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                                    Quiz Bowl Prep, LLC Order Form
                                                                                                                                            P rep, LLC
        Quiz Bowl Prep, LLC                                                     Phone: 567-712-0676
        PO Box 137                                                              Fax: 206-984-4185
        Cairo, Ohio 45820                                                       E-mail: orders@quizbowlprep.com

  Please type or print legibly. AN accurate e-mail addresses IS NEEDED to ensure receipt.
 Subscriptions begin September 1st with 21 issues September—may and 3 Issues June—august.
                   Each paid subscription is sent to one e-mail address.
      We offer a 10 % discount if payment of a check or money order is enclosed.

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Item               Subscription         Description                                  Month to Begin Price              Months —             Total
                                        Please Circle Items Ordered                  Subscription                      Total through
                                        Please XXXX Items NOT Ordered                                                  May

JQBPA              Annual               Junior Quiz Bowl Prep                        XXXXXXX          40.00            XXXXXXXX

JQBPM              Monthly              Junior Quiz Bowl Prep (After 10/1)                            4.00 per month

SQBPA              Annual               Senior Quiz Bowl Prep                        XXXXXXX          40.00            XXXXXXXX

SQBPM              Monthly              Senior Quiz Bowl Prep (After 10/1)                            4.00 per month


                                                          10% discount if payment is included with order.              Discounts

                                                                                                                       Balance Due

                            Thank you for your order and good luck this season!