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									    Updates                                                     From the Office of the Vice
                                                                President for Student Affairs                                        V O LUME 4 , I SSUE 9
                                                                                                                                        A PR I L 1 8 , 2 0 0 8

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                                                                                                                                      I N S ID E   THIS ISSUE
Students with Asperger Syndrome
  By Christine Morello                                                                                                                  Students with Asperger
Students with Asperger Syndrome (AS) are becom-
                                                                                  Special Feature: Students First
ing increasingly prevalent on college campuses
                                                                                               Fund Staff Stories
throughout the country. Asperger Syndrome is of-
ten referred to as High-Functioning Autism as it is                                          FERPA Regulations
on the Autism Spectrum; however, many feel that
                                                                                        Suicide Prevention Week
the disorders are separate and should be regarded as such. Students with AS usu-
ally have above average-intelligence and demonstrate very strong, narrow, inter-                 The Connection
ests—it is not uncommon for these students to learn everything they can about
                                                                                               Housing Selection
one subject and discuss the topic at length. Socially, most students with AS have
a difficult time, as they do not understand nonverbal cues, have trouble making 2008 Student Affairs Awards
eye contact, have a very flat affect, unusual prosody, and tend to have one-sided
                                                                                        Sustainability Committee
conversation.                                                                                            Update
The social challenges identified above pose unique challenges for students and                                                           Help Seniors Succeed
staff on college campuses, and as a result support services are being redefined to                                                           Staff Introductions
respond to the needs of these students. Many colleges and universities have de-
veloped programs specifically for students with AS—programs that provide                                                                           Staff Activities
much more enhanced services than what is typically found. These programs fo-                                                         Brick of the Week Awards
cus on specific study and time management strategies, while also teaching appro-
priate social skills. The Center for Students with Disabilities is currently in the                                                 Employment Opportunities
process of working with colleague and Asperger’s Specialist Jane Theirfeld                                                                within the Division
Brown, to develop a pilot program for the fall 2008 for admitted UCONN stu-                                                       Midnight Breakfast Reminder
dents with AS.

Due to the increasing number of individuals diagnosed as having Asperger Syndrome, the United Nations
General Assembly declared April 2nd as Autism Awareness Day. In an effort to acknowledge World Aware-
ness Autism Day, Good Morning America (GMA) chose to focus on students with AS attending colleges and
universities across the country and the support services available to them. Josh Pinnolis, currently a UCONN
graduate student with AS, was interviewed regarding the challenges he faced while at the university and the
ways in which he worked with the CSD to find strategies that worked for him. Since I am Josh’s case man-
ager and contact person in the office, GMA also interviewed me regarding accommodations and services pro-
vided for Josh as well as his progress over the last several semesters.

We were very excited to take part in this distinctive opportunity. But more then that, we are thrilled that atten-
tion is being given to students with AS attending college and the specific needs that they may have.

To see the interview from GMA please go to http://abcnews.go.com/search?searchtext=asperger&type and
click on “Autism and Higher Education.”
       P AGE 2

          Special Feature: Students First Fund Staff Stories
          “I would like to add a short story about how we raised money for the Students First Fund in memory
          of Phil Pagani, our good friend, fellow colleague, and Dining Room Supervisor at Buckley Dining
          Hall who passed away in late January. Phil worked for Dining Services since 1974. I am an Assis-
          tant Area Manager at McMahon Dining Hall and all of my staff had worked with Phil over the
          years. We thought it would be great to keep his name alive in the tradition of his service to the cam-
          pus community by donating to the Students First Fund. With the help of others in Dining Services
          and our Dining Hall, we were able to donate $240.00 to the fund in Phil’s name. I would like to en-
          courage anyone that knew Phil to donate to his memorial by sending a check to Heather McDonald
          made out to the UConn Foundation and in the memo include ‘Students First Fund in memorial of
          Phillip S. Pagani.’ Heather will make sure the surviving family is notified of the gift in Phil’s name.
                                    We are so glad that fund is there to help students in crisis situations; we
           Dates to Remember
                                    know Phil would be very happy knowing this fund has been created in his
                                    memory to serve students in need.”
April 18th
  Student Life Awards                    -Drew Gibson, McMahon Dining Hall

