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									                         FY2007 Marketing Plan

Introduction and Explanation of Purpose

We want to thank members of the VCB who have given their time and expertise
through committee participation to help us craft the FY 2007 Marketing Plan.
Together with the Bureau’s staff and our advertising account team, The
Zimmerman Agency, we have developed this integrated marketing plan for Fiscal
Year 2007 to provide a solid direction for the research, sales, communications and
marketing initiatives. The theme for the FY2007 Marketing Plan is “Inspiration”.
The messages we deliver to our respected publics will be based on “Inspiration”.
This does not mean our messages will necessarily include the word “Inspiration”,
but means our messages will be focused on how the destination will inspire its


“Four hundred years later, it still inspires.”
            It is what history left behind. It is art, architecture, music and natural
            beauty. It is St. Augustine. It will leave you inspired.

“The best parts of our beaches, aren’t even the beaches.”
             You won’t be in the shade of towering buildings while sunbathing or
             crowded by mobs of people but you will cross over some of the
             largest sand dunes in Florida to reach the waters edge and see the
             pelicans fly in unison along the ocean. It will leave you inspired.

“High Style. Low Key.”

              It is relaxation and renewal. It is being pampered at some of the
              finest spas and spoiled while you sunbathe at gracious resorts. It is
              intimidation as you stand on the tee of No. 17 and attempt to land
              one on the island green. It is satisfaction that even professional
              golfers end up wet. It is Ponte Vedra Beach. It will leave you

“Why just read her a fairy tale.”
             These are vacations fit for your prince or princess. Take them on a
             horse and carriage tour. Fly that kite while playing on the beach.
             Hold their hand as you follow the ghost tour and encourage them to
             climb the 219 steps to the top of the Lighthouse. The view will be
             worth it. It will leave you inspired.

“Where old flames, generate new sparks.”
              Are your ready for a romance that will go down in history? Sip wine
              while you listen to jazz on the rooftop jazz bar looking over the
              harbor. Hold hands as you stroll through art galleries and down
              eclectic side streets. Remember when. It will leave you inspired.

The inspiration theme will be carried through in all facets of the VCB’s initiatives.
This plan will provide a comprehensive template for planning purposes and will
demonstrate the scope of the Bureau’s marketing activities for the coming year.
We hope that it will provide the St. Johns County tourism industry with an
understanding of the focus and direction of St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra and The
Beaches tourism.

Table of Contents

   1. SAPV&B Developments
   2. Travel & Tourism Research & Trends
   3. SAPV&B Travel & Tourism Research
   4. VCB Strategic Planning Sessions Overview
   5. VCB Strategic Goals
   6. VCB Initiatives by Department
         a. Research
         b. Sales
         c. Communications
         d. Special Events
   7. VCB Budget

SAPV&B Developments
      There are several projects that are under construction in SAPV&B that will
      affect the tourism industry over the course of FY2007. Below is a general
      update with the website for more information, if one is available.

Bridge of Lions Reconstruction
      Expected Completion Date: 2010
      Project synopsis:
              The rehabilitation of the Bridge of Lions will make this classic
              landmark stronger, safer and more beautiful than ever. The
              foundation, originally constructed from palm logs, will be rebuilt with
              stronger, much more resilient materials. The travel lanes will be
              widened and safety barriers will be placed between them and the
              sidewalks. All of the machinery used to raise and lower the
              moveable span will be replaced or updated. The handrails, light
              poles and light fixtures will be replaced with new elements that match
              the original 1927 design. There will even be a new park created at
              the eastern approach to the bridge.
      Website: http://www.fdotbridgeoflions.com/

San Sebastian Harbor
      Expected Completion Date: Winter 2007
      Project Synopsis:
             Construction began in the fall of 2005. The marina basin and
             roadwork will be constructed first. This one phase project will then
             tackle the condominiums, then the hotel/spa and then the loft/retail
             space. The parking garage will be the last to be constructed.
             The Hotel is intended to be developed as a "four diamond" 82-room
             boutique hotel. Combined with an 8,500 square foot banquet facility
             and a world class Spa.
      Website: http://www.sebastianinlandharbor.com/

Visitor Information Center Parking Garage
        Expected Completion Date: July 2006
        Project Synopsis: A 1,400 parking garage is under construction at the Visit
        Information Center located off of Castillo Drive.

Visitor Information Center Renovations
        Expected Completion Date: July 2006
        Project Synopsis: The existing Visitor Information Center is undergoing
        renovations to upgrade the facility and to give visitors direct access from the
        new parking garage.

Fort Mose Visitor Center
      Expected Completion Date: August 2006
      Project Synopsis:
             The new Fort Mose Visitor Center will be a 3,600 square foot
             monument located at the Fort Mose Site. It will feature exhibits,
             lectures, artifacts and other archeological finds aimed at giving a
             realistic interpretation of what Fort Mose was like for the early
             Visitors will also be able to follow in the footsteps of the freed slaves
             along trails that will lead to interpretive exhibits featuring a
             reproduction of the fort, picnic pavilions and a connection to the
             existing tidal marsh boardwalk.
             Website: http://www.fortmose.org/

St. Augustine Amphitheatre Renovations
      Expected Completion Date: Late Summer 2006
      Project Synopsis:
             The St. Augustine Amphitheatre was built in honor of the City’s 400th
             Birthday and was home to Florida’s State Play for more than 30
             years. The County took over management of the Amphitheatre in the
             late 1990’s and saw the need to revitalize this precious facility into a
             haven for entertainment programming. The new St. Augustine
             Amphitheatre will open late summer 2006 with almost 5,000 seats
             with 2/3 covered, a brand new covered stage, new 6,500 square foot
             entrance plaza and much more. The facility’s five year plans include
             reaching 40 concerts/events a year while maintaining and growing
             the local festivals and events that occur at the Amphitheatre now.

TPC at Sawgrass Renovations
      Expected Completion Date: May 2007
      Project Synopsis:
             The fairway renovation includes removing the current topsoil, adding
             extensive irrigation and fresh sand, totaling 24,000 tons of organic
             material removed, which equates to filling of seven miles of dump
             trucks. Already, five fairways (Nos. 1, 2, 4, 5 and 9) have been
             reworked. Every green will have a subsurface mechanical drainage

              system installed to hydrate in dry weather and vacuum water in wet

              Amenities will be developed that place the fans and the tournament's
              Proud Partners, UBS and PricewaterhouseCoopers, closer than ever
              to the game. Fans will be able to walk the 16th, 17th and 18th holes
              on a continuous elevated level. A new entryway from the main
              parking lots, complete with a Walk of Fame, interactive exhibits and
              merchandise, will be added.
              The dramatic new clubhouse, to be constructed in less than a year,
              will accommodate at least twice as many special events and fits the
              architectural flavor of Northeast Florida. The new clubhouse will offer
              premium views of the ninth and 18th holes and will be fronted by a
              lawn where spectators can gather. It will also be constructed closer to
              ground level.
              Website: www.pgatour.com

Vilano Beach Town Center
       Expected Completion Date:
       Project Synopsis:
       The vision of the Waterfront Vilano Town Center is to create a sustainable,
       pedestrian friendly waterfront community with a town center. The creation
       of mixed-use town center along Vilano Road will provide exploration of
       opportunities for visitors on foot as well as providing goods and services for
       the residents of the community.
       Website: www.vilanobeachfl.com

Travel & Tourism Research & Trends

National Leisure Travel Trends
The average U.S. family income dropped in 2004 by 2.3% from $72,400 to
$70,700. The average U.S. family overspent its income by $575 in January 2005,
again creating a negative savings rate according to the Federal Reserve Bank.

America’s image in the world, as seen by Americans, is deteriorating: (viewed
favorably) 79% (February 2002), 66% (March 2002), 57% (February 2003), 45%
(February 2006), according to a Gallup Poll.

Americans made 4%more leisure trips and 1% more business trips in 2005 than
2004 according to the Travel Industry Association. A study by Yesawich,
Pepperdine, Brown and Russell found cruises and timeshares gaining popularity
over conventional lodging. Stress reduction activities are gaining popularity and
the availability of high-speed internet access will be an expectation of travelers
rather than an option.

Americans are the biggest spenders on the planet, spending more weekly than the
annual gross domestic product of Finland. At that rate, the average American
household’s spending for all good and services reached $1,500 a week in 2005.1

State of Florida Research
Visitor volume to the state 2005 was up 7.6% with visitors traveling by air (50.4%)
and non-air (49.6%) almost evenly split. Visit Florida estimates the state had 85.8
million visitors in 2005.2

Florida is the oldest state in the nation with 17.6% of the population 65 and older
according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Report “65+ in the United States: 2005.”
The county with the highest concentration of older residents is Charlotte County

Although the travel industry in Florida is currently reporting positive advance
bookings for spring and summer, the industry is concerned about conditions this
summer. The big concern is related to hurricanes, especially the cumulative effect
of the 2004 and 2005 seasons of four hurricanes each.

This is exacerbated by concerns over marketing from competitors and airfares.

    Visit Florida’s How’s Business Report, January 13, 2006 referencing Advertising Age
    Visit Florida’s How’s Business Report, April 21, 2006

Virtually all areas in Florida have improved in their perception that it is okay to plan
a vacation there, but their current levels can be interpreted as relatively soft and

The results of a recently released 2006 National Leisure Travel Monitor report that
California and Florida weigh in once again as the perennial favorites destinations,
although “interest in Florida declined significantly over the level recorded last year,
presumable as a result of concerns about uncertain weather during the late
summer and early fall.”4

In-state tourism hit a ten-year low with only 36% of Florida’s vacationing
households reported taking a pleasure trip in Florida. The Florida resident market
represents nearly 37 million person-trips annually.

Effects of the Rising Cost of Gasoline
The results of a new national poll conducted by Yesawich, Pepperdine, Brown and
Russell suggest that many American will probably change some aspect of their
travel plans, but few will actually cancel a trip. The survey revealed that 53% of
active leisure travelers say their travel plans would change if the price of gasoline
reaches $3.50 per gallon. Among them, 26% say they would drive a shorter
distance on vacation. An additional 26% say they would save money on other
aspects of their vacation. Only 14% indicated their plans would not change
regardless of the price of gasoline. 5

TIA compared current gas prices to those of a year ago and found that on the
typical U.S. driving vacation of 800 miles, higher prices would add $30 to overall
trip costs. TIA also estimates that for larger vehicles and those towing a trailer or
those that are heavily loaded, the per-trip cost will go up $40 to $50. That equates
to the price of a dinner for two and is not likely to significantly alter travel plans.
High gasoline prices historically cause Americans to make slight modifications to
their travel plans but don’t cause them to cancel. Gasoline shortages, however,
have led travelers to cancel trips in the past.6

To offset rising fuel costs while keeping ticket prices level cruise lines and air lines
may soon begin charging for items once included in the ticket price. Airlines are
starting to charge for onboard meals, paper tickets and may soon charge for
pillows and blankets.7

  Visit Florida Research Study conducted by the University of Miami on November 28, 2005 and
February 27, 2006
  Business Plan and Budget, Visit Florida, Fiscal Year 2006/2007
  Fed Up with the Cost of Filling Up National Poll, Yesawich, Pepperdine, Brown & Russell,
September 12, 2005
  Travel Industry Association of America, April 26, 2006 Membership Communication
  Visit Florida’s How’s Business Report, April 21, 2006 referencing the Tallahassee Democrat

The annual vacation costs rose 5.4% in 2006 when compared with 2005 prices.
The survey suggests that a family of two adults and two children can figure on an
average of $261 per day for food and lodging. Lodging costs increased 9% from
last year and meals are up 2%.8

While gas prices are high the (domestic) demand for travel to Florida in the
summer 2005 and winter 2005-2006 was strong. The likelihood in the summer was
15.6% of all households interviewed. The likelihood in the winter was 21.1% of all
households interviewed. The levels are strong as past incidence levels are often
about 17% per year. For those not planning to go to Florida the summer 2005, the
price of gasoline was a major reason, but not the strongest reason, yet it was a
stronger reason than the fear of a hurricane.9 Note this study was conducted
before the hurricane season of 2005.

Culture, History & Nature Based Travel
Of those that took a trip in Florida in the past year, 44.3% participated in culturally-
based activities. Examples of culturally-based activities given to respondents
included visiting art museums, children’s museums, science centers or attending
performing arts events. One out of four (28.1%) did not plan these activities before
they left for their vacation in Florida. Planning to take part in culture-based
activities decreased 7 %age points while people that didn’t plan but did take part in
the activities increased 2.6% from 2004.10

Nature-based activities were enjoyed by 67.9% of respondents that took a trip in
Florida in the past year. Of those, 45.8% planned the trip so that nature-based
activities would account for a majority or some of the time. Examples of nature-
based activities given to respondents included hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing,
canoeing and going to parks.

Bird-watching is becoming so popular as Baby Boomers age that an estimated one
in every four or five people calls it a hobby to some extent. Yet this group of 46
million Americans and an uncounted number of foreign birders still aren’t widely
recognized by destinations that cater to traditional tourists. The Florida Fish and
Wildlife Conservation Commission estimates birding generates an annual $477
million in retail sales in Florida alone second nationwide only to California.11

Record Room Rates in South Florida Over First Quarter
Hotels charged record room rates in South Florida the first three months of 2006
as resorts continued to prosper and visitors continued to pay.

  Annual Vacation Costs Survey, Automobile Association of America
   “Possible Impacts of Increases in Gasoline Prices on Tourism to Florida in Summer 2005 and
Winter 2005-2006” Study, Visit Florida, June 24, 2005
    Culture, History & Nature Based Travel Among Visitors to Florida, Visit Florida, February 2005
    Feathering Their Nests, Florida Trend, December 2004

Only New York City had a higher average room rate than Miami-Dade for the first
three months of the year. According to a Smith Travel Research study of major
hotel markets, Miami-Dade had an average rate of $173 for those three months --
peaking at $179 in March. Hotels also raised prices with gusto in Broward County
and in the Florida Keys, thanks to a strong travel market and a push toward luxury
Perhaps most importantly, Broward and Miami-Dade can charge higher prices
because they are losing hotel rooms to a booming real estate market. Developers
convert the properties to condominiums or condo-hotels instead.12

Summer Travel 2006 Trends
According to January’s TIA/Synovate Voice of the Traveler Survey, a substantial
majority (81%) of Americans who are planning to travel this summer have already
started thinking about plans for their longest summer trip. Not only is this earlier
than many travelers typically think about their summer plans, but many have
already committed to their plans for their longest summer trip.

Nearly one out of three Americans who are planning to travel this summer are
planning their longest summer trip earlier this year than they did last year (30%).
This could be due to the fact that strong air and hotel demand has resulted in
higher prices and fewer bargains. As a result, some travelers may be acting earlier
in order to obtain the best price possible. However, the largest share of travelers
(43%) are starting their planning the same time as they did last year. Fewer than
one in ten travelers are planning their longest summer trip later this year compared
to last year (9%).

“The message for travel marketers is that many travelers are making summer
travel destination choices very early in the year, and they may want to launch
summer travel campaigns earlier this year than in the past,” says Sheri Lambert,
Senior Vice President of Synovate’s Travel & Leisure practice.
But, despite the shift back to earlier planning and booking patterns evident the TIA
Survey and also reported by many travel companies, the majority of would-be
travelers this summer have not yet selected their destination or booked
transportation or lodging. Significant opportunities still remain for the travel
industry to influence Americans’ travel choices for this summer.13

Save Our Summers Campaign
A parent-led drive to change the Florida school calendar opening date closer to
Labor Day is getting noticed by State Legislators. A bill is going to the State
Senate and House Floors for a vote that would push the start date back to mid-

   “South Florida Hotel Room Rates Soar During 1st Qtr 2006 Compared
 to Previous Year; Are Higher Room Rates a Guarantee of Success?”, The Miami Herald by
Douglas Hanks III, April 25, 2006
   Synovate Voice of the Traveler Survey, Travel Industry Association of America, January 2006

August. For more information and updates on this subject,
www.saveoursummers.org is the grassroots organizations website.

