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									           Fill in the blanks and
                           What Are You Saving Commuting on Caltrain?
     Calculate your monthly savings using                               Driving                          Taking
     the example below                                                  Cost                             Caltrain
                                                                                  (a) miles x (c) days
a.   Current commute miles round-trip                                    $         x (d) driving cost
                                                                                                                    (b) miles x (c) days
b.   Round trip miles to Caltrain station                                                                  $        x (d) driving cost

c. Working days per month
d. Driving cost per mile*                                     $0.40
e. Caltrain Parking                                                                                        $
f. Caltrain Monthly Ticket - zones 1-2                                                                     $

     Total per month                                                     $                                 $
     Savings per month                                                                                     $
     Annual savings                                                                                        $

     *According to American Automobile Association
     Includes: gas & oil, maintenance, tires, insurance, registration
     and depreciation

             see what you'll save.

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