May 2nd                                  Staff Stories
   Last Day of Class                     Do you have a story you would like to share about a time when the Stu-
May 5th - 10th                           dents First Fund would have really helped a student you were working
  Final Exams                            with? Please email your story to stefanie.landsman@uconn.edu for inclu-
May 10th                                 sion the special feature section of Updates.
  Graduate Commencement
May 11th                                 For additional information on the Students First Fund, including the gift
  Undergraduate Commencement             form, please visit:
                                         http://studentaffairs.uconn.edu/students_first_fund.html. Thank you!
      Do you have dates to feature
             in this section?
          Please e-mail them to:         FERPA Regulations
stefanie.landsman@uconn.edu for inclu-
          sion in the next issue.
                                    The U.S. Department of Education has issued a Notice of Proposed Rule-
               Thank you!           making with proposed regulations pertaining to the Family Education
                                    Rights and Privacy ("FERPA"). Among other things, the proposed regula-
                                    tions provide alternative disclosure requirements and "address other issues
           identified through the Department's experience administering FERPA."

           Additionally, the regulations are needed to implement amendments to FERPA contained in the
           USA Patriot Act and the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, to implement two U.S. Supreme
           Court decisions interpreting FERPA, and to make other necessary changes. Please note that these
           regulations are proposals—Denielle Burl, Director of Risk Management, will email everyone when
           there's a codified shift in law.

                                         For additional information, please visit:
                                                                                                  P AGE 3

Suicide Prevention Week
CMHS is facilitating a major Suicide Prevention Week (SPW) initiative. SPW will occur during Na-
tional Suicide Prevention Week which is September 7-13, 2008. Participating offices are: Dean of
Students Office, ACES, African-American Cultural center, Asian American Cultural Center, Resi-
dence Life, SUBOG, Student Health Services, CMHS, Women's Center, Center for Students with Dis-
abilities, Humphrey Center, AARC, Police Department, Eastern Connecticut State University Coun-
seling Center, Health Education, Parents Association, University Communications, Student Union,
Jorgensen, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center, and Rainbow
                                                                                  Upcoming Professional
The event will include numerous activities throughout the week, including: art
                                                                                Development Opportunities
exhibits, movies, memorial candlelight service, online training opportunities,
tabling, focus groups, numerous cultural events, and a keynote talk by national ACPA Annual Convention
speaker and author, Ross Szabo on Tuesday, September 8th at 7:00p.m. at www.myacpa.org
Jorgensen. We will also be providing QPR Training which is the national stan- Atlanta, GA
dard for suicide prevention training on campuses. This training will be avail- March 29th - April 2nd, 2008
able to anyone on campus who is interested. More information to come on all
of these events!
                                                                                     In addition to conferences, the
                                                                                    Vice President’s Office would like
There is still space to become involved in this initiative; please contact Barry     to highlight other professional
Schreier at barry@uconn.edu or 6-4705 for more information!                            development opportunities.
                                                                                   If you are attending a conference,
The Connection                                                                        workshop, or webinar, please
                                                                                        email the information to:
Counseling and Mental Health Services (CMHS) is pleased to announce the            Stefanie.landsman@uconn.edu so
release of “THE CONNECTION,” our new mental health newsletter. THE                  that others can be aware of these
CONNECTION comes out with an edition each month focusing on a different            professional development opportu-
                                                                                     nities both on and off-campus.
mental health issue. The purpose of THE CONNECTION is to educate the
UConn community about important mental health issues and spread more
awareness about CMHS and the services we offer. We hope this newsletter proves helpful to students,
staff, faculty, administrators, and parents so more individuals reach out to CMHS and to take of con-
cerns before they become problems.
                You can gain access as: http://www.counseling.uconn.edu/self_help.html.

Housing Selection
The Housing Selection process officially began on March 25, 2008. To learn more about the process
by which students select rooms for the next year, visit the online tutorials at www.reslife.uconn.edu.

Kellie Kirby spent a considerable amount of time this winter learning how to
create these videos using the program, Camtasia. The four short videos track the
individual mouse movements students must make when selecting a room. The
staff in Housing Services is very excited about this innovative way in which stu-
dents can learn about this process from the comfort of their rooms.

