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					                            JCI Lancaster-Lancaster Area Jaycees                          Volume 1, Issue 2

                            Showin’ Some                                                   February 2008

                            Love in February

Our Chapter President Travels to Tulsa
for Leadership Academy
 Leadership Academy           jects, and presentations     Chamber service center ,    Inside this issue:
was held January 10-13        regarding what the Jay-      which includes the Lead-
in Tulsa, Oklahoma.           cees are all about. Kevin    ership Hall of Fame and
Kevin was one of seven        is enthusiastic about        historical items from
                                                                                      Dog Shelter         2
selected from Ohio to         bringing the message         Jaycees of the past.
                                                                                      Supply Drive
attend this conference.       back to our members
Jaycees were hand se-         and turning our chapter
lected by National Presi-     around. He is looking                                   All State in        2
dent Denice O’Neil. Den-      forward to implementing                                 Dayton
ice selected only 200         more leadership oppor-
candidates from across        tunities in our chapter                                 Chapter visits      2
the United States to at-      and making an impact in                                 Banquet
tend. The following Jay-      our community. Kevin
cees from Ohio were:          would like to see our                                   Bingo at Rockmill 3
                              chapter flourish and be
Bill Callison-Riverside ,
                              number one in the state
Dave and Bethany
                              in 2008. Kevin felt privi-                              Happy Valentines    3
Grate–Hilliard, Heather
                              leged to be a part of a                                 Day
Austin– Northmont, Den-
                              great training weekend,
nis Coy– North Canton
                              learning so much more
and Thomas Blower–                                                                    Getting to know     3
                              than he ever knew about                                 you
Cincinnati (not in pic-
                              the Jaycees. Along with
                              the trainings, Kevin also
Kevin spent two full days     had the opportunity to                                  Letter from the     4
in trainings, group pro-                                                              2008 President
                              visit the U.S. Junior

                                                                                       Special points of
                                                                                        Mark your calendars
                                                                                        for the Show your
                                                                                        Love Dog Shelter Sup-
                                                                                        ply Drive on February

                                                                                        Coming in March, more
                                                                                        information about the
                                                                                        Year End Celebration
                                                                                        in Memphis

                                                                                        Next months issue,
                                                                                        there will be highlights
                                                                                        from Charter Night and
                                                                                        Thunder Alley
Show your Love Dog Shelter Supply Drive
We want to show our love for dogs            could use include dog food, metal
in need this Valentine season. We            bowls, towels, blankets, paper tow-                 Look for upcoming information on the
are doing another dog shelter sup-           els, bleach, dog crates or carriers.                 Year End Celebration in Memphis in
ply drive on February 9th from               So we hope that you will all have                         next months newsletter!
10am-12 noon at the Fair-                               some heart and give your
field County Dog Shelter.                               time to this supply drive.
The shelter is located on                               If you would like to be a
Granville Pike, next to the                             part of the project, please
Humane Society. Alicia La                               email us at jcilan-
Follette has secured both                               caster@hotmail.com or
Ultimate Look salon loca-                               contact Kimberly Valen-
tions for donations. The                                tine at 215-6835.
dog shelter itself will also
have a donation box.
Items that the shelter

All State Convention Year End Celebration in Dayton
Its that time of year again! Time for        Friday and                                        encourage you to join us for this
a celebration of our accomplish-             Saturday                                          celebration. Kimberly will be get-
ments! The Year End Celebration              night party,                                      ting some rooms together for our
and Awards Ceremony at the Jay-              land lunch                                        chapter, if interested, please con-
cees All State Convention in Day-            and dinner on                                     tact her at 215-6835.
ton. The convention will be held             Saturday. You
February 15-17 at the Howard                 bring your
Johnson located at 7575 Poe Ave-             own bever-                                            Job Fair is coming in March– if
nue in Dayton, Ohio. The registra-           ages. It’s a                                            you have any ideas for this
tion fee is $37.00 for the entire            great time and                                        project, we would love to hear
weekend, which includes state reg-           if you have                                           from you! We need pictures for
istration, parties, finger foods for         never gone, I                                                   our booth!!

Chapter Members Visit Chillicothe Appreciation Banquet
On Wednesday, January 16, Kimberly           and energy to projects throughout 2007,        a great time socializ-
Valentine and Dustyn Dancy visited the       the Chillicothe Jaycees honored someone        ing with other mem-
Chillicothe Jaycees 74th Annual Appre-       in the community they feel has contrib-        bers from our re-
ciation Banquet held at the Chillicothe      uted outstanding service to Ross County        gion. They encour-
Country Club. This is a time for the Chil-   with an “ Outstanding Citizen” award.          age anyone inter-
licothe Jaycees to honor those in their      This years recipient was Ed Bahana. Kim-       ested in visiting an-
community who have contributed to their      berly, as former district director for 2007,   other chapter to
success throughout the year. Along with      also handed out awards at the banquet for      organize a visit to a
presenting awards to local businesses and    the chapters accomplishments in our re-        another chapters
people who have volunteered their time       gion for 2007. Kimberly and Dustyn had         event in our region.

