Real Conversations on Worksite Wellness

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					Real Conversations on
  Worksite Wellness
    Head to Toe Conference
        April 15, 2010

       Maureen O’Leary
        Jennie McCary
       Jonathan Borrego

Session Objectives

• Discuss the importance of worksite wellness
• Describe essential steps to creating wellness in
  the workplace
• Identify practical approaches to implementing
  school employee wellness programs


PE & Activity

HE & Life Skills

Staff Wellness

FSC Partnership
 Health & Safe
Social & Emotional

Steps to creating a worksite
     wellness program

        Presented by
       Jennie McCary

STEPS to Creating a Worksite Wellness

1.   Obtain administrative support
2.   Identify resources
3.   Identify a leader
4.   Organize a committee
5.   Gather and analyze data
6.   Develop a plan
7.   Implement the plan
8.   Evaluate and adapt the program
9.   Sustain the program

Start! Overview

   Good News:

     Thanks to
  initiatives like
  Start!, we have
achieved our 2010
strategic goals for
heart disease two
    years early,

 reducing deaths
    from heart
 disease by more
than 25% in 2008.

 The rate of physical
inactivity and obesity
threatens to undo any
progress we’ve made.

A Growing Need:
For Individuals and Companies

   The Growing Need to help American’s achieve healthier
        Physical Inactivity threatens any and all progress made
         with 2010 vision
        Adult (and childhood) obesity/overweight level
         continues to increase: 65% of all Adults are obese or
        People are less active due to technology, better/mass
        Sedentary jobs increased 83% since 1950; physically
         active jobs now 25%, 50% less than 1950
        Americans work 47 hours a week - 164 more hours a
         year than 20 years ago

A Growing Need:
For Individuals and Companies (Cont’d)

   The Growing Need to help American’s achieve healthier
      Obesity costs American companies $225.8B per year in
         health-related productivity losses
      The average healthcare cost exceeds $3,000 per person
           An obese employee costs employer additional $460 to
            $2,500 in medical costs & sick days/year
       Preventable illnesses make up 70% of illness costs in the U.S.
       According to AHA Research, poor economy has a negative
        health impact:
           Poor economy affecting people’s ability to care for health:
           People saving money by canceling appointments, medicine,
            etc.:   32%
           People eating fewer fruits/vegetables:
Getting To Know Our Customers:
Their Life’s Challenges

Because they focus on a complete and fulfilling life, Start! customers
have a different priority when it comes to their life's challenges.
                                                                                Start!      General
   Some of their important life’s challenges                                    Database*   Population*

   Staying Physically Fit                                                         41%          28%
   At Risk for CVD                                                                60%          50%

   Spend at least half of their day sitting/sedentary                             72%          45%

   Finding time to exercise/walk                                                  51%          28%
   Balancing Family and professional obligations                                  20%          7%

   Financial Security                                                             36%          44%
*Results provided by Strategy One and AHA CMR (Customer & Marketing Research)

 According to our Customers:
 Start!’s Health Impact
     Start! Customers are living healthier, better lives!
  According to a research study of customers in Start! Database*:

   Participants have taken one or more heart healthy behaviors since joining    90%
   Are becoming more physically active                                          92%
   Have modified their diet to eat more heart-healthy foods                     88%
   Report changes (weight loss, more energy, better “numbers”, feel
   better, fit clothes better)                                                  77%

   List “improving my overall health” as top motivation for joining             87%
   Start! customers report being engaged on a regular basis (log activities,    97%
   read newsletter, MyStart! Community, etc.
*Results provided by Strategy One and AHA CMR (Customer & Marketing Research)

According to our Customers:
Start!’s Impact

  Start! Customers are engaged and ready to Support the cause

According to a research study of customers in Start! Database*:

  Start! customers repot “very” or “extremely likely” to recommend Start!       96%

  Participant want to be more involved in Start!                                84%

  Customers consider Start! to be “personally relevant”                         78%

  Participants are “extremely satisfied” with Start!                            75%

  Participants are part of the “Start! Community”                               54%
*Results provided by Strategy One and AHA CMR (Customer & Marketing Research)

A “Healthy Lifestyle” Cause

  Start! helps our nation achieve a Healthy Lifestyle through
  physical activity, nutrition en route to “Ideal Health.”

