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									 The Marketing Medium

Nicol Business Competition

   Mike Mason (x2006nxk)
 Rory MacDonald (x2006nkm)

   Friday February 5th 2010
Nicol Business Competition                                         05 February 2010

The Marketing Medium

I. Executive Summary
The Marketing Medium is a provider of online marketing services to clients in the
public and private sectors who wish to enhance their visibility and image in the
eyes of their target market. Through the use of new media and social media
mechanisms, The Marketing Medium will provide value to clients by helping
ensure that they are clearly visible to potential customers and that the image they
want to project is clearly defined and perceived.

Services provided will include:
    Research and Strategy Development
    Brand Development and Positioning
    Social Media as a Marketing Tool
    Search Engine Optimization
    New Media Planning and Buying
    Event Marketing
    Integrated Marketing Communication

The services provided will be performed primarily online after meeting with the
client to outline their goals and expectations. Customers will consist mainly of
Businesses and Non-profit organizations that require an online presence, but lack
the resources to implement a branding campaign. Our main value-adding asset
is our ability to help firms who are having difficulty utilizing internet mediums to
optimize their business. These firms are at risk of falling behind if they don’t
conform to the increasingly web-based nature of e-commerce. The Marketing
Medium is here to help those companies who are willing to make an investment
to get an edge on competitors and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Financing for The Marketing Medium will be provided by the entrepreneurs
leading the venture. These entrepreneurs are young and ambitious recent
graduates of Business and Computer Programming courses who can bring a fresh
and innovative perspective to clients. The company is to be launched in the
month of June 2010 as a sole proprietorship and will be managed and run by
three university graduates.

Nicol Business Competition                                         05 February 2010

II. Background Information

A. Rationale

Global commerce is growing at an unprecedented speed and it is becoming more
and more difficult for firms to compete in the increasingly competitive
marketplace. Innovation and advancements in virtually every aspect of the way
global commerce is conducted means firms have to be more in tune with the ever-
changing business environment in order to compete. More specifically,
advancements in internet technology are having a profound effect on the way
businesses connect with customers. Traditional marketing techniques are fast
becoming obsolete as the new-age internet marketing trend is coming into effect
and expanding with remarkable speed. With this new and exciting trend
emerging, the time for young, ambitious and tech-savvy marketers is upon us.
The proficiency and familiarity of our generation in working with social media
tools makes us invaluable to firms looking to revamp their conventional,
outdated marketing strategy.

The demand for new media marketing is growing and will continue to grow as the
internet becomes more ubiquitous not only in North America but around the
globe. It will be essential for firms wishing to compete on a large scale to enhance
their communication abilities with their target customers. This is where firms
like The Marketing Medium are presented with an opportunity.

B. Legal Standing

The Marketing Medium will be launched as a sole proprietorship under owner
Michael Mason. The co-founders will be Michael Mason and Rory MacDonald
with employee Dominik Rymsza.

C. Principals of the Business


Michael Mason is a graduate of the Schwartz School of Business and Information
Systems at St Francis Xavier University. His degree was a BBA with Major in
Marketing and his interests lie more specifically in the new media marketing
phenomenon. Michael is ambitious, intelligent and driven and his passion for
social media marketing makes him the ideal person to spearhead an
entrepreneurial venture like The Marketing Medium.


Rory MacDonald is a graduate of the Schwartz School of Business and
Information Systems at St Francis Xavier University. His degree was a BBA with
Major in Finance and his interests lie in the development of start-up firms. His
expertise falls separate from social media marketing but Rory is highly motivated

Nicol Business Competition                                          05 February 2010

and mathematically proficient. His experience in Finance and Accounting make
him an asset and a strong complement to Michael in launching the venture.

Web Design/Technical Officer:

Dominik Rymsza is a graduate of St Lawrence College in Computer
Programming. He is well-versed in HTML, JavaScript and XML. His interests lie
in web design and programming of customer applications. Dominik will be
essential to the start-up venture because of his technical abilities in the services
The Marketing Medium will offer.