Consumer Internet Use Still on the Rise
Today, the Internet is a perfect vehicle for the travel industry as online travel
websites let consumers have power over their travel planning and provide
consumers a quick and easy way to book travel. In 1993, the Travel Industry
Association of America (TIA) began surveying consumers about their acceptance
of new technologies for planning and purchasing travel. In 2005, approximately 56
% of the 216.1 million adults in the U.S. currently use the Internet, same as 2004
(56%). This translates to just over 120 million adults. Today, most (84%) of the
120 million adults who currently use the Internet indicate they are travelers. This
translates to a market of 101.3 million travelers who use the Internet or "online

Television Advertising
The entire commercial television model is in the process of being turned on its ear
due to the increased use of TiVo (approximately 10 million subscribers). In the
wake of TiVo, iTunes and Google Video, and in anticipation of a not-far-off day
when viewers can and will gather video entertainment and information in a whole
new way (likely by various forms of downloading), the television commercial
advertising model goes out the window.15
For the last five decades, the synergy of mass market entertainment and mass
market advertising has funded the creation of an unfathomable amount of content
while at the same time delivering a consumer audience of incredible size. Big-buck
advertising paid for big-buck shows, and big-buck shows delivered big-buck
audiences. Networks were happy; car companies were happy and consumers
were happy. Oh, sure there was moaning all around -- networks whined about
advertisers wanting to control content; advertisers whined about rates climbing
higher and higher and consumers whined about the quality of some TV programs -
- but it all seemed to work just fine.
Now, be ready to enter the new era. TiVo users tune out commercials. No, they're
not invisible; they are being fast-forwarded through. In fact, TiVo users can choose
to view them over and over.
How do advertisers reach consumers now is the question the industry is trying to
answer. Many are opting to provide credible content that can be downloaded
when the consumer wants it.

Branded Entertainment Quickly Gaining Momentum
Thanks to the combination of TiVo, reality TV and talk shows like The Oprah
Winfrey Show branded entertainment is quickly gaining traction with a wider variety

   The Travelers' Use of the Internet, 2005 Edition, Travel Industry Association of America,
Sponsored by USDM.net.
   “Are Buyers Missing Your TV Message?”, KellyBlueBook.com by Jack R. Nerad, April 24, 2006

of advertisers. Major brands like Burger King are paying big bucks to be worked
into episodes of The Apprentice and automakers realize there are huge
opportunities to be part of entertainment content throughout the day. Producers of
talk and game shows are becoming more and more open to these types of
integrated opportunities. 16

Meetings & Incentive Travel in Wake of Hurricanes
The Florida tourism industry indicated that meeting planners are reluctant to book
in Florida during hurricane season. The Visit Florida study found 33% said they
strongly agree and 52% agree they are reluctant to book in Florida during the
season. The factors influencing Florida tourism by the tourism industry are 64%
hurricanes during the past year and 50% hurricanes during the coming summer
months. Gas prices and the perception of damage were next (33%).17

MPI’s Future Watch Look at the Growing Meetings Business
Meetings are becoming a valued tool for furthering organization objectives and
success, with a majority of client-side meeting planner indicated that meetings are
considered important in their organizations. The MPI Survey found meeting
planners or meeting department managers lead the charge in identifying,
evaluating or meeting department managers lead the charge in identifying,
evaluating and making the final buying decision regarding vendors (hotels).

Organizations are using intermediaries more often to supplement, rather than
replace internal meeting planning resources. Intermediaries are expected to have
a 21% increase in the total number of meetings organizations will have in 2006.
The expected increase in the number of proposals received by planners in 2006 is

With regard to external or environmental trends, the economy, travel costs and the
price of oil were the clear front-runners in 2006 among all respondents.

On the whole, respondents expect lead times to increase in 2006. Meeting space
lead time is projected to increase by 38% from 29 weeks to 40 weeks on

Meeting Planners Grow More Demanding
The Meeting/Convention Planner agenda has been transformed. Of course, they
still look for prime location, reasonable price, capacity, logistics and support
services. The meeting “junket” is passé; the working conference is now results

   The Oprah Effect, Fuel published by The Pohly Company, January 2006
   Visit Florida Research Study conducted by the University of Miami on November 28, 2005 and
February 27, 2006
   Future Watch 2006, A Comparative Outlook on the Global Business of Meetings, Meeting
Planners International & American Express, January 2006

driven. Planners are increasingly tasking the CVB community and the Destination
leadership must be better prepared to address several pressing concerns. These
concerns include safety and security, track records, destination disruptions and
issues of quality/lack of standards are growing in importance to meeting planners.
Meeting Planners deliver big time, the competition is intense, and the dynamics are
changing. A Destination’s Brand promise will need to adapt and hospitality
businesses will be forced to elevate their performance, as well.19

Face Time Still Beats out Web Teleconferencing for Meetings Industry
Nearly two-thirds of business travelers are taking fewer trips and almost eight in 10
say they are interested in alternatives to traveling, but meeting via technology isn't
quite ready to replace face-to-face encounters. Unless both companies have
compatible equipment, it's hard and expensive to implement.
According to a survey conducted by Wainhouse Research entitled Usage Trends
of Collaboration Technology by Business Travelers 2004, 63 % of business
travelers are taking fewer trips and 79 % are interested in alternatives to business
travel. Web and video conferencing proponents say the shift is a result of
terrorism- related uncertainties, the inconvenience of heightened security and the
high cost of frequent business travel.20

Group Leisure Travel
According to the National Tour Association, 56% of tours sold in 2005 were
customized, up from 49% in 2003. The customer base is 49% seniors (60+), 33%
boomers (39-59) and 15% students (under 21). The tours are booked 45 days or
less 23% of the time, up from 8% in 2003.21

International Travel to the U.S.
In 2004, international arrivals to the U.S. increased by 11.8% for a total of 46.1
million visitors. In 2005, arrivals to the U.S. are forecast to grow by 6.5% to reach
a total of 49.1 million visitors. Europe is the top tourism generating overseas
region. European arrivals to the U.S. are forecast to increase by 8.6% in 2005.
Asian arrivals to the U.S. increased by 16.8% in 2004 over 2003, for a total of 5.8
million visitors. U.S. Arrivals from Asia are forecast to increase by 7.2% in 2005.
U.S. arrivals from South America totaled 1.6 million in 2004, an increase of 8.1%
over 2003. South American arrivals are forecast to increase by 7.6% in 2005.22

   Meeting Convention Planners Rule, Hotel Online by John R. Hendrie, March 2006
   Face Time Still Beats Out Web Teleconferencing, Colorado Springs Business Journal by Becky
Hurley, March 10, 2006
   Marketing Outlook Forum 2005, National Tour Association, October 2005
   Office of Travel and Tourism Industries/International Trade Administration, Dept. of Commerce;
Excludes visitors from Canada and Mexico from TIA

VCB Travel & Tourism Research
Visitor Profile Key Findings
                                    First Quarter (Oct.-Dec.)          Second Quarter (Jan.-
Average Nights Spent in             2.53                               2.10
Expenditures Per Party              $204.22                            $164.71
Average Party Size                  3.03                               2.88
% Stayed Overnight                  67.5%                              52.6%
# of Visits Past Two                3.39                               4.24
Top 3 Visitor Origin                Florida     55.5%                  Florida       48.3%
States                              Georgia     5.1%                   Georgia       4.2%
                                    Ohio        3.3%                   New York      3.8%
Accommodations Used                 Hotel/Motel 43.4%                  No nights      47.4%
                                    No nights    32.5%                 Hotel/Motel    35.2%
Primary Reason for Visit            Leisure      70.8%                 Leisure        59.3%
                                    Visit F/F*   11.8%                 Visit F/F*     19.5%
Estimated Total Visitors            886,464                            996,115
*Visiting Friends/Family

         Industry Average Daily Rate & Revenue Per Available Room
                                  FY 2006

  $100.00                                                                            RevPAR
   $50.00                                                                            ADR















                                      October through March

                                       Industry Occupancy Percentages
                                                   FY 2006

            100.00%                                                                            79.69%
             80.00%          67.30%            60.60%                63.02%        69.31%
             40.00%                                                                                            Occupancy


















                                                   October through March

                                                    Tourist Related Expenditures - FY 2006 Oct.-Jan.
                                                        State of Florida, Department of Revenue










                                 October           November        December          January            February    March

                                          St. Johns County Bed Tax Collections - FY 2006 Oct.- Jan.



  $Gross Collected

                     $400,000                                                                                 FY2003
                     $300,000                                                                                 FY2006



                                October      November       December        January        February   March
                                                               Month of Occupancy

According to the Visitor and Convention Bureau Phase V monthly inquiry reports,
which are a collection of phone calls and inquiry request via media buys into the
inquiry fulfillment house requesting more information on St. Augustine, Ponte
Vedra and The Beaches, the top inquiry states for FY2006, as of March 31, 2006

Florida                             16.72%
New York                             8.60%
Georgia                              4.93%
Pennsylvania                         4.58%
Ohio                                 4.27%
North Carolina                       4.13%
Texas                                4.08%
New Jersey                           3.77%
Illinois                             3.75%
California                           3.70%
Tennessee                            3.29%
Michigan                             3.03%

                                                                                Inquiry by State - % of Total




 % of total inquiries

                                             8.60%                                                                                                                                Series1

                                                                                4.27%       4.13%      4.08%
                                                                                                                   3.77%         3.75%          3.70%
                                                                                                                                                              3.29%       3.03%





















                                                                                                                           Il l











VCB Strategic Planning Sessions Overview
February 2006 Led by Zeitgeist Marketing

In February 2006 the VCB held two strategic planning sessions led by Bill Geist of
Zeitgeist Marketing to evaluate with the membership where we are focusing our
efforts and where we should be focusing our efforts. One session was a general
membership session and the second was a full day session with the members of
the Marketing Committee.

Before the sessions Bill Geist conducted a survey of the membership to help lead
our discussions during the two sessions. Some of the member survey findings

                            66% find the website, www.Getaway4Florida.com, to be an effective sales
                            76% find the travel planner to be an effective piece to motivate consumers
                            to travel to the destination.
                            61% rely on the VCB to represent the destination at trade shows.

      81% believe the VCB is effective in working with the media to place stories
      about the destination.
      75% are satisfied with the level of communication from the VCB
      67% find the VCB’s marketing programs effective in motivating consumers
      to choose the destination.

The discussions during the sessions focused on the destination’s markets, VCB’s
website, group sales, leisure market suggestions and public relations initiatives.
Some of the key suggestions were:

Destination suggestions:
      The VCB should work with its regional partners on the limited air lift into
      The VCB should research markets where school starts later to help boost
      business in August
      Future markets for growth include Atlanta, New York City, Washington,
      D.C., Ohio, the Carolinas and Southeast in general

Website suggestions:
      More emphasis on search engine optimization and buying keywords to
      ensure the website is listed near or at the top
      Look for ways to capture more data on the visitors to the website for future
      marketing campaigns
      Add a destination weddings and a spa section to the website
      Offer more packages by niche and make it easier for people to find the
      packages on the site and buy them
      Simplify the website navigation
      Showcase specials at random not alphabetically
      Develop a members only section with leads and listings of groups coming to
      the area

VCB Membership Suggestions:
     Increase membership in non-accommodations sectors to have a more
     representative membership
     Create opportunities for front-line employees to network especially
     concierge and front desk staff with attractions, restaurant, retail and
     transportation staff
     Hold a packaging workshop to help members understand and create
     Develop a foreign language program or database of foreign language
     speaking guides focused on speaking Spanish available to help the
     members welcome international guests
     Use testimonials to help encourage membership and add more information
     on the benefits of membership to the website

The VCB staff used the suggestions and information from the Planning Sessions to
help them build the marketing plan. The staff also met with the sub-committees to
further evaluate the suggestions and develop them into concrete and useable
programs to implement. These sessions were very helpful in hearing from the
membership directly what is working, where they see the need for more services
and how we can better serve the membership and the destination.

VCB Strategic Goals
   1. Increase shoulder season visitation
          a. SAPV&B’s shoulder season is defined as August through January*
          b. Increase visitation Sunday through Thursday
   2. Increase visitor yield by increasing the average length of stay and
      increasing visitation from origin markets outside of Florida. By meeting
      these goals, we hope to:
          a. Increase total dollars spent in SAPV&B
          b. Increase the occupancy rate
   3. Increase Phone and Internet inquiries
   4. Utilize existing and new databases to increase visitation and build brand
      recognition for SAPV&B

   *Excluding holiday weekends, which already have strong occupancy and
   average daily rates.

St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra and The Beaches Visitor Profile
1200 completed surveys per quarter
      Feb. 1st    Q1 Report
      May 1st     Q2 Report
      Aug. 1st    Q3 Report
      Nov. 1st    Q4 Report

Data collection cost: $4,800 per quarter

      A new three-tired segmented report will be developed, utilizing filter analysis
      to segment visitors by trip experience. This sampling frame of personal
      interviews will highlight three main trip types:
              1) Resort/Golf
              2) Beaches
              3) Historic / Cultural

      Quarter One will be a testing phase to determine sampling framework and
      report templates. Depending on the length of the survey instrument, data
      collection can be estimated at three completed questionnaires per hour/per
      data collector. Report segmentation with statistically accurate sample sizes
      will ebb and flow depending on data collection efforts and allocation.

      The Visitor Profile research will provide information on:
            Points of origin
            Travel Mode
            Primary trip purpose
            Primary destination
            Probability to return
            Analysis of visitor issues including:
                o Overall experience evaluation
                o Economic expenditures
                o Accommodation type
                o Nights spent
                o Reason for visit
                o Activities participated in
                o Demographics

Paid-Commercial Lodging Industry Reporting System
Feb. 15th Q1 Report
May 15th  Q2 Report
Aug. 15   Q3 Report
Nov. 15th Q4 Report

      Continue working with industry members on the development and
      implementation of a reporting system that captures Lodging Performance

       Indicators. Indicators include Average Daily Rate (ADR), Revenue Per
       Available Room (RevPAR) and Occupancy (OCC). Because the Hotel /
       Motel Sector accounts from 60% - 82% of the Tourist Development Tax
       Revenues, attention in Fiscal Year 2007 will be to include Condominiums
       (10% - 34% of the Tourist Development Tax Revenues) and Bed and
       Breakfast Inns (2.9% - 6.9% of the Tourist Development Tax Revenues) as
       a reportable segment.

       The addition of these segments will allow for a best practice to develop that
       will capture the truest state of our Lodging Industry in St. Johns County.

Florida’s First Coast Birding and Nature Festival
100 Completed Surveys
Event Dates: April 12 – 15 2007
Reply Mail Methodology with Internet Methodology follow-up
Birding and Nature Festival Report: May 30th, 2007
Cost: $500 in mail associated cost

       Festival survey will be developed to provide feedback to festival
       management to gain an understanding of the methods for successful event
       planning and effective advertising. Method will include analysis of
       registration data and return mail survey of festival participants.

