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					Why do I need a User Account? Why do I need a User Account?

Before you can complete an application online and apply for a job, you must first set up User
Account. It's quick, easy and FREE!

The User Account contains your Email Address and your Password. After creating a User
Account, you can begin building your Application Profile and use it to apply for a job.

Without a User Account, you would not be able to apply for open positions.

How do I obtain an email account? How do I obtain an email account?

In order to apply, you must have a valid email account. This email account will be used by the
system to contact you about a job position, or will be used to forward your lost or forgotten your
password information. Your email address is also used as a unique identifier for your User

What if I do not have an email account?
You can usually get an email address through your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Contact your
ISP to find out if your service comes with an email account. There are many free web-based
email services that you can use to set up an email account. Here are just a few:

       Yahoo!
       HotMail

Follow the directions on each site to set up an email account. Then, you will be able to set up
your User Account and login to our system.

User Registration Form User Registration Form

A detailed description of all fields on the User Registration Form is below:

Email Address
Enter your email address. If you choose an email address that is already being used by another
User, you will be prompted to choose a different email address. Each person must use their own
unique email address. You can not share an email account to apply for employment at Gwinnett
Medical Center.

This must be at least six characters long. Passwords cannot contain the following characters:
spaces , = ' " ( ) \ / < > [ ] { }

Verify Password
Enter your password again to ensure there were no typographical errors in your password.

Password Information Recovery Password Information Recovery

If you lose or forget your Password, you can recover your information via email. Follow the steps
outlined below:

    1. From the Login Page, enter your email address on the “forgot your password” text box
       at the bottom of the page and click on the Submit button.

    2. Your password will be sent to your email.

User Home Page Overview User Home Page Overview

From the User Home Page, you can perform many actions. You can administer your User
Account and Create and Update your Application Profile. When you log in for the first time, you
will only have a few of these options available to you. After you create a Personal Information
Profile, more options will become available to you.

Below is an overview of the available actions on your User Home Page:

    1. Search and Apply for open positions
       Use the job search to find the job that interests you the most. Then, use your Application
       Profile to apply for a position.

    2. Create/Update your Application Profile
       From here, you can begin, edit, and add additional information to your Application Profile.
       If you start an Application Profile and do not finish it, your information will not be saved
       and you will need to begin again.

    3. Create/Edit/View your Profile
       Once your Profile has been created, your information may be edited at any time.

    4. Change your password
       You may change your password at any time. Password must be at least six (6)
       characters long.

    5. View Jobs that you have applied for
       This will give you a list of all positions for which you have successfully applied.

    6. Create a Job Agent

        If you do not see a position you are interested in at this time, you can set up a job agent.
        Job Agents are a great way to avoid time-consuming searches through our job posting.
        You will be immediately notified about specific positions that are a good fit for you.

        To create a JobAgent, click What is a JobAgent.

        You have the option of creating up to three profiles that outline your areas of career
        interest. Whenever we have an opening that matches your profile, myJobAgent
        automatically notifies you via e-mail and provides a link to the job details. You can
        update your profile anytime.

How to Search for a Job How to Search for a Job
The Job Search allows you to search for jobs that you are interested in applying for. You can
search for jobs based on any of the following criteria:

    1. Job Category
       This is a listing of job categories.
    2. Job Title
       This allows you to search by the title of the position. You can only search by currently
       posted position title.
    3. City
       This allows you to select a part of town where the job is located.
    4. Facility
       This is the facility within the system where the job is located.
    5. Position Status
       This allows you to search by position status  Full Time, Part Time, PRN (Per Diem-As
       needed basis) Full Time or Part Time Baylor.

After you have entered search criteria, you will see all matching results of your entered criteria. If
no matches are found for your criteria, you see a message informing you of this. You can then
click the New Search button to enter a new criteria and redo your search.

If matches to your search criteria are found then you should see the number of matches listed at
the bottom of the screen. The jobs are listed alphabetically based on the job Title. The listing will
show the Job Title, City, Job Category, Biweekly Hours, Department and Position Status. You
can click on the Job Title to view the Job Description, Qualifications and other information related
to this specific position. If you meet all requirements listed you can click on apply.


Adding a Resume Adding a Resume

To Add Your Resume, you can copy and paste a ready cover letter and resume into the Resume
text area. Keep in mind that when you paste a resume, only the text for the resume will be pasted
into the text areas. Graphics, if any, will NOT be added. If you do not have a ready cover letter or
resume, you can create a new cover letter or resume from scratch by entering text into the
corresponding text areas.

 Full Name
 Mailing Address
 Email Address
 Day and Evenin Telephone Numbers (including area code)
 Education – Please include the following information as applicable:
         o High School – School name, city and date and date of diploma or GED.
         o College/University – School name, city and state, major field of study, type of degree
         and year received.
         o Vocational/trade/technical school – School name, city and date, date of certificate or
 Work Experience – Include details on all paid and unpaid work experiences, listing your most
recent jobs first. For each job include:
         o Job title
         o Duties and accomplishments
         o Employer’s name and address
         o Supervisor’s name and telephone number
         o Starting and ending dates (month and year)
         o Hours worked per week
         o Hourly wage
         o Reason for leaving the position
 Professional References (3) including their name, title and telephone number.
 Explanation of any gaps in employment, if applicable.
 Other Qualifications – If applicable, include things such as job-related training courses, job-
related skills (e.g., typing speed), computer software/hardware skills, job-related honors, awards,
special accomplishments, publications, memberships in professional or honor societies,
leadership activities, and performance awards.

