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					                                                                                           Newsletter – Issue 17

           The COMPLETE RANGE of Gel Image Documentation Systems from Wealtec

  Easy image capture and fast analysis provide researchers best result without learning
  complicated software operation. Wealtec’s high quality Dolphin Image System Series
  offers digital gel image documentation system with operation software for capturing &
                        analysing high-resolution digital gel images.

Dolphin-Doc is a compact, all round image system with a sensitive CCD-camera for
image capture of fluorescent as well as colorimetric samples including DNA/protein
gels and microtiter plates.

Dolphin-Doc’s high-resolution CCD camera comes with an on-chip micro-lens sensor
to reduce dark current, lag, and blooming, while improving dynamic range and
sensitivity. The compact ivory white darkroom with integrated trans-UV light and epi-
white light allows range of various applications. The darkroom’s drawer design for UV
transilluminator offers easy operation for gel position and excision.

                                                      New 12 Bit Image System

                                                      Dolphin-Doc Plus

                                                      Dolphin-Doc Plus is a high performance gel documentation image
                                                      system perfect for fluorescent DNA and protein gel visualisation.
                                                      New Dolphin-Doc Plus Image System is equipped with a highly
                                                      sensitive 12 bit, 1.4 MegaPixel CCD camera to capture images of
                                                      high resolution and sensitivity.

Dolphin-1 D Software

Easy & Fast operations are the most important requirements for daily experiment researchers.
Dolphin-1D is a powerful analysis software compatible with the Dolphin-series of image
systems and scanners. Besides general image enhancements such as background
subtraction and image filtering, all being easily traceable, Dolphin-1D has strong analysis
functions for: 1-D gel molecular weight/mass determination, microtiter plate analysis, spot
density calculation and colony counting.

DoIphin-Chemi keeps the performance features of Dolphin-Doc but with
an upgraded CCD camera. The Image System is a compact and user-
friendly image system equipped with a Peltier cooled CCD camera
improves detectable abilities and enables chemiluminescence detection
data. Image capture and analysis is controlled by powerful Dolphin-1D
analysis software. Applications: Fluorescence, chemiluminescence and
visible light image detection of gel, PAGE, membrane blotting, X-ray film,
microtiter plate and colony counting.


                                               Dolphin-View is a stand-alone image system focussing on photo-
                                               documentation, printing and saving files, ideal for fluorescent or
                                               colorimetric samples, e.g. DNA or protein gels. The compact space saving
                                               darkroom is equipped with a sensitive CCD-camera and a 312 nm UV-
                                               transilluminator on a slide-out frame which makes sample handling
                                               extremely convenient. Images captured with the CCD-camera are directly
                                               displayed on a large LCD monitor. The system includes built-in operation


Wealtec’s Dolphin-Scan dual bed scanner captures high resolution data
with a great dynamic linear range. With transmission or reflective modes,
image documentation of transparent (e.g. coomassie blue or silver
stained gels or x-ray films) as well as opaque (e.g. colorimetric stained
western blot membranes) samples are possible. A scanning area is up to
216 x 297 mm for large gel scanning. Operated by Dolphin-1D software,
Dolphin-Scan becomes the perfect life science documentation system for
colorimetric samples.

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