Special Event Research – Category II TDC Funded Special Events
The VCB will conduct research at particular TDC Funded Category II Special
Events. Depending on the length of the survey instrument and the study incidence
rate, data collection can be estimated at 5 complete questionnaires per hour/per
data collector.
The events include:

Holiday Shoppes Showcase       Intercept Methodology          100 completes
Program Date: Late October, 2006
Report Date: December 15th, 2006
Data Collection Costs: $100

Ponte Vedra Wine Festival         Reply Mail Methodology      35 completes
Program Date: November 4-6, 2006
Report Date: January 31, 2007
Costs: $150 in mail associated costs

Spring Arts and Crafts Festival    Intercept Methodology      100 completes
Program Date: Late April, 2007
Report Date: May 30th, 2007
Data Collection Costs: $250

9th Annual Greek Festival         Intercept Methodology       100 completes
Program Date: Late April, 2007

Report Date: June 15th, 2007
Data Collection Costs: $250

Celebrate Ponte Vedra            Intercept Methodology         100 completes
Program Date: May 14th, 2007
Report Date: June 15th, 2007
Data Collection Costs: $150

Ponte Vedra Car Show              Intercept Methodology        100 Completes
Program Date: April 30, 2007
Report Date: May 30th, 2007
Data Collection Costs: $150

Gamble Rogers Folk Festival      Intercept Methodology         100 completes
Program Date: May 5 – 7, 2007
Report Date: June 1st, 2007
Data Collection Costs: $400

Romantic Inns and Writers Tour Intercept Methodology           25 completes
Program Date: May 14th, 2007
Report Date: June 15th, 2007
Data Collection Costs: $300

Concerts in the Plaza            Intercept Methodology         25 completes
Program Date: Memorial Day – Labor Day
Report Date: October 1st, 2007
Data Collection Costs: $400

Paid-Commercial Lodging Satisfaction Surveys
5000 completed surveys through out the fiscal year
Feb. 15th     Q1 Report
May 15        Q2 Report
August 15th Q3 Report
Nov. 15th     Q4 Report
Data collection cost: $5,000

       Visitors who indicated an overnight stay in paid-commercial lodging will be
       asked a series of follow up questions about the specific paid-commercial
       lodging property. Measurement of visitor satisfaction with the facility, levels
       of quality, service and value for the dollar will be analyzed, as well as their
       propensity to return to the particular property should a repeat visit to the
       area occur.

       Depending on the length of the survey instrument and the study incidence
       rate, data collection can be estimated at 5 complete questionnaires per
       hour/per data collector. Report segmentation with statistically accurate
       sample sizes will ebb and flow depending on data collection efforts and

St. Johns County Resident Study
400 Completed Surveys
Program Date: May 16th, 2007
Deadline for data collection: July 15th 2007
Report completed: September 1st, 2007
Costs: $3,000 in associated mailing costs.

       In conjunction with the Community Relations Committee and their approval,
       a resident survey will be designed and developed to gauge resident
       attitudes and beliefs of tourism in St. Johns County. The proposed
       methodology is to conduct a mail / reply mail survey. Report segmentation
       with statistically accurate sample sizes will ebb and flow depending on data
       collection efforts and allocation.

Bed and Breakfast Inns Study
400 Completed Surveys
Program Dates: October 1, 2007 – January 31, 2007
Report completed March 1st, 2007
Costs: $600 in associated reply mail costs.

       A series of questions meant to understand this segments’ trip experience in
       a working model of the 4 visitor experiences will be conducted. This unique
       study will seek to determine quadrant placement of visitor experiences when
       lodging at a Bed and Breakfast Inn. Results from the study could be utilized
       in future marketing and advertising. This study can be conducted in
       coordination with the Bed and Breakfast Inns providing the questionnaire to
       the guest during their visit.

Marketing and Advertising Research
Sample Size: 400 completes
Report Completed: June 15th
Costs: $28,500 for study by outside firm

       The main objective for the conversion study is to uncover marketing
       research to determine whether your magazine marketing efforts were
       successful in attracting visitors to St. Johns County.
          Whether the materials influenced inquirers to decide to visit
          Whether the materials influenced inquirers to extend their stay
          Satisfaction with information and delivery systems
          Dollars generated by converted visitors


Travel Industry Association of America (TIA)
Marketing Outlook Forum                                      Boca Raton, Florida
October 11 – 13, 2006
Total Cost: $2,100

      Benefits of attending Marketing Outlook Forum: Knowledge and access to
      content and trends related to the Travel and Tourism Industry. The
      conference provides an opportunity to network with colleagues and leaders
      in the field. This event provides a large amount of the content utilized in the
      VCB marketing plan, it is re-presented to VCB staff, and serves as a spring
      board to discuss local trends in marketing and travel and tourism as
      compared to national trends.

      The TIA Marketing Outlook Forum is the annual educational forum that
      unites travel industry leaders in a series of sessions providing the attendees
      with detailed projections related to:
             Industry trends
             Economic outlook
             Demographic changes
             Technological advances

American Marketing Association (AMA)                         Chicago, Illinois
Applied Research Methods (ARM)
April 15 – 18, 2007
Total Cost: $2,150

      A continuing education tutorial designed to educate VCB staff on the
      principles and advanced modeling and statistical research techniques
      utilized in our discipline. Attendance will confer upon the VCB research staff
      a standard of statistical research training at the highest levels. Of the
      numerous AMA programs, this training provides the proper content at the
      proper stage of the development of the VCB Research Department.

      ARM compliments the Marketing Research Core Body of Knowledge used
      in the Marketing Research Institute International’s Principles of Marketing
      Research Program.
      ARM comprises of four tutorial categories.
             Basic Research Methods
             Marketing Research Tools
             Marketing Research Applications
             Marketing Research Advanced Applications
             Tutorials are generally caped at 50-100 attendees

Travel and Tourism Research Association                   Las Vegas, Nevada
June 2007
Total Cost: $2,100

     Benefits of attending the TTRA annual conference is the opportunity to
     network with fellow Research Practitioners, academics and vendors. To be
     exposed to cutting edge research and techniques, to converse with and
     share best practices, case studies, etc. This event was last attended June
     2005. The annual conference brings together academics, practitioners and
     contract venders under one roof to share best practices, highlight current
     research and discuss emerging concepts.

Inspiring Sales

The beginning of the fiscal year in 2006 brought many changes with it. The sales
team had new clearly defined territories focused into vertical markets. Production
goals for the first time were in place and set with a goal of increasing group lead
production over last year by a significant 10%. The VCB purchased a new web-
based software system for database management and reporting to manage the
sales efforts and provide tracking results. Prior to the launch of this fiscal year in
October the sales committee met with accommodations and attraction members to
listen to their suggestions on what they desired most from our sales effort. We
incorporated these suggestions into the Marketing Plan for FY 2006.

We are now more than half way through the fiscal year 2006 and the results are
inspiring. The sales team is 181% of its assigned goal year to date. We have
completed two-thirds of our trade shows and shown great results on the
established objectives. Two of our three on-line meeting planner websites have
been completed and have also shown incoming leads. We have had good results
with impressions and also logged good click-throughs attributing to our lead
distribution. Our database system (iDSS) has been a true asset to the sales team
and the office overall. Not only for sales, but the system has been working for the
Communications department, research department, and office management.

FY 2007 will continue along the above direction that was set forth in FY 2006 with
some adjustments and shifts in the direction to compensate for member requests
as determined in the strategic marketing planning sessions held in February 2006.
Continued education to our members and 100% compliance by our members with
our iDSS lead distribution system will continue to play an important part, with the
ultimate goal of member utilization and reporting in the system. And finally, some
alterations to our tradeshow schedule and travel agenda are made in order to
balance the sales effort in all markets that are important to our members from
group and convention, tour and travel, to leisure travel and including the camping
and RV segments.

Each and every month brings change to the travel industry. It is important to keep
informed of trends, legislation, and tax changes and be as visible as possible in the
right places at the right time to continue to increase our destination’s occupancy.
Booking trends for groups, conventions, reunions, weddings, and individuals need
to be monitored and the sales efforts need to be adaptable to change to maximize
exposure as well as actual sales to all these markets. The sales team has this
flexibility and will continue to monitor the industry trends.

Individual Territories and Goals
The FY 2006 sales goal was established by combining all room nights produced in
FY 2005 separated into the individual vertical markets and then adjusted based on
new direction to the outbound sales effort, trends from the industry and the new
tradeshow schedule. This sales effort was following direction from the members

that stated they wanted to see: 1) more weekday business, and 2) higher rated
business. Focusing on this request but not withstanding the balance and needs of
all other members we set forth the following goals knowing that certain markets
such as corporate, government, most association, and incentive business will fulfill
at least one of the above parameters and in some cases both. The sales team
was given specific markets to solicit based on previous sales responsibility as well
as new markets. Here are the goals and results:

                                                          Actual Production (6
      Business Group
                                   Goal (6 months)              months)        Percentage
    Corporate Meetings &
         Incentives                     9,900                     15,994                162%
         Association                    4,200                     4,229                 101%
         Government                      3,550                     3,266                 92%
   Total Business Group                 17,650                    23,489                133%

     Tourism Group
         Tour Group                      3,700                    1,340                  36%
    Destination Wedding                  2,100                     998                   48%
          Reunion                        2,000                     620                   31%
          SMERF                          1,600                    22,425                1402%
   Total Tourism Group                   9,400                    25,383                 270%

     Total Group Leads                  27,050                    48,872                181%
          goals for second half of year are the same

Both overages and shortages in each category can be gleaned from our efforts for
the first six months of FY 2006. Just prior to the start of FY 2007 new goals will be
determined based on the remainder of the results of this fiscal. Based on the
results of the next five months changes will be made to focus more attention to
certain segments and less attention to others. The momentum we have achieved
in a few of the segments will be continued, and increased efforts will be driven to
other segments. In addition to fine-tuning this outbound sales effort, the changes
in the tradeshow schedule will assist in rounding the effort to all members.

Of major focus will be conversion of group leads to definite booking status. Better
communication with our hotel partners as well as better compliance with our new
iDSS system will furnish us with the information we need to track our lead status.
Our goal for fiscal year 2007 is to be able to report on the status of 100% of our

       Status Update                in room nights             Percentage
      Definite Bookings                   6,015                   12%
       Lost Bookings                     16,761                   34%
      Tentative Status                   9,037                    18%
            Open                         17,059                   35%
            Total:                       48,872                 100.00%

The sales effort will continue to focus on member requests of driving weekday
business as well as higher rated business. Our direct solicitation effort, our on-line
marketing as well as our tradeshow and travel budget focuses on providing leads
within market segments that can fulfill these requests. We certainly do not discard
the market segments or clients that have weekend business, but are simply trying
to drive more of the requested type of business. Below are the results of the first
six months of FY 2006. The weekday leads are pure weekday business which falls
on any night Sunday through Thursday. Weekend leads are pure weekend which
always incorporates Friday and Saturday nights and may add one additional night.
Both weekend and weekday business is referring to longer lengths of stay that stay
both weekend nights and a few additional weekday nights. And finally the Splits
the weekend leads are the groups that come in and only stay one of the weekend
nights and leave the other night open.

These leads reflect the way the client has requested the dates and does not reflect
our sales effort to drive to preferred patterns of stay even though this may have

   Total Leads Tabulated                  98
      Weekday Leads                       43                       42%
      Weekend Leads                       24                       22%
     Both Weekday and
           Weekend                        18                       16%
     Splits the Weekend                   23                       20%

On-Line Marketing
In addition to our VCB website, we have invested in three additional websites: Star
Cite, ConventionPlanIt.com, and On Vantage (mpoint). These websites are the top
three websites that meeting planners use to research destinations and
accommodations and issue RFP’s. Two of the three sites were built by January 1st
with images, full descriptions, and premium placements.

ConventionPlanIt has shown a total of 956 Impressions, 119 of which visited our
ConventionPlanIt listing, 40 of which went into our VCB website, and has
generated five phone calls with leads (that we know about).

MPoint is the largest on-line database for meeting planners to go to get information
about any destination, hotel, DMC or attraction. Our upgraded package with this
website has afforded us 4,494 page views. This is compared to the entire previous
year which we logged 21 page views prior to our purchased package.

Star Cite is the number one website for meeting planners and third party meeting
planners to issue RFP’s on-line. Since signing up with this company we have
received four leads totaling 5,600 room nights. Our upgraded pages should have
been completed by January however an electronic mishap prevented this from
happening. Our new target date for completion is now June1, 2006. Starcite has
extended our contract halfway through fiscal year 2007 due to this mishap.

For our FY2007, new photos, re-written descriptions and creative headlines will
don these three websites. A new creative newsletter and e-mail blasts to their
databases are in the works for 2007 to assist in driving interest as well as RFP’s to
the destination.

Destination Education Tours and Sales Missions
Hectic schedules, increased travel and greater accountability have stymied the
ability to put together quality DET’s on specific dates where decision makers can
visit our destination for purposes of booking groups and conventions. Our focus in
2007 will continue to bring only quality clients to the destination that are
empowered to make the decision. This also includes third party meeting planners
that have great influence on numerous clients.

Rather than attempting to bring numerous clients to our area over specific dates,
we will be bringing in select clients on an individual basis when the timing is
acceptable to their schedules and thus spending quality time with one client versus
group DET’s. This enables us to customize their itineraries while they are here to
only include properties and attractions that the client wishes to see and that they
could utilize. It allows for a one on one sales effort and the time to build a quality
relationship with the clients.

The VCB will continue to take advantage of group DET’s as the opportunities and
demand dictate. Two are important to mention:

Wedding Planner DET
August / September 2006             Target Market: Destination Wedding
Total Cost: $1,500
      Showcase SAPV&B to 20 potential destination wedding planners from
      outside the region. Attendees will be chosen by the number of destination
      weddings planned per year Wednesday – Sunday, and based upon their
      standing with the American Bridal Association. Planners will see first hand

       weddings in Ponte Vedra Beach, World Golf Village, the Beaches and the
       Historic District by attending during a wedding.

Teachers DET
July 2006                              Target Market: Teachers in SE Region
Total Cost: $1,500
       An Educator DET of 20 teachers will be conducted in the summer of 2006 to
       generate further interest in over night stays with student groups. The Tour
       will focus on historic landmarks, museums and activities educators typically
       use when on a student group tour. To determine the target audience,
       members will submit their areas of interest in Florida and Southeast GA.
       Tour participants will be pre-qualified and invited based on their authority to
       make decisions for out of town field trips and multiple over night stays.

The sales missions of the past are no longer a viable option in today’s sales
environment. Previously, it was an acceptable practice to “drop in” on clients and
travel agents and spend some time with them selling the destination. The
economy today does not allow for this practice. Busy schedules, time out of office,
more work with fewer staff have made it difficult if not impossible to spend time
with clients on these types of sales missions. All sales missions in 2007 will be
pre-planned with appointments schedules for sales calls and presentations.
Monthly luncheons in the association, government, and meeting planner
organizations such as FSAE, TSAE, SGMP, MPI and HSMAI will allow us to
broaden our visibility and client base in addition to providing the opportunity of
scheduling sales calls on either side of the luncheon.

