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									        LEADING THE WAY                                                                 Leap Into March

                                                Volume 1, Issue 3                      March 2008

                                           JCI LANCASTER-LANCASTER AREA JAYCEES

           Developing Leadership Skills Through Your Community

 If you want to progress in your career,      lead at work, at home, with fam-      charge or wears the “leader’s” badge. True
and get promoted to a leadership role,        ily, in their church, in their com-   leadership is about serving, and making
it is important to be developing your         munity, and often this is in a        sure the job gets done.
leadership skills on an ongoing basis.        volunteer position.                   The role of a leader is to be a role-model for
One of the most essential indicators          Leaders are the ones who step up      those who follow. You are there, setting the
of good leadership skills is the most         to the plate and do what it takes     example by being part of the team. You
obvious – the ability and willingness         to get the results that are needed.   start a little earlier, you work a little harder,
to take the lead and to motivate the          Here is a story about four people     and you stay a little later. You never ask
team to follow.                               named Everybody, Somebody,            anyone to do something that you wouldn’t
This article will explore how you can         Anybody, and Nobody. There            do yourself.
develop experience in leadership and          was an important job to be done       As the head of the team, you continually
how your leadership skills can be de-         and Everybody was sure that           look for ways to make it easier for your
veloped through becoming a volun-             Somebody would do it. Anybody         team members to do their jobs. You accept
teer in your local community.                 could have done it, but Nobody        complete responsibility for the achievement
Generally speaking everyone falls into        did it.                               of the overall goal, You are a leader because
one of three categories:                      Somebody got angry about that         you continually lead.
1. People who make things happen              because it was Everybody's job.
2. People who watch things happen,            Everybody thought that Anybody         Barbara White is an author, speaker and
and,                                          could do it, but Nobody realized       trainer in leadership development. You can visit
3. People who ask “What happened?”            that Everybody wouldn't do it. It      her site at
The role of a leader is to make things        ended up that Everybody blamed         Taken from-
happen. A leader is the person, who           Somebody when Nobody did
not only develops the skills and abili-       what Anybody could have done.
ties to make things happen, but makes         Who took the role of the leader?
them part of their lifestyle.                 It was Nobody
The role of a leader plays out, not           Part of the leader’s role involves
only in the work environment, but in          leading by example. A leader is
every area of life. A leader takes the        not just the person who takes

        Inside this issue:                                              Special
        Dog Shelter Supply Drive
                                                                        points of interest:
                                                                        •    Developing Leadership Skills Through Your
        Thunder Alley Fundraiser                        2
        “Beary” Thoughtful Fundraiser                   2
                                                                        •    Why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
        All State Awards in Dayton                      3
                                                                        •    Getting to Know Your Fellow Jaycees
        Getting to Know Your Fellow Jaycees             3
                                                                        •    Lancaster Wins Big at All State
        Want to be a Jaycee?                            3
                                                                        •    Why you want to be a Jaycee!
        Leadership Quote of the Quarter                 4
                                                                        •    What Best Bosses Do
          Page 2                                                                       LEADING THE WAY

        Dog Shelter Supply Drive
                                                               Thunder Alley Fundraiser is a SUCCESS!
                  We stood ready for action on an early
                 Saturday morning, wind whipping through        The music was pumping, the lights were
                 the garage, waiting for the cars to drive      a– glowing and the people were bowling!
                 through and drop off donations. We didn’t      We had an awesome turnout for our
                 have the anticipated amount of cars we         Thunder Alley fundraiser. The line was
                 liked, but Kevin, Lea, Kimberly, and Dustyn    clear out the door. With the record crowd,
                 braved the elements and took donations                                  we raised $420
                 from a few local citizens willing to show                               for our chapter.
        some love for the Fairfield County Dog Shelter.                                  Thank you to
        The shelter received 4 large bags of dog food,                                   those who came
        along with miscellaneous items such as bleach                                    out and showed
        and dog treats, along with two large dog beds. At                                their support.
        the end of the day, we donated $100 to the shelter                               Kimberly, Kevin, Dustyn, Rob and
        so that they could get the necessary supplies that                               Andrea showed
        were needed to help the dogs. They were very                                     their skills and
        appreciative of the time and efforts of our chapter                              bowled the night
        and look forward to seeing us in the future for an-                              away! We had
        other supply drive.                                                              a blast!

