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									     bear solutions                                                CMS/IP POS

                          CMS/IP Point of Sale

                           Our POint Of Sale SOftware giveS yOur cuStOmerS a
                           chOice of how to pay for goods and services – using their
                           cmS/iP account, eftPOS or cash. it’s a versatile system
                           that also allows them to reload their cmS/iP account.

                           cmS/iP records and reports on all transactions, and for
                           even greater control, the addition of the Back Office
                           application offers stock control, centralised terminal
                           configuration and enhanced reporting.

Expand	the	                      	Flexible	service	for	customers

CMS/IP	system	                   	Quick	transactions	(swipe	card	vs	cash	handling)
                                 	Simple	to	use
for convenient                   	Detailed	reporting
handling of card, cash,          	Greater	control	with	Back	Office	(additional	option)
and EFTPOS sales.         NEW
                                 	In-built	loyalty	program

            bear solutions

How the CMS/IP Point of Sale links to CMS/IP

                                                                                          CMS/IP DATABASE

                                                                                                      SQL EX PRE SS


                                                                                                      My SQL                                   A

                                                                                                 ENCRyPTEd TCP/IP TRANSACTIONAl dATA

                  POS                                         CMS/IP DEVICE SERVER                                                            REPORTS
                                                             Acts as translator and security
                                                          against unauthorised database access

With our Point of Sale software they have the choice
of how to pay for goods – with cash, EFTPOS or using
their CMS/IP account. It’s quick and simple, and
enables you to expand the power of CMS/IP into
your sales areas.

Features                                                                                    Technical Specifications
                                                                                            Pentium	or	AMD	1GHz	processor,	512	Mb	RAM,	20Gb	HDD
   	 Offer	both	purchasing	and	account	reload                                               Windows	2000	Professional	or	Server	(Service	Pack	2)		
   	 Accept	cash,	EFTPOS	or	CMS/IP	payments                                                 and	Internet	Explorer	5.01	(SP2	or	better)
                                                                                            Windows	XP	Professional
   	 Optional	EFTPOS	built-in                                                               Touch	Screen	Compatible
   	 Use	with	touch	screen	kiosks	or	on	PCs
   	 	 dd	ancillary	equipment,	such	as	cash	draws,		
      barcode	scanners,	receipt	printers,	and	scales
   	 	 eb-based	loyalty	enables	points	to		
      be	earned	and	redeemed

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