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									                       JCI LANCASTER– LANCASTER AREA JAYCEES

                            Highligh ts of 2007

                                                                                                Volume 1, Issue 1
                                                                                                    January 2008

Make a difference day 2007
Saturday, October 27, 2007                                           LANCASTER CITY                        Inside this issue:
marked the National Day of                                          MAYOR VISITS OUR
Doing Good– National                                                                                 Job Fair and Teen Expo           2
                                                                   FEBRUARY 2007 BUSI-
Make a Difference Day. This                                           NESS MEETING                   Adopt-a-Family                   2
is a nationwide challenge to
                                                                  On February 7, 2007, our local     Dog Shelter Supply               2
step up and volunteer in
your community. Organiza-                                         Mayor Dave Smith came to           Lancaster Festival Days          3
tions nationwide choose                                           our business meeting to dis-
                                                                  cuss things we could do as a       Special Olympics                 3
projects or events to better
their communities and                                             chapter to get involved in the
                                                                                                     Summer Tours                     3
“ make a difference.” JCI                                         community. His suggestions
                                                                  were taken into consideration      Charter Night                    4
Lancaster– Lancaster Area         munity Action Agency in
Jaycees has been hosting an       Lancaster. We offered a kids    and will be utilized in 2008. He
annual food drive for several     fun zone as part of the event   was motivating and inspired
years as part of Make a Dif-      and WLRY 88.9FM broad-          the chapter to get involved in
ference Day. This year we         casted live at the event. The   the community! It was an
                                                                  honor to have our mayor join
hosted the event in front of      Lancaster Eagle Gazette
                                                                  us and we look forward to            • Don’t forget! Mark your
Kroger on Memorial Drive.         came out to the event and
                                                                  projects he suggested we               calendars for Jan 26th for
Despite the cold and wind,        interviewed members who
                                                                  participate in.                        our 4th Annual Charter
we had a great turnout in         were present. Hopefully you
canned and boxed goods,           all got a chance to check out                                          Night at the Lancaster
exceeding our totals from         the article and pictures in                                            Inn. RSVP by Jan 15th
last year, donating 501 food      the paper! Mark your calen-
items and $80.00 in cash          dars next year to participate                                        • Show your Love– Dog
donation to our local Com-        in this rewarding event!                                               Shelter Supply Drive will
                                                                                                         be held on Feb 9th–
                                                                                                         donate items and show
V i s i t f ro m i n t e r n at i o n a l v i c e                                                        some love

p r e s i d e n t, Wo l f g a n g W i n k l e r                                                        • We’re on MYSPACE–
                                                                                                         come check out our
It all started with a text mes-   Combs, Community and            Buy, then ending the day               page:
sage and 2 days to prepare.       Individual VP 2007, we had      with the Lancaster Festival            www.myspace.com/
We had a visitor coming to        an agenda for his day visit.    and selling glow necklaces
                                                                                                         jcilancaster—add us as a
town! Wolfgang Winkler,           Radio and TV visits, meeting    to the community– needless
Junior Chamber Interna-           the Mayor and City Council      to say, it was a very hectic
tional Vice President was         members, the Dean of Ohio       day! It was an honor and
visiting the state of Ohio and    University– Lancaster, catch-   privilege to have him visit
was stopping by Lancaster.        ing “Transformers” with         our chapter for the day! A
With the help of Kevin            Robin, checking out Best        memorable moment for us.
 PAGE 2                                                                                             HIGHLIGHTS OF 2007

                       The smiles on their     afternoon wrapping presents, thanks to       YOUR 2008 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                       faces were priceless.   Robin, who showed up with bags full of
                                                                                            Kevin R. Combs– President
                       You had to be there     items to give to the recipients. We had a
                       to experience the       wonderful time putting everything to-        Robin Bethel– Chairperson of the Board
                       overwhelming feel-      gether and appreciate all that was do-       Kimberly Valentine– Treasurer
                       ings of gratitude as    nated. The families were extremely
                       we dropped off gifts    thankful for giving them the Christmas       Dustyn Dancy– Secretary
                       to our Adopt-a-         they almost didn’t have.                     Lea Carrigan– State Director
                       Family recipients.
 We provided Christmas gifts and dinner                                                     DON’T FORGET!
 to a single mother and her 15 year old                                                     January Business Meeting will be held
 stepdaughter that she cares for. We                                                        this Wednesday, January 9th at 7pm–
 also provided gifts for a 9 year old girl,                                                 at Donato’s Pizza on 920 W.Fair Avenue
 whose father is out of work and was
 living with relatives of Kimberly Valen-
 tine. Kimberly, Kevin, and Dustyn spent                                                    OFFICERS
 a snowy morning at Walmart on De-
 cember 15th selecting items for our
 families, along with our Junior Jaycees–                                                   January’s Officer
 David and Lanette. It was quite an ad-                                                     Meeting will be held at Roosters at
 venture! Needless to say! We spent the                                                     6:30pm on Wednesday, January 30th!

 J o b Fa i r a n d T e e n E x p o
 In March 2007, members of the Lancas-          and the next Job Fair for potential         LOTS TRAINING AND LEADERSHIP
 ter Area Jaycees set up a booth at Ohio        members to sign up. We will supplying      ACADEMY Kevin R.Combs attended the
 University Lancaster as part of the Job        new brochures and showing off recent       LOTS training on Saturday January 5th–
 Fair and Teen Expo hosted by Job and           photos of events and projects we have      for President Training– he is excited to
 Family Services. We did have some po-          done in the last year. Hope to see you     serve you as 2008 President. He was
 tential members sign                                                 all in March!        also recognized at LOTS for being se-
 up on our informa-                                                                        lected as one of seven representatives
 tion sheet, but unfor-   Look for upcoming information about the                          from Ohio that will be traveling to Tulsa
 tunately they did not    2008 Job Fair in your February                                   Oklahoma for Leadership Academy.
 pan out for this year.                                                                    Kevin is looking forward to the trainings
 We look forward to       newsletter!                                                      and networking with other Jaycees
 the upcoming year                                                                         from across the nation.

