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					                     CSI     Radiation Safety Academy
                     Volume 3, Issue 1                                                                               January 2003

Web-Based and                                                           Eight New Classes for 2003
Custom Training Programs                                                Go to www.radiationsafetyacademy.com or call us at
The Radiation Safety Academy is pleased to announce                     800-871-7930 for information on these courses and
the hiring of Ms. Melisa Ramos to assist us in the de-                  dates they are offered.
velopment of web-based training. With her skills we will                1. How to Avoid Radiation Litigation (2-day workshop)
transform our classroom-based courses into web-
based training.                                                         2. Radiation Safety Program Management
                                                                           (5-day course)
  Do you need to develop a training program                             3. Radiation Safety and Homeland Security
   for workers at your facility?                                           (free 1 to 8 hour workshops)
  Do you have time to put it together yourself?                         4. Radiation Instruments Workshop (5-day workshop)
                                                                        5. Radiation Regulations, Licensing, Inspections, and
  Are you sure what to include in the course?
                                                                           Compliance Workshop (3-day workshop)
Whether it is basic radiation safety training, annual
                                                                        6. How to Deal With the Terror of Nuclear Terrorism
refresher training, x-ray or industrial gauge users,
                                                                           (3-day workshop)
housekeeper, security, police, or firefighter training, the
Radiation Safety Academy is                                             7. Industrial X-ray Safety and Radiography
able to assist you in developing                                           (2-day workshop)
site-specific training programs
                                                                        8. Radiation Safety Technician (5-day workshop)
to meet your needs. We will visit
your facility, review your opera-
tions, and prepare training                                             New Services Offered:
materials for you to use.
                                                                             Meter Calibrations,
Melisa and our staff of CHP’s
are ready to develop custom
                                                                             Sample Collection and Analysis,
training for you and your staff.                                             and Leak Tests
Contact us for additional infor-
mation.                                                                 The Radiation Safety Academy has received license
                                                                        approval to:
Homeland Security                                                       •   collect and analyze swipes or other samples by
The Health Physics Society (HPS) is contributing to our                     liquid scintillation, gamma counting, internal propor-
nation’s efforts to increase homeland security, and the                     tional, or other laboratory instruments;
Radiation Safety Academy’s Alan Fellman, Sean Aus-                      •   to collect and analyze leak test samples with a test
tin, and Ray Johnson have all volunteered to assist in                      kit prepared by the Radiation Safety Academy;
that effort.
                                                                        •   to calibrate portable radiation detection instruments
Alan has been named to the Society’s Ad Hoc Commit-                         for contamination monitoring; and
tee on Homeland Security. Ray has offered to assist
homeland security training provided to local first re-                  •   for the resale and distribution of exempt quantity
sponders by the U.S. Department of Justice and is                           check sources for determining field response of ra-
working to establish similar training opportunities                         diation survey meters.
through the Baltimore-Washington chapter of the HPS.                    Our staff of professionals has years of experience in
Alan and Ray will be making presentations related to                    performing many of these services at the National Insti-
these efforts at the upcoming mid-year meeting of the                   tutes of Health. Now we can offer these services to
HPS in San Antonio, Texas, January 26-29, 2003.                         you. Contact us for additional information.

      Radiation Safety Academy, 481 N. Frederick Ave, Ste 302, Gaithersburg, MD 20877 csi@radiationsafetyacademy.com 800-871-7930
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New Staff                                                               Free Refresher Training
In addition to Melisa, we are                                           As expected, our new policy of offering free refresher
pleased to have added two new                                           training to former students has been very well received.
members to our team of radiation                                        Many students have taken advantage of this unique
safety professionals. Mr. Paul De-                                      opportunity to return to the Academy for refresher train-
mopoulos, MS, CHP joined the                                            ing.
Radiation Safety Academy in July
2002. Paul will be supervising our
contract for radiation safety ser-                                      HAZMAT Shipping Regulations
vices at the National Institutes of                                     and Training
Health (NIH) and will also contrib-                                     In 2003 there is a new requirement for shipments of
ute to our training and consulting services. Paul was                   radioactive materials by air under ICAO/IATA regula-
recently the Senior Health Physicist at Yale University                 tions. Beginning in January you will be required to
and a former RSO at Nycomed/Amersham.                                   indicate the proper shipping name on the exterior of
Mr. Richard Turner is our newest                                        your package for your radioactive materials shipped in
health physicist, having recently                                       excepted packages (limited quantities, instruments,
graduated with a BS in health                                           articles, etc.). This is in addition to
physics from the University of Ne-                                      the UN identification number al-
vada, Las Vegas. Mr. Turner will be                                     ready required by ICAO/IATA
working with our staff providing                                        regulations. Also, please note that
radiation safety services to the                                        Type A packages shipped by air
National Institutes of Health and to                                    require the name of the package
Shire Laboratories, Inc.                                                manufacturer to be stated on the
                                                                        exterior of the package.

Partnership Honor Roll                                                  Do you or any of your employees ship radioactive
                                                                        materials or wastes? Sign shipping papers? Handle
The Radiation Safety Academy Partnership Program is                                        packages of radioactive materi-
pleased to acknowledge the following Partners.                                             als prior to or during the course
1. Schleicher & Schuell, Inc.                                                              of transportation?
2. University of Arkansas                                                                      The Department of Transportation,
                                                                                               Nuclear Regulatory Commission,
3. The American Sugar Refinery
                                                                                               and Agreement States require that
4. Moravek Biochemicals, Inc.                                                                  individuals involved in the ship-
5. Veterinary Emergency Center, Inc.                                                           ment of hazardous materials
                                                                                               (which includes radioactive mate-
6. Virion Systems, Inc.                                                 rials) be trained in the regulatory requirements and safe
7. Pall Life Sciences Corp.                                             practices for doing so.
8. Novoste Corporation                                                  In addition, those trained
                                                                        employees must be re-trained
9. Bruhn Newtech, Inc.                                                  every three years. If you ship by
10. Bristol-Myers Squibb                                                air, ICAO/IATA require retraining
                                                                        every two years. The Radiation
11. Hampton University
                                                                        Safety Academy offers DOT
12. Shire Laboratories                                                  training each month at our
13. Applied Biosystems                                                  Gaithersburg, MD facility. We
                                                                        can also provide training at your
As partners in assuring radiation safety, our Certified                 site. Call 800-871-7930 for additional information.
Health Physicists are busy writing license applications,
radiation safety plans, and procedures, providing on-
site training, and performing comprehensive radiation                           Have you done your annual
safety program audits for partners located across the                             radiation safety audit?
country. We would like to add your company to our
Partnership Honor Roll.
                                                                               Don’t wait until the regulators
                                                                                show up to find out. Call us
Call 800-871-7930 today to schedule your free audit
and experience the benefits of partnership.                                       today 1-800-871-7930.

      Radiation Safety Academy, 481 N. Frederick Ave, Ste 302, Gaithersburg, MD 20877 csi@radiationsafetyacademy.com 800-871-7930