D. Mission Statement

The Marketing Medium, brain child of young, like-minded, ambitious university
graduates provides a service that is becoming more important to small businesses
across the globe. Conventional brick and mortar marketing techniques have
relevant implications for any small to large company; however strategies
incorporating new media alternatives along side conventional mediums are fast
becoming the new benchmark. The Marketing Medium provides its customers
with a unique service for competitive prices that will launch their company’s
market appeal. Our formal education within a high ranking Canadian University,
coupled with our expertise in social media and internet platforms make us ideal
consultants for a company searching for a revitalized marketing strategy. Our
company is constantly updating and developing new strategies in its marketing
efforts to remain at the forefront of the industry. This means that our customers
receive the very best and most recent marketing campaigns available.

Our key objectives at The Marketing Medium:
   To review the needs and current situation of our customers marketing
      operations and develop guiding principles within our framework.
   To perform/implement primary research in the form of marketing analysis
      to target customers within the marketplace.
   To find/measure those within the target market and analyze their
      profitability within categories such as gender, age, income, etc.
   To accurately implement a marketing strategy using new media
      alternatives that are properly targeted and implemented while also suiting
      the forecasted needs of our customer.

Nicol Business Competition                                         05 February 2010

III. The Industry

A. Industry

Currently the industry for new media marketing is relatively small, especially in
our target market of Nova Scotia. However, the online trend of marketing
through new mediums is fast-growing and presents great potential. The long-
term outlook for firms like The Marketing Medium is promising as growth in the
sector is almost guaranteed to occur. See appendix B for developments in the

B. The Competition

Competition in our target market of Nova Scotia is moderate. There are a handful
of firms advertising online to provide similar services that our company will offer.
These companies are based in the Halifax area (Alpha Search, Coronis Solutions,
Norex, etc) but don’t necessarily have to move to conduct their services. The
nature of new media marketing means firms can offer their services via
communication technology and may never have to meet face-to-face. Clients buy
from these firms because they can optimize the profitability of businesses. Our
competition can perform services like search engine optimization, effective
consumer targeting, and effective advertising creation. These types of services are
well worth the cost because although they require an investment, the return they
can provide very often greatly exceeds cost.

C. Barriers and Solutions

We don’t anticipate any great barriers to entry. The competition is moderate and
startup costs will also be manageable. No physical store is necessary and no
regulatory barriers exist to prevent the company from being launched.

IV. Business Overview
A. Service Profile:

      Research and Strategy Development
Our goal with every one of our clients is to adapt to their current vision in order
to develop a strategy that fits them. We will evaluate the current situation within
the market, analyze trends and potential for gain and develop a strategy that fits
both the forecasted needs while fitting with the companies goals.

     Brand Development and Positioning
Developing a brand that positions a company where they want to be is never easy.

Nicol Business Competition                                         05 February 2010

Our clients will benefit from a branding strategy that creates an image that
resonates with their customers.

       Social Media as a Marketing Tool
Marketing becomes most effective when it is conveniently placed where the
masses are. Social Media provides us with a medium in which hundreds of
thousands can be reached with the click of a mouse (as long as it’s used
effectively). Our firm specializes in placing a consistent brand image across all
mediums, with interconnectivity between them. Our clients will gain never
before seen coverage after our social media campaign has been implemented.

       Search Engine Optimization
The internet has evolved over the past decade into a categorized database of
URL’s. For this reason, differentiating your URL from the rest comes down to
effective management of your sites design process. Using Search Engine
Optimization we will develop an internet presence that is searcher friendly and
easily accessible.

      New Media Planning and Buying
We will offer in certain packages the ability to advertise using pay-per-click (PPC)
ads through Google, and Facebook. Your firm will be able to choose from
competitively priced packages to advertise effectively to your target market.

      Event Marketing
Event Marketing offers a cost effective and typically highly profitable promotion
strategy to firms. We will develop a marketing campaign that will run from a
specified date until the event deadline amassing major coverage over any
geographic base.

      Integrated Marketing Communication
Our belief is that an integrated marketing strategy is one of the most important
aspects of our product. We work in conjunction with your firm to create a
consistent external message to customers that meets their needs and their clients
as well.