Employment History Employment History

The Employment History is a required section. Only your most recent employment is needed. If
you never had verifiable employment, you can list your military service, clinical affiliation or
applicable volunteer work on this section. The employment history section MUST be completed in
full. All other employment history should be listed on your resume.

License/Registry/Certification Information License/Registry/Certification Information

If you do not have a Professional License/Registry/Certification, this section is not required,
simply leave this section blank.

Steps on entering License/Certification Information
Follow these steps to successfully enter your information:

    1.   Select Yes
    2.   Enter your most recent License/Registry/Certification number
    3.   Select the code description of the License/Registry/Certification entered above
    4.   Answer question if any of your licenses/Registrations/Certifications subject to restrictions
    5.   If Yes, please explain on the open text box, If No, continue to the miscellaneous area

Miscellaneous Information Miscellaneous Information

The Miscellaneous Information fields must be completed. This information helps us determine
how best to match your skills and/or needs with open positions.

To use the multiple selections option: press and hold the Ctrl key and with the mouse left click
the different choices. The Ctrl key is located to the left of the keyboard.

Once you have entered all of your information, you can now click on the Submit button. Please
Note: You must click on Submit for your information to be saved. If you click on the Back
button on your browser or on Cancel, none of your information will be saved. A new
screen will appear for confirmation.

Background Information Background Information

The Background Information is a required section. Once you have answered all four questions
you must click on Yes to submit your application profile.

Please Note: If you click on the Back button on your browser or on Cancel, none of your
information will be saved. A new screen will appear for confirmation.

Voluntary Applicant Information Voluntary Applicant Information

The Voluntary Applicant Information is a required section. This is the last step of your profile.
Your profile has not been submitted as of yet.

This information will be stored separately from your application and will be used for reporting
purposes only to the Equal Opportunity Commission. The information will not be used for any
employment decision(s).


A new Screen will appear for confirmation. You are now able to apply for open positions.

After I Have Applied After I Have Applied

Once you have successfully applied for a position, you will get a confirmation screen informing
you that your information has been submitted. You should also be getting an email notification.
If you do not see the confirmation email on your inbox, please check your spam or junk mail.

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information secure? Is my information secure?

Your information is being transmitted over a secure connection. The information is encrypted,
meaning that the information is scrambled and can only be descrambled, or decrypted by the
intended receiving party.

You may notice the padlock icon in the bottom of your browser window. This means that the
connection you are using is secure. Even if someone intercepted your information, it would be
meaningless to them because it is coded and scrambled

Why is my information already in use? Why is my information already in use?

When you create a User Account, you enter your Email Address and Password. Each one of
these pieces of information should be unique and should be specifically linked to your Account.
The application ensures that only unique Email addresses are entered by running a check on the
information entered. If a duplicate is found, you will be prompted to edit the information you

Once you create a User Account, your information is stored in our system. If you or anyone else
tries to create another new account using any of the information that you have already entered,
the system will see the existing information and register an error that the information you entered
already exists.

If you have created a User Account with our system After May 13, 2008, your information is
still active in our database. So, if you try to create a User Account using the same information
that we have on file for you, you will get an "Already in Use" error message.

If you think you have registered an account with our system After May 13, 2008, try going to the
Login page and clicking on the Forgot my Password link. Enter your email information and your
password will be sent to your email address.

What do I do if I get an error? What do I do if I get an error?

Any time there is an error in the Application, you will see an error page. A notification is
immediately sent to the Employment Center Help Desk and the problem will be looked into. We
apologize for any inconvenience caused by errors.

If you experience any other problems while using the Online Employment Application, you can
send an email to the, or you can call
our Help Desk at 678-312-3982. One of our support associates will contact you to help you with
your problem.

Please note: The Employment Center Help Desk hours are Monday to Friday from 7:30am –
4:00pm EST.

 (Please do not use this email to send resumes or ask for status of your application. Please send
                                    comments/questions only.)

Do online applications really get reviewed? Do online applications really get reviewed?

Online applications are reviewed daily (Monday to Friday).

How long do you keep applications on file? How long do you keep applications on file?

Applications are kept on file for six (6) months.

How often are positions updated? How often are positions updated?

We update our online job postings daily.

Do you follow up with all applicants? Do you follow up with all applicants?

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we are not able to follow up personally with each of
our applicants. You may check your status via email. The system will automatically send you a
confirmation of your application and the status of your application per position applied.

What is Gwinnett Medical Center’s application process? What is Gwinnett Medical Center
application process?
Human Resources Recruiters will carefully evaluate your qualifications and credentials against
the minimum requirements of the position(s) for which you have applied. Should your
qualifications meet the minimum requirements, we will then forward your application/resume for
review. If a department is interested in setting up an interview, you will then be contacted. An
applicant meeting minimum qualifications does not guarantee a phone call or an interview.

In the event that we decide to pursue other candidates for your specified area(s) of interest, we
will keep your file active for 6 months. During this time period, we will attempt to match your
qualifications and credentials with the minimum job requirements of all other available positions
we feel you may be interested in.

Please Note: Job posting are updated weekly. Consequently some positions may have already
been filled.