Page 2                                                                                                  Showin’ Some Love in February
Bingo at Rockmill Rehabilitation Center
It only takes one hour on the first                                            David both
Sunday of the month to make a dif-                                             bring smiles
ference. Each month, we host Bingo                                             to the resi-
at Rockmill Rehabilitation Center                                              dents at
from 2-3pm. Jaycees help to bring                                              Rockmill.
residents into the dining hall for a                                           We encour-
competitive hour of Bingo playing.                                             age you to                  Rockmill Rehabilitation Center
Each player who wins Bingo is                                                  join us on                  3680 Dolson Court NW
given a quarter for their win. At the                                          February
                                                                                                           Carroll, OH 43112
end of four rounds, we offer a black                                           3rd. The
out round worth two quarters. The                                              smiles you                  740-654-0641
residents love it! They can redeem                     bring to those residents faces is                   Chairperson:
their quarters for treats. The resi-                   worth the hour you take out of your                 Amy Stone
dents especially enjoy when we                         Sunday to participate! Hope to see
bring our Junior Jaycees to the                        you there!
event. We have had Colin and

Happy Valentines Day!
   Did you know? Valentine’s Day is a saints day       Chaucer in High Middle Ages, when the tradition     cialized holidays in the United States to follow.
  commemorating Saint Valentine on February 14.        of courtly love flourished. The day is most         The U.S. Greeting Card Association estimates
  It’s a traditional day on which lovers express       closely associated with the mutual exchange of      that approximately one billion valentines are
  their love for each other; sending cards, donat-     love notes in the form of “valentines.” Modern      sent each year world wide, making the day the
  ing to charity, or gifting candy. It’s very common   valentine symbols include the heart-shaped          second largest card-sending holiday of the year
  to present flowers on Valentine’s Day. The holi-     outline and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since   behind Christmas. The association estimates
  day is named after two men, both Christian mar-      the 19th century, handwritten notes have been       that women purchase approximately 85% of all
  tyrs among numerous Early Christian martyrs          largely given way to mass-produced greeting         valentines. ( from Wikipedia, the free encyclope-
  named Valentine. The day became associated           cards. The mid-nineteenth century Valentine’s       dia, redirected from Valentine’s Day)
  with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey         Day trade was a harbinger of further commer-

Getting to Know your Fellow Jaycees
        Each month, we will be high-                   liard chapters, helping form the                    team, with family members to sup-
        lighting members of our                        Lancaster chapter in 2003. Amy                      port the cause, being a survivor
        chapter in the “Getting to                     originally joined the Jaycees to                    herself. One of the events that Amy
        Know You” column of the                        make new friends and meet boys.                     would like to see this year is a tour
        newsletter. For the month of                   One of the things Amy is looking                    of the Sherman House with Amy as
        February, we will get to know                  forward to in 2008 is working the                   our tour guide. Amy works at the
        Amy Stone, since she was                       Lancaster Festival and Make a Dif-                  Sherman House and loves history.
        the originator of this idea for                ference Day. One of the events Amy                  Amy has varied interests and hob-
        the column. Amy has been a                     enjoys doing is Relay for Life and                  bies– she loves collecting items, ask
        member since 2001, origi-                      after doing it with the chapter, de-                her about her Barbie collection,
        nally of the Logan and Hil-                    cided she would create her own                      along with hanging out with family
                                                                                                           and friends, reading, and listening
                                                                                                           to music. Thank you, Amy for shar-
                                                                                                           ing with us!
Volume 1, Issue 2
                                                                                                                                                     Page 3
                                                                   The Jaycee Creed
JCI Lancaster-Lancaster
     Area Jaycees                                                      We believe:
       P.O. Box 973
    Lancaster, OH 43130                                 That faith in God gives meaning
                                                                      and purpose;
   Www.myspace.com/                          That the brotherhood of man transcends the
                                                       sovereignty of nations;
         Email us at:
  jcilancaster@hotmail.com                     That economic justice can best be won by
                                                  free men through free enterprise;

         Check us
                  out                          That government should be of laws rather
                                                            than of men;
                                              That Earth’s great treasure lies in human
Taking Care of Business in                                  personality;
Dustyn Dancy– Secretary
and Newsletter Editor 2008                         That service to humanity is the best
dustyn@yahoo.com                                           work of life.
Or jcilancaster@hotmail.com

Letter from the President
 Welcome to 2008! My first month       you can make the difference!! I am     Taking care of business!
as President of our chapter has        looking forward to working with
                                                                              In Jaycees,
been very hectic! With all the         you all and sharing what I have
trainings I got while in Tulsa, I am   learned. This will be a learning       Kevin R. Combs
back, full force and ready to take     experience for all of us. I am look-   2008 President
care of business in 2008! I’ve been    ing forward to great things in
finishing up our Chapter Plan of       2008!! I challenge all of you to get
Action, taking ideas suggested         ready for the February business
from membership surveys and our        meeting. I will be having a theme
transitional meeting in December,      meeting and will be looking to
hoping to make our 2008 year the       have some challenges, including
best we’ve seen as a chapter! I en-    questions about Jaycee history. Be
courage all of you to step up and      ready! It should be a lot of fun and
make change in the chapter. If         there will be rewards for your ef-
there is a project you are inter-      forts. Don’t forget to mark your
ested in assisting in, step out of     calendars as we head back to Ohio
your shells, and be a part of it. If   University-Lancaster for our
you are interested in what other       monthly business meeting on Feb-
chapters are doing, get together       ruary 6th at 7pm in Room 302. I
with other members and visit a         encourage everyone to bring a
chapter! The possibilities are end-    friend and have
less. Look in the mirror– remem-       some fun!! Here’s to
ber change starts with you! Only       a great 2008!

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