Case Study - Training Needs Analysis by vjz16565


									Case Study – Training Needs Analysis

CSSITO: Training Needs Analysis

The Assignment
The Ambulance Education Council (AEC) is one of New Zealand's Industry Training Organisations and
were interested in identifying the training needs and career aspirations of those working within the
industry. Given that the findings from this study could drive strategic change in the organisation it was
imperative that the research was both robust and defendable.

OPRA's Response
OPRA took a triangular approach to the collection of data. This was a process which involved using a
variety of survey techniques (ie a review of existing material, focus groups, one-to-one interviews and
electronic survey). The data collection was conducted across New Zealand over a period of six weeks and
culminated in the generation of a report that reviewed our research methodology, outlined results in
both a quantitative and qualitative format and provided recommendations for the strategic
development of the AEC.

The Result
The report prepared by OPRA offered the AEC a snapshot in time for the identification and planning of
future ambulance officer education programmes.

Other training organisations have since picked up on the research conducted by OPRA and have
commissioned their own training needs analysis. Most recently this has included a training needs
analysis for the Community Support Services ITO.

It was good to work with OPRA. When we needed to review the data in more detail they provided a             consult
quick and efficient service to us.
John Henwood
Quality Assurance Manager
New Zealand Ambulance Education Council
The professionalism and experience demonstrated by these groups during the research project was
without doubt and apparent in all stages of the work; consultation, communication, planning, the
research, analysis, presentations and reporting.
Rebecca Sluis
General Manager                                                                                             evaluate

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