery, production plants and
                                             turnkey concepts for the precast
                                             concrete industry
                                             EBAWE is your partner for turnkey plants for the produc­
                                             tion of precast concrete products.
Reinforcement robot   Concrete distributor
                                             We at EBAWE will carry out the entire planning, manu­
                                             facture and installation of new precast plants and the
                                             extension and modernisation of existing production
                                             facilities for you.
                                             EBAWE is your key contact not only for plant layout,
                                             development and supply of single components such as
                                             shuttering robots, concrete distributors, compacting
                                             systems but also for complete CAD/CAM controlled
                                             plants from concrete preparation to the removal of the
                                             finished precast products.
                                             We are based in Eilenburg near Leipzig on a 75.000 m2
                                             site with software and hardware development, enginee­
                                             ring, project planning and manufacturing all under one
          w e f o r m yo u r c o n c r e t e

EBAWE Anlagentechnik GmbH
Dübener Landstraße 58
04838 Eilenburg
Telephone +49 3423 665 0
Telefax +49 3423 665 200

A Progress Holding member company.
Systems for the precast concrete industry
                 Circulating pallet plants

                           w e f o r m yo u r c o n c r e t e
Six good reasons to choose EBAWE
as your partner for pallet plants:
Experienced: EBAWE has been designing, constructing
and realising machinery and plants for the precast con­
crete industry for more than 5 decades. The first plants
were designed and manufactured in the mid­1960s.

Successful: Numerous EBAWE pallet plants in a variety
of different dimensions and specifications are commissi­     Applications
oned every year.
                                                           > Lattice girder floors (half­slabs) for all applications
Individual: EBAWE designs your pallet plant in line with     in residential and commercial construction
your individual technical and budgetary specifications.
                                                           > Double walls for rapid construction without
Reliable: EBAWE plants are delivered and commissi­           formwork
oned punctually and work with high operational effici­
ency and reliability.                                      > Solid wall panels for internal & external walls, for
                                                             efficient residential and commercial construction
All-inclusive: EBAWE is your sole contractual partner
in the design, project planning and manufacture of your    > Sandwich panels (panel with internal insulation)
plant.                                                       for energy conscious building

Global: EBAWE circulation plants are in successful         > Cladding for architectural facades for prestigious
operation worldwide.                                         projects, office and commercial buildings
Pallet circulation plants
Pallet circulation plants are designed for the manu-       workstations are designed to suit users‘ particular
facture of large area precast concrete products such       production requirements. Plant components are
as lattice girder floors, double, sandwich and mono-       custom-built in compliance with the products to be
lithic walls with various degrees of automation.           manufactured.
During the production process the pallets pass
through different workstations. The individual

Pallet plant for the production of double and
solid walls                                                     7            9       6         8      9     10   11   12

                                   4                   5

                                                                       3         2       1

> Location: Germany, 2006
                                      of release            Plotting/              Reinforce-
                      Cleaning        agent                 shuttering             ment                 Casting

                         1                   2                  3                       4                 5


   Master computer
    Order reception
                                  we form                                               6                 7
                                  your concrete
   and management

                        12                  11                  10                      9                 8

                      Product             Demoul-           Stripping               Curing              Stacking
                      removal             ding

Pallet plant for the production of double walls
and lattice girder floors                                                                       9   8

                                      4             3   2   1        12   11       10

                                                                               5                6

> Location: Russia, 2005
               Master computer                                                appropriate shuttering from a magazine and
               A central computer, the so­called master                       places this precisely on the pallet surface.
               computer, is employed to control the pallet                    Special, non­standardised shuttering is placed
               plant. Pallet movement in the plant is coordi­                 on the pallet surface at ancillary workstations.
               nated and controlled effectively by the master
               computer and all data and in­plant transport               4   Reinforcement
               processes scheduled. Error diagnosis can be                    The necessary reinforcement can be placed via
               visualised at the master computer at any time.                 placing robot (for loose bars) or by means of
                                                                              automatic handling equipment (for mesh).
           1   Cleaning                                                       The preparation of the reinforcement is
               Prior to re­use the pallet passes through                      normally effected adjacent to the pallet plant
               cleaning equipment which prepares the pallet                   using dedicated machinery or a mesh welding
               surface. In the equipment a scraper and rotary                 plant.
               brushes for initial and subsequent fine cleaning
               operate in sequence.                                       5   Casting
                                                                              A concrete distributor is employed to cast the
           2   Application of release agent                                   shuttered pallets. A special pouring system
               Subsequently release agent is applied to the                   assures uniform casting at the correct thick­
               pallet surface by the oiling equipment. The                    ness within the required product contours.
               entire pallet surface or just the area to be
               poured is coated with release agent.                       6   Turning
                                                                              In the production of wall panels with two skins
           3   Plotting/shuttering                                            the cured first skin requires turning by 180°
               A plotter marks out the contours of the                        and placing on the freshly­poured second skin.
               precast products 1:1 on the pallet surface in                  Special turning equipment is used for this
               accordance with CAD data. A shuttering robot                   purpose. Depending on the type of equipment
               can be added to further increase the degree of                 used, the pallet containing the precast element
               automation in the plant. The robot removes the                 or the previously demoulded element alone can
                                                                              be turned.

Pallet plant for the production of solid walls
                                                                                                                                 7   5

                                                     9            8   9       6


  12               10        11

                                           1    2          3

> Location: United Arab Emirates, 2006
           7   Compacting                                              10   Stripping
               Compacting is effected by low noise, low­                    Following destacking from the curing cham­
               frequency, horizontally oscillating compac­                  ber the shuttering is removed from the cured
               ting equipment. Monolithic products or stiff                 product. This can be effected either manually
               concrete mixes are compacted using combined                  or with special handling equipment.
               high/low frequency equipment.
                                                                       11   Demoulding
           8   Pallet stacking                                              The cured floors are removed from the pallet
               For curing, the freshly­poured concrete products             by means of a gantry crane. Walls are inclined
               are transferred to special racks, which are                  using tilting equipment in order to facilitate
               serviced by an automatic computer­controlled                 transportation in their vertical installation
               pallet stacker. The stacker raises and stacks                position.
               the pallet in the appropriate rack and in turn
               destacks the pallets and reinserts them into            12   Product removal
               the carrousel. Pallet stackers are available in a            A run­off truck transfers the precast con­
               variety of different versions.                               crete products to the stockyard either singly
                                                                            or in stillages. Run­off trucks are specifi­
           9   Curing                                                       cally designed for their intended sphere of
               To ensure optimum utilisation of factory surface             operation.
               area, the pallets with the freshly poured con­
               crete are stored above one another in heated
               racks. The necessary curing time and plant
               output determine the number of chambers and

Pallet plant for the production of double walls

                                                                                        9          10           11           12

                                  5              4    3    2       1


               7                                                   6        7

> Location: Canada, 2003