Specific sales missions will be designated and planned throughout the year to
focus on geographic locations such as Jacksonville, Orlando, Tallahassee and
south Florida. In addition to targeting specific geographic locales the sales team
will also be planning sales missions to their vertical markets such as tour and travel
operators (and receptive operators), government, and corporate incentive clientele.
Each sales person will be planning a minimum of four trips of various lengths in FY

One of the goals of our tradeshow schedule is to keep a balance over market
segments to ensure we are selling to all pertinent areas of tourism. We are divided
into two main overall segments: Business Group and Tourism Group. We then
subdivided these into the three sections below in an attempt to fulfill all markets.
We weighed the tradeshow opportunities, the costs of registration, cost of travel,
attendance and profiles of the attendees at the show, and then made decisions on
how best to spend our budget giving equal billing to each of these market

In FY 2007 the VCB will participate in 20 tradeshows. In addition to this we have a
schedule of monthly and quarterly meetings, luncheons and networking
opportunities that supplement this tradeshow schedule. The 20 tradeshows
breakdown into the following categories:

Tour & Travel       2 Tradeshows         of 3 available
Leisure Individual 6 tradeshows          3 camping & RV, 3 general leisure
Corporate/Incentive 5 tradeshows         3 are 1/3 corp.,1/3rd Assn.
                                         and 1/3 3rd party attendees.
Association Group 3 tradeshows           focused on state vs. national
SMERF Group       4 tradeshows           fits all members needs

From the above, we have dropped three tradeshows which have not been
produced results recently and have added six new shows. We have added
markets that are known weekday producers based on member requests and some
of the tradeshow activity to these segments. Members have also requested higher
rated clients and we are also keeping this in mind in the sales process. Overall we
have a well balanced tradeshow schedule that covers all markets and gives the
VCB great exposure. It has created some opportunities for members to join us at
the tradeshows and likewise we have garnered cost savings by sharing with Visit
Florida at the larger very expensive tradeshows. In addition, the attraction to
attendees to visit an entire section of a tradeshow that is Florida vs. a small booth
allows for a much higher traffic count at the show.


Florida Encounter                                      Naples, FL
Nov 4-8, 2006
Target Market: Meetings and Incentives
         Book all appointment slots
         Secure 10-15 leads
         Identify a minimum of 10 additional area meetings from the networking
         Create awareness of the destination to the international planners
Previous Results: 2004 27 appointments out of 47 openings, 2005 filled all appt.
slots and produced 4 leads at the tradeshow and 3 additional since the show.
# of times attended: 4
Approx. Attendance Figures: expected is 110, last year was 65 due to hurricane
damage and rescheduling the show
Total Cost of Attending Show: $3,450
Collateral Needed: 50 Meeting Planner Guides, 50 Golf Brochures, 25 Visitor
Guides, 100 2-sided custom printed collateral piece

      Florida Encounter is an appointment tradeshow organized by Visit Florida
      focused on the corporate, association, and incentive market. The meeting
      planners are from both the US and international markets that have been
      pre-qualified for Florida business. The show features two days of
      appointments in addition to networking opportunities. Appointments are set
      by requests both on the part of the supplier and the buyer. Upon the
      publication of the attendee list, we will request appointments with planners
      that have known business to the area followed by planners with the highest
      potential or geographic relevance.

The Motivation Show                                  Chicago, IL
September 2007
Target Market: Incentive & 3rd Party Meeting Planners
         To enhance our position as an incentive and meetings destination
         Meet a minimum of 100 meeting planners with viable business
         Generate 5 to 10 concrete leads
         Build destination awareness to 75-100 meeting planners
Previous Results: will be available after September 2006 show
# of times attended: none
Approx. Attendance Figures: estimating 55,000
Total Cost of Attending Show: $5,295
Collateral Needed: 100 Meeting Planner Guides, 50 Golf Brochures, 25 Visitor
Guides, 100 2-sided custom printed collateral piece

   This tradeshow is one of the 100 largest shows in the United States and the
   largest incentive, motivation travel show in the world. Virtually every company
   and meeting planner that plans numerous or mid to large travel programs tries
   to attend at least one of the three days of this show. The Motivation Show is
   generally where suppliers roll out new advertising to planners, specials for the
   upcoming year, host large supplier sponsored events and receptions. Many top
   decision makers searching for new ideas and destinations typically attend the
   show as well. Visit Florida buys an enormous section to represent all of Florida
   and we have purchased our own Kiosk in this section near the food and
   beverage station for high traffic visibility.

MPI World Education Congress                          Montreal, Canada
July 29-31, 2007
Target Market: Group Meeting & Incentive Planners
         Develop destination awareness
         Network and exhibit to meeting planners with the desire and propensity to
         book Florida

          Develop hit list of attendees’ prior to show to contact for meetings at
          Secure a list of at least 25 planners with known business for Florida and
          potential for our area
          5 concrete leads
Previous Results: Will be available after July 2006
# of times attended: none
Attendance Figures: 70% of the 19,000 members attend, about 5,500 meeting
Total Cost of Attending Show: $2,100
Collateral Needed: 100 Meeting Planner Guides, 50 2-sided custom printed
collateral piece

      Renewal of our membership to Meeting Professional International is
      required and the membership must also enroll one meeting planner.
      Business potential for this membership and the WEC tradeshow, which is
      MPI’s largest show every year, is excellent. The member meeting planners
      of MPI plan more than 700,000 group meetings and incentives each year.
      Members represent 71 of the Fortune 100 top companies and 94% of MPI
      members prefer to buy from other MPI members. The ability to meet and
      talk to the actual buyers and decision makers is excellent at this show since
      they limit it to 550 suppliers. As with the Motivation Show in Chicago, booth
      sharing with Visit Florida will help SAPV&B achieve a higher level of
      attraction. Registration lists are published and updated constantly on MPI’s
      website. Pre-mailings and phone calls for personal meetings and
      appointments are much easier to achieve and with a higher rate of success.
      Follow-ups to this show should also see a higher rate of success with the
      professed “like” MPI membership foundation.

Quest (HSMAI)                                           Atlanta, GA
October, 2006
Target Market: Group Meeting Planners
         Fill all appointment slots with meeting planners who have Florida business
         Identify actual meetings and incentives for the area
         Establish brand awareness to meeting planners who are not familiar with
         what SAPV&B has to offer.
Previous Results: N/A
# of times attended: 3
Attendance Figures: 350
Total Cost of Attending Show: $3,595
Collateral Needed: 50 Meeting Planner Guides, 25 Golf Brochures, 25 Visitor

      HSMAI (Hotel Sales & Marketing Association International) runs eight
      “Quest” meetings per year in different cities around the country. We have

      chosen to attend the meeting in Atlanta due to the proximity and the focus
      we will be taking on selling to the corporate meetings market in Atlanta,
      which as a drive market has large potential for us. Meeting planners are
      pre-qualified and appointments are set by requests both on the part of the
      supplier and the buyer. We will request appointments with planners that
      have known business to the area followed by planners with the highest
      potential or geographic relevance. We will also focus on meeting planners
      that predominately book business in the preferred weekday pattern such as
      Corporate and Association. We will also try to determine if the planners,
      primarily SMERF planners, have potential summer and winter programs to
      help fill our shoulder season. Over the past decade, the Meetings Quest
      trade shows have been considered by both suppliers and planners to be the
      most productive one-day events in the industry with a consistent buyer to
      seller ratio of 3:1, featuring 60-75 exhibitors and 300-350 planners.

Destination Showcase                                       Washington, D.C.
March 2007
Target Market: Meeting Planners & Incentive Buyers
         Reach planners that are searching for destination information
         Book business in the area
         Build destination awareness
         Develop new customers
Previous Results: Very busy show which produced destination awareness and
three leads with a lot of interest for information after the show
# of times attended: 1
Approx. Attendance Figures: 1,700 meeting planners
Cost of Attending Show: $3,445
Collateral Needed: 75 Meeting Planner Guides, 25 Visitor Guides, 100 2-sided
custom printed collateral piece

      A high profile tradeshow and educational conference which attracts meeting
      planners from Association (34%), Government (3%), private business sector
      (30%) and independent and third party organizations (32%) to meet solely
      with Convention and Visitor Bureaus. This allows clients to research and
      talk about destinations and what it has to offer to their meetings and
      incentive programs. The tradeshow sponsors encourage meeting planners
      to bring their “Requests for Proposals” to the show. For every RFP a
      planner brings they are entered into a Grand Prize Drawing. 67% of the
      clients at this show plan six or more meetings per year for their respective
      organizations. The majority of the meetings can be handled by our

Affordable Meetings (HSMAI)                                     Washington, D.C.
September 2007
Target Market: Meeting Planners & Incentive Buyers
         Develop destination awareness
         Network and exhibit to meeting planners with the desire and propensity to
         book Florida
         Develop hit list of attendees’ prior to show to contact for meetings at
         Secure a list of at least 25 planners with known business for Florida and
         potential for our area
         5 concrete leads
         Develop new customers
Previous Results: N/A
# of times attended: N/A
Approx. Attendance Figures: 1,800 meeting planners
Cost of Attending Show: $3,675
Collateral Needed: 100 Meeting Planner Guides, 25 Golf Brochures, 25 Visitor
Guides, 100 2-sided custom printed collateral piece “Hot dates, Hot Rates”

HSMAI's Affordable Meetings attracts a diverse group of qualified planners from
organizations of every type and size looking to learn, establish connections and do
business. We meet prospective clients not seen at other industry events. This one
day show is targeted towards a select group of planners in the city with which it is


American Bus Association (ABA) Annual Convention                Grapevine, TX
January 28 – February 1, 2007
Target Market: Group Tour Operators
       Contact 45 tour operators
       Distribution of destination profile sheet or area update to 35 operators
       25 requests for additional information
       Generate three immediate accommodation leads
Previous results: 40 contacts, 3 immediate leads, 42 pre-scheduled appointments
# of Times attended this show: 3
Previous Attendance: 600+ buyers; 350 taking appointments
Total cost of attending show: $2,497
Collateral Needed: 150 Area Profile Sheets (custom), Area Update Sheets
(custom), Tapestries Promo Piece (custom), 75 Vacation Guides, 30 Area Promo

       ABA annual convention is currently the premier place to meet, build
       relationships and do business with domestic group tour operators. It
       provides contact with owners, product managers and tour planners through
       prescheduled appointments, educational seminars and networking
       opportunities. ABA members buy from other ABA members, and especially
       those they meet at the convention each year. The 2006 results showed
       renewed interest in the northeast and Midwest areas that were lost after
       September 11th, 2001. We are working with 20 companies from the 2006
       tradeshow who showed interest in adding St. Augustine to their tour

Florida Huddle                                                 Sarasota, FL
January 21-23, 2007
Target Market: Domestic, International and receptive tour operators featuring or
planning to feature Florida product
       Schedule 23 tour operator meetings between appointments and outside
       Generate interest to result in 15 requests for additional information
       Three accommodation leads
Previous results: Met with 24 operators, plus 5-6 media contacts; 2 immediate
Previous attendance: 213 buyers from 28 countries, 45 press delegates
Total cost of attending show: $3,262
Collateral Needed: 100 Vacation Guides, Website sections in Spanish, German
& French, Area Update Sheet (custom), Area Profile Sheet (custom), 20 Tapestries
Promo Pieces.

       Florida huddle is a pre-schedule appointment trade show, targeting only
       those tour operators who sell or are interested in selling) Florida as a top
       destination. It includes a mix of international tour operators, domestic
       receptive operators selling to international operators and incentive buyers.
       This provides a focused target group and top-level contact within each
       company. Their business is focused on international inbound travel largely
       from the UK, Western Europe and Latin American countries. This show
       targets international travelers who have more leisure time, travel more, stay
       longer and have more expendable income. Visitation often peaks in
       shoulder months and stays extend through softer weekday periods

Florida Society of Association Executives               Panama City, FL
July 18-21, 2007
Target Market: Association Executives/Meeting Planners
       Contact 25 meeting planners
       Collect planning information from 15
       Generate interest to result in 20 requests for additional information

Previous results: July 2006 available
Approximate attendance: 400
Total cost: $1,375
Collateral needed: 100 Vacation Guides, 100 Meeting Planner Guides, 100 Hot
Dates/Rates (custom), 50 Tapestries Promo Pieces (custom).

      This state association meeting provides the opportunity to meet and network
      with a targeted group of Florida state association executives and meeting
      planners who book business within the state of Florida. The VCB will be
      placing emphasis on creating destination and product awareness,
      generating solid interest in SAPV&B as a viable mid to small meeting
      destination and helping member properties promote value periods. In
      addition, we will focus on the variety and volume of activities for families to
      promote an extended stay.

TSAE Monthly Association Meetings                             Tallahassee, FL
Target Market: Tallahassee Association Executives/Meeting Planners
       Meet and build a working relationship with meeting planner members and
       determine agendas for their meetings for RFP solicitation
       Contact two new planners each meeting
       Generate interest resulting in 2 requests per meeting for additional
       2-3 preset or impromptu association or corporate appointments surrounding
       the luncheon
Previous results: YTD FY 06 attended 4 monthly luncheons, made 7
appointments outside of the luncheon
Approximate attendance figures: Est. 20 planners per luncheon
Total cost of attending monthly meetings: $2,254

      This continues to be a good forum for meeting association executives and
      meeting planners and for updates on the association, industry and our
      capitol city.

American Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting Chicago, IL
Share with Visit Florida
August 11-14, 2007
Target Market: Association Executives/meeting planners
      Establish contact with 40 meeting planners
      Generate interest in SAPV&B as a viable mid to small meetings destination
      Generate 25 requests for additional information
      Generate five leads from the tradeshow
Previous results: 4 leads issued and 50 meeting planner contacts

Approximate attendance: 2,500 planners
Total Cost: $4,358
Collateral needed: 100 Meeting Planner Guides, Hot Dates/Rates (custom), 50
Tapestries Promo Pieces, 100 Vacation Guides.

      This annual show provides a broader spectrum of association executives
      and meeting planners than FSAE or TSAE by reaching national
      associations. The meeting and exposition offer educational seminars and
      networking opportunities to meet new planners and to create an awareness
      of the area as a desirable meeting destination within easy reach via Atlanta,
      Jacksonville, Daytona or Orlando. We will also promote the variety of
      desirable venues available and the opportunity to experience the Nation’s
      Oldest City with other participants and families. By sharing with Visit
      Florida, participation becomes more affordable and we increase our
      exposure from additional Visit Florida contacts during the show.

The Meeting Spot Annual Trade Show                             Tallahassee, FL
May 9, 2007
Target Market: Corporate and Association decision makers and planners
      Meet 30 decision makers or planners
      Distribute information to 50 planners
      Generate 20 requests for additional information
      Generate 3 leads from the tradeshow
Approximate Attendance: 250-300 decision makers/planners
Total Cost: $900
Collateral needed: 75 Meeting Planner Guides, 50 Vacation Guides, Hot
Dates/Rates, 30 Tapestries Promo Pieces,
      This is the first 3rd party or independent meeting planner/meeting
      management company trade show the VCB will participate in. This show
      encourages all buyers to visit each booth during the show. It provides first
      hand contact with the planner’s client base, providing an opportunity to
      influence key decision makers in regard to small to medium meeting
      destinations. Clients include well know and respected companies and
      associations. The three hour trade show format allows for distribution of
      materials to a wider group of contacts and a follow-up list of all buyer
      participants will be available to the VCB at the end of the show.


THE REUNION NETWORK                                        Jacksonville, FL
Nov. 9-10, 2006
Target Market: Consumer
      Generate 3 military reunion leads
      Distribute meeting planner packages to 25 reunion planners

       Generate interest in SAPV&B for future leads
Previous Results: N/A
# of times attended: N/A
Approx. Attendance Figures: 75-100 pre-qualified reunion planners
Total Cost of Attending Show: $1,295
Collateral: 25 Meeting Planner Kits, 25 vacation guides, 25 Hot Dates/Hot Rates

      The Reunion Network consists of pre-qualified, volunteer, military reunion
      planners. Although the attendance for military reunions has dropped, they
      are more frequent and typically book a mid-week pattern in the shoulder

GEORGIA BRIDAL SHOW                                          Atlanta, GA
Jan. 7, 2007
Target Market: Consumer
       Generate 15 destination wedding leads
       Distribute vacation planners to 1,500 consumers
       Generate interest in SAPV&B for future leads by producing a brochure
       specific to destination weddings, honeymoons and romantic getaways
Previous Results: 2006 5 leads to date, 2005 6 leads, 2004 14 leads, 2003 12
# of times attended: 4
Approx. Attendance Figures: 8,000 consumers, 900 registered brides
Total Cost of Attending Show: $2,150
Collateral: 1,500 Vacation Guides, 1,500 tri-fold brochures specific to destination

      The Georgia Bridal Show is held at the Cobb Galleria, an elite suburb of
      Atlanta. The show typically attracts higher income brides and planners in a
      major drive market for SAPV&B. This show has traditionally produced
      multiple destination wedding leads resulting in an average of 14 room
      nights, Wednesday – Sunday. A pre-mailing of postcards announcing
      SAPV&B participation at the show will be sent to consumers in the Atlanta
      area who inquired on romantic getaways.