                                    Student Affairs Awards

                  Congratulations to the award recipients!
                    Husky School Spirit Award: M. Kevin Fahey
          Innovation Award: Student Activities staff for the SOLID program
                        Students First Award: Joleen Nevers
             Outstanding New Staff: Liz Prince and Matthew Desmarais
                   Graduate Student of the Year: Colleen Ruppert
                              3C Award: Evelyn Lang
                          Employee of the year: Jim Buell
                                     P AGE 5

2008 Student Affairs Award Winners

 Sustainability Committee Update
  By Kellie Kirby with contributions from Amy Crim and John Armstrong

 The Division of Student Affairs Sustainability Committee met on March 28th to discuss the develop-
 ment of a Division sustainability logo and the steps our departments are making to become a sustain-
 able Division. Thanks to the hard work of several members of the committee (with outside design
 help), two logos were submitted for review. One logo is simplified, while the other depicts a holistic
 view of how the Division can work to become more sustainable. The committee hopes that these lo-
 gos can be used to visually represent the Division’s commitment to sustainability.

 Currently, departments within the Division are making efforts to become more environmentally
 friendly. These efforts will be shared with the Division periodically. Highlights from Residential
 Life’s efforts include:

 • Each spring, Residential Operations staff supports the campus-wide Sneaker Recycling Drive by
 coordinating daily pick-ups of donated sneakers for Mt. Sneaker. These sneakers are donated to Nike
 who provides an underprivileged community with a walking track made of recycled sneakers.
 • During closing, recycling centers are placed out for nonperishable food and old electronics. The
 food is then weighed and sorted. Averaging about 2,500 pounds of nonperishable food, WAIM from
 Willimantic distributes the food to area soup kitchens. Electronics in good working order are redis-
 tributed through WAIM, while those not in working condition are shipped to a prison for proper recy-
 cling and disposal.
 • A pilot program is currently underway in one building (Beard) in Hilltop Apartments to install
 Energy Star front load washers and dryers. Traditional top load machines use 20 gallons to wash and
 20 gallons to rinse per load – front load machines use 15.3 gallons total to wash and rinse.
 • In the apartment areas (Charter Oak, Hilltop, Northwood) low flow shower heads were installed
 on showers, which reduces the amount of water used by up to 50%, as well as energy used to heat
                                                                                             P AGE 7

Help Seniors Succeed!
The Senior Year Experience Class is full for the fall ‘08 semester!
There are a limited number of facilitation spots open for the fall and
SYE is currently looking for staff interested in facilitating or co-
facilitating a discussion section.

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with seniors, help them de-
velop important life and transitional skills, and strengthen their connec-
tion to the UConn and alumni communities. This is also a great professional development opportu-
nity for staff interested in increasing their facilitation skills.

The course meets twice per week:On Mondays, students attend a lecture from 2:00pm – 3:15pm and
on Wednesdays, they have discussion sections at one of three times: 11:00am, 1:00pm, and 2:00pm.
More information about the INTD course is available at www.sye.uconn.edu.

To be eligible to facilitate, individuals must either have a master’s degree, be enrolled in the HESA
program, or co-facilitate with an individual who has a master’s degree.

If you have questions or are interested in being a facilitator in the fall please email Dan Doerr at
daniel.doerr@uconn.edu or call 486-3013.

Staff Introductions
Janie Canniff, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs:
Janice has accepted an appointment as Administrative Assistant (University Educational
Assistant 3) in the Office of the Vice President replacing the vacancy left by Pamela
Robinson-Smey. Janice will truly be missed at Career Services as she brought a cheer-
ful and efficient presence to the Front Desk duties. Janice will begin her new duties in
the VP’s office on Friday, May 2nd. Please join me in congratulating Janice as she tran-
sitions into this new career challenge.

                   Judy A. Watson, Department of Dining Services:
                   Judy joins the Department of Dining Services as the Assistant Department Head/
                   HR, a newly created position for the department. Judy has worked as an HR Di-
                   rector and Risk Manager for two Connecticut municipalities, as Assistant Com-
                   mission Counsel I for CHRO and also as an employment and labor law attorney
                   in the private sector. She also possesses over ten years of supervisory and cater-
                   ing experience with Hyatt Hotels. Ms. Watson is licensed to practice law in Con-
                                                               Don’t Forget!
                                                     Please remember to send information
                                                     about new staff hires, promotions, or
                                                        pending departures within your
                                                      Department along with current staff

Staff Activities
Tom Bloom, Student Affairs IT and David Clokey, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs:
Tom and David presented “Consolidation of Information Technology Services in Student Affairs: A
Case Study” at the NASPA national convention last month in Boston. The presentation focused on the
process the Division went through to create the SAIT department.

Larry Druckenbrod, Department of Career Services:
Larry will be presenting a workshop titled “PH.D. and the Job Search” at the National Career Develop-
ment Association annual meeting in Washington, DC, this coming July.