D o g s h e lt e r s u p p ly d r i v e
 On Saturday December 15th, we took            Dog Shelter, next to the Humane Soci-
 supplies to the Fairfield County Humane       ety, where community members can
 Society that were donated from com-           drop off items for donations. We should
 munity members. We set up two collec-         also have location sites, like Ultimate
 tion sites for donations, thanks to Alicia    Look, for people to drop off at also. The
 La Follette, at Ultimate Look I and II sa-    shelter is always looking for blankets,
 lons. We had a great turnout in dona-         towels, bleach, food, bowls, or mone-
 tions and the Humane Society was ex-          tary donations. Mark your calendars
 tremely grateful. We will be sponsoring       and show your love this Valentine sea-
 another dog shelter supply drive on           son!
 February 9, 2008 at the Fairfield County
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1                                                                                                         PAGE 3

Lancaster festival
This years Lancaster Festival was         most of the day, with other                     with the Flower Pounding Sta-
held the week of July 19-28. We           members– while Dustyn helped                    tion. We enjoyed watching Elea-
worked three nights at the festi-                                                         nor Hood, a director of the Festi-
val selling glow necklaces. One                                                           val, run around on her golf cart,
of the nights we were assisted by                                                         we kept calling her “Hot Rod”. It
International Vice President                                                              was a fun day for the children
Wolfgang Winkler. Our sales to-                                                           and we were glad to be a part
taled over $300 with the help of                                                          of it. Lancaster Festival ended
members of our chapter, chap-                                                             with a bang, Jo Dee Messina,
ter visitors Joe Callison, Kristi Chil-                                                   country artist singing her hit
cote, and Carrie Montgomery,                                                              songs– Kevin and Dustyn at-
along with Wolfgang. We also                                                              tended the concert and ended
spent a Saturday of the festival                                                          the week with some good tunes.
working the Festival Fair Day for                                                         We look forward to this years up-
children. Kevin and Kimberly                                                              coming festival and hope it
managed the Bounce House                                                                  won’t rain again!!

S p e c i a l O ly m p i c s 2 0 0 7
In May 2007, we participated in the       manage the softball throw section of            smiling faces and help those with spe-
Special Olympics held in Amanda, OH       the Olympics. Along with those mem-             cial needs in such a glorious event. It is
at Amanda Clearcreek High School.                                                         a rewarding experience. Mark your cal-
Despite the heat, members Kimberly                                                        endars this year and if you make it to
Valentine, Kevin Combs, Dustyn Dancy,      “Special Olympics would not exist today– and   any event, make it Special Olympics!
and Robin Bethel came out to help
                                          could not have been created-without the time,
                                          energy, and commitment, and enthusiasm of
                                          its volunteers.”– www.specialolympics.org

                                          bers, we had a few potential members
                                          join in the fun. It was great to see the

Wat e r p l a n t a n d o h i o s tat e h o u s e to u r s
                                          In June and July of 2007, we decided to
                                          explore our local community and reach
                                          out to state level by taking tours of the
                                          Division of Water located in Lancaster
                                          and the Ohio Statehouse located in
                                          downtown Columbus. Both tours were
                                          big turnouts, attracting nearly 10 mem-
                                          bers to both tours. The tours were infor-
                                          mative and gave us insight into the
                                          community and state in which we live

                   P.O. Box 973
                Lancaster, OH 43130

 Dustyn Dancy– Secretary and Newsletter Editor                 The Jaycee Creed
         E-mail: jcilancaster@hotmail.com
                                                                                           We Believe:
                                                                 That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to
      Taking Care of Business in                                                           human life;
                                                                    That the brotherhood of man transcends the
                                                                                   sovereignty of nations;
                                                                  That economic justice can best be won by free
        Check us out on the web:                                               men through free enterprise;
                                                                That government should be of laws rather than of
     and myspace.com/jcilancaster
                                                                       That earth’s great treasure lies in human
 We are part of the Chamber of Commerce now!! In                                           personality;
 December 2007, we became a member of the
 Chamber of Commerce– you can find our events                    And that service to humanity is the best work of
 listed on their home page! This is a step in the right
 direction, involving our local community members                                             life.
 with our chapter and events. Check it out!
                                                                          -Authored by C. William Brownfield

4th annual Charter night 2008
JCI Lancaster-Lancaster Area Jaycees           her contributions to the Annual Special
4th Annual Charter Night will be held          Olympics held in Amanda, Ohio. These
on Saturday, January 26, 2008 at the           special members of our community will
Lancaster Inn, located at 1858 N. Me-          be presented with an appreciation
morial Drive, in Lancaster. The event          plaque and dinner with us! We hope
will be held from 6pm- midnight. The           that you all mark this important event in
cost is $15.00 per person, which in-           your calendar and RSVP to reserve your
cludes a buffet dinner, with dessert,          spot. You can contact Kevin R. Combs at
soda, tea, or punch. Any additional bev-       740-205-2209 or Kimberly Valentine at
erages can be brought into the event.          740-215-6835. Lets get the party started
Attire is business casual. Please RSVP for     for 2008 and dance the night away!!
this event by January 15th. After Janu-
ary 15th, the cost will be $20.oo. This
year we are doing something a little
different, along with swearing in our
new officers, we will be honoring two
local community members for their out-
standing contributions to our commu-
nity. This year, officers selected Carol
Wagner from the Community Action
Food Pantry and Diane Bresler of the
Amanda Clearcreek School District for

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