              Lancaster Wins Big at Year End All State Awards in Dayton
                                            Lancaster wins      Kevin R. Combs– Com-        Amy Stone– Charitable Events,
                                           big at All State!    munity Development          State Programming Team Mem-
                                           Not only did we      Vice President of the       ber of the Year, Candlemaker
        JCI Lancaster–                     take the overall     Year, Individual Devel-     Member of the Year
        Lancaster                          award for the        opment Vice President
                                           state of Ohio,       of the Year, and Out-       Kimberly Valentine– District Di-
        Area Jaycees                       many of our          standing Public Rela-       rector of the Year, Jacket for the
                                           members took         tions Director of the       Newark Extension
        takes the #1
                                           home awards for      Year                        Parade of Chapters for 2007
        position in the          their hard work and dedi-
                                 cation to the chapter.         Individual Development      Programming- #1
        State for 2007                                          Project of the Year for
                                 Colin Brooke– Junior           Vino the 13th               Overall- #1
        for Overall
                                 Jaycee of the Year                                         For 4th Quarter- #2 for Program-
        Performance!                                            Management Project of
                                 Dustyn Dancy– New              the 4th Quarter for the     ming, #2 for Overall
                                 Jaycee of the Year             Haunted Corn Maize          Final Trophy– Comeback Chap-
                                                                                            ter of the Year
“Beary” Successful with our “Beary”
Thoughtful Bears Fundraiser!
                                                                                          Guest Speaker of the
 They’re soft, cuddly– who can resist them– no, we aren't
talking about our members, we are talking about the “Beary
                                                                                           Month for March
Thoughtful” bears we have been selling for our current                                     Captain Adam Pillar from the
fundraiser. If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at the                              Lancaster Police Dept. will be
catalog, you should. They are cute and they truly sell them-                               giving a presentation on Child
selves. In less than 2 weeks of selling bears, we have                                      Safety at our March Business
raised $272 for our chapter, selling 52 bears. These bears                                             Meeting!
were made available in time for Valentine’s Day. We are still selling these
bears for upcoming holidays and more fundraising. If you would like a                       If you have children, or know
packet to sell bears, contact Kevin at 205-2209 or email a request to jci-                   people with children, this in- The next order will be due on March 7th, so we                        formation will be valuable to
can have the bears available for Easter. If you know someone “beary”                              share with others
special, get them a bear and give back to your chapter and community at
                                                                                            Come check it out– you don’t
the same time!
                                                                                                   want to miss it!
            VOLUME 1, ISSUE 3                                                                                                    Page 3

                         Why Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
     St. Patrick’s Day has come to be associated with everything Irish: anything green and gold, sham-
    rocks and luck. Most importantly, to those who celebrate its intended meaning, St. Patrick’s Day is a
    traditional day for spiritual renewal and offering prayers for missionaries worldwide. So, why is it
    celebrated on March 17th? One theory is that that is the day that St. Patrick died. Since the holiday
    began in Ireland, it is believed that as the Irish spread out around the world, they took with them
    their history and celebrations. The biggest observance of all is, of course, in Ireland. With the ex-
    ception of restaurants and pubs, almost all businesses close on March 17th. Being a religious holiday
    as well, many Irish attend mass, where March 17th is the traditional day for offering prayers for
    missionaries worldwide before the serious celebrating begins. In American cities with a large Irish
    population, St. Patrick’s Day is a very big deal. Big cities and small towns alike celebrate with pa-
    rades, “wearing of the green”, music and songs, Irish food and drink, and activities for kids such as
    crafts, coloring, and games. Some communities even go as far as to dye rivers or streams green!                 Members-Don’t Forget!! BINGO
                                                                                                                    is March 2nd at Rockmill from
    Wishing you luck on this St. Patrick’s Day! May you find your pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow!            2-3 pm– take an hour on Sun-
                                                                                                                    day & lend a hand!
    From the website

