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									Bunsen Burner
  Lab Safety
• Bunsen burners present fire hazards.
• They produce an open flame & burn at a high
• There is potential for an accident to occur
• In case of an uncontrolled fire:
  – Shut-off gas
  – Activate nearest fire alarm
  – Notify all lab personnel
  – Extinguish if necessary
  – Evacuate the premise
1.   PLACE the Bunsen burner away from            8.    UTILIZE a sparker / lighter with extended
     any overhead shelving, equipment or light          nozzle to ignite the Bunsen burner. Never
     fixtures.                                          use a match to ignite burner.
2.   REMOVE all papers, notebooks,                9.    HAVE the sparker / lighter available
     combustible materials and excess                   before turning on gas.
     chemicals from the area.                     10. ADJUST the flame by turning the collar
3.   WEAR goggles at all times to prevent any           to regulate air flow and produce an
     sparks or lit particles from entering your         appropriate flame for the experiment
     eye.                                               (typically a medium blue flame).
4.   TIE-BACK any long hair, dangling
     jewelry, or loose clothing.                  11.   DO NOT leave open flames unattended
5.   INSPECT hose for cracks, holes, pinched            and never leave laboratory while burner is
     points, or any other defect and ensure that        on.
     the hose fits securely on the gas valve and 12.  SHUT-OFF gas when its use is complete.
     the Bunsen burner.
                                                  13. ALLOW the burner to cool before
6.   REPLACE all hoses found to have a                  handling.
     defect before using.
                                                  14. ENSURE that the main gas valve is off
7.   NOTIFY others in the laboratory that the           before leaving the laboratory.
     burner will be in use.
Diagram of Bunsen Burner

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