B. Service Pricing

Bronze: With our bronze package, customers will benefit from coverage in a
variety of mediums. A personalized company website is a must in this day and
age; we will develop a website using our extensive experience with website design
applications. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can be
difficult and time consuming to use effectively. We will develop and populate a
followership and train existing staff within your firm to manage and maintain
these platforms. All of our packages include a written analysis of our client’s
market composition, competitor reach, and future market potential. The bronze
package’s price will be based on the customer’s needs for coverage, time
requirements and scale. This package starts at $595.00

Nicol Business Competition                                        05 February 2010

Silver: Our Silver package is the benchmark for the industry. We provide our
clients with a website designed with multi-user access in mind. We go a step
further with social media in the creation of target specific advertisements within
the social media platforms with the use of pay per click advertising. The silver
package’s price will be based on the customer’s needs for coverage, time
requirements and scale. This package starts at $895.00

Gold: The Gold package is a higher level package that provides clients with
custom web-application design for their personalized website. Our gold package
will also provide clients with Google Adword, and pay-per-click advertisements
through Google’s search engine. The gold package’s price will be based on the
customer’s needs for coverage, time requirements and scale. $1059.00

Platinum: Our highest level package will provide customers with extensive
coverage including effective usage of SEO, Google Analytics, Google AdWord,
Facebook advertisement coverage to a potential 12 Million plus users, Mobile
Advertising, and Viral Video Media. This Package also provides the customer
with all the services mentioned in Bronze through Gold packages. The platinum
package’s price will be based on the customer’s needs for coverage, time
requirements and scale. The Package starts at $2059.00

C. SWOT Analysis


   -   Ambitious, motivated, keen founders with strong entrepreneurial spirit
   -   Determined to ensure the business plan succeeds through startup phase


   -   Technical abilities will have to be able to stand up to ambitious marketing
   -   Only one employee with technical background to execute services
   -   General lack of experience


   -   Low barriers to entry due to small capital requirements for startup
   -   Market is in relative infancy, on cusp of moving from introduction to


   -   Rapidly changing infrastructure of the market
   -   Nature of information technology innovation makes it hard for small
       companies to keep up with established firms

Nicol Business Competition                                          05 February 2010

D. Market Research

We will not limit our target market to any one specific demographic or variable
however our focus will be on business to business relationships. Our services will
be beneficial to any company looking to improve their advertising and visibility to
potential customers. Companies who lack new media knowledge and who will
require our services may benefit the most from a marketing campaign through
our services. The location of our customers is also flexible because we can provide
services through communications technology and no physical contact is
necessarily required. Income level does not have to be a decisive factor as our
services will

E. Development Schedule

Our business plan will be complete by April and our financing will be provided by
our own means, lines of credit. By the summer (shortly after graduation) we plan
to have a few small customers while maintaining second jobs to support
ourselves. Our home in Halifax will serve as our office. The implementation will
thus be a gradual process as we will start with a very small customer base and try
to develop some credibility and recognition through the jobs we complete. A
basic chronological timeline would potentially progress like this:

April 2010 – Business Plan Finalized, Implementation of Business
June 2010 – Customer Acquisition through Solicitation and Direct Mail
August 2010 – Several small to medium projects underway
October 2010 – Expand on development team, acquire more man power
January 2011 – Performance Evaluation year ended, analysis of business activity

V. Operational Strategies
A. Location

Our location and space requirements are modest. The nature of our business
means we don’t need a physical store and we can operate from our home and
through communications technology. This provides a distinct advantage because
of the implications for keeping costs down. When discussing needs of clients we
can visit meet them in their place of business for their convenience.

B. Operations

Our operations will occur mainly through communications systems with face-to-
face meetings with clients at their workplace. Meeting with clients at their
business will give us the ability to get a clearer concept of the goals and values of
our customers are in order to promote it and market it as best possible.

Nicol Business Competition                                        05 February 2010

Our accounting and book keeping systems will be fairly basic during the
development stage as there will only be three employees and limited contracts.
This book keeping will be taken care of by Rory MacDonald who graduated in
Finance. Office management will be overseen primarily by Michael Mason.