New York, NY                          Jan. 13-14, 2007
Washington, DC                        Mar. 3-4, 2007
Target Market: Consumer /Trade Professionals
      Make contact with 150 trade professionals at the show
      Distribute vacation planners to 1,200 consumers
      Generate interest in area for future leads

       Generate one lead
Previous Results: Contact with 100 Trade Professionals, 1,000 consumers and 1
destination wedding lead
# of times attended: 1
Approx. Attendance Figures: 25,000
Total Cost of Attending Show: $3,650 and $4,004
Collateral: 1,350 Vacation Guides at each show

      Adventures In Travel Expo is a series of tradeshows targeting the active
      traveler who is looking for nature based activities, cultural and outdoor
      activities. SAPV&B will promote the First Coast Birding & Nature Festival
      and nature based activities such as kite surfing, windsurfing, surfing,
      kayaking & sailing. This show is heavily publicized through radio,
      newspapers and other mediums targeting the adventure travel niche market
      in the New York City and Washington, DC areas. By participating with Visit
      Florida SAPV&B will maximize exposure and generate destination
      awareness to a higher number of individuals. A pre-mailing of postcards
      announcing SAPV&B participation at the show will be sent to consumers in
      the New York City and Washington, DC areas who previously showed
      interest in SAPV&B.

Jan. 31 – Feb. 2, 2007
Target Market: Meeting Planners
       Make contact with 20 meeting planners during the trade show
       Generate 10 leads
       Generate interest in area for future leads
Previous Results: 9 leads, 6,000 room nights
# of times attended: 1
Approx. Attendance Figures: 300 planners
Total Cost of Attending Show: $3,000
Collateral: 50 Meeting Planner Kits, 50 vacation guides, 100 Hot Dates/Hot Rates

      The Religious Conference Management Association's annual World
      Conference and Exposition is a major gathering of meeting planners who
      specialize in the religious conference segment of the meetings market. The
      program combines educational components as well as a tradeshow. These
      planners schedule multiple types of programs ranging from upscale to
      economy. SAPV&B will focus on promoting accommodations offering the
      desired programs. By participating with Visit Florida, SAPV&B will maximize
      exposure to this elite group and produce a higher yield for the mid-week
      business segment. A pre-mailing of postcards announcing SAPV&B
      participation at the show will be sent to conference attendees.

Jan. 12-14, 2007                                       Greensboro, NC
Feb. 19-11, 2007                                       Raleigh, NC
Feb. 23-25, 2007                                       Charlotte, NC
Target Market: Consumer
       Distribute area camping guides to 1,000 consumers at each show
       Generate interest in area for future leads
       Generate one lead at each show
Previous Results: N/A
# of times attended: N/A
Approx. Attendance Figures: 12,500
Total Cost of Attending Show: $3,950
Collateral: 3,000 Vacation Guides (1,000 per show)

      SAPV&B typically participates in the Atlanta Camping & RV Show however
      the impact has been that the majority of potential travelers at the show are
      already familiar with the SAPV&B area, therefore we are targeting other
      markets with first time buyers seeking out new destinations. The annual
      North Carolina RV Camping Shows have grown to become the largest RV
      shows in the Mid-Atlantic States. SAPV&B will continue to build awareness
      and promote the area as a year round destination with multiple outdoor

CHRISTIAN MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION                         Palm Springs, CA
Mar. 12- 14, 2007
Target Market: Meeting Planners
       Make contact with 10 meeting planners during the trade show
       Generate 5 leads
       Generate interest in area for future leads
Previous Results: N/A
# of times attended: N/A
Approx. Attendance Figures: 400 planners
Total Cost of Attending Show: $3,200
Collateral: 25 Meeting Planner Kits, 25vacation guides, 50 Hot Dates, Hot Rates

      The Christian Management Association is a major gathering of meeting
      planners who specialize in the religious conference segment of the
      meetings market. The program combines educational components as well
      as a tradeshow. These planners schedule multiple types of programs
      ranging from upscale to economy. SAPV&B will focus on promoting
      accommodations offering the desired programs. A pre-mailing of postcards
      announcing SAPV&B participation at the show will be sent to conference

MIAMI HERALD TRAVEL EXPERIENCE                                        Miami, FL
April 13-15, 2007
Target Market: Consumer
       Distribute vacation planners to 2,000 consumers
       Generate interest in area for future leads by producing a six panel brochure
       specific to the Spanish market
Previous Results: N/A
# of times attended: N/A
Approx. Attendance Figures: 250,000
Total Cost of Attending Show: $2,650
Collateral: 50 Vacation Guides, 50 tri-fold brochures specific to reunions, 100
custom printed “specials” page

      This is an ideal venue to target late-spring and summer travelers. This
      three-day consumer show is the ultimate showcase for travel enthusiasts
      and professionals alike. A trade only time is offered as part of the show.
      SAPV&B will partner with Visit Florida to reach a diverse mix of Miami-area
      consumers and the event will be publicized heavily by the Miami Herald and
      El Nuevo Herald. A pre-mailing of postcards announcing SAPV&B’s
      participation at the show will be sent to consumers in the Miami area who
      inquired on SAPV&B.

SGMP–ANNUAL EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE                          Atlantic City, NJ
May 2-5, 2007
Target Market: Government
       Distribute 25 Meeting Planner Guides per quarter
       Produce 5 leads
       Create awareness to meeting planners that SAPV&B is a serious meeting
Previous Results: N/A
# of times attended: N/A
Approx. Attendance Figures: 1,000
Total Cost of Attending Show: $3,250
Collateral: 25 Meeting Planner Kits, 25 vacation guides, 25 Hot Dates, Hot Rates

      This conference brings together government meeting planners and
      suppliers from around the nation. The show will provide a strong
      educational component for suppliers as well as planners on procurement
      procedures and trends.

1 per Quarter
Target Market: Government
       Distribute 20 Meeting Planner Guides per quarter
       To create awareness to meeting planners that SAPV&B is a serious
       meeting destination
       Preset at least 3 appointments before/after each meeting
Total Cost of Attending Show: $1,300
Collateral: 80 Meeting Planner Kits, 80 vacation guides, 80 Hot Dates/Hot Rates

      The Central Florida Chapter of SGMP offers multiple state and national
      government continuing education programs. Members of the Central
      Florida Chapter include The Florida Bar Association, FL Department of
      Children & Families, FL A&M University, FL Department of Health,
      Department of Corrections, FL Department of Labor& Employment Security,
      Division of Safety, FL Jobs & Benefits, FL Parks & Recreation, Dept. of
      Transportation, Office of Civil Rights, State Construction Office & FL
      Department of Law Enforcement. Each month SAPV&B member
      representatives will be offered the chance to work the registration desk and
      make a presentation about their property.

FLORIDA WELCOME CENTER VISITS                           Yulee, FL
October, December, February, April, June, August
Target Market: Consumer
      Distribute vacation planners to 300 consumers
      Generate accommodation arrangements for last minute travelers by
      including accommodation members
Total Cost: $500 (approximately $100 per trip)
Collateral: 300 Vacation Guides, 300 Hot Rates Sheet

      The I-95 Yulee Florida welcome center has the greatest capture rate for last
      minute travelers who have not made reservations. SAPV&B will initiate and
      organize a series of opportunities for members at the Official Florida
      Welcome Center where members will offer discount’s for immediate

Inspiring Sales Conclusion
Continuing along the sales plan for the remainder of the year is expected to
provide even greater positive results. The adjustments to the sales effort for FY
2007 proposed above along with the momentum we have created in our outbound
sales effort will continue to show sales success for the destination. Much of the
sales activity is newly directed to market segments that have previously been
untapped by this destination and increased success to many of these markets will

continue. Our plan incorporates flexibility that will allow us to adapt to changing
trends, legislation and economic factors that effect tourism. Our tradeshow
schedule is stronger and will penetrate more of the clients and travelers than ever
before. This combined with a flexible and targeted sales mission and DET agenda
will give the members strong and worthwhile leads thus assisting in the effort to
increase Revenue Per Available Room for the destination overall.

New tools and enhanced tactics are the key elements of the FY 07
Communications Marketing Plan. The introduction of a media-specific website, a
DVD media kit, the use of podcasting and RSS are innovations that hold much
promise for insuring the communications and public relations efforts on behalf of
St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & The Beaches (SAPV&B) remain among the most
productive and innovative in the industry. These new capabilities will prove to be
particularly valuable in communicating the new marketing theme of “inspiration” to
the media – both domestically and internationally. Through the use of these new
“tools” and a continued reliance on the traditional “tried-and-true” tactics of
effective communications, our successes in telling the inspirational story of
SAPV&B to the general public and specialized audiences is sure to be even more
successful than in previous years.

Although the “inspiration” theme is broad in appeal, the effectiveness of our effort to
impart that idea must be extremely focused to insure that our story is told to the
specific audiences whose decisions hold the key to success of the VCB’s total
marketing effort. Fortunately, improvements made in FY 06 to our distribution lists
and media “targeting” abilities will greatly enhance our ability to reach the right
audience with the right message. The following pages provide details on our planned
efforts to both define our media targets and to hit these targets with materials that tell
our story in a positive and compelling manner.

In addition, the VCB communications program will continue to expand our abilities
to effectively communicate with our membership and the local tourism industry. As
described elsewhere in this plan, these ”internal” communications efforts are
intended to both maintain and enhance the tourism community’s understanding
(and, hopefully, appreciation) of our work, as well as for us to better understand the
attributes and needs of the local tourism industry.

New Tools for FY 07
The introduction of new “tools” for increasing the effectiveness of our efforts to
communicate with the media is one of the most intriguing aspects of the FY 07
marketing plan. These newly available technologies offer exciting possibilities for
telling the inspiring story of SAPV&B in a way that is sure to be receptive to the
mass media “gatekeepers” who play such a vital roll in regulating what information
is disseminated to both general and specialized audiences. Here are a few of the
new tools we will be using in FY 07:

Media Kit: In FY 07, the communications staff will reformat the electronic version
of the press kit developed in FY 06 to make it “DVD interactive”. This new design
will provide the communications staff with the ability to easily update or modify its
content to meet specific needs including international marketing opportunities such
as POW WOW or ITB, media receptions and shows sponsored by Visit Florida and
destination education tours conducted by the VCB. Based on the successful FY

06 design, the new DVD media kit will be reformatted so it is simple to read,
graphically appealing and in keeping with the destination’s brand identity.
Complete with a distinctive “pop up” menu, it will include an overview of SAPV&B
attractions, information on beaches and nature, accommodations, shopping and
dinning, romance and spas, history, story ideas, photo sample sheets and access
details for the photo library. In support of the communications staff’s Hispanic
media outreach efforts, it will be accessible in Spanish from our
Travelmediabistro.com website and will include our current Spanish-language
information about SAPV&B. Most importantly, the new DVD Media Kit will include
digital film footage that is downloadable for broadcast media use. The availability of
this digital film footage will allow the media to easily and quickly “see” the
destination and adapt the content for their own broadcast use. For FY 07, our
objective is to distribute 135 DVD kits to the media.
Budget: $3,000

TravelMediaBistro.com: In FY 07, the communications team will launch a new
website specifically for the use of travel media. TravelMediaBistro.com will provide
one-stop shopping for any editor, travel writer, reporter, graphic designer, or
broadcaster seeking information about SAPV&B. Serving as a much-needed
replacement for the media information page of getaway4florida.com, this colorful,
user-friendly site will offer the media a wide range of information in a variety of
easy-to-use formats. In addition to offering all of our current news releases, the
site will provide regularly updated story ideas, access to high resolution images,
information about upcoming media tours, broadcast b-roll footage, podcasts, links
to appropriate sites and many other features that will make it as easy as possible
for the media to tell SAPV&B’s inspirational story. Housed on the same server as
the VCB’s getaway4florida.com site, TravelMediaBistro.com will be developed in a
way that allows the communications staff to easily make changes to its content to
insure the most up-to-date and appealing information is readily available to the
travel media.
Budget: $2,800

RSS (Really Simple Syndication): In keeping with our efforts to apply the latest
available technology to communications staff efforts, TravelMediaBistro.com will
have RSS -- which stands for Really Simple Syndication. This relatively new
internet feature provides visitors to the website with an opportunity to be kept
informed whenever new or updated information is posted to that site. Basically,
RSS allows internet users to easily “subscribe” to internet sites offering this
capability. After subscribing, to a site with a RSS capability, they are notified
whenever any new or updated material is added to the site. This feature will be of
major benefit to SAPV&B because it will insure that subscribed media are always
kept informed of the latest news from the destination – as well as the availability of
new video, photography or other elements that they will always have the very latest
information available from the selected site. (As an added benefit, the launch of
TravelMediaBistro.com and its RSS capabilities will create a “buzz” among the
travel media and encourage them to both visit the site and use the materials made
available to them online.)

Budget: $1,000

Podcasting: In FY 07, the communications team will embark on a new venture
called podcasting. One of the newest innovations in internet applications,
podcasting makes audio recordings easily available for download from websites.
As a result, the communications staff will be able to literally “tell” the inspirational
story of the destination. Podcasting will give us the ability to let our audiences
“hear” what it’s like to visit SAPV&B. The clip-clop of the carriage horses’ hooves
on brick pavement, the centuries-old blast of a re-enactors musket, the cackle of a
friendly ghost – just use your imagination! In addition, this innovation will allow
VCB members to tell the story of their attraction, property or event in a way that
inspires the listener to experience SAPV&B. In many ways, podcasting will create
our own broadcast station with stories places on the internet so that they are
available at any time or place with internet access. During FY 07, the
communications staff will prepare a minimum of 12 podcasts -- each will be 3-5
minutes in length. Residing both on getaway4florida.com and
TravelMediaBistro.com, the podcasts will be readily available to both the media
and the general public.
Budget: $4,200

Two New Public Relations Initiatives:

Although the effectiveness of paid advertising in selling a product or concept is
well-known, there are times when the subtleties of the desired message are best
communicated via proven public relations tactics. This is particularly true when the
goal is to create a “feeling” or “sense of place” about a destination – and to do it a
way that becomes “reality” for visitors and residents alike. In FY 07, the VCB’s
communications staff will develop and implement two new public relations
initiatives that will influence perceptions about two of SAPV&B’s most important
geographic components – the community of Ponte Vedra Beach and the
destination’s 42 miles of beaches.

Ponte Vedra Beach: Our goal for Ponte Vedra Beach is to create a more-defined
sense of identity – a distinctive “package” that sets it apart as a clearly understood
and desirable vacation destination. In much the same way as St. Augustine’s
identity is permanently linked to its more than four centuries of history, golf will
serve as the focus point in defining Ponte Vedra Beach.

