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									                      Siguatepeque Bilingual Christian School
                             Siguatepeque, Honduras
                                 Central America

Dear applicant,

Thank you for your interest in Siguatepeque Bilingual Christian School (Comunidad Educativa
Evangelica). We welcome your application to volunteer with our organization.

Please complete the enclosed application package in electronic format and then email it as an
attachment to . Be sure to keep electronic and hard copies of
everything you send. The complete application package includes: Application Form, Medical
Form, and Reference Form.

Please have your references complete the reference forms electronically, and have them email
them as attachments to the above address. You must have 1 personal and 1 pastoral

If you have any questions regarding our organization or the application process, please feel
free to contact us at the above email address. Please also visit our school website at for further information.

God’s blessings as you continue to pursue Him.

In Christ,

Esther Bettney
English Program Coordinator
Siguatepeque Bilingual Christian School
Siguatepeque, Honduras

                            Siguatepeque Bilingual Christian School
                                   Siguatepeque, Honduras
                                       Central America

                                        Volunteer Application

                                             Personal Data

Last Name                                    First Name                                Middle Initial

Gender                                       Country of Citizenship          Passport #

Current Address – Number and Street          City            Province/State Postal /Zip Code

Permanent Address                            City            Province/State Postal /Zip Code

Home Phone                      Cell Phone                   Email Address

Marital Status (Single, Engaged, Married, Separated, Divorced or Widowed)

                                      Educational Background

Schools Attended     Location         From    To      Major Areas of   Graduation   Degree
                                      Mo/     Mo/     Study            Mo/Year      Diploma
                                      Year    Year                                  Certificate
High School


                                        Language Proficiency

Please rate yourself in the following areas using the scale provided.
A – None                           Language                       Spoken               Written
B – A little                       Spanish
C – Well
D – Fluent                         Other
                                    Work/Volunteer Experience

List your work and volunteer experiences chronologically, beginning with your most recent.
Employer                     Position              Month/Year        Reason for Leaving
                                                      From    To


Please list any current or expired certifications, including: recreation, administration, management,
First Aid/CPR, etc.
Certification             Areas of Certification                    Date Issued          Date Expired
                                                                    (dd/mm/yy)           (dd/mm/yy)

                                          Spiritual Issues

As a Christian school in Honduras, we uphold certain Biblical and cultural values. We request you
respond to the following questions so we may ensure we accept individuals best suited to fulfilling
our educational and spiritual vision. Please use as much space as needed to fully answer the


1. Please give a brief testimony of your relationship with Jesus Christ.

2. Please list your current church affiliation as well as any of your current roles or responsibilities
within your faith community. Include name, denomination and location of church, as well as how
long you have attended.

3. Please offer an overview of your current family situation (single, married, divorced, remarried,
age of children, etc.). Include the factors or principles that have been significant in your family’s life
and spiritual growth.

                                           Additional Issues

Extra-curricular: Please list any interest or experience in the area of extra-curricular activities.

Cross-Cultural Experience: Please indicate any trips outside of the country where you were born.
Please include country visited, approximate dates and length of stay and purpose of your trip.

Lifestyle Issues: Please comment on your personal viewpoint and practices regarding the use of
tobacco, alcohol and personal entertainment. Also, please provide any lifestyle issues (past or
present) that you feel would be important for the school to have information regarding.

Term of Service: Please comment on your intended term of service, if accepted (ie. 1 week, 1
month, etc.)

Goals: If accepted, what do you hope to gain from your time in Honduras? (What personal goals
have you set for this experience?)

Preparation: If accepted, what will you do in order to prepare yourself for you time in Honduras?

Teamwork: What does the word “team” mean to you and how do you see yourself working in a
team environment? What do you feel you have to offer to the program, and your fellow participants?


Please provide the contact information for 2 references and have them complete the attached
Reference Form and mail it to
   1. Personal – a friend that has known your for a significant amount of time (not a family
   2. Pastoral – A pastor or church leader from the church you currently attend. If this is not
      possible, from a church you have recently attended.

Name                       Title                Postal Address         Phone # and Email Address


Do we have permission to contact the above references?           Yes          No


                      Professional and Personal Background Information

2. Do you know of any reason why you should not be employed in a capacity             Yes         No
with which you will work with children?
3. Do you have any health related limitations which could affect your ability to      Yes         No
work as a teacher?
4. Have you ever been investigated, dismissed, suspended or disciplined by an         Yes         No
5. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?                                           Yes         No

                                        Doctrinal Statement

Please review the following statement of our doctrine and beliefs and sign below to indicate your

     1. We believe in the Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three persons, one God.

     2. We believe in God the Creator.

     3. We believe in Jesus Christ, the only Saviour, who died for our sins and rose again to give
     us the grace to inherit eternal life.

     4. We believe in the Holy Spirit who indwells believers and guides and comforts us until the
     return of Jesus Christ.

     5. We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Therefore, it is inerrant and infallible
     in all areas it addresses.

I affirm that I am in full agreement with the doctrinal statement of Siguatepeque Christian Bilingual

                ____________________________                          _______________
                    Signature or Printed Name                               Date

Please check boxes, confirming your agreement with the following statements. If in
disagreement with any one of the following, please state your reasons below.

       If accepted, I understand the importance of being a solid role model to all I come into contact
with. Therefore I will refrain from smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and using illegal drugs
during my time with the volunteer program at the Siguatepeque Bilingual Christian School.

       If discharged from the volunteer program, I understand that it is fully my responsibility to cover
all expenses for travel, from the school to my home country.

        I hereby affirm and acknowledge, by signing below, that the answers given by me and the
statements made by me are complete and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand
that any false information, omissions or misinterpretations of facts called for in this application may
result in rejection of my application, or discharge at any time from the short-term volunteer program
at Siguatepeque Christian Bilingual School.

___________________________              _________________________                  _______________
 Signature or Printed Name               Parent’s Signature or Printed Name         Date
                                          (If applicant is under 18)

Please complete this application in electronic format and email as an attachment to If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the address

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