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 Game Fish
  Dorsal Fin       Caudal Fin


Pectoral Fin            Anal Fin

      Pelvic Fin
• 1/2 as deep as long       • Dark round spot on the
• under 1” thick              rear dorsal fin
• blue color on lower       • 5-9 dark vertical bands
  portion of both the jaw     running down their
  and operculum               sides.
• Color is NOT a good
  way to identify
• Lateral facial            • Very colorful, but
  markings                    color is a poor ID
• Scarlet spot on opercle     indicator.
• 7-8 dark vertical bands
• Very similar to
Red Eared Sunfish
  Red Eared Sunfish
• Produced from a Bluegill and Pumpkinseed
• Looks very similar to Bluegill or Pumpkinseed,
  but slight differences.
• Both Black and White (black = 7-8 dorsal
  spines, white = 6 dorsal spines.)
• Mottled Markings
• Color is not a good identification indicator
• Very thin, perhaps the thinnest of all sunfish
• 8-10 inches is common
Yellow Perch
Yellow Perch
• Golden Yellow Coloration on their sides. (may vary)
• 6-8 dark vertical bands along their sides
• have two dorsal fins, membrane between the two is
• caudal fin is slightly rounded and forked
• 3.5 times as long as deep
• unlike walleyes, they do not have canines
Largemouth Bass
    Largemouth Bass
•   Upper jaw extends beyond the eye
•   Deep notch in dorsal fin
•   Caudal fin is forked and rounded
•   Golden-brown eye
•   Dark, irregular horizontal stripe along
    lateral line
Smallmouth Bass
 Smallmouth Bass
• Upper jaw does not extends beyond the
• Slight notch in dorsal fin
• Caudal fin is not forked and not
• Red eye
• Dark, vertical stripe along sides
White Bass
    White Bass
• Brown eye
• Silver color
• many dark, horizontal lines along
  the sides
Rock Bass
   Rock Bass
• Brown eye
• Brown coloration, with light
  vertical stripes along the sides
• Canines along the lower jaw
• irregularly-shaped vertical blotches along
• Upper half of body has mottled vertical
• Dark blotch on back of anterior dorsal fin,
  no spots on dorsal fin
• Silvery, opaque marble eyes that glow in
  the dark
• White tip on lower edge of caudal fin
• Very similar to a walleye
• spots on the anterior dorsal fin, no
  black blotch at the back of anterior
• no white tip on low caudal fin
Northern Pike
Northern Pike
• Hard-muscled, tube-shaped fish with
  elongated body and a flat, duckbill snout
• light, bean-shaped markings that run the
  length of the body in horizontal rows
• Tiger-striped fins
• Rounded caudal, pelvic and pectoral fins
• Scales cover the cheek and upper half of the
• 5-7 pores on each side of lower jaw
• Hard-muscled, tube-shaped fish with
  elongated body and a flat, duckbill snout
• vertical stripes along each side of the fish
• Tiger-striped fins
• Pointed caudal, pelvic and pectoral fins
• No scales on the cheek and upper half of the
• 6-9 pores on each side of lower jaw
Brook Trout
Brook Trout
• Has an elongated and compressed body
• squared-tail
• wormlike markings on back and head
• red spots along the side of their bodies with
  blue halos.
• Lower fins have a white leading edge,
  followed by a black border
Brown Trout
 Brown Trout
• “X” shaped markings on back and
  upper half of their body
• squared tail
• numerous small spots on the head
• inside of the mouth is white
• 10-12 anal rays
Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout
• Many small spots on the body
• Distinctive pink horizontal stripe down
  each side of the body
• squared tail with spots
• 10-12 anal rays
Lake Trout
Lake Trout
• Silvery color with irregular wormlike
  markings on back and dorsal fin
• Light spots in body and tail
• deeply forked tail with spots on edge
  leading to the body
• 10-11 rays in their anal fin
• inside of mouth is white
Chinook Salmon
Chinook Salmon
• Some black spots on upper half of
• grey-black mouth, with teeth set in
  black gums
• squared tail with spots on both halves
• 15-19 anal rays
Coho Salmon
Coho Salmon
• Small black spots on backs, sides above the
  lateral line, base of dorsal fin, and upper
  half of caudal fin.
• Inside of mouth is grey or black, with teeth
  set in white gums
• Slightly forked tail
• 12-15 anal rays
Lake Sturgeon
 Lake Sturgeon
• Torpedo-shaped body, turned up tail
• Resembles a shark
• Five rows of shell-shaped plates along
• notochord instead of backbone
• Mouth is on underside of body with
Channel Catfish
Channel Catfish
• Scaleless, tough skin
• 8 barbels
• Three sharp spines, (1 dorsal, 2
• Black spots on lower side of body
• Deeply forked caudal fin
Flathead Catfish
Flathead Catfish
•   Scaleless, tough skin
•   8 barbels
•   Three sharp spines, (1 dorsal, 2 pectoral)
•   No spots on lower side of body
•   squared caudal fin
•   flattened head
•   lower lip protrudes past upper lip
Yellow Bullhead
    Yellow Bullhead
•   Black, Brown or Yellow species
•   Scaleless, tough skin
•   6 barbels
•   Sharp spines (1 dorsal, 2 pectoral)
•   Caudal fin is slightly notched and
    Rough fish
•   Very scaly
•   Barbels
•   Much like a sucker

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