Adam Frank, Department of Student Activities:
Adam Frank has been selected to be the Graduate Student Representation to the National Association
for Campus Activities (NACA) Board of Directors.

Bevin Goodniss, Department of Alcohol & Other Drug Services:
Bevin presented at the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Region 1 Conference in
Portland, Maine on "The Use of Adult Learning Principles in a Transfer Student Orientation Course"
with Sally Neal, the transfer advisor in the CLAS Academic Services Center.

Elizabeth Green, Department of Student Activities:
Liz has been selected to serve on the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) Northeast
Region Conference Committee.

Kenny Importante, Asian American Cultural Center:
Kenny, a current first year student in the HESA master’s program, was the recipient of the Student
Life “Outstanding Graduate/Teaching Assistant” Award. Congratulations, Kenny!

Michael Kurland, Student Health Services:
Michael and Charles Caley, PharmD, BCPP, will be co-presenting a program at the Annual Meeting of
the American College Health Association in Orlando in June. The session is called “Utilizing a Psychi-
atric Pharmacy Specialist in a College Health Setting.”

Stefanie Landsman, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs:
Stefanie was a featured student spotlight in the spring 2008 issue of UConn Magazine for her work
with “Huskies Away from Home.”

Barry Schreier, Counseling & Mental Heath Services:
Barry presented at the National Depression On College Campus Conference at the University of
Michigan. Dr. Schreier spoke on "Isn't Queer Always Gay" which addressed negative stereotypes di-
recting research in the mental health of the Queer communities and the importance of changing heuris-
tics to gear mental health research on the Queer communities towards wellness.

Fany Velasquez-Hannon and Dr. Mayté Pérez-Franco, Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center:
Fany and Mayté co-presented a session titled “Mentoring Latino Students” at the 2008 NASPA confer-
ence in Boston, MA. The presentation highlighted the role of M.E.T.A.S. (Mentoring, Educating,
Training for Academic Success), a mentoring program for incoming Latino freshmen at the University
of Connecticut.
                                                                                          P AGE 9

                                 Brick of the Week Awards

                                In order to nominate an individual for the Brick of the Week Award,
                                please fill in the requested information at:
Nominations are anonymous unless the individual making the nomination chooses to personally in-
form the recipient. Please remember to include 2-3 sentences explaining why this individual deserves
the Brick of the Week Award. This description will be shared with the individual in a letter accompa-
nying the Brick. Please email Stefanie Landsman (stefanie.landsman@uconn.edu) if you have any
questions regarding the nomination process.

           Congratulations to our Current Brick Recipients: as of April 15th

  Career Services                        Residential Life, continued       Outside the Division
  Carol Isakson                          Kaylyn Jennik                     Bruce Gerber
                                         Neil Kaufman                      Emilie Hogrebe
  Dining Services                        Abi Kennedy                       Randy Moore
  Tracey Roy                             Mark McDonald                     Sara Redd
                                         Nora McGee
  Fraternity & Sorority Life             Shelia Morgansmith
  Kendra Darigan                         John Pepin
  Kevin Lobdell                          Chuck Sundquist
                                         Richard Watson
                                         Steve Wood
  Office of the Vice President for       Amy Zimmerman
  Student Affairs
  Stefanie Landsman                      Student Heath Services
                                         Kathy Labbe
  Residential Life                       Theresa Matos
  Nancy Abohatab                         Haley McCarthy
  Ryan Barone
  Matt DeGuire                           Student Union
  Ben Gelb                               Tonya Lemaire
                                         Reservations Office

                                                                 Congratulations to all of
                                                                  the Brick recipients!
P AGE 1 0

Employment Opportunities Within the Division
Opportunities for employment within the Division of Student Affairs are posted on the Division’s
website at www.dsa.uconn.edu. The most recent postings include:

Alumni Relations Coordinator posted 3.28.08
Student Support Coordinator posted 3.24.08
                                                                                    CONTACT INFORMATION
Program Assistant posted 2.8.08                                                           University of Connecticut
Associate Dean of Students posted 1.31.08                            Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
                                                                                  Wilbur Cross Building, Unit 4121
Database Administrator posted 1.31.08                                                          Phone: 860.486.2265
                                                                                                 Fax: 860.486.1194
Data Analyst posted 1.31.08
                                                                                    Web: http://www.dsa.uconn.edu
Applications Developer posted 1.17.08

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