Plant and Animal Cell Organelles - PDF by zom14864


									                  Plant and Animal Cell Organelles
Below is a list of a cell’s organelles. The chart tells what the organelle does, and what
it looks like.

     Structure                    Function                          Description
                                   • Protects and surrounds         • rigid outer layer
       Cell Wall                     a plant cell
                                                                    • found only in plant
                                   • Allows materials to              cells
                                     enter or leave (
                                     oxygen, CO2)

                                   • Protects and surrounds         • thin outer layer of an
       Cell Membrane                 the cell                         animal cell
                                   • Allows materials to enter • inner layer of a plant
                                     or leave ( oxygen, food , cells

       DNA                         • Contains instructions for      • long, twisted strands
                                     traits and for directing all     of chemicals located
                                     cell activities                  inside the nuclear

       Nuclear                     • Protective layer around        • large, oval shaped
                                     the DNA                          structure inside the cell

       Cytoplasm                    • Holds cell parts              • jelly-like substance
                                      ( organelles ) in place         made of cellulose ( a

      Endoplasmic                  • Materials travel           • tube-like
                                     throughout E.R. to get to passageways that
      Reticulum                      parts of the cell ( water,   look like a maze
                                     protein, etc.)
Structure      Function                     Description

               • Proteins are made here • Tiny, round structures
Ribosomes        using instructions from  attached to
                 the DNA                  endoplasmic reticulum

Golgi Bodies   • Put proteins into        • Small pancake shapes
                 packages and transport     made of a thin material
                 proteins out of the cell

Chloroplasts   • Make food in plant cells   • round, green structures
                 using a process called       that contain chlorophyll
                                            • found only in plant cells

Mitochondria   • Create energy for the      • Oval shaped structure
                 cell for all activities      inside the cell (look like
                 (Respiration)                beans with a maze
                                              inside). They contain
                                              their own DNA

Vacuoles                                    • large, oval structure
               • Storage waste, food,         most common in plant
                 and water for the cell       cells. Largest structure in
                                              plant cell.

                                            • smaller in animal cells

Lysosomes      • Clean up crew - sweep • Round structures inside
                 up dead cell parts,     the cell
                 waste material

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