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									                                                                                                             pRoDuCt HIGHLIGHt

                                                                                            Danfoss Introduces
                                                                                            brazed plate Heat

                                                                                            Danfoss brazed plate heat exchangers are tailored
                                                                                            for refrigeration and air conditioning systems, can be
                                                                                            customized for specific application requirements, and
                                                                                            offer an environmentally responsible solution for a
                                                                                            wide range of applications.

Danfoss, a global leader          in a rigid frame to create an      options, the brazed plate              driers and chillers, Danfoss
in supplying components,          arrangement of parallel flow       heat exchangers, because               recommends models b3-014,
controls, compressors and         channels, in which one high-       of their high heat transfer            b3-027 and b3-136. the entire
solutions for air conditioning    viscosity fluid travels through    performance, contribute to             range of brazed plate heat
and refrigeration, introduced     the odd-numbered channels,         an increase in overall cooling         exchangers can also be used
earlier this year the newest      and the other high-viscosity       capacity. this not only reduces        for heat pumps, economizers,
extension of its product          fluid flows through the even-      energy consumption, but it             de-superheaters and numerous
portfolio, brazed plate heat      numbered channels.                 provides the best value over           other applications.
exchangers.                                                          the longest period of time             Danfoss brazed plate heat
                                  “We are continuously striving
                                                                     as well.”                              exchangers perfectly fit
the exchangers are tailored       to develop and provide
for refrigeration and air         environmentally friendly and       Danfoss offers 15 brazed plate         applications in the food,
                                                                                                            beverage, pharmaceutical
conditioning systems, can         energy-efficient products,” says   heat exchanger models. each
                                                                                                            and chemical process
be customized for specific        peter J. D’Ambrosio, strategic     model is compactly designed
                                                                                                            industries, in indirect and
application requirements,         global marketing manager-          and combines high efficiency
                                                                                                            direct air compressors, and
and offer an environmentally      heat transfer, Danfoss Inc.        with energy-saving qualities.
                                                                                                            in commercial refrigeration
responsible solution for a wide   “our brazed plate heat
                                                                     model b3-048 is designed               applications such as
range of applications. each       exchangers are space-saving,
                                                                     with a special patent of               supermarket systems, ice
brazed plate heat exchanger       offer a highly flexible design
                                                                     different corrugation depth            making machines, beverage
is engineered to add value        for manufacturing, and require                                            cooling and more.
                                  less use of refrigerants.”         on the same plate. With a
over its lifetime, providing
                                                                     capacity of 30 – 80 kW, this
superior performance and
                                  “With our entire range of          model allows a larger water
                                  heat exchangers, we offer our      flow rate, lower pressure rate
each exchanger consists of        customers an opportunity           drop and lower refrigerant              FoR moRe InFoRmAtIon:
a series of thin, corrugated      to define both the capacity        charge. model b3-260 is the            contact 410-931-8250
metal plates that are brazed      and connections they need          ideal choice for HVAC and
together to improve heat          for their specific application,”   chillers, while Danfoss makes
transfer efficiency. the plates   D’Ambrosio says. “As an added      10 different models for boilers
are compressed together           benefit to the customization       and chillers. And, for air

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