C. Management and Personnel:

Due to the nature of the service provided by The Marketing Medium, three
founding employees will be enough to get the company off the ground. Working
from home, it is necessary for us to develop an initial customer base before active
payroll can be implemented. Once a customer base is developed, the
organizational structure will shift in relation to the growth of the company to
adapt to our needs. Within a recent time frame we would like to see our firm
making modest profits with an adapted hierarchy such as this:

   Manager of                         Financial Officer                  Technical
   Relations                                                             Officer

 Accounts          Accounts           Administrative                     Web Design
 Director          Director           Procedures

Payroll will come in the form of cheque issued from our small business bank
account with CIBC.

D. Advisors:

Greg Conrad
CIBC Business Operating Account
Spring Garden Road and Dresden
5527 Spring Garden Road
Halifax, NS
(902)428-7950’s Service Cloud 2
Customer Relationship Management solution
Providing us with the necessary infrastructure to manage customer relationships
on a large scale with relative ease.

Nicol Business Competition                                         05 February 2010

E. Sales and Marketing

Typical business transactions will involve bids to complete consulting jobs for
organizations against other competitors. Our firm will offer superior man hours
per dollar than any other firm and will negotiate prices for projects based on scale
and time requirements. We will seek out customers through soliciting to small
and medium size businesses; along with advertising our services within the
Halifax area. Once bids have been won by our firm, or a customer comes on
board for us to develop a proposal, we will meet with the customer and develop a
proposal based on their needs, time restrictions and budget.

Advertising will be accomplished through both online mediums and traditional
media sources. Due to the fact that we will be servicing businesses with what we
expect will be limited online expertise, traditional forms of media may generate
more coverage than online sources. Our initial advertising campaign will consist
of an online arsenal of webpage, and proper SEO for greater coverage through
search engines. The reason for this is to develop a brand image that we will be
able to manage at all times. Traditional media will consist of direct mail to small
businesses listed in the Yellow Pages within the Halifax/Dartmouth area. Future
growth would see advertising slots on adult contemporary radio stations such as
CF-100 and CJLS the Wave, along with print advertising in the Halifax Herald.
And Halifax Sun.

F. Customer Service:

The Marketing Medium will offer a service guarantee upon proposal of our
projects, our customers will receive a measurable increase in coverage to their
target market within a specified time frame, or we will continue to provide our
services to adapt and meld their strategy until this is achieved.

Nicol Business Competition                                     05 February 2010

Appendix A. Web Site Template

Website Templates for customer review. Once we have identified preferences of
the customer we can tailor a customized web design based on their requirements.

Example A.

Example B.

Nicol Business Competition                       05 February 2010

Appendix B. Industry Information

                                      DM2PRO and Quattro Wireless are
                                      mobile and social media application
                                      providers who represent a large
                                      portion of mobile application
                                      advertising. The type of
                                      information gathered by these
                                      companies show us insight into the
                                      some effective ways to advertise
                                      using social media platforms and
                                      mobile devices.

                                   Industry Budget’s spent on Advertising
                                   show promising figures, with an
                                   increase of 40% on internet advertising
                                   in the UK in 2007. Internet spending
                                   holds steady in the top five, and shows
                                   trends towards a steady growth as a
                                   percentage of advertising.

Nicol Business Competition                                      05 February 2010

Personal Budget

Income                                             Expenses
                       Amount ($)                                       Amount ($)
Employment                   $100,000              Rent                          $14,400
E.I benefits                       $0              Utilities                       $3,000
Social Assistance                  $0              Food                            $9,000
Student Loan's or
Grants                         $25,000             Clothing                       $3,000
Pension or Severance                $0             Personal Care                  $1,500
Child Tax Benefit                   $0             Travel/Parking                 $3,000
GST Rebate                          $0             Loan Payment                   $1,000
                                                   Credit Card
Family Loan                     $5,000             Payment                        $1,200
Other                               $0             Insurance                       $500
Other                               $0             Medical and Dental             $1,000
Total Income                  $130,000             Internet                        $600
                                                   Cell Phone                     $2,040
                                                   Total Expenses                $40,240

                       Total Income      130,000
less:                  Total Expenses     40,240
                       (Shortage)         89,760

Nicol Business Competition                                                 05 February 2010

