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									Social Media Marketing for Business

    Learn social media
   Marketing & Join the
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•   What is Social Media
•   Economy, Trends, Analysis
•   Types of Campaigns
•   6 Steps to Getting Started
•   Case Studies
social   media is basically a
           hi            whats up?
         Top Four Networks
Where do you begin?
• FaceBook
• LinkedIn
• YouTube
• Twitter
The Sphere of Influence
 How do people make
 buying decisions?
People want to interact with you WHEN they
     want to and WHERE they want to.

     If you are not there your competitor will be.
  Where is the Smart Money
“Observe the masses, and do the opposite”

                        Warren Buffet
     Social Media Marketing
In 2008, global ad spend in the social
 networking arena is expected to exceed
 US $2 Billion, with a global spend of
 over US$4 Billion forecast by 2011
                                  -Cronos Partners
                      184 million bloggers

                                                                                73% of active online users have read a blog

       YouTube has 68 million visits/month

                                                                                     57% have joined a social network

                        55% have uploaded photos

                                                                               FaceBook 24 million photos uploaded daily

                             39% subscribe to an RSS feed

Source: Universal McCann Comparative Study on Social Media Trends April 2008
  SEO & SMM Work Together
• Just adding pages and pages
of content as an SEO strategy                      And I’m SMM.
doesn’t cut it anymore           Hello. I’m SEO.

• Social Media is the new way
to take your SEO strategy to
the next level

• Social Media increases the
number of high quality links &
targeted traffic
     Types of Social Media
     Campaigns and Tools
Social Network Campaign     Video Optimization &
Authority Blog              Syndication
Social Blogging             Social Bookmarking
Campaign                    Campaign
Online Brand Reputation     Photo Sharing
Monitoring                  Campaigns
Interactive Site Elements
Are Your Customers Interested
  in Any of the Following?
•   Cars               • Music
•   Books              • Video Games
•   Fashion            • Sports
•   Health & Fitness   • TV
•   Movies
• Build a profile, connect with
  others, listen & join the
• Connect with you target
• They work best when
  integrated with other marketing
Marketing Gold!
• Establish your business as a leader
• Strengthen your brand
• Bring new visitors to your website
• Bring visitors back to your website
• Increase visibility in the search engines
• Keywords
• RS S
• Pinging
 • Consistent
Building a reputation as an industry expert
• Answering questions related to your
   industry that drive back to your website
   – YahooAnswers,LinkedIn,Twitter
• Building authority in well known blogs
   and helping the community
• Researches the web to identify
   opportunities to post relevant and
   interesting information leading people
   back to your website.
• YouTube has 68 million
• 50% of the YouTube
  community watches all of the
  video to the end
• Tracking views and
• Show up in Google search
      Video Optimization

More than 1in 8 viewers make a
 after watching a video ad online
        Social Bookmarking
• Strategic
  Bookmarking for
• Helps your SEO
  ranking as well!
       Understand Your Market
Step 1- This stage is all about
  observation and research
  – What is the market saying about
  – What are your customers doing?
  – Where are they having
  – Do keyword research!
    Develop Creative Content
Step 2 -Identifying the message, the
  medium and the creative
• Which medium and social platform is
  best for your target market?
• What message will speak to your
  target market?
• What type of creative will be
     Start the Conversation
Step 3 -The campaign must begin by engaging
  the prospects in a conversation
• Start by posting examples and questions
• Have employees post a comment or share their
Step 4 - Follow up
What your customers are telling you. Listen to your
  customer feedback.
    Track & Measure Success
Step 5 - Follow up
• What Campaigns Are
• Which KPIs Lead To
• Which Strategies Need To
  Be Defined?
• What New Opportunities Did
  You Discover?
                 It’s Social
Give them incentives…it doesn’t have to be
• Recognition, publicly or within the network
   – Special logo
   – Thank you
   – Credits
• Contests
• Special Promotions
     Analytics & Conversion
• Analytics is…
  • A way to Track and Measure your Internet
  • A way to maximize ROI
  • A way to uncover opportunity
• The Balance Sheet of YOUR Business Online
Obama Blog
       How Obama used Social
1. has social elements and tools that make it easy for
users to participate, plan events, and contribute to fundraisers

2. Email marketing: users that signed up received emails several times a
week and were geo-targeted for specific events in that area

3. On Social Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, UTube, etc.

4 Unlike McCain – Obama participated online, created his own videos, his
own email exclusively for his online supporters
SNOPSIS – Rhino Steel’s
website was not being found
anywhere online

We increased the companies
popularity through social
media by branding it is
regional forums, blogs, and
other online communities that
are considered an
authoritative source of
knowledge for steel buildings.
All this worked in our favor for Rhino Buildings
  The Opportunity

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