The effort will begin with the 2007 inductions at the nearby World Golf Hall of
Fame. With this ceremony as a starting point, this initiative will be carried through
Florida Swing and the following months leading up to THE PLAYERS
CHAMPIONSHIP – an event that will be portrayed in much the same way as the
Super Bowl. Along the way, the new clubhouse at the TPC at Sawgrass and
extensive renovations to the Stadium Course will provide excellent opportunities to
begin defining Ponte Vedra Beach through the mass media. Of course, Ponte
Vedra Beach is far more than just golf, but it is the game of golf that will provide the

“hook” for getting the media and the millions they reach to begin absorbing the
leisure travel attributes of the destination. Although golf will remain the central
element of Ponte Vedra Beach, future efforts will define the town in terms of luxury
resorts, romantic escapes, upscale accommodations, events, dining and
ambiance. In addition to sending news releases and story ideas to appropriate
media, a distinct Ponte Vedra Beach section will be created on the VCB’s media
website TravelMediaBistro.com. The schedule for this effort includes:

October: Develop informational materials and create Ponte Vedra Beach section
of travel media website.
October/November: Release information in conjunction with Hall of Fame
December: Create and package materials for release at New York media
reception and to national golf media
January/February: New York media reception and release of information for use
of media during Florida Swing.
March: Tie-in effort to media covering Florida Swing, March 2-26 (Doral, Honda,
Bay Hill tournaments) leading up to THE PLAYERS Championship.
May: Host a media event such as a barbecue dinner at THE PLAYERS

The desired results will not be achieved in a matter of months, but FY 07 will
provide the first concrete steps in building a distinct awareness of Ponte Vedra
Beach as a place with much to offer vacationers – and not just golf!

SAPV&B Beaches: For the beaches, the communications staff will develop and
implement a media relations effort that will highlight the amenities of SAPV&B’s
beaches while emphasizing their uniqueness. For most leisure travelers, Florida’s
beaches are much alike. Although there may be an awareness of the gentle surf
of the Gulf beaches in comparison to the more high-energy beaches of the Atlantic,
to an increasing degree the sameness is becoming more pronounced – primarily
beaches in an urban setting where towering condos and office buildings cast a
long shadow across the sands as the afternoon advances.

The difference between SAPV&B’s beaches and those found in most of the
Sunshine State could not be more distinct. The elegant homes overlooking the sea
from atop massive dunes of Ponte Vedra Beach set the standard for a relaxed
seaside atmosphere far removed from the hectic, urban beaches of South Florida.
The St. Augustine Lighthouse remains the highest structure along the beaches and
is likely to remain so for generations to come. The federally-administered Guana
Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve provides protection for
the fragile marine ecosystems that stretch along SAPV&B’s 42 miles of beaches.
The Reserve’s GTM Education Center provides visitors and residents alike with
compelling and entertaining insights into the inner working of this fascinating
ecosystem. Even the renovated Marineland offers far more than dolphins
performing tricks to amuse visitors. Instead, this venerable seaside education
center now emphasizes individual interactions with dolphins that not only enlighten

but also inspire patrons of Marineland. And from an access standpoint, paid
lodging in SAPV&B equates to a place to relax at the beach. Even inland hotels
and resorts like the Renaissance at World Golf Village, the Casa Monica Hotel in
downtown St. Augustine, or the Sawgrass Marriott Resort and Spa offer beach
access at their own seaside clubs or at the exclusive Serenata Beach Club. All of
these unique beach amenities will be integrated into a comprehensive public
relations initiative designed to ingrain these beachfront attributes into the minds of
visitors and potential visitors.

As with the Ponte Vedra Beach initiative, “The Beaches” will receive special
attention on the TravelMediaBistro.com website where a section devoted the
beaches of SAPV&B will be developed – including background information, story
ideas, and photos. The schedule for this effort includes:

October: Develop beach-themed materials for TravelMediaBistro.com
November: Beaches/Nature media tour in conjunction with Flagler County.
January: Release information tying unique beach environment to unique location
of northern right whale birthing area just offshore.
January/February: New York Media Reception
February: Release of information on spring/summer beach vacations.
March: Soft Adventure media tour with beach component.

SAPV&B New York Media Reception: The reception is designed to bring
SAPV&B to New York City – the world headquarters of publishing! Preceded by
publicity efforts designed to tweak the travel publishing industry’s interest in our
destination, this reception will provide New York City-based travel publishers,
broadcast production companies and writers with an inspiring taste of SAPV&B.
The reception will serve as an ideal showplace for promoting both the Ponte Vedra
Beach and Beaches initiatives – including opportunities for introducing the media
to the unique qualities of these two subjects. This is a new and an exciting venture
for SAPV&B and to insure its success the VCB will work with a contracted New
York public relations firm that specializes in organizing and hosting these types of
receptions. Featuring SAPV&B’s culinary specialties, authentically-clad re-
enactors, and VCB members who choose to participate, this reception represents
the ultimate in outreach to the travel media industry.

New York City January/February 2007
Budget: $20,000

Setting Benchmarks-

The VCB tracks print media exposure through the use of two commercial news
clipping services -- Florida Newsclips Services and Bacons Research.. These
services provide electronic clippings of virtually every tourism-related article that
makes mention of SAPV&B. Each clip comes with information on where the story
appeared and the number of readers who can reasonably be expected to have
read it. Tracking these clips and the readers, each of which is defined as an
“impression,” provides an accurate picture of the extent and timing of print media
coverage of our destination. In addition, a monetary value of the editorial coverage
is determined by evaluating the equivalent of purchased advertising space.

Print Media Impressions:

                                                                             F Y 2005
     60,000,000                                                              F Y 2006
     40,000,000                                                              O ct - A p ril
                             M ed ia               Actu al
                                                                             F Y 2007
                          Im p ressio n        Im pressions
                              G o al

The media impressions represent the total circulation of publications carrying printed travel stories
about St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra and the Beaches. Viewing counts of television broadcast features
and web-based articles are not included due to the difficulty in obtaining actual viewership and
media values.
* FY 2006 Total Impressions include October 2005 through April 2006 only.

Value of Print Media Impressions:

   $4,000,000                                                          F Y 2005
   $2,000,000                                                          F Y 2006 O ct -
   $1,500,000                                                          A p ril
     $500,000                                                          F Y 2007 G o al
                                M ed ia V alu e

Media Values are based on the value of editorial about St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & the Beaches
equivalent to advertising space on each specific print publication. This information does not include
broadcast or website viewing values.
* There was a change in media value tracking in FY 2006. FY 2006 and 2007 the values are based
on actual cost of equivalent advertising space. Prior value tracking used was based on $.035 per
impression, an outdated and inaccurate value system.

Tracking electronic media coverage, including internet coverage, does not provide
the same degree of accuracy as print media coverage. However, when it comes to
marketing a destination, the potential value of such coverage is extremely
significant. As a result, every effort will be made to record such coverage. The
VCB staff was able to identify 6,571,986 web impressions for the first 6 months of
FY 06. There is no current feasible way to evaluate the monetary value of these

In addition to the news clipping services previously mentioned, the VCB tracks
daily on-line news clips that are results of news articles published in daily
newspapers that are available on-line. These clippings are distributed to VCB
members on a weekly basis.

Targeted Audiences:
In FY 07, the communications staff’s tracking program will include logging and
reporting media in a format that identifies all promotional initiatives results,
categorized by media type, feature articles and broadcasts, events postings, and
value of the media.

During the year, the communications staff will target journalists and media outlets
with editorial calendars, contact information and a story idea submittal plan with a
tool to measure successes. In addition, a follow-up schedule and a reporting
mechanism that tracks successes and identifies areas for additional effort will be
implemented. Such tracking tools as Bacons on-line clipping services, personal
contact with journalists and travel writers, and Florida Clipping Services will provide
major benefits in insuring the effective dissemination of relevant and, sometimes
inspirational, information about the destination’s attributes to key audiences.

A key factor in successfully reaching target audiences is our proven ability to
segment the media into categories that allow us to successfully customize stories
that appeal to specific readerships. For example, the following charts show a
breakdown of print media in categories that are not only receptive to SAPV&B
information, but are also of major benefit to us in terms of inspiring readers to visit
our destination.

Feature Stories Example: (These are examples only. The actual media
contact plan will be determined once each publication’s 2007 editorial
calendar is available and the advertising media buy for SAPV&B is

Story Idea        Publication   Audience    Date        Follow-up     Results       Value
Inspiring         Romance       Brides,     TBD         2 months      Media
Romance           & Leisure     romantic                              visits and    $500,000
                  data base     leisure                               responds
                  (see                                                to
                  Breakdown                                           pitched
                  in targeted                                         stories

Art & Leisure Publications:
Story Idea        Publication   Audience    Date        Follow-up     Results       Value
The “Art          Leisure       Leisure     TBD         Through out   Site visits   $500,000
Ability” and      and Arts      Travelers               year          by staff
Inspirations of                                                       journalist
SAPV&B                                                                Stories

Outdoor Travel Publications:
Story Idea         Publication    Audience    Date             Follow-up       Results        Value
Inspiring          Outdoor        Fishing,    TBD              Throughout      Site visits    $200,000
Nature and         media data     Water                        year            by staff
Soft               base           sports,                                      journalist
Adventure                         nature,                                      Stories
                                  outdoor                                      published

Conventions & Meetings Publications:
Story Idea         Publication    Audience    Date              Follow-up       Results       Value
Meeting            Meetings &     Meeting     TBD               Through out     Site visits
Facilities         Conventions    Planners                      year            by staff      $200,000
Enhanced by        publications                                                 journalist
Inspiring Off-     data base                                                    Stories
site Venues                                                                     published

Events Releases: (Estimated 24 releases - To be
determined upon approval of 2007 Category II Grant
Event Name             Publications      Date         Date Published          Targeted Media
                                         Submitted                            Value
Nights of Lights       From National     10/5/06      Oct, Nov, Dec, 2006     $150,000.00
                       Event Media
                       Data base list

General Interest Publications: In addition to publications specifically selected for
targeting based on their unique readerships, information about SAPV&B will
continue to be disseminated to a wide range of general interest publications. These
publications consist primarily of newspapers and magazines that have traditionally
published information received from the VCB on a variety of news and events.
These publications reach national, regional and local audiences and will continue
to account for the majority of the clippings and associated impressions related to
SAPV&B. During FY 07, these publications will receive:
more than 100 news releases, features and other media advisories. These will
include, but not be limited to: Event Releases (24); Event Calendars (4); This
Weekend (50); What’s New (6); and SAPV&B news (8).

Event Releases: An estimated 20 event news releases about
TDC-sponsored Category II Events and four (4) releases
about quarterly events calendars will be distributed to the

communication program’s national travel broadcast, regional,
state and local event media database. Resulting media
coverage will be tracked using the system identified in the
Setting Benchmarks section. The release schedule is tentative
and pending TDC Category II Funding. Event news releases
will also be submitted to TravMedia.com– a new
communications tool first used by the communications team in
FY 06. So far, results obtained from the use of
TravMedia.com have been impressive, particularly with regard
to its geographic reach. For example, a SAPV&B event story
placed on TravMedia.com was included in the nightly newcast
of a television station in Portland, Oregon!
In addition to sending event media releases to the travel media, the VCB
communications staff will, when appropriate, submit all qualifying events for
inclusion in Travel South’s Top 20 quarterly events, ABA’s top 100 Annual Events
and to other event rating and promotion organizations.

“This Weekend” Releases: During FY 07, fifty “This Weekend in St. Augustine,
Ponte Vedra & The Beaches” news releases will be issued. These releases, issued
on Wednesdays, provide a last-minute update on events scheduled for the coming
weekend in SAPV&B. The information in these releases is not only useful to
media that provide “what to do” listings, the releases are also especially popular
among accommodations members of the VCB who regularly post them in a
prominent location for reference by their guests. For local audiences, the
information in each release is provided each Saturday morning in an interview
format on WFOY-1410 AM radio.

Story Ideas: In addition to specific information about
upcoming events or added amenities for visitors, the
communications staff will also “pitch” story ideas to select
media. The goal of these “pitches” is to inspire the media to
devote staff time and editorial space or air time to covering the
suggested stories. When possible, the pitches will be keyed
to the editorial calendars of publications to make the pitches
as relevant and timely as possible.

“What’s New” Releases: Issued every other month, “What’s New” releases
provide the latest news about attractions, added value services, new art & music
exhibits, and tourism industry-related services or business expansions in SAPV&B.
Each of the six releases issued during the year, will be distributed to national,
regional and local news as appropriate. This information is not only beneficial in
terms of keeping general audiences abreast of the latest developments in
SAPV&B, it also provides tour operators with important planning and sales
updates. The schedule for the dissemination of FY 07 “What’s New” releases is as

What’s New Release   Distribution        Request for        Release       Results
                                         Information        Issued
News Topics from     VISIT FLORIDA       9/15/06            10/2/06       Media Value
members              National news and
                     broadcast media
                     data base
News Topics from     VISIT FLORIDA       11/15/06           12/1/06
members              Regional and in-
Quarterly Art and    state media data
Music openings       base
News Topics from     VISIT FLORIDA       1/15/07            2/1/07
members and          Regional and in-
community            state media data
happenings (not      base
event related)
News Topics from     VISIT FLORIDA       3/15/07            4/1/07
members and          Regional and in-
community            state media data
happenings (not      base
event related)
News Topics from     VISIT FLORIDA       5/15/07            6/1/07
members and          Regional and in-
community            state media data
happenings (not      base
event related)
News Topics from     VISIT FLORIDA       7/15/07            8/01/07
members and          Regional and in-
community            state media data
happenings (not      base
event related)

Targeted Publications:
Targeted publications consist of specific magazines, newspapers, and broadcast
outlets that are identified on the basis of their ability to reach specific audiences.
By targeting specific publications, the communications staff will communicate
desired information to readers who are most likely to respond positively. For
example, information supporting SAPV&B as an “inspirational” destination can be
communicated to potential visitors seeking a destination of that type by targeting
publications frequently read by this audience. Much of the communication staff’s
effort in FY 07 will be devoted to identifying, contacting and building relationships
with key staff at targeted publications to facilitate the dissemination of important

information about SAPV&B to audiences that are most likely to respond positively,
i.e. visit the destination.

In addition to identifying and contacting the key media personnel, the
communications staff will also determine the best format and style of information to
be disseminated to the media. As a result, each media outlet will receive
information that best meets their defined needs. Some of the potential formats to
be used include fact sheets, story idea listings, an “e-magazine” article, high-
resolution images, story contacts for interviews, or even a personal invitation to
visit SAPV&B.

The primary tool in reaching the right editor or writer with the appropriate message
is Bacon’s Media Source – an on-line, subscription service that is generally
regarded as the world’s leader in providing details on specific staff members of
publications and broadcast stations. This service provides the communications
staff with the ability to identify specific markets, the media that serve them and the
individuals who control the content that appears in the media. Needless to say,
this ability provides extensive opportunities for telling SAPV&B’s inspiring story to
audiences nationwide and to supplement the efforts of the VCB sales team.

