Authorized Processors of the Voyager Fleet Card by beh18617


									                                          Authorized Processors of the Voyager Fleet Card
                                                                                    Voyager-Ready Standalone               Voyager-Ready Integrated POS
       Processor Name                    Contact           Contact Phone #
                                                                                           Terminals                                 Systems
                                                                                              Verifone:                 Autogas, CCISTech, DRB, Fiscal-PSI 2000,
                                                                                  Tranz 380, Tranz 380x2, Tranz 460          Gilbarco G-site, Gilbarco Passport,
                                                                                   HyperCom: T7P, T7P-T, T77-F,        Integrated Services (ISI), PetroVend System-
                                                          866.796.7297 x102            T77-T, T77G-F, T77G-T              2, Pinnacle, Palm POS, Radiant, Retail
       Access Fleet, Inc                Scott Hyde                                                                     Systems Group-Lattitude, Retalix–StorePoint,
                                                         877.796.7297 (FAX)                                              Schlumberger (Tokheim) Pro-I & Pro-II,
                                                                                                                        Tokheim-Columbus, Tokheim-Gasboy CFN
                                                                                                                        II & CFN, Tokheim MSI-CVN, Triversity,
                                                                                                                         Verifone Ruby, Wayne Dresser-Nucleus
     Brennes-Jones Group
Requires a complete transition       Donald Wolven           800.437.5425                    Verifone:                     Epsilon/Sargent, SASI, SmartEcho,
of all credit card processing to                                                          Tranz 330, 380,                     StorePoint, Suntronic SM2000,
Brennes-Jones                                                                               OMNI 460                   Tokheim MSI, Columbus, Sclumberger ProII,
                                                                                     HyperCom: T7P, T77G, T77          MultiForce, Autogus (NT), Gasboy CFN III,
                                                                                            PetroSmart                 Applied Tech, Gilbarco Passport, Encore, G-
                                                                                                                         Site, Radiant, Pinnacle, Suntronic, JTW
Contact for 1-15 locations:         Merchant Services       800.235.1794                       Verifone:               Autogas, CCISLINK, DRB Systems, Fiscal,
                                                                                      Tranz 380, 380x2, 460, 490       Fuel Links, Gasboy, Gilbarco, ICVERIFY,
Contact for >15 locations:             Paul Cwalina         770.916.3249             HyperCom: T7P, T77G, T77          MSI, Petrovend, Pinnacle, Radiant, Retalix,
                                                                                     Ingenico (IVI): 510, 770, 780     RSG, Schlumberger, StorePoint, Suntronic,
                                                                                                                       Tokheim, Trivericom, Triversity, Verifone
                                                                                                                                  Ruby, Wayne Plus 3
   First National Merchant                                  800.354.3988           Verifone: Tranz 380, 380x2,
                                    Merchant Services                                        Vx570                                    Call for details
          Solutions                                      402.633.2222 (FAX)

             Lynk                  Merchant Services    800.200.5965, ext. 1915                 None                                       Ruby
Corporate programs only.             Target Marketing        800.592.1591                    Verifone:                                     None
Merchant must be affiliated                                                               Tranz 380, 380x2
with Meineke,                                                                                OMNI 330
Bridgestone/Firestone, GM,
Ford, or Chrysler
                                                         800.309.2404 x99126                 Verifone:
        US Bank Nova                Sammantha Dossey        281.358.1194                    Tranz 380x2                                    None
                                                          FAX 281.358.8377                 Hypercom T7P
   Petroleum Card Services
    IP Processing Solution
Visa/MC not required                  Audie Leonard           Toll-Free           Hypercom T7P, T7P-T, T77-F, T77-      AutoGas, CCISTech, DRB, Fiscal Systems -
Pay @ the Pump Experts,                Scott Hyde           866.427.7297          T, T77G-F, T77G-T, ICE 5500, ICE      PSI 2000, Gilbarco G-site,Gilbarco Passport,
De-branding Transition                                    775.782.7572 (fax)                    5700                   Integrated Services (ISI), PetroVend PV3500,
                                                                                  Verifone Tranz 380, Tranz 380 x 2,   PetroVend System-2 (4th Qtr 2002), Pinnacle
Programs, VSAT Systems                                                                        Tranz 460                   Corp Palm POS, Radiant Systems, Retail
                                                                                    Verifone Omni 490, Omni 3750            Systems Group - Latitude, Retalix -
                                                                                        Ingenico 510, 770, 780         StorePoint, Schlumberger (Tokheim) Pro-I &
                                                                                                                          Pro-II, Tokheim - Columbus, Tokheim -
                                                                                                                         Gasboy CFN II & CFN III, Tokheim MSI -
                                                                                                                        CVN, Triversity, VeriFone Ruby Gemstone,
                                                                                                                                  Wayne Dresser - Nucleus
 Retriever Payment Systems
Contact > 50 locations:                Bill Shurley     800.376.3399, ext 1121               Verifone:                 AutoGas, CCISTech, DRB, Fiscal Systems -
                                                                                          Tranz 380, 380x2                 PSI 2000, Gilbarco G-site, Integrated
Contact < 50 locations:                Betty Vittori    800.376.3399, ext 1133             Thales Talento                   Services (ISI), PetroVend PV3500,
                                                                                                                       PetroVend System-2 (4th Qtr 2002), Radiant
                                                                                                                        Systems, Schlumberger (Tokheim) Pro-I &
(Visa/MC not required)                                                                                                   Pro-II, Tokheim - Columbus, Tokheim -
                                                                                                                        Gasboy CFN II & CFN III, Tokheim MSI -
Paymentech                                                                                                             CVN, Triversity, VeriFone Ruby Gemstone,
                                                                                                                       Wayne Dresser - Nucleus, Wayne Dresser -
   Transactions Solutions
      (North Division)                                      800.455.4404                      Verifone:                    Autogas, CCIS Tech, Fiscal, Gasboy,
    Visa/MC not required             Brodie Holifield          Ext. 10             Trans 330, 380, 380x2, 460, 490          Gilbarco, MSI, Radiant Schlumber,
                                      Jim Shanahan             Ext. 21               Hypercom: T7P, T77G, T77           Storepoint, Suntronic, Tokheim, Triversity,
                                                                                    Ingenico (IVI): 510, 770, 780         Ruby, Wayne Plus 3, DRB, Integrated
                                                                                                                        Services (ISI), PetroVend, Pinnacle, Retail
       (South Division)                                                                                                         Systems Group (Latitude)
     Visa/MC not required              Jason Godin          850.434.2427
                                                                                             PetroSmart                  Canmax, DRB Carwatch, Fuel Master,
                                                                                              Verifone:                Gasboy, CFN 11/111, Gilbarco G-site, Ruby,
                                                                                   Omni 490, Tranz 330, 380, 380x2     Wayne Plus 3, AutoGal Regal (NT), Dock N
                                                                                                                             Pin, Gilbarco Passport, Pinnacle
         Zion’s Bank                     Bill Hall           800.659.0997                                              Palm/Pharoh, Radiant Computouch, Radiant
                                                                                                                        Epsilon, SmartEcho, StorePoint, Suntronic
                                                                                                                                 SM2000, Tokheim MSI

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