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									  The Benziger Breakthrough

         How to Increase Productivity
         and Reduce Stress

February 2007
The Way Forward

 What if you could?

   Unveil the hidden 60% efficiency gap in your
   Discover a new language of motivation

   Use your natural strength to build better teams
Look behind the faces?
The Benziger Breakthrough

  That’s what the Benziger Breakthrough
  can do for you

  The BTSA:
  a simple but powerful
  assessment model
Brain Efficiency

    PET Scanner
Brain Efficiency

 Just one brain quadrant
 is naturally efficient :
  running cool
  1/100th of our energy

 Everywhere else, the
 brain has to work 100X harder!
Leading to Falsification of Type

 But… More than 60% do
 not work efficiently

  Lower work performance
  Poor team atmosphere
  Days lost through ‘illness’
  Frustration at home
Falsification of Type

                   More than 60% are
                   literally overheating
                   their brains

                   Over time, this
                   leads to burn-out
The Oxygen Factor

               Going Out of Balance

               > 30% Brain suffers
               < 70% the body suffers

               … long term
Falsification of Type

 … not using the naturally efficient part of
  the brain

  Not performing to the maximum
  Carrying out tasks slowly and laboriously
  Using time inefficiently
  Stress, fatigue, loss of self-esteem
But you don’t know who…
Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment


  Developed in the 1980’s
  Based on Jung’s typology
                                     Dr Katherine Benziger
  Proven in 10,000+ study
  Continually refined using the
   latest neuroscientific research
Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment

    The BTSA is the only assessment that…

 Unveils and helps manage Falsification of Type
 Shows you how to experience ‘flow’ based on
  mastering the brain’s naturally efficient strength
 Opens access to the wasted 60%
The Benziger Breakthrough

     Better People
     Better Teams
     Better Savings
     Better Alignment

 Better People ▪ Better Teams ▪ Better Savings ▪ Better Alignment
BTSA – Proven Success
  “Dr. Benziger and her tools help CEO’s
  and managers effectively manage the
  balance between creativity and
  operations in business.”
  Charlie M. Leighton, Chairman of Board,
  The CML Group
  “… an essential part of our Wellness
  program”                                           Dr Katherine Benziger
  P&G, Latin America

  “Sets the Benchmark for Best Practices
  in HR Management”
  Deloitte & Touche, Latin America

Better People ▪ Better Teams ▪ Better Savings ▪ Better Alignment
How does the BTSA work?

 … by tapping in to your internal
 compass, the BTSA defines your:

1) Naturally Efficient Lead
2) Introvert / Extravert Characteristics

Better People ▪ Better Teams ▪ Better Savings ▪ Better Alignment
How to use all 4 brain thinking styles
to build your success

   Lead and develop       1/ START:
   the business           Inspire, create the future

    3/ MAINTAIN:
    Build solid
    foundations       4/ FEEDBACK:
                      Harmonize the present
                      Feedback for new growth
Introversion/ Extraversion
  A continuum of inner wakefulness

 Sleeping     Barely Awake   Fully Awake    Very Awake

 Extraverts need                       Introverts perceive
 stimulation                              more than others
The Personal Journey

      Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
The Professional Journey

     Better People
     Better Teams
     Better Savings
     Better Alignment

 Better People ▪ Better Teams ▪ Better Savings ▪ Better Alignment
        Further Information
USA                Dr. Katherine Benziger

EUROPE             James Capon        
                   Fabio Paron        

                    Marcos Cajina     

INDIA              Prajna Paramita    

SOUTH AFRICA       Larry Palk         

CENTRAL AMERICA Gente de Talento, Nancy Sirker

COLUMBIA           Thuoper, Juan Carlos Rubio
  The Benziger Breakthrough

         Increasing Productivity and
         Reducing Stress

February 2007

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