This individual “targeting” approach will be used to send appropriate information to
key individuals at publications devoted to such topics as Meetings and
Conventions; Upscale Amenities (Spas & Romance); Beach Culture; and
History/Architecture. Sample publications for each category include:

Romance & Leisure Publications

              Organization                                      City            State      Phone Number
       Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report   Magazine        Sun Valley              ID     (208)   622-3183
       Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel    Magazine        New York                NY     (646)   695-6700
       Beautiful Itinerares              Magazine        New York                NY     (646)   442-4984
       Black Romance/Bronze Thrills      Magazine        New York                NY     (212)   780-3500
       Break                             Magazine        New York                NY     (212)   352-0840
       Conde Nast Traveler               Magazine        New York                NY     (212)   286-2860
       Connecting: Solo Travel News      Magazine        Gibsons                 BC     (604)   886-9099
       The Cruise & Luxury Travel Expo   Magazine        Toronto                 ON     (416)   365-1500
       Culture & Travel                  Magazine        New York                NY     (212)   447-9555
       Departures Magazine               Magazine        New York                NY     (212)   382-5600
       Destinations                      Magazine        Washington              DC     (202)   842-1645

Targeted Meetings & Conventions Publications

          Organization               City        State          Contact Name               Phone Number
Access                         Jacksonville        FL     Seely, Fred                   (904)   366-6600
Association                    Toronto             ON     Humphrey, Sandi               (519)   538-5000
Association Meetings           Stow                MA     McGee, Regina                 (978)   582-4710
Association News               Los Angeles         CA     Shepphird, Ann                (310)   577-3700
Associations Now               Washington          DC     Holt, Newton                  (202)   371-0940
Atlanta Business Chronicle     Atlanta             GA     Tobin Ramos, Rachel           (404)   249-1044
Black Meetings & Tourism       Winnetka            CA     Herbert, Solomon              (818)   709-0646

Business Travel News              New York            NY       Dosh, Corrie               (646)   654-4432
Colorado Meetings & Events        Minneapolis         MN       Knox, Barbara              (612)   338-4125
The Complete Event Planner        Washington          DC       Lawlor Cohen, Jean         (202)   463-4550
Convene                           Chicago             IL       Russell, Michelle          (312)   423-7275

Arts & Antiques Publications

               Organization                     Organization Type           City        State     Contact Name
Accent on Tampa Bay Magazine                   Magazine              Saint Petersburg    FL     Wolcott, Melissa
Accent West                                    Magazine              Amarillo            TX     Cantrell, Liz
Access All Areas - Lifestyle for the Young and Magazine              Toronto             ON     Sharp, Keith
Adelante                                       Magazine              Los Angeles         CA     Orozco, Alberto
All About Glass                                Magazine              Saint Louisville    OH     Bredehoft, Neila
All the Rage                                   Magazine              Nashville           TN     Whittlesey, Kristin
Allure                                         Magazine              New York            NY     Mackenzie, Jillian
AmericanStyle                                  Magazine              Baltimore           MD     Daniels, Hope

Group and Travel Trade Publications

        Organization                 City                          State                        Contact Name
ASTAnetwork                    Alexandria                           VA                    Peyre, Marie
Bus Tours Magazine             Polo                                 IL                    Plachno, Larry
Byways                         Mount Jackson                        VA                    Kirchner, Stephen
Courier                        Lexington                            KY                    Figart, Frances
Group Tour Magazine -          Holland                              MI                    Smith, Carol
Northeast, The Heartland &
Canada Edition
Group Tour Magazine -          Holland                              MI                    Hoekman, David
Southeastern Edition
The Group Travel Leader        Lexington                            KY                    Sparrow, Herbert

Targeting Broadcast Media

In FY 07, the broadcast media will be targeted in much the same manner as
previously described for the print media. Through the television and radio
broadcast media, SAPV&B’s story can reach millions of viewers and listeners
nationwide. In addition, the clearly-defined geographic range of broadcast stations
provides numerous opportunities for targeting desirable markets with story ideas or
story support materials designed to appeal specifically to the demographics of the
station’s broadcast range. Although not included in media tours, the broadcast
media will receive “pitches” that provide appealing stories related to the
inspirational aspects of the destination. The communications staff will “pitch” these
stories to the broadcast media in much the same manner as used for the print
media The goal for the year is to host 20 broadcast media representatives in
SAPV&B providing accommodations, technical support, and guidance in
completing their assignments. At least three of these visitors will represent a
national broadcast affiliate.

Sample Targeted Broadcast Media:

Production           Broadcast Outlet     Programming             Contact info           Story Idea
Pie Town             Food Network         Rachel Ray’s Tasty      Scott Templeton,       Dining in SA PV&B
Productions                               Travels & $40 A Day     Executive Producer
Atlas Media Corp     Food Netwrok         Behind the Bash -       Scott Seigel –         Corporate Hospitality
                                          Giada De Laurentiis     Associate Producer
Film Garden          The Travel Channel   Taste of America with   Judy Lyness –          Minorcan Flavors
Entertainment                             Mark DeCarlo            Supervising Producer
Film Garden          TLC                  A Wedding Story &       Michelle Van Kempe     Wedding Destination
Entertainment                             Best Places to Pop      – Executive Producer   & Romance
                                          the Question
Culinary Travels     PBS                  Dave Eckard Culinary    Dave Eckard,           SAPV&B Dining
Productions                               Travels                 Producer & Host
High Noon            HGTV                 If Walls Could Talk     Sonny Hutchison, Ex.   Historic Restorations
Entertainment                                                     Producer
Banyan Productions   Travel Channel       Epicurious              Content provided by    Great Chefs – PVB
                                                                  Gourmet Magazine       Inn & Club and Casa
                                                                  Benjamin Ringe –       Monica
                                                                  Director of

Note: In addition to the previously described targeting efforts, the communications
department will consult with the VCB sales department regarding shows and other
events in which they are scheduled to participate. Whenever appropriate, the
communications staff will develop and disseminate information to key publications
and broadcast affiliates to enhance the effectiveness of the sales department’s
participation in these important shows and events.

Responses to Media Inquiries:
In addition to pro-active media outreach efforts, much of the communications
staff’s time is devoted to responding to inquiries from the media. These inquiries
can be as basic as providing access to our depository of high resolution images or
as complex as reviewing the text of a book about SAPV&B for accuracy. In a
typical year, the staff promptly and accurately responds to an estimated 300 such
inquiries. There is no reason to suspect that FY 07’s inquiries will be any less in
terms of quantity or complexity.

Events Calendar Development and Distribution
Because of their value to both external and internal audiences, much of our effort
is devoted to creating and updating accurate calendars of upcoming events in
SAPV&B. These calendars are distributed to the media and made available to
potential visitors and VCB members via our website. The feedback we receive in
terms of media coverage and use by our members, especially for informing guests
of activities, attests to the value of these calendars.

In addition to the quarterly events news release, the communications staff will
distribute individual Category II event news releases to all media outlets and
weekly “What’s Happening” advisories about the upcoming week’s events to
regional, state-wide and local media outlets. During FY 06 (September through
April), we received over 18,000,000 media impressions as a result of event
calendar news release distribution.

The VCB communications staff has identified more than 440 media outlets for
inclusion in the quarterly events calendar media release database. This database
includes national, regional, statewide and local print, broadcast and electronic
events calendar publications.

Category II Rack Card Distribution
The communications staff will continue to produce rack cards for use in promoting
regional Category II events. Although a complete listing of specific events to be
featured on rack cards cannot be determined until the 2006-07 Category II Grant
Awards are announced, we anticipate producing 1500 - 2000 copies of each no
later than 15 days prior to the event. These will continue to be distributed through
the cooperation of Miles Media.
Sample of Rack Card Development and Distribution Schedule:

Event                            Event Date     Publish date   # of Cards          Dist.
Searle’s Sack of St. Augustine   March 3        February 1     2000         February 15
Spanish Nightwatch               March 31       March 1        2000         March 15
First Coast Nature & Birding     April 12-15    February 1     2500         February 15

Media Tours
Known in the industry as Destination Educational Tours (DETs), participants refer
to these valuable “fact finding” and “motivational” visits to destinations as “media
tours”. The purpose of SAPV&B’s media tours is to give qualified travel writers an
opportunity to personally experience the many inspirational and publication-worthy
amenities of the destination. As a result of these tours, positive stories about the
area will be generated in mass market consumer publications and special interest
trade publications.

 For FY 07, all of the media tours will be designed to attract writers who specifically
cover inspiring subjects (art, romance, adventure, human interest, etc.) and have a
proven track record in reaching audiences composed of potential visitors.
Qualified participants will be identified through Bacon’s and organizations such as
the Society of American Travel Writers and the North American Travel Journalists
Association. Invitations for all of FY 07’s media tours will be sent to qualified
writers in October.

For each tour, the communications staff will provide accommodations, meals,
transportation, entertainment and attractions’ experiences to insure the selected
writers will enjoy the very best the destination has to offer. Transportation costs
include airfares or reimbursement on a mileage basis for writers who drive their
personal automobiles to the tour. Discount accommodations will be provided by
host hotels or B&Bs in hopes of securing positive media coverage of their
properties. This arrangement is also used with regard to meals at restaurants

although the discounts for food tend to be less than for accommodations. Group
tours are usually provided on a complimentary basis.

Detailed itineraries for each tour are prepared well in advance of the arrival of
participants. (If a participant requests specific editorial needs, such as an interview
with a local archaeologist, time is allotted to meet that need.) In FY 07, VCB
members will be notified of upcoming media tours through the InfoFax and
Currents. If a member has a theme-related contribution to a tour, every effort will
be made to include it in the itinerary.

Even with the discounts provided by VCB members, media tours are costly both in
terms of funding and staff time. Typically, it may take a year or more to realize the
benefits in terms of published articles. It is rare that a participating writer already
has a contract with a magazine or other media outlet for a story about SAPV&B. In
most cases, writers on the tours must convince a publisher to purchase the story
resulting from the visit to SAPV&B. Some writers are far more successful than
others at placing articles. In some cases, writers participating in the tours have
direct access to media outlets either because they work for a specific publication
or, in some fortunate cases, they are the publisher of a travel-related publication or
website. For each tour, resulting published clippings about SAPV&B are collected
from each participant. A monetary value of each clipping is determined based on
the impressions resulting from the article and the cost of purchasing a similar
amount of advertising in the publication in which the article appeared. In previous
years, the goal has been to generate media coverage with a dollar value that is at
least four times the cost of conducting the tour.

As reflected in the summaries of the three media tours planned for FY 07, it is
anticipated that our increased abilities to target the most productive writers and
secure their participation will result in an even greater return-on-investment than
has been previously accomplished.

The following media tours are planned for FY 2007:

Regional Media Tour         November 2006      St. Johns and Flagler Counties
6 journalists               4 nights           History, nature & the shore
representing                Cost: $4-$8,000
appropriate                 (determined by approval of Visit Florida support)
publications and            Media value goal
media outlets               $100,000

This media tour is planned as a regional effort to create awareness of the natural
and historic assets available to visitors in St. Johns and Flagler Counties and the
ties that they share. A VISIT FLORIDA Domestic Media Tour Assistance
Application was filed in April 2006, requesting assistance with attracting targeted
media, air-fare and ground transportation for this tour. A partnership with an

adjacent rural county (in this case, Flagler County) was required to apply for the
Domestic Media Tour Assistance Program.

The tour will be based on the idea that Northeast Florida has been a favorite
seaside escape for many generations of Florida visitors. From the coquina sands
on Flagler Beach to the pristine nature preserves and parks along the waterways
up to St. Augustine, the area has an abundance of Florida Fun outdoor activities,
unique natural and historic areas and a relaxing atmosphere. The itinerary will
include visits to the many natural attractions of the area including the St. Augustine
Alligator Farm Zoological Park, Washington Oaks State Gardens, Anastasia State
Park, tours with Coastal Outdoor Center, and an emphasis on the Guana-
Tolomata-Matanzas National Estuarine Reserve that spans St. Johns and Flagler
Romance                     January 2007           St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra
8 journalists               4 nights               After more than 4 centuries,
representing                $6000                   fires of romance still burn
romance and leisure         Media value
publications                goal: $75,000

This tour will explore how the unique history, beauty, architecture and art of the
destination can inspire visitors to think (and act) romantically. Anecdotal evidence
indicates that one of the reasons for St. Augustine’s popularity as a wedding
destination is the fact that many fourth grade girls who visit as part of their Florida
history curriculum are inspired to dream that the horse-drawn carriages, the
“castle”, the bay front – and maybe even the Cathedral Basilica will someday be
the setting for their wedding. For many, they trip here for their wedding is the
culmination of a dream that began more than a decade earlier. The tour will visit
romantic locations, including the Lighthouse (repeatedly voted the best place in
northeast Florida to propose), the wedding palm at the Castillo, and the ever-
popular Love Tree. The tour will include true life romances such as Flagler’s
wives, Eugenia Price’s Maria of Oldest House fame, and the tumultuous romance
of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and Norton Bascomb. Of course, there will be other
less well-documented romances on the tour – the Spanish soldier and his
commander’s unfaithful wife imprisoned in the Castillo, the deceased bride revived
at the cemetery, etc.

The itinerary will include a stay in the romantic resorts of Ponte Vedra, as well as
some of St. Augustine’s classic B&Bs. Romantic dining will also be emphasized.

Soft Adventure              March 2007            St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra
8 journalists               4 nights              Wind, earth, water, fire
representing                $6,000                (archeology, Air sports, water
adventure and leisure       Media value           sports, musketry, etc.)
publications                goal: $75,000

SAPV&B’s suitability as a “soft” adventure destination is, in many ways, obvious.
The destination offers numerous activities which provide outdoor excitement and
physical activity, but not on the scale of much more demanding “adventures” such
as mountain climbing or scuba diving. However, little or no media attention has
been focused on the destination’s “soft” adventure attributes. This tour will be
designed to correct this media oversight.

In keeping with its outdoor adventure theme, this tour will be divided into the age-
old elements of earth, wind, fire and water. For example, the “wind” category could
include activities such as para-sailing, a helicopter tour or a stimulating ride in a
North American Top Gun fighter plane. “Earth” could include a once-in-a-lifetime
participation in an archeological dig in the oldest city. “Water” could include a night
time kayak trip or riding horses in the surf. “Fire” could include trying your hand as
a blacksmith at an 18th century Spanish forge or loading and firing an antique
arquebus. These opportunities not only inspire participants to try something
unique, they also provide for outstanding photo opportunities and memories to last
a lifetime.

Evaluation: Continued contact and follow-up with each participating writer will be
conducted through e-mail, phone calls and letters on a three-month, six-month and
annual basis to determine the status of media coverage resulting from each tour.
Media coverage determined through clipping services and contact with participants
will be reported in quarterly and annual reports.

Travel Media Receptions

Media receptions provide an ideal opportunity to interact on a one-on-one basis
with travel media representatives who have been qualified and invited to learn
more about SAPV&B. It is an opportune time to develop new and build on long-
term relationships with editors, publishers and journalists who write about our
destination. The receptions differ from media tours primarily in terms of length and
location. Instead of the several days of activities for writers within the geographic
boundaries of SAPV&B as in a “media tour”, a media reception frequently last no
more than a couple of hours and takes place outside of SAPV&B at a location
convenient to the targeted media. In other words, the communications staff takes
SAPV&B to the media. Two such receptions are planned for FY 07:

VISIT FLORIDA Media Reception: The communications staff will participate in
one media reception organized and conducted by VISIT FLORIDA. The number of
media contacts made at VISIT FLORIDA receptions generally exceeds the number
of appointments that could be set up by individual VISIT FLORIDA partners for
desk-side visits, thus making them both efficient and cost effective. We anticipate
the VCB’s communications staff will participate in one VISIT FLORIDA media

Atlanta, February 2007
Budget: $1,750


During FY 07, the communications team will plan and conduct two “mini-missions”
designed to make individual contact with key media representatives in two
locations – Miami and Charleston/Columbia, South Carolina. These 3-day
missions will include scheduled meetings with media as an opportunity to meet
one-on-one with the “gatekeepers” of travel information in these important markets.
One communications staff member will conduct each mission.
Budget for both missions: $1,500

Hosting Media
In addition to participating in VCB-conducted media tours, travel writers frequently
visit SAPV&B on assignment or on their own initiative. During their stay, the
communications staff provides support in securing accommodations, providing
tours, arranging interviews and assisting in insuring the accuracy of articles,
broadcasts, and books on the subject of SAPV&B. Through our assistance, the
writers are better able to cover their assigned stories and we are able to introduce
materials to the stories that the author may not have previously discovered.

Individual Media Hosted

                 2005        O c t - A p ril P ro je c te d
                                 2006           2007

In FY 07, we will enhance our already successful media hosting efforts by initiating
a proactive program designed to draw some of the most successful travel writers
and broadcast production companies to SAPV&B. As previously described, we will
identify writers whose work is most closely related to our needs. We will then
provide them with compelling background information and a personal invitation,
inspiring them to visit and write about us.

