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									Guys Are From Mars,
  Girls Are From
    Ray and Sue Bohlin
     Probe Ministries
No Male Bashing!
Why It’s Great To Be a Guy
 Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds
 You can drop by without bringing a small gift.
 3 pairs of shoes are more than enough.
 You get extra credit for the slightest acts of
 You can go to the bathroom without a support
Men              Women
Sense of self:    Sense of self:
achievement       relationships
Task-oriented     Relational-
Ask for help =    Ask for help =
weakness          compliment
Men          Women

Focus is on Enjoy the
 goal        process
Men             Women

Competition   Cooperation
Men            Women

Analytical   Intuitive
Men                     Women
Linear:              Multi-taskers:
focus on one thing   juggle many little
  at a time.           things at once

(like a chest of
   drawers)       (like a ball of yarn)
Men                 Women
Action-oriented    Verbal
Hostility:         Hostility: verbal
physical           Feels better by
Feels better by    talking about
solving problems   problems
Men                     Women
When under stress:     When under stress:
distracts himself      gets more involved
with various           with others.
activities to relax.
                       Talks in order to be
Withdraws into his     heard and
“cave.”                understood.
Men                      Women
Primarily needs         Primarily needs
respect (trust,         cherishing (tender
acceptance,             care, understanding,
appreciation,           respect, devotion,
admiration, approval,   reassurance).
                        Needs to be
Needs to be needed.     protected.
Men            Women
Words: for   Words: like
 conveying    breathing
 facts and
      Summary of Gender

Men tend to be tough and strong, women tend
 to be gentle and tender
Men tend toward logic and linear thinking,
 women tend toward emotion and verbal
Men tend to be risk-takers, women tend
 toward security and order
       Summary of Gender

Men tend toward relational insensitivity,
 women tend toward relational sensitivity
Men look toward the long haul, women are
 more concerned for the here and now
Men are more skeptical and suspicious (the
 provider in him?), women are more
 believing and trusting (the nurturer in her?)
              The Butterfly


The Buffalo
             The Butterfly
The butterfly has a keen sensitivity. It is
 sensitive even to the slightest breeze. It
 flutters above the ground where it can get a
 panoramic awareness of its surroundings. It
 notices the beauty of even the tiniest
 flowers. Because of its sensitivity, it is
 constantly aware of all of the changes going
 on around it and is able to react to the
 slightest variation in its environment.
             The Butterfly
Thus, the butterfly reacts with swiftness
 toward anything that might hurt it. (Try to
 catch one without a net sometime.) If a tiny
 pebble were taped to its wing, the butterfly
 would be severely injured and eventually
               The Buffalo
The buffalo is another story. It is rough and
 calloused. It doesn’t react to a breeze. It’s
 not even affected by a thirty-mile-an-hour
 wind. It just goes right on doing whatever it
 was doing. It’s not aware of the smallest of
 flowers, nor does it appear to be sensitive to
 slight changes in its environment. Tape a
 pebble to the buffalo’s back and it probably
 won’t even feel it.
               The Buffalo
The buffalo isn’t “rotten to the core” just
 because he goes around stepping on pretty
 flowers. In fact, the buffalo’s toughness is a
 tremendous asset. His strength, when
 harnessed, can pull a plow that four grown
 men can’t pull. . . He (man) may tend to
 “plow” through circumstances, while [the
 woman] may “feel” life and her
 surroundings with much more sensitivity.
Created Differences
 Man was formed from dust; woman was
 formed from flesh.
 Man was placed in the garden alone;
 woman was brought to the man so they
 could be together.
 Man was created with a need; woman was
 created to fill a need.
 Man’s job was to work; woman’s job was to
 help man with his work.
Created Differences
 Man’s job was cognitive/task oriented
 (name the animals); woman’s job was
 emotive/relational (meet the need of the
 Man gave woman her name; woman
 received her name from him.
 Man’s body was created to give a seed;
 woman’s body was created to give life.
Gender Roles and the Bible
Women’s Needs and Issues
 Women need to be cherished
 Women need security
 Women need to be treated with
 tenderness and gentleness
 Women are verbal creatures
Gender Roles and the Bible
Men’s Needs and Issues

 Men need respect and support
 Men are naturally self-oriented
  Men and Women from the

 Genesis 2: 18-25 -- The Creation of Eve
Eve was made for man.
Eve was made from the man.
Eve was brought to the man.
Eve was named by man.
Man is the head; he is responsible for the
Men and Women from the

       Genesis 3:16
Effect of the Curse on Eve
Men and Women from the

    Genesis 3:17-18
 Effect of the Curse on
 Four Pillars of Manhood
    (Stu Weber, Tender Warrior)

Heart of a King -- Provisionary Heart

Heart of a Warrior -- Protective Heart

Heart of a Mentor -- Teaching Heart

Heart of a Friend -- Loving Heart

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