Google SketchUp Essentials 2

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					Google SketchUp Essentials 2

Visualizing spaces in 3D is critical to the successful design of architectural spaces. With SketchUp, you
can create and edit 3D models that let you quickly explore the interplay of light, color, space and form.

At the completion of this course, you’ll be able to use SketchUp to: manage 3D geometry by creating and
manipulating groups and components; import information into SketchUp from Google Earth; use
Photomatch to add photographs to you model; create, edit, mix, and apply styles; create a basic

Outline                                                    Duration
Creating and editing components                            1/2 day
  Working with nested components
  Using groups to organize geometry                        Typical Schedule
  Working with the Component Browser                       Unless otherwise noted on your class
                                                           registration e-mail, this class starts at 1pm
Sharing your model using Google Earth                      and ends at 4pm.

Working with Photographs                                   Who should attend?
 Analyzing photos using the Photomatch tool                This is an intermediate -level course for
 Projecting photos onto your model                         architects and interior designers who are
 Correcting textures                                       already familiar with 3D modeling and
 Creating edges using the Follow Me tool                   SketchUp.

Working with Materials Browser                             Prerequisites
 Using the Eyedropper tool                                 Students should complete Google SketchUp:
 Changing the visibility of edges                          Essentials 1 or be proficient with the
                                                           following SketchUp tools: line (pencil), move,
Stylizing your model                                       erase, orbit, and zoom.
  Adding details with Google Warehouse
  Setting up shadow and fog settings                       Questions?
  Creating, editing, and applying styles                   Please call us at 800-336-DESK and ask to
  Working with sketched edges                              speak to our Training Coordinator.
  Adding Watermarks

Creating a scene-based walkthrough

Presenting your design
  Adding text, color, and images to a LayOut
  Changing document properties
  Controlling lineweights
  Adding pages to a LayOut
  Bringing models to scale

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