Physical Activity                Nutrition & Healthy Eating
Walking as the Core Element

A “Healthy Lifestyle” Cause:
A Holistic Approach

In addition to physical activity and nutrition, Start! offers a holistic
approach for those needing help to achieve a healthy lifestyle.
Built Environment       Emotional Wellbeing         Healthy You –
Through workplaces,     Such as stress reduction,
                                                    Healthy Planet
neighborhoods, cities   work/life balance, etc.     Helping the planet
                                                    through healthy living

MyStart! Online

MyStart! Online

• A free online tool to help your employees make positive changes
  through walking and a better diet. This daily log of activities and
  eating habits helps participants stay on track with their health goals
  and provides you with the opportunity to recognize employee

• As a user, your company will have full access to the MyStart! Online
  Admin tool to download progress reports towards your health
  initiatives. This functionality allows you to both quantify results to
  leadership and reward employee success, which will make it easier to
  determine the ROI of your worksite wellness plan.

• MyStart! Online is easy for employees to use and for you to

Employee Logs in at


 Practical Approaches
 Employee Wellness in
Espanola Public Schools

     Presented by
   Jonathan Borrego

Northern New Mexico Worksite
Wellness Coalition

Small businesses
School Districts
Local governments
State agencies
Non profit health organizations

Start! Worksite Walking Program

Walking is the form of exercise people
 will most likely stick to
Anyone can do it

Weekly Bowling at Big Rock Casino

Needed to reach out to a different group
 of people
Employees received a discounted rate

Espanola Presbyterian Hospital

Cardio and weight machines
Indoor walking track
Lap pool

Christus St. Vincent Workforce Health

Informational poster updated with a
 different monthly theme
On site meetings on different health topics
Access to various health fairs and

   Practical Approaches
   Employee Wellness in
Albuquerque Public Schools

       Presented by
      Jennie McCary

Start! in APS

• Established a committee
• Began with Start! Fitness Challenge


• Conducted Employee Interest Survey
• Strengthened partnership with health
• Created an employee wellness plan
• Generating friendly competition

2009 “Explore Fitness” Challenge

Healthy Staff. Healthy Students.

• Held a slogan contest, created a logo
• Created an annual campaign calendar
   – Know Your Numbers
   – Fitness Challenge
   – Spring into Health
• Identified site wellness leads
• Monthly Newsletter & communication to
  wellness leads

Site-Organized Activities

•   Employee needs assessment
•   Maintain don’t gain
•   Weight loss challenges – Biggest winner
•   After-school fitness classes
•   Walking clubs (with students too!)
•   Flu shot clinics
•   Staff appreciation day

Get Started!

• Break off into groups of 4 – 5 people
• Share one idea you can take back and
  could do at your worksite
• Each group share ideas

Our Hope: Start! With Small Steps

 We don’t think much about the steps we take each day. But each
 small step can make a difference for our heart, our health, our
 families and our world.

 These steps carry us to our next destination, provide us with
 movement to maintain our health and also provide a time to think
 through life’s everyday issues. Each step we take represents a hope
 and a new opportunity for each of us. A hope to live a better life for
 ourselves and those around us. An opportunity to create a healthier
 lifestyle one step at a time.

 Start! is not about radical lifestyle changes, or costly health
 makeovers. It’s about taking small steps each day to improve your
 health. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Park your car further away
 from your office. Take a walk with a loved one each night to talk
 through the day’s successes and challenges.

 With one out of every two people in this country dying from heart
 disease, it’s time for us, our families and communities to make a
 difference with every step we take…
   Start! With Small Steps.
  Fight heart disease one step at a time.
 Start at

Web Resources

• AHA Start! Online Tool

• School Employee Wellness Guide

• Wellness Councils of America


                      Thank You!
“Do what you feel in your heart to be right.”
                                                – Eleanor Roosevelt

                        Thank You!

Contact Information

• Maureen O’Leary
  – maureen.o’

• Jennie McCary

• Jonathan Borrego