                Getting To Know Your Fellow Jaycees                                                                 Our Monthly Meetings are
                                                                                                                    Changing! Starting in March,
 Andrea Combs has been            She joined the Jaycees to get                                                     we will be meeting the first
a member of the Lancas-           involved in the community and
ter Area Jaycees since            socialize with others. She is
                                                                                                                    and third Wednesday of the
May 2007 . With the new           looking forward to new projects                                                   month– the first Wednesday
year, Andrea has stepped          and trainings in 2008. In An-                                                     we will conduct our business
up and showed her smil-           drea’s spare time she likes to                                                    meeting, the third Wednes-
ing face and her willing          read and do word puzzles. She
spirit to learn new things.       and her fiancé will be getting
                                                                                                                    day will be used for trainings
With this drive, Andrea           married later in the Spring.                                                      to build our skills as a chap-
planned her first project                                                                                           ter. We look forward to new
this year at the Clay Sta-        If you are interested in submit-
                                  ting an article for “ Getting To                                                  and exciting trainings and
tion to get members to-                                                                                             valuable seminars in the near
gether to test their per-         Know You” column, please
sonal skills at painting          email your request to                                                             future. We will keep you
ceramics while socializing by the                                                       posted via email!
with others.                      15th of the month for next
                                  month’s issue.

                                                                   Check us out at the Teen EXPO being held on March 8th from 12-3 at
                                                                   Crossroads Gymnasium at 2095 W. Fair Avenue– Lancaster-we will
          You want to be a Jaycee?                                 have a booth– interested in becoming a member– stop by and say Hi!
 People join the Jaycees organization for    include: business contacts, lead-   and fellowship functions. The oppor-
many different reasons. For most, they       ership training opportunities,      tunities are endless. The Jaycees
get involved to meet new people, im-         guest speakers, affiliation with    are a premier organization in build-
prove qualities in themselves, or to help    the U.S. Jaycees and JCI Interna-   ing future leaders. If you would like
out the community. People stay mem-          tional, raising money for good      more information, visit our website
bers because of the friendships formed,      causes, opportunity to serve in a   at www.lancasterareajaycees. org
the life lessons learned, and the sense of   leadership capacity, public         or
accomplishment felt after running pro-       speaking opportunities, interac-
jects successfully. There are many                                               You can also contact us for more
                                             tion with local businesses, rec-                                               Let the Jaycees
benefits to being a member of the Jay-                                           information via email at jcilan-
                                             ognition and awards for per-
cees, other than those noted. Benefits       formance, resume building, social
                                                                                                CHANGE YOUR
            What the Best Bosses Do by Brian Tracy
 Inspire Others to Peak Performance ...                                                                               The Jaycee Creed
 A transformational leader is one who excites and inspires people to perform far beyond their own
 expectations of themselves. Transformational leaders practice certain behaviors that cause their
                                                                                                                         We believe:
 people to feel stronger, happier, more confident and more committed.                                       That faith in God gives meaning and
 Delegate Responsibility ...                                                                                               purpose;
 The first of these behaviors is the delegation of high levels of responsibility for results. Transforma-      That the brotherhood of man
 tional leaders pick the right people, match them to the right jobs, achieve mutual clarity on the
 desired results and then they get out of the way and leave the individual with maximum freedom to
                                                                                                                 transcends the sovereignty
 perform.                                                                                                                 of nations.
 Let People Do Their Work ...                                                                                That economic justice can best be
 Lao-Tse, the great Chinese philosopher, had this idea when he wrote, "A leader is best when people         won by free men through free enter-
 barely know he exists... when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say, 'We did this our-
 selves.'"                                                                                                                  prise;
 In a recent study, thousands of people were asked to describe their best bosses. Over and over,             That government should be of laws
 the respondents said things like, "I hardly saw him" or "He left me alone" or "He gave me complete                  rather than of men;
 freedom to do the job."                                                                                     That Earth’s great treasure lies in
 Give Them Freedom ...
 There is something liberating and empowering to know that you've been entrusted with a major                        human personality;
 responsibility and that you've been given the freedom to fulfill it. When the right person has been                         And
 matched with the right job, the conditions for exceptional performance have been created.                  That service to Humanity is the best
 Confidently Expect Success ...
 Another behavior of transformational leaders is their confident attitude of positive expectations.
                                                                                                                         work of life.
 They radiate a belief in themselves and in the ability of their subordinates to succeed. They know                     Authored by
 that the leader sets the psychological tone for the whole organization, so they consciously project a             C. William Brownfield
 positive attitude no matter how distressing the external situation may appear. They are in complete
 control of themselves and their emotions.                                                                     We are always looking for community
 Action Exercises:                                                                                          members or local businesses who would
 First, delegate complete responsibility for results to your subordinates. Discuss and agree on ex-         like to sponsor our chapter– if you are in-
 actly what is to be done, when it is to be done and to what standard. Then, get out of the way and         terested in donating to our organization–
 let them perform.
 Second, express complete confidence in your subordinate's ability to do an excellent job. Radiate
                                                                                                             please send donations to JCI Lancaster
 an attitude of confident expectations. Even if you have personal doubts, never let them be seen by             P.O. Box 973 Lancaster, OH 43130
 others. This is the role of leadership.

