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									                                                                        Reg. No. A0024804G                  ABN 64 724 505 039
                                                    Established to promote the study and extension of the science and professional practice of Commercial and
                                                                      Industrial Security and the means and appliances connected therewith.

                Compliance to Australian Standard AS2201.5 - 2008 Alarm Transmission
                                                                                    This Certificate is issued to
                                                                             Telstra Corporation Ltd.
                                                                                 ABN: 33 051 775 556
             The Telstra Secure system has achieved compliance Certification to AS2201.5 (2008) for Class C5 under the conditions detailed by K.A. Jessup Pty.
             Limited, an independent third party that is recognised by the Victorian Security Institute, in accordance with AS2201.5 Clause 3.1 of the Standard.

                             WITNESS our hands and seal in Melbourne                                          President
                             this 04th February 2009
                                                                                                              Brett McCall

                             This Certificate supersedes one dated 23 January 2009
                                                                                                              Chairman of VS I Committee regarding AS2201

                                                                                                              Kostas Kyrifidis
   This certificate is issued under the additional condition that it is an ongoing responsibility of Telstra Corporation Ltd. to maintain production versions of equipment and software to meet the Standard.

                                                                                                       TABLE 1
                                               ALARM TRANSMISSION SYSTEM CLASSIFICATION BY PRODUCT TYPE.

                               Client Location,                                                                    Monitoring Centre Edge Connectivity
                                                                             Polling Parameters                                                                      AS2201.5 Certification
                        Product Type and Transmission                                                                    (Minimum Requirement)
                                   Path(s)                                                                                                         Total
                                                                                 Response         Maximum                                      Transmission
                                                               Poll Period                                         Primary       Secondary                            Class           Status
                                                                                  Window           Retries                                        System
                        UC-372-AS3G ADSL + NextG                                                                     FR            GPRS               A5               C5            Passed
                        Aggregate Path                                                                              BDSL           GPRS               A5               C5            Passed
                        Primary:    ADSL                            6                2                 3
                        Secondary: NextG                           900               2                 3
                        UC-372-ASG Dial + GPRS                                                                       FR            GPRS               A5               C5            Passed
                        Aggregate Path                                                                              BDSL           GPRS               A5               C5            Passed
                        Primary:    WAN Access Dial IP              6                2                 3
                        Secondary: GPRS                            900               2                 3
                        UC-372-AS3G Dial + NextG                                                                     FR            GPRS               A5               C5            Passed
                        Aggregate Path                                                                              BDSL           GPRS               A5               C5            Passed
                        Primary:    NextG                           6                2                 3
                        Secondary: WAN Access Dial IP              900               2                 3
                        UC-372-ASG ADSL + GPRS                                                                       FR            GPRS               A5               C5            Passed
                        Aggregate Path                                                                              BDSL           GPRS               A5               C5            Passed
                        Primary:    ADSL                            6                2                 3
                        Secondary: GPRS                            900               2                 3
                        UC-372-ASG ADSL+GPRS                                                                         FR            GPRS               A5               C5            Passed
                        Aggregate Path                                                                              BDSL           GPRS               A5               C5            Passed
                        Primary:    ADSL                            6                2                 3
                        Secondary: GRPS                            900               2                 3

                                                       Conditional requirements for this Certification to be valid.
1. Alarm Transmission System Connections.                                                                             6. Compliance with AS2201.1
  Table 1 stipulates the “Client Location, Product Type and Transmission Paths” that are required to                    Installation of UltraConnect units shall comply with Class 5 requirements of AS2201.1
  meet the Class category. ADSL means ADSL direct to VPN without Internet access.
  Where an aggregate path (as defined by the AS2201.5 Standard) is utilised then the primary                          7.    Nominated Physical Locations of UltraAgents
  transmission path is permitted to be transposed with the secondary path providing the “Polling                        To maintain Certification the rooms housing UltraAgent01 and UltraAgent02 and subsequent
  Parameters” for primary and secondary paths remain unchanged.                                                         UltraAgents conforming to the same specification, hardware and software versions shall meet the
                                                                                                                        requirements of AS2201.2 Grade C and be monitored by a Certified AS2201.2 Grade A1
2. Polling Parameters.                                                                                                  Monitoring Centre
  Telstra Secure / UltraSec utilises continuous polling to monitor the path to each alarm panel. The
  polling parameters must be configured as shown in Table 1 to meet the Alarm Transmission system                     8.   Network Availability Monitoring Requirements
  supervision times for various system classifications. Complete details are contained in UHS’s
  Technical Advice Note 67 Ed. 03 (TAN 67)                                                                              In order to ensure ongoing compliance to the required Class of service, the monitoring centre
                                                                                                                        must continuously monitor the network availability for each active customer service to ensure it
3. Maximum Number of Connections.                                                                                       meets the minimum availability limits of the committed System Classification as detailed in
  Telstra Secure individual UltraConnect connections:             =15,000                                               AS2201.5 (2008).
  Class 3 and Class 4 maximum number of UltraConnects:            = 11,500
  Class 5 maximum number of UltraConnects:                        = 3,500                                               Complete details are contained in UHS’s Technical Advice Note 36 Ed 03 (TAN 36)

 Additional UltraConnects are permitted under this                                                                    9.   Manufacturer’s Installation Guide.
 Certification providing the UltraAgent servers and their                                                               Any individual site utilising an UltraConnect integrated into the Telstra Secure System shall only
 associated infrastructure are duplicated.                                                                              become part of the AS2201.5 (2008) Certification if the installation is in compliance with the
                                                                                                                        manufacturer’s installation Guide UC-372G and the requirements of section 3 of this manual.
4. Monitoring Centre.
  To achieve Class category as defined in Table 1 the following restrictions apply.                                   10. Equipment Certified.
  Table 1 stipulates the minimum “Monitoring Centre Connectivity” requirements for each Class
  category. BDSL means Hyper connect BDSL.                                                                              Equipment listed in the attached Test Equipment Identification document details the make, model
  An UltraAgent-Remote unit is used for each link into the Monitoring Centre.                                           and serial number associated with items that have formed part of the Telstra Secure Certification.
  The following configuration shall be used:
  • Incoming Data Link speed: 256,000 bps with CIR > 128,000 bps (Committed Information Rate)                           The Certification extends to all items that are manufactured by UHS Pty. Ltd. and installed to the
  • Connection to the Automation System is via a serial data link                                                       same standard, model and software version of tested equipment where such items are required to
  • Automation System Serial Port speed: 115,200 bps                                                                    extend the number of connected sites by duplication of systems.
  • Receiver Protocol Type: Ademco685
                                                                                                                 Certified by:
  • UltraAgent Remote units shall be connected to a Monitoring Centre UPS circuit.
  Complete details are contained in UHS’s Technical Advice Note 62 Ed04 (TAN 62)                                                                                                  Digitally signed by Keith Jessup

5. Class C5 Alarm Panel Disconnection.
                                                                                                                                          Keith Jessup                            DN: cn=Keith Jessup, c=AU, o=K.A. Jessup
                                                                                                                                                                                  Pty. Limited,
                                                                                                                                                                                  Date: 2009.02.04 11:25:53 +11'00'
  For AS2201.5 Class C5 operation, the Panel Disconnected detection time must be set to 15 second
  mode. This is performed with a software download from the Monitoring Centre.                                   Keith A. Jessup
                                                                                                                 Director, K.A. Jessup Pty. Limited.

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