Bonfils Blood Center ISBT Implementation Plan Development Project

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					                              Bonfils Blood Center
                      ISBT Implementation Plan Development
                              Project Status Report
                               For Bonfils’ Clients
Period ending: 10-17-06             Project Phase: Implementation       On Schedule: Yes
Project % Complete: 94%
Reported by: Nancy Thompson                     Date: 10-18-06
Activities completed:
       Senior Management, Medical Director and CEO approval to proceed with ISBT 128 plan
       development and ISBT 128 implementation
       ICCBBA Registration
       Project champion identified
       Project manager identified
       Project management plan and deliverables list
       Bonfils ISBT 128 Implementation Plan Development Team weekly meetings
       Completion of the Codabar-ISBT 128 crosswalk document on or before August 16
       Client information portal developed
       3rd Hospital/Client meeting (August 2006)
       Selection of Label Set Vendor—Computype
       Selection of Print Server Vendor—Digi-Trax
       4th Hospital/Client meeting (September 2006-presentation from Computype)
       Business Case and Budget presentation to Bonfils’ Senior Management (October 5, 2006)
       ISBT 128 Implementation reviewed by Plan Development Team (operational managers)
       and Senior Management

Scheduled Items Rescheduled:        Reason for slippage:     Corrective Action Required:
       None                                N/A                      N/A
Activities Pending:
       5th Hospital/Client meeting (October 2006-presentation from Digi-Trax)
       ISBT 128 Implementation Plan (to be approved by Project Sponsor and Medical Director
       on or before November 1, 2006)
       Bonfils’ ISBT 128 Implementation major milestones include: Business Software
       Upgrades (1Q07); ISBT 128 print server and stand-alone software delivery, installation
       and testing (2Q07); ISBT 128 Validations, document revisions, FDA label submission,
       inventory management transition plans (3-4Q07)
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                                                                              Bonfils Blood Center
                                                     ISBT Plan Development Status Report for Clients