Personal Net Worth

                             Assets                                           Value ($)
Liquid Assets
                             Cash and Bank Account                                $10,000
                             Short Term Deposits                                       $0
                             Life Insurance Cash Value                                 $0
                             Canada Savings Bonds                                      $0
                                                             Sub Total            $10,000
Semi-Liquid Assets
                             Stocks and bonds                                 `
                             GIC's                                                    $0
                             Mutual Funds                                             $0
                             Debts Owed to You                                        $0
                                                             Sub Total                $0
Retirement Assets
                             RSP (Retirement Savings
                             Plan)                                                    $0
                             RPP (Company Pension
                             Plan)                                                    $0
                                                             Sub Total                $0
Personal Property
                             Household Furniture and other items                    $300
                             Hobby and Recreational Equipment                      $5,000
                             Cars and Other Vehicles                               $3,000
                             Jewellwry Antiques, Collectibles, Art                 $1,500
                             Other                                                 $3,000
                                                              Sub Total           $12,800
Real Estate
                             House and Lot                                             $0
                             Vacation Property                                         $0
                             Other                                                     $0
                                                             Sub Total                 $0
                                                             Total Assets         $22,800

                             Liabilities (Debt)                               Value ($)
                             Bank Loans                                               $0
                             Mortgage                                                 $0
                             Credit Card Debt                                         $0
                             Income Tax Owing                                         $0
                             Other Loans                                         $25,000
                             Other (specify):
                                                             Liabilities          $25,000

                                                             Net Worth            -$2,200

            Nicol Business Competition                                               05 February 2010

12 Month Cash Flow Projections

Month                            June      July      August    September   October    November   December   Total
Add(beginning cash):              $5,000    $7,647    $8,074      $7,951    $8,318      $7,945     $8,212    $8,859
Receipts (30 Days)                    $0        $0        $0          $0        $0          $0         $0        $0
Sales (cash)                      $2,050    $4,000    $2,500      $3,600    $3,000      $3,350     $4,300   $22,800
Owner's Contribution              $5,000        $0        $0          $0        $0          $0         $0    $5,000
Proceeds of Financing                 $0        $0        $0          $0        $0          $0         $0        $0
Total Cash Available             $12,050   $11,647   $10,574     $11,551   $11,318     $11,295    $12,512   $36,659

Less Disbursements:
Direct Labour                     $1,230    $2,400    $1,500      $2,160    $1,800      $2,010     $2,580   $13,680
Employee Deductions                   $0        $0        $0          $0        $0          $0         $0        $0
Owner's Drawing                       $0        $0        $0          $0        $0          $0         $0        $0
Loan Principle                        $0        $0        $0          $0        $0          $0         $0        $0
Loan Interest                      $300      $300      $300        $300      $300        $300       $300     $2,100
Advertising                        $100      $100        $50          $0        $0          $0         $0     $250
Asset Purchase                    $2,000        $0        $0          $0        $0          $0         $0    $2,000
Automobile                            $0        $0        $0          $0        $0          $0         $0        $0
Insurance                          $583      $583      $583        $583      $583        $583       $583     $4,081
Leaseholder Improvements              $0        $0        $0          $0        $0          $0         $0        $0
Material Purchased                    $0        $0        $0          $0        $0          $0         $0        $0
Maintenance (computers)               $0        $0        $0          $0     $500           $0         $0     $500
Office                                $0        $0        $0          $0        $0          $0         $0        $0
Shipping                             $20       $20       $20         $20       $20         $20        $20     $140
Trade Show Fees                       $0        $0        $0          $0        $0          $0         $0        $0
Telephone                          $170      $170      $170        $170      $170        $170       $170     $1,190
Travel                                $0        $0        $0          $0        $0          $0         $0        $0
Utilities                             $0        $0        $0          $0        $0          $0         $0        $0
Other                                 $0        $0        $0          $0        $0          $0         $0        $0
Total Disbursements               $4,403    $3,573    $2,623      $3,233    $3,373      $3,083     $3,653   $23,941
Net Cash Available                $7,647    $8,074    $7,951      $8,318    $7,945      $8,212     $8,859   $12,718


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