The objective of this effort will be to continue to offer complete media support
services to travel writers visiting SAPV&B on assignment while successfully
securing productive writers selected by us on the basis of their recent writing and
broadcast successes.

Hispanic Media Outreach
In FY 07, the communications staff will continue to build on FY 06’s
accomplishments in positively placing SAPV&B in the Hispanic media. These
efforts will be motivated not only by the obvious economic potential of attracting
greater numbers of Hispanic vacationers to the destination, but also in response to
VCB-member concerns that more should be accomplished in this regard. In FY
06, the communications staff’s accomplishments ranged from placing St.
Augustine as a location for an episode of the nationally-broadcast Raza de
Campeones to providing content for De Paseo – the destination’s first Spanish
language visitors’ guide.

In FY 07, the VCB communications staff will:
           Target 2-3 large circulation Hispanic magazines as outlets for SAPV&B
           news, feature and event materials. (October 2005)
           Explore the possibility of placing a feature in Ronda, Iberia airline’s in-
           flight magazine. Iberia, Spain’s international airline, has the world’s only
           in-flight daily newspaper for its passengers –IB Universal—a potential
           outlet for information about SAPV&B. (January 2007)
           On a quarterly basis, contact producers of Univision’s Sabado Gigante
           regarding placement of SAPV&B spokesperson on the program.
           Broadcast live on Saturday nights, this popular program reaches an
           audience of 54 million Spanish-speaking viewers in North America and
           the Caribbean.
           Distribute 10 Spanish-language news releases to Hispanic media.

Professional Organization Memberships:

In order to assure that every possible outlet for developing and building strong
relations with journalists, access to research and information about Public
Relations and travel trends, and opportunities to promote St. Augustine, Ponte
Vedra & the Beaches to the appropriate media outlets, the communications team
will continue or initiate memberships and involvement in the following

Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) Associate Membership – ($500)

Now in its 50th year, SATW is a tax-exempt professional association whose
purpose is to promote responsible travel journalism and provide professional
support and development for members, as well as to encourage the conservation
and preservation of travel resources worldwide. The world’s largest travel writer
organization, members include writers, photographers, editors, broadcast
journalists, film lecturers, broadcast/video/film producers and public relations
representatives. Through information published or broadcast in magazines and
newspapers, travel books and guides, radio and television programs, SATW
members provide complete, accurate and interesting information on travel
destinations, facilities and services. The Society works to raise the standards of the
profession, guard the right of freedom to travel, and encourage conservation and
preservation of historic sites and natural wonders. Believing that travel is a bridge
between peoples, the Society works diligently to make and keep travel a quality
experience for everyone. The continued participation in SATW events and
conferences provides SAPV&B’s communications staff with unequaled access to
accredited travel journalists on both an individual basis and through the media
market places that are a key feature of every conference.

North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA) Associate
Membership - $500
Membership in the North American Travel Journalists Association includes access
to programming and services including the annual Conference & Marketplace
focusing on professional development, the annual NATJA Awards travel journalism
competition, Travelworld Magazine, which is affiliated with MSNBC Travel and
features stories from NATJA members, in-depth media intelligence found in the
member extranet Resource Center, and an exclusive eWire service. NATJA’s
inclusiveness and focus on meeting the demands of the changing travel industry
have enabled the organization to grow to more than 500 members. Today, NATJA
is the second largest association of writers, photographers, editors, and media
relations professionals dedicated to redefining professional development for the
travel industry. In addition, membership and participation in NATJA provides by
the communications staff provides our destination with leverage in bidding to host
the organizations’ future conferences or to host individual members.

Professional Conventions:
The Society of American Travel Writers, North American Travel Journalists
Association and the Public Relations Society of America all host annual
conventions on a national and regional basis. The conventions provide
unprecedented opportunities to meet personally with travel writers and industry
public relations practitioners, attend professional development sessions and to tell
the story of SAPV&B in one-on-one sessions held during media market place.
During FY 07, the communications staff will participate in the following professional

SATW National Convention                   October 2006          Santiago, Chile
Travel writers in US, Canada,       Contact goal: 30 Attended 4 times
Central and South America           Attendance: 700
Total cost: $2,500                  Attendee: Communications Director

Actually addressed and funded in the FY 06 marketing plan, the convention does
not take place until the first month of FY 07. In addition to the opportunity to
interact with travel writers from throughout the United States and Canada, this
meeting is believed to be the largest-ever joint meeting of American and Hispanic
travel writers. In addition to the daily interaction with the travel media, the meeting
will include workshops on how to get your message to the Hispanic media and new
trends in travel between the two continents. Story ideas and introductory
information about SAPV&B will be provided to all of the participating travel writers
prior to the convention to facilitate meeting with individual writers with an interest in
our destination during Marketplace.

SATW Chapter Convention June 2007                         Location TBD
Travel writers in SE, Midwest       Contact goal: 30 Attended 3 times
and Canada                          Attendance: 300
Total cost: $2,000                  Attendee: Communications Director

Conducted by the Society of American Travel Writers’ Atlantic-Caribbean Chapter,
this annual convention brings together accredited travel writers from throughout the
southeastern U.S. and the Caribbean. In addition, active members from the
Central States and Canada will also attend the meeting. This convention
represents our single most important opportunity for meeting one-on-one with the
travel writers who best represent our drive market, as well as writers from the
Midwest and the eastern half of Canada. The convention offers an additional
opportunity to provide our new communications products to a receptive audience.

NATJA Convention                    May/June 2007                Location TBD
Travel writers from through         Contact goal: 20 First Time in attendance
out North America                   Attendance: 300
Total cost: $2000                   Attendee: Communications Manager

Conducted by the North American Travel Journalists Association, this annual
convention brings together journalists, editors, and broadcasters, from throughout
North America. Registration ($1,000) for this conference includes meals,
Professional Development Seminars, Marketplace Table, and the Conference

In addition to the one-day Marketplace, this convention represents several
important networking opportunities for meeting one-on-one with the travel writers
who best represent our drive market, as well as writers from through out North
America. The convention offers an additional opportunity to provide our new
communications products to a receptive audience.

The participation of the VCB participation in this conference is critical to potential
bids for hosting future NATJA conferences in our destination.

Film Commission Liaison:
Among the communication staff’s “other duties” is the responsibility for serving at
the local liaison with the Florida Film Commission Office. Although SAPV&B does
not often have the “big city, urban environment look” required for some major
motion picture productions, the area offers authentic historic settings, beaches,
semi-tropical rural settings, and a unique Mediterranean look that sometimes turns
out to be exactly what is needed. The Florida film office in Los Angeles regularly
sends leads to the communications staff and, when appropriate, we provide
location search services, photos, and other support for producers. As a result, in
2006 St. Augustine played the role of Lima, Peru, in the “Celestine Prophecy” and
served as the location for the independently- produced “Things That Hang From
Trees”. The primary motivation for pursuing motion picture productions is the
positive economic impact they have on the local community. For example, the
selection of SAPV&B as the location of even a moderately-budgeted film
production can easily add several thousand room nights of expenditures and
significantly increase spending for food, gasoline and other necessities required by
the production crew. Secondarily, the placement of the visual attributes of
SAPV&B before millions of moviegoers worldwide is sure to increase interest in the
area as a potential vacation destination.

Photo Archives and Graphics Development:
The communications staff maintains a comprehensive photo library in house, on
the website and through the on-line services of Clean-Pix. The archives are
reviewed regularly and new photography is digitally enhanced by staff and
cataloged so that it becomes available for promotional use when appropriate.
During FY 07, the images stored on Clean-Pix will be “re-freshed” to not only
include new and updated images, but to also insure the photographic quality of
each. In addition, the communications staff develops graphics for in-house
produced promotional pieces such as Category II enhancement events and the
Bridge of Lions Restoration Project.

Communications with Members:
During FY 06, a major communications improvement was made when the
cumbersome and labor-intensive hardcopy of CURRENTS was replaced with an
e-newsletter of the same name that reaches members with timely and pertinent
information. At a minimum, 6 issues will be distributed in FY 07.

In FY 07, the twice weekly distribution of e-news items about St. Augustine, Ponte
Vedra & The Beaches and pertinent tourism industry related topics to members will
be continued in FY 07. Also in FY 07, the communications staff will implement an
innovative system for forwarding actual hardcopy clippings to members who are
mentioned in news stories. In its initial stage, this system will only forward copies
from publications with circulations in excess of 100,000 copies or in which the
member is prominently featured. This system will be implemented in October.

The August 2007 issue of CURRENTS will include an on-line questionnaire for the
use of members in expressing their satisfaction, or lack thereof, with our
communications efforts designed to meet their needs. Available through
www.SurveyMonkey.com, the survey will also provide an opportunity for submitting
more detailed comments to the communications staff.
Special Events
Gator Bowl Championship
The VCB will continue its partnership with the Gator Bowl Association. The Gator
Bowl is on New Years Day each year. The VCB will once again host both teams
and many fans of this annual event. The VCB will create a landing page for the
Gator Bowl packages and Hotel Availability where visitors and press can go
directly to the Gator Bowl information on our website.

Each year once the teams are announced, typically mid-November, the VCB sends
a press release to the Alumni Associations of the two schools, local press in the
area of the Universities and to the Athletic Association of the Universities. We also
work with the Gator Bowl Association to ensure the packages listed on our website
are promoted through their fan call center, MTS Travel.

ACC Championship
The Dr. Pepper ACC Championship will be in Jacksonville, FL at Alltel Stadium.
The Gator Bowl Association organizes this event and the VCB will be a travel
partner of the event. The Championship features the top team from the Atlantic
Division against the top team from the Coastal Division. The ACC will air live on
ABC in early December 2006.

SAPV&B will host both teams for this and many of the fans. We will add special
packages and hotel room availability to the website and create a special landing
page where visitors and press will be able to access the information directly.

Once the teams are announced, the VCB will send a press release to the Alumni
Associations of the two schools, local press in the area of the Universities and to
the Athletic Association of the Universities. We also work with the Gator Bowl
Association to ensure the packages listed on our website are promoted through
their fan call center, MTS Travel.

THE PLAYERS                                                   May 7-13, 2007
The PLAYERS is the premier PGA TOUR golf event in Northeast Florida at TPC
Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach. The event features the best field in golf and in
the largest purse in golf. For the PGA TOUR golfers, this is their home field event.
THE PLAYERS will move to its new May schedule in 2007. The tournament dates
are May 10-13, 2007.

The PGA TOUR will unveil the new, more fan-friendly golf course layout, drainage
system for the course, corporate hospitality tents and viewing areas. The PGA
TOUR will unveil the new clubhouse with a design reminiscent of the Flagler Era
with towers and spires very similar to Flagler College.

The goal for the TOUR is to make THE PLAYERS Championship officially the fifth
major. The only other major that does not rotate golf courses is The Masters at
Augusta. If this development happens, Ponte Vedra Beach will firmly be
established as a premier golf destination comparable only to Augusta and Pebble

Currently, the tournament sells out every year and is a strong event for corporate
incentive travel. The PGA TOUR’s goal is to increase the number of visitors from
outside the region and to increase the number of corporations using the event as
an incentive trip.

The VCB is working closely with THE PLAYERS organizers and will market the
tournament as a premier corporate hospitality event. The tournament gives
SAPV&B the opportunity to align our brand with the strength of the tournaments
brand. Once THE PLAYERS becomes a major event, Ponte Vedra Beach’s entire
identity will be built on the strength of the tournament’s brand. SAPV&B can only
benefit from partnering with such an influential tournament.

The VCB secures a hospitality tent at THE PLAYERS Championship each year
and invites members who are entertaining clients at the tournament to visit our
tent. Members need to add their clients name to the VCB list before the event
begins in order to secure access. The VCB tent is for the weekend only.

We will also have an advertisement on the “Live at 17” page of the PGA TOUR
website on Thursday and Friday of the tournament. And, we will share a visitor
information center at the tournament with the World Golf Hall of Fame who will
have a history of THE PLAYERS exhibit on display. We will also host a barbecue
for the 150 journalists that cover the event and run a video of the destination on the
media shuttles during the tournament.

Florida’s First Coast Birding and Nature Festival         April 12-15, 2007
2006 Festival Snapshot:
       700 Registered Attendees
       29 States Represented (many of which are West of the Mississippi)

      42% of Events Sold Out in Advance
      130 Events over the Four Days
      26 vendors

The First Coast Birding and Nature Festival was created through a suggestion from
a VCB Committee. The objective of the First Coast Birding and Nature Festival is
three fold: one to attract birders to book at least two nights in the SAPV&B for the
event itself; two to develop new markets for the destination; and three to build
nontraditional tourism alliances within the community itself, in essence gaining new
supporters for the tourism industry.

The VCB is in the process of finding a new management organization for the First
Coast Birding and Nature Festival. This regional event is funded by the VCB and
by the Jacksonville & The Beaches Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Clay
County Chamber of Commerce. The 2007 festival will be the fifth and will take
place April 12-15. A request for proposal was sent out for the management of the
festival in May 2006 with the hopes of a new organization taking over in June
2006. The VCB and Jacksonville CVB will continue to support the festival’s
marketing efforts and organization for the first year.

Florida’s First Coast of Golf
Florida’s First Coast of Golf (FFCG) is the regional CVB’s (Jacksonville, Clay,
Amelia Island & SAPV&B) program for marketing to the leisure golf consumer, tour
operators/travel agents, incentive meetings markets, corporate travelers and major
conventions. The program, which began in 2001, has nine hotel members and 12
golf course members representing SAPV&B.

Florida’s First Coast of Golf sells packages directly through its website and 1-800
call center. FFCG targets the Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Tampa/St. Petersburg,
Bergen, NJ, Washington, D.C., New York, Baltimore, Orlando and Tallahassee
metropolitan areas, which are based on a geographic analysis of customer and
inquiry data study from 2004. The competing markets for FFCG are Myrtle Beach,
Orlando, Scottsdale and Southern California, Gulf Shores and Jones Trail and
Hilton Head.

Northeast Florida Marketing Alliance
The Northeast Florida regional tourism agencies have formed an alliance to market
to the international visitor, focused on the German market. The alliance consists of
the Jacksonville & the Beaches Convention and Visitors Bureau, Amelia Island
Tourist Development Council, Clay County Chamber of Commerce Tourism Office,
Jacksonville International Airport and Jacksonville Port Authority, Florida’s First
Coast of Golf and SAPV&B VCB. The alliance markets itself as Florida’s
Northeast Coast.

The alliance was formed to pool our resources and marketing funds to better
penetrate the international market, which individually we would not be able to
achieve. The international visitor has higher disposable income, tends to stay
longer than domestic visitors, spends more, books further in advance and has an
interest in experiencing the “American way of life.” This bodes especially true for
the German visitor.

The international market is seeing a rebound due to the strength of the Euro
against the dollar (gained about 18%). Germans get 20 to 35 days of paid
vacation a year and their average length of stay is 13 to 14.5 days. The German
speaking countries are the second largest overseas visitor market. The Germans
also place a higher priority on vacation.

The regional alliance formed a five-year agreement and is building the five-year
marketing plan for the international visitor. The group will be represented by ITI
Marketing, which SAPV&B has had a relationship with for several years.

The first phase of the plan will be to build awareness for the Northeast Florida
region through public relations focusing on the trade media and tour operators in
Germany. The region developed a presence on the Destinations2Discover
website, which will be the main communication piece in the early phases. The
website is a template and interchangeable. It will include maps, tour operators,
news, travel suggestions, photos and an area for searches. The region also
developed a German website focused on the German media.

The region will also host one to two group press trips consisting of travel and travel
trade writers from the German market.


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