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Point-of-Sale Software Market 2007-2010

Description:    Control over operations, increasing efficiency, productivity gains, increasing the productivity of
                serving staff, fine-tuning of business model and return on investment are primary drivers of POS
                software. Importance of detailed reports that can help companies to make more informed business
                decisions, increasing inventory shrinkage, theft, wastage and employee misuse are driving sales of
                POS software in retail and hospitality sectors.

                Availability of wireless POS systems, average life completion of many installed terminals, along with
                new software requirement for efficient utilization of old POS systems are also offering potential
                sales opportunity for POS software.

                The report forecasts the market size of POS software over the period 2007-2010. Further, the total
                market is segmented into various geographic regions and verticals. The report also presents
                markets size for major countries in various regions. In addition, the report identifies major selling
                drivers for the POS software for the major verticals.

                This report can help IT vendors identify target geographies and verticals. Furthermore, the
                identified sales drivers can be used to penetrate these accounts or increase current share of the
                customers wallet.

                TechNavio Insights is a set of reports based on TechNavio - a market intelligence platform for the
                IT industry. It builds on the intelligence available within TechNavio, and leverages on the custom
                research experience of the Technology Navigators. TechNavio is built on years of experience of the
                authors in deep dive custom research and consulting for over 30 Fortune 500 companies and
                numerous large and mid-sized companies.

Contents:       1. Market Size & Forecast
                2. Geographic Segmentation
                2.1 POS Software Market in Americas
                2.2 Americas - Market Size by Country
                2.3 POS Software Market in APAC
                2.4 APAC - Market Size by Country
                2.5 POS Software Market in EMEA
                2.6 EMEA - Market Size by Country
                3. Vertical Segmentation
                3.1 POS Software Market Size by Vertical
                4. Sales Drivers by Verticals
                4.1 Retail
                4.2 Banking, Financial Services, Insurance
                4.3 Wholesale
                4.4 Government
                4.5 Transport
                Other Reports in this Series

                List of Exhibits
                Exhibit 1.1: POS Software Market Size and Forecast 2007-2010 (In $ million)
                Exhibit 2.1: POS Software Market Segmentation by Geography (2007)
                Exhibit 2.2: Americas POS Software Market Size 2007-2010 (in $ million)
                Exhibit 2.3: Americas POS Software Market Size by Country (2007)
                Exhibit 2.4: APAC POS Software Market Size 2007-2010 (in $ million)
                Exhibit 2.5: APAC POS Software Market Size by Country (2007)
                Exhibit 2.6: EMEA POS Software Market Size 2007-2010 (In $ million)
                Exhibit 2.7: EMEA POS Software Market Size by Country (2007)
                Exhibit 3.1: POS Software Market Segmentation by Vertical (2007)
                Exhibit 3.2: POS Software Market Size by Vertical (2007)
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