 Brian Tracy is one of the world's leading authorities on personal and business success. His fast-
                                                                                             fast-                   Check us out on myspace at
 moving talks and seminars are loaded with powerful, proven ideas and strategies that you can                 
 apply immediately to get better results in every area.                                                                     jcilancaster

           Leadership Quote of the Quarter
                                                                                        Letter from the President
                                                                             The time is now! You only get what you give! The year
                   Management is efficiency in climb-                        has presented new and exciting changes and challenges.
                  ing the ladder of success; leadership                      After attending Leadership Academy and the All State
                  determines whether the ladder is                           Year End Awards Ceremony– I am pumped and ready to
                  leaning against the right wall. –                          take this chapter to new heights! First on the list, adding
                  Stephen Covey, American leadership                         another meeting date to each month, this will provide us
                  consultant and writer.                                     an opportunity to bring in more leadership training to
                                                                             our members. We will still conduct business at the first
                  If you are interested in attending our
                                                                             meeting of the month, while using the second meeting for
                  trainings—they will be held the third                      trainings that will be scheduled. The newsletters will keep
                  Wednesday of each month– the cost is                       you posted of upcoming trainings. The trainings will be
                  $15 for non-members– please contact                        free to members of the organization and $15 for non-
                  Kevin at to re-                         members. This is a great opportunity to learn more and
                  serve your spot, reservations need to be                   build your skills as a leader. I always love to hear your
                  made by the 10th of the month.                             ideas, please email me anytime and tell me what you
                                                                             think! We are going to have a great year, but we cannot do
            Upcoming Trainings for Spring                                    it without your support and time! As I
                                                                             said before, you only get what you give!
           The Power to Reinvent Yourself
                                                                             If you give no time or effort to the or-
           Customer Satisfaction Comes First                                 ganization, you will not benefit from it–
           Networking, Be A Better Performer                                 the time is now! Step up, take charge and
                                                                             get out there!
           Let’s Take Care of Me
                                                                             President Kevin R. Combs
           Bridging Conflicts

                                 COST            NON-MEMBERS—FREE    MEMBERS–
Trainings are Open to the Public—COST IS $15 for NON-MEMBERS FREE TO MEMBERS Reserve a spot today!

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